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  1. I think that‘a the best they could have hoped for. Let’s hope they’ve grown up a huge amount as a result of this and we can all draw a line under it.
  2. Sorry to hear that B4. Fingers crossed the specialists can help you. Up the Rams mate.
  3. Very proud to see Mason out there tonight. Once a Ram!
  4. We don’t want any of that route 1 football here at Derby.
  5. I thought he was brilliant today. Interesting that Cocu said he was only playing because Duane was ill. Really took his chance and deserves to stay in the team.
  6. Good grief, just got in and seen Lawrence is playing. I’m amazed. Don’t agree with this but I hope Cocu knows what he’s doing.
  7. Kinder

    Holiday plans 2020

    We did Eurocamp at Lake Garda in a static caravan - it was Weekend camp site. Amazing place, the food in the camp restaurant was brilliant. I’d definitely recommend it.
  8. I know he’s made a serious error of judgement and failed to behave like a club captain, but I’m absolutely gutted for him. He’s a human being and he’s cocked up, but he’s got such passion for this club and now his career here is more than likely over. I really feel for him.
  9. I loved watching him today. He’s such an intelligent footballer, I really think he could be key to this team. Again!
  10. What a brilliant game of football. That was so exciting - a perfect antidote to the horrendous week we’ve just had.
  11. Just heard Mel apologising on Radio Derby. I feel so bad for him, honestly wish I could give him a cuddle.
  12. Correct decision to play Davies and make him captain.
  13. Totally agree mate but it would take some balls to take them on. Bar staff tend to be fairly young and footballers tend to be fairly confident / arrogant, even without a skinful inside them. It would have been the right thing to to try to take their keys off them but it would have been brave to try. Point is they’re not the dheads who got behind the wheel.
  14. How many of us would be brave enough to confront a group of pissed up professional footballers and tell them they can’t drive home? We’re seriously clutching at straws if we’re trying to blame the bar staff.
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