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  1. Bloody hell, we’re 5-0 up. Didn’t see this coming!
  2. There were loads of dirty buggers in the West Stand not washing their hands when I popped down for my half time piddle.
  3. What a great performance, I loved that. I worried we’d miss Rooney but the maturity of these kids is unbelievable. Sibley, Bird and Knight superb. And massive performances from Martin and Shinnie. Lovely stuff.
  4. My brother called the club and if you’ve got a West Stand car park pass, you can park there tonight but it will cost you a fiver.
  5. Is this a straight knockout today or is it over 2 legs?
  6. I was there! Ain’t gonna happen today though.
  7. Sorry to hear that B4. Keep your spirits up mate, hopefully when you get to see the specialist they’ll be able to do something for your pain.
  8. Sorry - it’s going to be in your head all day now!
  9. Correct and it’s a good excuse to wheel out this classic again!
  10. Sure, but he’s put some effort in tonight. I think he’s done well.
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