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  1. Have to go for it tomorrow ,sh%t or bust no regrets. offensive football and hopefully 3 points will put us on the map.
  2. Hopefully Hull tired them out yesterday, although I expect they will be full of confidence after scoring four and taking all 3 points. Options are limited for us with Lawrence ,Waggers and Wisdom being out which will make it all the more remarkable if we can take something from the game. The lads just need to be confident of their abilities, play to our strengths and take the game to West brom. Here's hoping for a positive result ,no more suspensions or injuries and 3 points😀
  3. Always going to be a difficult game ,especially when conceeding first. Started very slow too slow with no movement on or off the ball which was disappointing. Poor defensive work and goal keeping lead to forest scoring and from them on it was always going to be difficult. A good point considering our performance a shame Cardiff pinched it towards the end yesterday but onwards and upwards.
  4. Rams 2 butt plugs 1 Waghorn
  5. Entirely different characters with different managerial traits.Lamps high profile and ability to attract players will stand him in good stead,obviously has the ability to gee up players and motivate them . Cocu more chilled ,calculated approach ,strategically more atusive and probably better equipped to develop and build a team long term than lamps.Honestly think we have now got the best suited guy for the job in my opinion the best manager in the championship and probably will prove to be a top manager .just hope his future success is with us.
  6. Positive about today's fixture,we normally do well against PNE and with results last night and the weekend generally going in our favour think the team will have the impetus to play offensive football. With Prestons recent poor form and our defensive frailaties offensive football should be our objective and securing all 3 points. Coyr
  7. Cocu certainly finding his feet and Rooneys experience and leadership has made us more of a complete unit.Defensively we look more vulnerable than at any time in the last 5 years which may be our hercules heal gaining promotion. I am sure remaining fixtures will throw up a few curve balls and would expect the butt plugs to remain in play off positions.Cardiff at present look like they will finish well, whilst we have the likes of the butt plugs,Preston, Cardiff and Leeds to play in our remaining games. Winning these i think would make us deserved play off contenders but will be an immens
  8. Great that the lad is doing so well and it's looking good that we are developing so many youngsters from within the academy and through transfers. However let's not put too much weight on Sibleys shoulder just yet. Yes expectations are high and exciting times look afoot ,but let's give the kid time to continue to develop without creating unnecessary expectations too early.Good luck and we'll done to the lad especially after today's performance but such a talent needs to be nurtured and it's important supporters expectations do not affect his development in the future.
  9. Rochdale, always been considered a sh it hole and one of the few places your likely to see a paw print inhuman faecies😁
  10. Privileged to have seen him play, world class player and would have been an addition to for any top team bar non.. Not sure many midfielders since have matched his quality and the guy should be considered as an all time great ,and not just by Derby fans.
  11. Fortunately still able to work, self employed so needs must. Not sure how much longer i will be able too as suppliers closing ect. However wife given me a list of jobs to keep me busy till Xmas so happy days.
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