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  1. Fear Leeds will be very much up for vengeance and we we will be lambs too the slaughter unless we can really up our game.Just hope we can frustrate them and put on a display 😀,
  2. Totally agree but dreading the leads game😁
  3. Manager still feeling his feet,new country,different league,climate good and Holr, bogle not been available. He ain't gonna change it overnight and I am sure after a dozen games we we see the team playing with more assurance and consistency. Let's give the bloke a chance ,he had a short pre-season and we have a mixed bunch of players in ability talent and age.top ieght / six at the season's end would be a good result of we see continued improvement and development within the team . Until then I will hold any negativety to myself unless things start going horrendously wrong.
  4. Just seems to go missing for parts of the game
  5. Has Clark got his boot laces tied together😁
  6. Only 38 surprised Rowett never signed you😁
  7. Painful week and certainly expected better against Brentford. However we have the international break to pick up the pieces and put ourselves back together. Just hope Cocu is on a fast learning curve and we start to see improvements .Looking as though a few new comers are going to be required and further departures before any significant improvement unless Coco changes his style and philosophy of how we are to play. Not Sure Rooney is going to make a big impact at this rate iether. It can and should only get better,but let's give the guy a chance ,certainly a few transfer windows for him to develop his own squad of players before drawing our conclusions. It can't be easy for the squad trying to conform and adapt to new management or for Cocu to instill his style on a disjointed squad. In hindsight not sure Bradley going was such a good idea, or Carson although I appreciate this may have freed up wages. Not purposefully getting at Lawrence But inconsistencies are his strength and he needs to be better ,Clark and Belieck look promising given time but losing the loanees has reduced the quality of the squad to bang average.
  8. After midweek expect nothing less than a good performance and 3 points. Cocu should be getting to grips with the squad by now and players should be starting to click
  9. Plays nearly every game without exception under the last 6 managers,obviously you know more than the likes of Fl,Rowett,Pearson,Clough,Cocu and the likes.Another Butt plug that required educating in the game of football, by all means its good to have other fans to come on here and voice an opinion but to start slating our players just verifys most Rams fans opinion of your club.No wonder BC drank so much managing your lot .😮
  10. Well put, I think Cocu is also struggling to get a first eleven to play how he wants comfortably and with time and perhaps a few additions to the squad things will start to take shape. Would be good to see signs of promise and a bit more of what we saw against Huddersfield though.
  11. Fooook me ,senile dementia😬 like I said not saying it's purfect.
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