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  1. Still unbeaten, 2 tough away games out of the way. Why do I feel disappointed?
  2. I actually remember them, but never saw them, far too young and distant. I used to collect footballer 'cards' from the sides of Typhoo tea packets. Raich Carter was my favourite, followed by Jackie Stamps.
  3. Mark Cosgrove I believe. Looks to have shed a bit to me.
  4. The Cambridge Dictionary defines 'story as' : a description, either true or imagined, of a connected series of events. Seems okay to me.
  5. I've seen a bloke pull one along with his teeth (obviously at the end of a tow rope). Actually it was a double-decker. This a few minutes after completing a marathon in Wellingtons. True story.
  6. 1 over for 14 from Rankin. 🙄
  7. Meanwhile, back on topic......er, what was the topic? I've forgotten.
  8. Hope Keogh gave him the full-on Medusa stare.
  9. Oh, silly me. I thought this was a thread about George Thorne. It's obviously thread number 649 about Martin, but wrongly titled.
  10. Just like to say that in my opinion, Rankin is rank. He was rank when he was here some years ago, and he's rank this time round. In 3 matches so far he's got 2-95 in 10 overs. Went for 30 in 2 today. What does he add to the team?
  11. Phoenix

    Unwelcome farts

    There's the story of the jockey who rode the Queen's horses. As she went to greet the horse at the paddock at end of a race the horse broke wind. Somewhat embrarrassed, the jockey said " I do beg you pardon, Ma'am" to which the Queen replied "Pardon granted, I thought it was the horse."
  12. Got bad vibes about this match.
  13. Nowt wrong with Avon Tyres.
  14. Can you have a squad number higher than 99?
  15. Half the Prem teams will besponsored by gaming companies, and it's all Rooney's fault. That seems to be the impication in the article. What a load of Bolleaux
  16. Played 0 minutes and got a yellow card. Must have given te ref some abuse.
  17. That was a midnight deadline. He couldn't see where he was signing.
  18. Can we have a 'groan' icon please.
  19. Not sure what Warnock would make of this.
  20. Slightly off topic, but here goes. True story. In the early 1970's I was working in Essex and a bit home sick, being a Buxton lad. Perier water was becoming a thing at the time. I thought "Buxton's got these 'magic' waters, known to be beneficial for centuries. Perhaps I could bottle it and sell it on a commercial scale, like Perier". Then I started wondering about the implications, whether you have to get permission, does the Duke hold the rights, who'd bottle it, I'm living 200 miles away, I've no capital, and so on. As far as I was aware, no-one else was doing it. So it was just an unfulfilled idea. A year later, well, the rest is history.
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