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  1. Done - good luck pal.
  2. Queen’s Park Rangers F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    This is a dreadful run but we can’t go changing manager yet again. Give him next season with a summer of transfers and see where we are. We had an awful January but a lot of that was paying for previous managers’ signings who don’t fit with GR’s ‘style’ of play. If he gets the boot as well, the next guy is back to square 1. I’ve written off this season now, don’t think we’ll make the play offs, but I’m prepared to give him another year.
  3. Queen’s Park Rangers F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Well that’s crap.
  4. Queen’s Park Rangers F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I bloody hate football.
  5. Picture where you are now

    Moor Farm?
  6. RamsTV

    I’m in Andorra and can’t get it. Can’t watch it on Sky Go either.
  7. Surprised. Embarrassed. Frustrated.

    Looking at the title I thought this would be a chronological run down of my Valentine’s Day evening!
  8. Funniest Scenes in Movies

    This is my all time favourite film scene. Still makes me cry laughing. We watched the whole film when my wife was having contractions with our first until it was time to go to the hospital!
  9. New joke thread

    Paddy and Murphy fancy a pint but only have a Euro between them. Paddy goes off and buys a sausage. Murphy says “Are you mad? Now we're skint!” “Come on” says Paddy, “follow me.” They go into the pub, order two pints and drink them before they pay. Paddy shoves the sausage through the flies of his jeans and tells Murphy to get down on his knees and suck it. The barman goes berserk and throws them out. 10 pubs and 10 pints later Murphy says.. “I cant do this any more, my knees are sore and I'm pissed.” “How do you think I feel?” says Paddy, “I can't even remember which pub I lost the sausage in?!”
  10. you are the landlord

    If you like cask strength whiskies, have you ever been member of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society? They buy casks direct from the distilleries and release around 15 new bottlings every month. They’re all single cask so each run is limited and ages run from 8yo to seriously old and expensive. They categorise them by flavour profile as well. I really rate them, not cheap but I’ve had some amazing bottles from there over the past few years. I’ve got a 23yo Glenfarclas on the go that would knock your socks off!
  11. New joke thread

    A horse is in the pub having a few drinks when spots a donkey in the corner, so he nips over to have a natter. The donkey asks "What did you do for a living?” Horse says " I ran on the flat in the summer and over the jumps in the winter". The donkey says "I worked with the kids on blackpool beach". Then he asks "Did you win anything?” The horse says "Yeah, on the flat I won the Oaks, St. Leger and the Derby and over the jumps I won the Grand National and the Gold Cup”. They arrange to meet at the donkey's house a week later. The donkey thinks, "I need to impress this guy he's done everything" , so he buys a big picture of a zebra and hangs it above the fireplace. The horse arrives and says "Lovely place you have here and who's that in the picture on the wall?” The donkey replies " That’s me when I played for Juventus!”
  12. Championship promotion rivals watch

    Great result.
  13. Millwall F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Would Jerome make any difference or is the problem getting the ball up front? Hard to tell from the commentary.
  14. Millwall F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Hardly heard Nuge mentioned on the commentary. Is he not getting much service?
  15. Good luck Johnny, I’ll always have a soft spot for him and thought he was as effective as he’s been for quite a while this season. Surprised to see he’s going to America and even more surprised that it’s Kansas. Hope it works out for him. We now need to show our intent by signing a player who will improve us and keep us up there.

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