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  1. Kinder

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Well done you Rams. I’m never confident against Reading so really pleased with this. Very important to pick up a win today and great to follow up a really draining game on Wednesday with a win.
  2. Kinder

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    You (very) little beauty Duane!!
  3. Kinder

    Ashley Cole

    Can’t believe no-one’s mentioned Stefan Schnoor yet.
  4. Kinder

    Ashley Cole

    I think you’re right, Frank does want to bring the young players through. I suspect he had high hopes for Max Lowe when he recalled him but the guy looked like a fish out of water against Leeds. He just didn’t look remotely ready for the pace of the Championship. That’s prompted the move for Ashley Cole and let Lowe get another few months’ development away from the pressure at Derby. I think it should be a very good short term fix, especially if Cole can pass on his knowledge to Bogle / Tomori.
  5. Kinder

    Ashley Cole

    Yes! That was Jim Jeffries - never seen again on Fighting Talk! Saw him do stand up at a really small pub in Sutton shortly after that, one of the funniest guys I’ve ever seen. A bit blue before lunchtime on the radio though! I think he’s massive in America now.
  6. Don’t know but I absolutely hate it.
  7. Just don’t let the fecker head it!
  8. I normally have stomach cramps watching Derby I’m so tense, but I’m loving this. Really good game.
  9. It’s games like this that make Friday night so frustrating.
  10. Don’t write us off here, we can come back from this.
  11. Redmond coming on. We need to smash him early doors!

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