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  1. ram1964

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    Well Mel's got a knack of lifting the gloom ,creating new enthusiasm for us fans and no doubt boosting season ticket revenues. it should be interesting if nothing else.Let's hope we have finally found a manager capable of success. good luck Frank, Do us proud .Let's hope we are in for a good season.
  2. ram1964

    If it’s Frank

    Looks by all media accounts,Frank will be our new manager.Hoped we may have attracted some one with proven experience and success with premier league experience or success in a foreign leauge. How ever sure Frank will be 100% committed to us wanting to prove himself as a capable manager.The respect he has as a professional footballer and as a person should help install the players respect and work effics, whist hopefully his contacts in the business will assist us in attracting quality loan player's and new signings. Sure he will bring good media attention and new interest to the club ,hopefully generating better sponsorship and possibly investment. Let's get behind the new manager who ever it is, This season shouldn't be as comfortable as the last four or five, so we may need to be patient .So long as I can see development ,commitment and improvements being implemented with a more offensive entertaining style of football I will be satisfied for the season irrespective of success. Let's hope we finally see the club moving forward ,creating a solid compatible squad able to work as a team playing with passion.
  3. Lock up your wife, girlfriends ect. Personally wouldn't trust him with anything more than a toilet roll. Legs aren't that clever anymore and i think we would have to spend thousands adjusting all the doors at the stadium and training ground so he could fit his head through😁
  4. ram1964

    Which players took the longest to bed in

    Derek Hales, a brilliant player of his time,if memory serves me correctly chose to join us in preference to Liverpool.(Those were the days). Can't remember him ever bedding in although he scored a screamer in a mid week game for us in the cup.
  5. ram1964

    What would you ask the new manager?

    A few questions I would like answering. Have you any designs on bringing in new signings or loans if so who and where from.? After Gr failings what are you going to do different.? Gr got us in the play offs ,what are your objectives for this season? Will Vydra and Carson be staying at the club?
  6. ram1964

    If it’s Frank

    appreciate your comments,the club's presently in a worse place now than at anytime during the last 5 appointments due to the mixed bag of a squad ,with old legs and apparently no coffers available in the kitty unless we sell the few players worth keeping.No other recent manager has had it this bad. A year with Frank, worst ways up wouldn't see us in any worse a scenario. Irrespective of who we get it is highly unlikely that we would be competing for anything other than mid table obscurity and should be focusing on restructuring a team hopefully developing a few from the youth set up if good enough. i personally would bang my money bringing in big Sam,convince him of the glory to promote a team rather than save them from relegation is a far greater achievement and one in the eye to all the club's that have used him and dumped him. he wouldn't come cheap,but he would identify and transform the mixed bag of a squad into a solid team on a limited budget,therefore covering his own contract. Probably get us up in a couple of seasons with a suitable squad to stay up. Yes the football may not be the greatest at times but he would do the job.In fairness to him I don't ever remember his Bolton team playing unattractive football, and all his other tenures have been in situations where he has had to go in to bolt the door and prevent relegation. ok sure I ain't convinced you all in the most sensible long term solution, Frank seems a decent bloke who if surrounded by an experienced support network could do a job. But it's not guaranteed and how long will take half you lot to be in his back when we haven't won in four? Be careful of what you wish for! Wasn't Clement every ones pick of the pie? Wasn't Mac our saviour?Wasn't GR our very own loyal wonder kid? Wasn't NC the new messiah when he turned up for the man U game before signing?
  7. ram1964

    Lampard too expensive?

    What about getting one of em to assist in the car park, as I am sure they have more knowledge and experience with cars than actually running a football club😁
  8. ram1964

    Lampard too expensive?

    Successful teams have successful managers for a reason. Can we not just bite the bullet and get some one of a proven calibre that will do the job. okay it will cost but not as much as wasting money on poor signings,selling players under their value and missing out on the premiership.I don't know what alladyce or the likes cost £5 mill? The price of a mediocre championship player that can't change the team by himself or is unlikely to prove any different to what we have. We need a proven experienced manager with some clout and ability to identify and utilise the present squad to its full potential,bring in appropriate youth players if capable and have the ability to identify ideal loan players,and be able to bring in players that can do a job. Not some Rookie with a name! Haven't we had enough promising hopeful newbies pi##ing about with our club.
  9. ram1964

    What do we have to offer the New Manager?

    The squad needs changing,we have a great youth academy,excellent training facilities a good fan base ,a good stadium, a owner interested in the club. Lots to be positive about. Expectations should be sensible for anyone appointed,so long as we can see the club/team being transformed and good football played. Funds may be initially limited but that may not be a bad thing,giving some academy players a chance and clearing out some players with no future under new management. Who ever takes the job ,we need to be patient as their appointment will be a difficult one, with a mixed squad consisting of too many previous managers,lots of old legs and few funds.
  10. ram1964

    £10m FFP Bill

    Let's hope it gets sorted,enough problems within the club to resolve at the moment with out this hanging over our heads.
  11. ram1964

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Not as embarrassing as Gr. this was his dream job wasn't it? stoke was put to bed in Jan so why have they re approached us?
  12. ram1964

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Stokes a classy place, sorry was thinking of some where else, well any where else😀
  13. ram1964

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Probably saving a few for these poor f%%kers, Do they Really know what their letting themselves in fore? Play defensive whilst in the item may have been understandable ,but when they travel to reading and the likes mid week to see their team have two attempts on target ,I think they will soon regret it.
  14. ram1964

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    For who ,wouldn't let Carson go for less than 10 mill ,hes worth it for every goal scored this season he's saved one. Vydra 18 mill and if Gr wants em I would tell him to Ff off and remind him he only buys 30 plus year old players.😀

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