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  1. ram1964

    v Brentford (H) - Predictions

    Rams 2 Brentford 0 Bennett fgd
  2. ram1964

    v Blackburn (H) - Predictions

    Rams 3 rovers 0 Waghorn ,😀
  3. ram1964

    RIP Kevin Beattie

    What a great player of his day,thoughts to his friends and famiy
  4. ram1964

    v Rotherham (A) (League) - Predictions

    0' 3 the Rams mount first goal
  5. ram1964

    If derby ever left pp

    For the size of the town, the geographic location, and having the butt plugs /leicshite and the likes in proximity,we do remarkably well for support. Should we but the premier league i wouldn't imagine us topping much over 30.000 on a regular basis to warrant extending the stadium. Everyone likes the the thrill of the big games but mediocre football,poor performances and results in the premier will keep attendances skin to what they are now in my opinion. Anyhow quality support rather than quantity is my thought, a bit more distinguished being a Ram than a Utd or city supporter.😁
  6. ram1964

    v Rotherham United (A) Pre-Match Thread

    This should be one of our easiest games this season ,expecting 3 points and an improvement on our goal difference. Be surprised if we don't keep a clean sheet in this one and hoping for good win and Middlesbrough and Leeds to drop points,😀
  7. ram1964

    Commonly known phrases..

    Few our family have used over the years which I assume have derived from Lancashire as that's where their from. Yur 9 nails short of a coffin. pushing it, trying your luck ,close to the wind ,chancing your arm. loose bread - small change ££ Tight as two coats of paint. Dropping the kids off. ( Doing a number 2). Oxygen theif. Waste of space Nine sheets to wind. Blind drunk
  8. ram1964

    v Hull (A) (League) - Predictions

    Well top spot was good whilst it lasted,think a lot of you got at least 3 points so expect the slippery slide into obscurity😕
  9. ram1964

    Deflected Goals

    Keep saying this about the post code lottery, just know the knob next door one day will win some ridiculous amount,whilst who's that knocking at the door ?in my case probably the window cleaner wanting cash😀
  10. ram1964

    v Hull (A) (League) - Predictions

    Hull 1 Rams 3 Nugent first goal Rams
  11. ram1964

    v Hull City (A) Match Thread

    Don't think this will be a walk over after the mid week game,but will be very disappointed if we can't take all 3 points.difficult selection for FL ,but needs to get the team jelling and playing free flowing football. Should be some good competitive rivalry for places and hopefully a good buzz around the club.COYR.
  12. This is a win win draw for Derby. Even if we lose the tie, the coverage and publicity,,presumably tv rights are all positives for the club .Expectation for us to win will be minimal so exiting the cup against Utd will not be detrimental should we lose.Just hope we make a game of it but would be great to take moaning mourinio scalp and tap him up for a few loanees in the process😁
  13. ram1964

    Life long Ram in need of help

    Will donate on pay day,Hope things improve keep us informed.Once A Ram always a Ram. Good luck to your dad and all your family.
  14. ram1964

    Have we ever had so much coverage ?

    Certainly starting to look a better outfit now players finding their feet,hopefully Frank will be able to get them jelling together as a 15-18 man squad with a few fringe players being blooded with the first team.
  15. ram1964

    DCFCFANS 'PL' Tables 2018/19 by mo55y

    Quickly updated mo55y, don't know how you find the time. Can't imagine us not winning satday so everyone should be picking up points ,will revel in being top of the table until Sat when no doubt my over ambitious enthusiasm for the Rams becomes my downfall😀

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