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  1. Any chance for play offs are getting tighter ,need too secure all 3 points today to realistically consider ourselves promotion material.Players need to start performing consistently now and shouldn't need to be motivated by any one other than themselves. let's go out and do the business COYR
  2. Wages are relative irrespective of how eye watering they may appear to normal hard-working folk. I believe in hindsight ( what a wonderful thing) we have overpaid certainly on transfer fees and wages more often than most clubs in this division.Can't blame the players for that but should look more at home into who were negotiating contracts and signing these players. In footballing terms, Keogh is certainly worth more than 20k a week and Carson on his previous season's performances. Other players may very well be worth it on their day but unfortunately consistency seams to plague us. Can't think of many signings in recent years that haven't been considered positive on here yet many players have either not managed to perform or improve to meet our expectations on a regular basis. Only need to scour this forum to see how one week Lawrence,Keogh,Bradley,Carson and the likes are God's and the next week get slaughtered for their efforts. obviously the fact that we haven't been able to unload some players suggest that other clubs consider their present contracts too generous .But if these players were achieving ,meeting our expectations their contracts would presumably Seam resonable. So did we get screwed over time and time again? Or have we failed to utilise these players correctly in order to maximise their worth both financially and on the pitch.?
  3. Looked disorganised at set pieces especially defending corners,too much passing it side ways amongst the back four and not enough pressing forward in their half.Thought waggers played well and worked hard great finish by him.Fair result in the end against a team a top six side should be beating.Two points dropped rather than one gained.
  4. Birmingham 0 Rams 2 Wilson
  5. In reality we havent been great all season,with the exception of half a dozen performances. Consistency has been poor and improvement since the beginning of the season not evident. However if we can scramble into the play offs and Leeds gain the autos i think we have a fair chance of obtaining promotion in the play offs. Beating Bristol city could be the hardest game in achieving promotion and we need to ensure performaces such as the Blackburn game are a thing of the past.
  6. Never known of a succesful team with a bad manager. Irrespective of how good a team of players may be,they require leadership ,guidance ,encouraging,discipline,and direction. You could arguably have the world's best players in your team but without some one to organise them ,nurture and direct them they are unlikely to attain their potential. Of course most managers have the knowledge,but being able to motivate, assert discipline, be tactically astute, able to manage ,organise and prepare for unforseen circumstance aren't easily learnt from a training course or book.I Look what has happened to Ipswich since Mick left? Not suggesting he is a great manager,but far superior than his successors. Where would Newcaste be without Benitez? How much more improved have city become . Look how United capitulated when fergie left.
  7. Should be a goal fest today☺just hope we don't concede to many ☺☺
  8. Lucky to be only one down,players must have lead in their boots,keogh been out best player,completely off the pace and Lawrence should have been made to go and collect his free kick from the car park☺
  9. Being outplayed,need to start keeping pocession,not many decisions going in our favour .Need to take the game to em and give it a go.If they score first see them closing shop and another wasted opportunity to get in the play offs.
  10. Looking shabby rather than shique
  11. All you travelling fans enjoy the game,let's hope we have a goal fest,could have a few results go in our favour tonight,but wont matter a blip if we don't do the business. enjoy ☺COYR
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