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  1. I’d like the same manager to start and finish the season and to feel confident he’s the right man to take us forward.
  2. What’s vegan Prosecco? Does normal Prosecco have animal products in it?
  3. I decided I deserved a celebratory drink so I had the Vocation Life & Death. Very nice. I’ve now moved onto a 25 yr old Glenfarclas and it’s just incredible!
  4. I would but my wife thinks it might be creepy. I might send the boy instead, he’s less likely to get arrested.
  5. What a warrior. He actually lives behind me. I could hedge hop through one garden and be standing outside his window, showing him my appreciation.
  6. Amazing support. Proud to be a ram whatever happens.
  7. I think the nerves are getting to you, time for a lie down!
  8. My daughter has got her DofE practice expedition today, so she’ll be in the pouring rain all day trying to navigate with a map and compass. Meanwhile, the boy and I will be hiding behind the sofa at 12:30. I know which one I’d rather do!
  9. I’ve been doing a massive detox so I haven’t had a drink for 11 weeks. I’ve lost loads of weight but it’s been difficult. I’ve carried on buying beers when I’ve seen something I fancy and I’ve bought loads of good whiskies. I’m planning to have my first drink next Friday (this might do out of the window depending on the tension / result tomorrow!), so my question is which one of the lovely beers in my garage should I crack open first? I’ve narrowed it down to: Vocation Imperial Honeycomb barrel aged Vocation barrel aged mole poblano stout Vocation barrel aged rum & gi
  10. Kinder


    I did. I’ve got the world’s worst memory so I’d have struggled otherwise. It was great watching the whole way through but made the ending even more disappointing. And it still took me until half way through series 6 to realise Ryan was the kid from the first series!
  11. If it doesn’t go through, can we can him Juan Kerr?
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