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  1. No he's got too much hair😊their will only ever be one Jim Smith
  2. Isn't he tied up with the Mls setting up his own club,loves the usa and his lifestyle. Not sure he is management material and has more money than Mel😀
  3. Thinking outside the box, I like it😆not sure what type of manager he would make but would be worth a punt. Just don't see him wanting to stay in the uk.Certainly charismatic ,head screwed on well respected good contacts able to attract decent loanees . Get Mel on the phone😀 as good as anybody previously mentioned and a dam site better than having Monk,Pulis,Moore,Keane and the likes.Could probably sell him on to City in a few years for £10 mill😀.
  4. Huddersfield,wolves,leeds,Watford all pulled managers out of the bag sure Mel can bring some one in to do a job other than everybody else's rejects and failures. can't say any names mention enthrall me with any great confidence 😀 come on Mel work your magic ,just had a season where we have been projected as a high profile ambitious club looking for success surely it shouldn't be to hard to attract a confident ambitious manager with relevant experience and promise.
  5. God I wish I had your optimism,but that would be bigger news than him taking the job and a real coup. And an amazing publicity statement that no PR or money could buy. Rookie turns down one of biggest club's in world. Rookie shows loyalty and integrity towards Derby in preference to dream move. JUST LOOKING FOR MY ROSEMARY BEADS😇
  6. Wish him well ,did us no harm ,created a lot of publicity for the club and had an enjoyable and successful season with him at the healm. Sure he has a great future as a manager and possibly will win things in the future. Thought his team selections at times were mystifying, and his greatest asset was a manager for us was the ability to pull in excellent loanes for the club.That trait won't be any use to him in the Chelsea job so he will be judged soley on his decision making, performances and results. Irrespective of what he achieves at Chelsea ,it will have been expected of him or of anyone else in charge so I am sure at some point in his career he will have some regrets of not having stayed at Derby ,never knowing what he may have been able to achieve. Good luck Frank, Thanks for season, Disappointed you've chosen to go at the first opportunity even if it is Chelsea. But hey ho you know where to entrust a few verge team players .
  7. Would probably have to slit my wrist and everybody else's within a 100 yards if we ever got Giggs,
  8. Could snatch Bielsa from Leeds and sack him on the 40 th day just for the he'll of it😁
  9. One things certain ,Mel more experienced than most in recruiting managers so let's hope he's getting better at it. Managed to make a profit on the last two which is more than can be said for half the players😊. Just hope he pulls some thing out of the hat,other than Hughton can't see any obvious sensible choices out their.
  10. Certainly the most sensible choice ,a capable manager who would bring stability ,consistency to the club. Gerrard may bring publicity but not sure he will prove to be a good manager so any investor would soon become disallusioned.
  11. Surely if Frank is to go it will be on condition set by Dcfc, firstly compensation £4 mill having been mentioned and secondly on condition of us having found a successor,so would have thought Chelsea only disadvantaging themselves by drawing this out. If indeed they are at all even interested in Frank. As of yet several weeks of speculation mainly cheap talk by people not in the know so I am optimistic that Frank and Jodie have not commented because they know as much as us. Until any such developments my allegiance remains with Frank conducting himself in the professional manner he has shown since joining us and I hope I am not disappointed in my faith in him to have conducted himself correctly during this matter. presumably this speculation is close to ending as the season approaches and both teams need to prepare.Let's hope whatever the outcome DCFC do not become disadvantaged in the coming season.
  12. Frank's under contract, we all appreciate how Frank may wish to go back to Chelsea. But it should not be at the expense of our club.. Surely Mel should come out and just say that unless Chelsea make a move with immediate effect it will not be possible for us to contemplate or consider any interest in releasing Frank until further notice. We should be controlling the situation and Frank although may be disappointed in the move not happening can appreciate how much he is wanted by us, and it was Chelseas undoing that prevented his move at this time.
  13. Harry's never been one to shy away from the media ,or self promote .Anything to keep him in the public eye.Wouldn't surprise me if he started doing crappy tv ads in the future.☺ Misspoke to soon
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