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  1. We’re going for it. Let’s hope we get a goal and not a red from Sibley!
  2. I was just saying that to my lad. Might be muscle but he’s a big lad now either way.
  3. We look a bit tense, overhitting / mishitting a few passes.
  4. Absolutely delighted with this and can’t wait to get back in PP and show him how much he’s loved. He’s had a huge impact, top man.
  5. Waggy clean through. my lad - he’s gonna miss this me - course he is!!
  6. Eddie showing Clarkey how it’s done!!
  7. I’m happy with the lineup. Our full backs have been our most creative department so let’s get them further up the pitch. And it’s on the red button if anyone’s wondering.
  8. I honestly thought he was going to get sent off.
  9. No disgrace to lose to this lot but it feels like we’ve been robbed. If that goal had been rightfully given, we’d have been all over them.
  10. Silly from Sibley and a free kick in a dangerous position.
  11. Sibbo on to score the equaliser. And winner.
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