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  1. don't wish to try and clarify if Ramage is racist or not. I have no idea, don't know the guy well enougth. His words, terminology was inappropriate but have we not all said things that have come out wrong. Surely a poor use of vocabulary in the moment doesn't necessarily make you a racist. I am not condoning Ramage, personally think he is a poor comentator/ pundit. However waffling in the moment I am sure we are all capable of saying things ineffectivly, incorrectly, or without due thought. Racism is wrong, but let's not just jump on the band wagon persecuting someone on the evidence of trying to make a point and referring to players collectively by their skin colour rather than Useing their names.
  2. Be careful or you could be accused of being an attitudist,๐Ÿ˜
  3. I have mixed feelings about this, obviously Ramage is wrong in saying what he said however unintentional it may have been meant. I also have sympathy and understanding towards the players concerned and support them in their comments. Never rated Ramage as a pundit/ broadcaster but that is my personal opinion and irrelevant. However spluttering out chit chat continuously I am sure it becomes very easy to phrase opinions inadequately. I am sure Ramage didn't intentionally mean to be racist towards the players concerned but sublimely referred to these individuals by colour rather than useing their individual names. Very unfortunate for all concerned.I hope all parties can move on from this and put it behind them.
  4. You know you've just cursed him for the rest of the season ๐Ÿ˜
  5. Never been a big fan,had higher expectations of him when he joined us and have been annoyed with his inconsistent performances and a lack of them, in many a game felt he went missing for 80 mins of the 90. However in recent months appears to be more strategical ,consistent and has a far better work rate. Throw in the occasional goal and he appears to be becoming the player we thought we were buying. Great goal today ,should improve his worth a little, just need another ten like that this season Tom. Well done.
  6. I've refuted jury service in the past, primarIly due to being self employed and never had a problem.
  7. It's a collective thing, we need to play as a team to gain promotion. Rooney and the likes can do miracles week in week out but unless the lads play collectively ,and perform consistent we will remain mid table. as a squad I think the current crop of players are more than capable ,they have shown this over the last 7 or 8 games although I am not suggesting their are not areas we could not strengthen and improve upon.
  8. Surprised that the likes of Marriott didn't come on earlier, however we were dominating the game, playing fluent offensive football and looked the more likely to score. So perhaps Cocu didn't want to risk upsetting the momentum of the team.Easy to criticise after the game but thought we played some great football and were unlucky to lose.
  9. Entertaining ,played well especially considering away from home,deserved a point but bodes well for the future.onwards and upwards.
  10. Great result, pleased for Lawrence,credit for coming back from 2.1 down. Safe journey home
  11. My cars are mint and I live in Manchester๐Ÿ˜
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