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  1. I think this was a brave interview from Malone. He’s admitted he lost his head and seems pretty emotional about it. It’s big of him to come out and admit it and try to build bridges with the fans. I’ll be right behind him if he plays today and I hope he doesn’t get a hard time.
  2. Yep, the other player looks at Rooney and steps into him to block his run.
  3. Yes!! Sounded like a brilliant goal.
  4. Where the Stoke matchday thread? Is it trapped in a power struggle between @David and @Rample?
  5. Kinder

    New joke thread

    I was just speaking to a Chinese drug dealer. He said “Have you see my cocaine?” I said “Not since he starred in the Italian Job.”
  6. Yep, they’ve been getting loads of stick already this season for being negative. The summary I heard at the end was very positive so credit where it’s due.
  7. Well done tonight lads. Great experience for the younger players and sounds like Knight especially will be involved with the first team this year. I listened to most of it on Radio Derby and to be fair to them, what I heard was pretty positive.
  8. Just watched his interview and I think I’ve developed a bit of a man crush on him! What a lovely guy. Seems really enthusiastic and a great personality to have around the club.
  9. Just watched a report from Rob Dorsett on Sky Sports website. He finished by saying Rooney could be announced as a Derby City player today. What a complete Bamford that man is. He’s supposed to be a professional football journalist for God’s sake!
  10. They should have scored there. We’re looking knackered.
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