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  1. Just had the absolute pleasure of meeting B4 and his dad in Newport Pagnell services. What a legend!!!
  2. Bloody hell, that was the worst night’s sleep I can remember. 43 year olds shouldn’t get this excited! Kinder Jnr was up half the night as well.
  3. So sorry JB and Ossie. Hope the boys do you and your families proud tomorrow.
  4. Just got back from a stag do with a load of Villa fans. Bog roll is now in the fridge. Bum like a broken cat flap.
  5. I’ve booked to park in someone’s drive just north of Wembley Park tube. Looks like we have to walk pat The Torch on Bridge Rd which is a Derby pub so will stop off there. Then probably to the Arena Square fan zone.
  6. Mine arrived today. Just got to remember them on Monday now...
  7. I’ve heard Frank has taken the players away abroad for a few days. Sounds like a great idea - get away from the attention and pressure and can only help the team’s togetherness.
  8. Block 105, row 28. Family section crew.
  9. This guy is the true hero of us reaching the play offs. I can’t fathom how he’s got his head together enough to play, let alone pull out those performances. Tom, you’ve got huge strength mate.
  10. Phew, had to refresh like a maniac but I’ve got them. In the family area (block 105) so should be fine for my lad and nephew. COYR!!
  11. This is almost as bad as getting Glastonbury tickets.
  12. It’s taken me through the queue management bit and back onto the ticket site and now won’t let me select to buy tickets. Aaarrrrggghhh 🤯
  13. I can’t stop smiling! I live in Birmingham and most of my mates / colleagues are Villa fans. Could not be a better final, absolutely buzzing! So proud to be a Ram, so proud of the players, Frank & Jodie and every single Rams fan who made the trip.
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