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  1. Just a thought for the rest of this season, but who do you drop when Mount comes back? It surely can’t be Duane, no-one else at the club can play the Hudds role so does it have to be Bradley? Would be very harsh. Maybe put Duane out wide but he’s been very influential in the middle and who would you leave out? I’m hoping Mount coming back will bring ou the best in Wilson again. Nice problem to have, but I can see Bradley being the one to miss out.
  2. What a shame. We definitely deserved the win. Very positive though, we played more like we did in October / November so hopefully we’re getting a bit of form in time for the run in. Enjoyed that.
  3. Surprised Tomori got MOTM. I’d have said Holmes or Bogle.
  4. Yep, looks knackered but we’ve been better with him back in the team.
  5. I think Duane’s been great. He’s happy to receive the ball and carry it, which we’ve been lacking with Mount out of the team. Looks a very tidy little player.
  6. I’m really enjoying this, we’re playing some great football.
  7. Phew. Quality from Butland though, claimed the ball and set Ince free.
  8. Just cracked open a bottle of Thornbridge Jaipur, happy with the team, come on you Rams!
  9. Kinder

    Watchable telly

    Just finished watching both series of Stranger Things on Netflix. I absolutely loved it, it’s like The Goonies but scary and sinister.
  10. People who call their penis a twinkle.
  11. Kinder

    Mixed drinks

    You can’t beat a Manhattan. It’s got to be made with rye whisky and preferably Antica vermouth. 🤤
  12. Mason’s goal - simply lovely!
  13. Sky Sports match report has given MOTM to ... Scott Malone!
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