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  1. ram1964

    v F*rest (H) - Predictions

    Rams 3 butt plugs 1 Marriott
  2. ram1964

    How do you cope...

    Give the relationship time,after a few months the only conversation required for a successful relationship is. do you want a brew. what's in the Tele what's for tea And am going to bed. found these few phrases make for a happy easy going relationship and marriage.😊
  3. ram1964

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    Great opportunity to put space between us and villa,whistling a head of at least from if we win. Time to kick on and stay in touch with the top three. should really be putting teams like Wigan away if we our going to compete for promotion. Coyr, let's make it a memorable run in to Christmas😊
  4. ram1964

    v Wigan (A) - Predictions

    Wigan 0 Rams 3 Marriott.
  5. ram1964

    Wouldn’t be Christmas without it

    World diaster ,usually a flood,or major aircrash
  6. ram1964

    20 Game mark player ratings

    Overall very happy with the squad ,especially the development and introduction of the youth players including loanes. All players will blow hot and cold during the season and it is easy to suggest so and so at such a club is better than Keogh or who ever. I am sure every club in the championship look at certain Derby players and would consider themselves lucky to have them.If not envious. overall we have a great all round squad with a good mix of youth,experience and some exceptional talent playing attractive football for the most part. A few weeks ago, people were questioning Wilson and Marriott? Carson and Bradley have had their critics recently .Keogh ? Well always controversial on this forum. Lawrences performances all ways in question. But none of these players aren't commited servants to the club and bloody good players to have around. Just hope they achieve something for the club, Mel, Frank, the fans and themselves for their efforts because they really seem to be working hard for one another in the pitch and can be a hot to watch.
  7. ram1964

    Tom Lawrence

    Would consider a lot of footballers to have no or little brains on and off the pitch☺
  8. ram1964

    Tom Lawrence

    If that is the case Lawrence may as well stay at home😊
  9. ram1964

    Alexa, tell her I’m right and she’s wrong!

    I shout at Alexa a more than the wife ☺.What a bitch, bloody ignores me half the time, Talks a load of tripe, chooses to decide which lights and when to put erm on, says it doesn't understand me, or total silence. Think the thing has already replaced the wife .
  10. ram1964

    Stoke fans

    Go to spec save,Keogh was obviously feeling the effect of that assault through out the remainder of the game an ugly tackle that deserved a sending off and thought you were lucky to keep ten players on the pitch.A poor team performance by us and Butland s performance gifted you the points.
  11. √√√√√√ Congratulations have a few from me 5000 post you obviously have far too much to say😊
  12. ram1964


    Well if the food doesn't poison you😊
  13. ram1964

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    Disappointing result and performance,thought we would really get at them second half and we didn't. Made it too comfortable for them to sit back behind the ball and defend.Carson probably had his worst game for us I can remember, Marriott just not his night,,Bryson presumably not fit, Bogle had a stinker but hopefully will learn from it.Keogh lucky to still have two legs. Waghorn never got into the game and Bradley was poor. Onwards and upwards ,hopefully tonight's performance will be a kick up the arse and we can pick ourselves up for sat
  14. ram1964

    v Stoke (A) - Predictions

    Potters 0 Rams 3 Marriott FGR.

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