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  1. Blackburn have done us a massive favour there, but they’re only 2 points behind us now. It’s all very tight!
  2. And more than good enough for the following season once we were inevitably relegated!
  3. This was my worst prediction since I confidently said 2020 was going to be a great year!
  4. Interesting to see how Zoon does. I’ve got a feeling this could be his time...
  5. Yes, I feel giddy with nerves / excitement. Determined not to have a beer as it’s too early - let’s see how long that lasts!
  6. Really surprised Waggy’s been dropped but always good to get Chrissy back in the team. Come on you Rams!
  7. He got his head on everything last night, I can’t remember him having a better game. Really would like to sign him permanently.
  8. Christ, I feel sick after that. Another really big win though. Clarke MOTM for me.
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