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  1. Maybe he gave me covid, I’m sure I caught it on Tuesday! I’m quietly very excited about this, that was a very thoughtful and positive press release.
  2. My lad and I watched that in bed - we’ve both got covid. We were supposed to be there today so we’re both gutted, but that second half has perked us up.
  3. That’s a great point, especially after that first half. Well done lads, and Rosenior.
  4. My lad and I were due to go tomorrow, one of my clients was taking us in a private box. George just tested positive for COVID today though so we’ve had to back out. We’re both gutted, especially George.
  5. Just got tickets for tomorrow for me and the lad. Does anyone know if the megastore stays open until kick off? He wants to get Davies 6 printed on his shirt. I’ve tried calling the megastore but it goes through to Fanatics and the club reception seems to be closed so can get through.
  6. Hope Wilder’s ok, he took a lot of heavy shots.
  7. So much respect for Wilder after that. And I love Fury, what a boxer. Agree he was leaving himself open looking for the KO but he’s good enough to do it.
  8. This is crazy, how did Wilder end that round landing shots?
  9. This is a hell of a fight.
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