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  1. I completely agree on your point about Malone. Lawrence is one of the last players I'd want in front of me if I was at full back. There's a reason both Malone and Fozzy before him tend to look lost and bereft of ideas in possession and it's because more often than not there's a huge expanse of pitch in front of them without a single Derby player to pass to as Lawrence has wandered inside to a more central position. That's not to say Lawrence is always wrong to do this, a player who does nothing but hug the touchline is too predictable and easy to defend, but he needs to be out wide far more often than he is currently. He annoyed me on Friday when he pulled a Tom Ince special on Duane Holmes. A Tom Ince special is when a player stands stock still out wide with a defender on him in the space the man on the ball wants to move into and flat out refuses to run in behind or make a decoy run because he doesn't trust his teammate. Admittedly it wasn't smart play from Holmes to run into Lawrence's space, but once this happened instead of dropping back or moving to create a passing option Lawrence just continued standing still as Holmes ran past him, looking incredulous that Holmes hadn't deigned to pass to the feet of the great Tom Lawrence. I still think Lawrence is one of our better options in the advanced midfield positions, but he is undoubtedly one of our most frustrating players.
  2. No Derby player would ever say that, but a few have made it blatantly obvious with the way they performed.
  3. I don't particularly care about balance. Whoever is best for the position should get the job. I hate the language used surrounding this scheme though. The section you quoted to "better represent the players" is absolutely farcical. So the FA are seemingly under the impression that people need to have the same colour skin as the people they're teaching in order for lessons to sink in? The people at the FA who implemented this are either racists or cowards, probably both. What the FA are saying essentially is that they as an organisation are so inherently racist that there's no way their recruitment process could ever be fair towards black coaches, so they have to set a definite number of BAME coaching roles to scupper the white identitarians who presumably make up their selection committees.
  4. Great appointment, awful reason. The "Elite Coach Placement Programme" is a joke. Whilst he's only achieved limited success as a manager, Chris Powell has performed to a high level in every single coaching position he's had and is one of the most respected people in the game. If the goons at the FA really needed this stupid rule to see that he's a good fit for the English national set up then they should resign, rather than implementing racially discriminatory hiring practices.
  5. I don't know how you can misunderstand a chant so badly. The woman beating incident is mentioned along with the leg break to suggest a kind of karmic justice was wrought on Collymore. I'm not saying the chant is in good taste, but if you think it has anything to do with the glorification of abuse, then you're sorely mistaken.
  6. Fine, get rid of Bennett and play who as cover exactly? I'll remind you our efforts to fill those gaps this summer left us with Dowell and Paterson. It is stupid to focus on a low wage (relatively) player who can cover several positions when there's hardly an array of superstars vying for those places in the team.
  7. A masterful innings from Stokes. The way he powered the team home at the end will get all the headlines, but his patience in the final session yesterday and this morning's session was top class test batting. To be able to manage his own performance to accelerate in such a manner whilst working the ball to keep Leach off strike as much as possible is insanely difficult. Leach is amazing too. Shades of David Steele when he was cleaning his specs in preparation for 90mph bouncers.
  8. Did one of your grandkids post this for you old timer?
  9. I'm actually irritated that most of this team got to enjoy winning a world cup. They clearly don't give a toss about about competing in the form of the game I'm interested in, so I don't see why I should pretend to be happy for them when they win in the one day form.
  10. Anon

    Bury FC.

    Yes. I paid closer attention to Wimbledon's reformation than any other. I know you have to apply to join a tier of the non league pyramid and I think you have to meet certain conditions in terms of finances, ground etc.. Most leagues at that level seem pretty happy to have a phoenix club join, since it means bumper crowds at least 10 times the size of what can normally be expected.
  11. Anon

    Bury FC.

    I'm just imagining a possible worst case scenario if either club were to go bust.
  12. Anon

    Bury FC.

    One thing I would say is that I see all new clubs as a continuation of the old ones. A football club is more than just a legal entity. The only people that pedal the football clubs are just numbers on a balance sheet myth are the sad acts from clubs like Celtic and MK franchise who are so desperate to get one over on their rivals they forget that it the community that makes the club what it is. If Bury and Bolton have to reform they won't be any different, aside from having to work their way through non league for a few seasons.
  13. I believe that they lost money, I just struggle to understand where. 1.2 million on Sammon was the biggest transfer fee they paid in 5 years. You've got to speculate to accumulate.
  14. I agree that Bielik will improve quickly with more time with the squad and when played in a formation where he and Tom aren't on top of one another. Huddlestone's passing is good, but the lack of versatility of that passing is really starting to frustrate me. Huddlestone can land a wide ball that spreads the play exactly on the receiver's toe 99 times out 100, but when asked to provide that defence splitting killer ball on the edge of the area he's woefully short of ideas. If I see him lazily chip the ball onto a centre back's head one more time I will explode.
  15. Why isn't Tom Huddlestone afforded the same leniency by most on here regarding static players in front of him? Huddlestone has been rightly criticised for his performance tonight, but in the first half there was little difference between his and Bielik's contributions. They were both ponderous on the ball, they both misplaced passes and turned over possession, they were both bullied by the little lad with the ginger mop top. Bielik was much, much better after the break, but I'm not going to lie to myself about his first half performance just because of his price tag.
  16. You watched a different game to me then. I have no doubt that Bielik is a quality player, but his performance in the first half was absolute dog dirt. He gave away possession needlessly and didn't win his battles in the middle of the park. He looked way better as a centre half, which is a shame because I was hoping he'd replace Huddlestone. Jozefzoon is limited but he used what he does have well tonight. He constantly made ground down his flank because he frightened the Bristol players with his pace. I'm more than happy for him to take a safe pass backwards when he's already made 15-20 yards and the pass is literally to a player on the edge of the area. Waghorn didn't get much service, but when he did his touch was absolutely appalling and he was often not on his toes and allowed a centre back to nip in and make the interception.
  17. No, we only won once all season. We should have done the double over them though. Newcastle away was one of the only games in the entire season where we actually outplayed the opposition, but Viduka scored out of nothing from outside the area to earn a 2-2 draw. I suppose we can't really complain about goals from nothing though, considering Miller's strike in the home game. I think Newcastle might be the only team that failed to beat us that season.
  18. It's not going to happen. Our record breaking season is absolutely fascinating because it was a perfect storm of poor decisions that led to an almost inconceivably poor points total. 11 points is absurdly low. I maintain that if you just stuck a random league 2 side in the Premier League, they'd have a good chance of getting more points than we did.
  19. London is rubbish. I'd probably agree it is vibrant and lively. I disagree that those are good things. It's noisy and dirty, there are too many people and you can't hear yourself think. The public parks are nice.
  20. 32 is Wayne's favourite number. He wanted it at Man Utd, but Tevez wouldn't play unless he got it.
  21. Anon


    If this move back to Barca comes off, does anyone believe Neymar will realise how lucky he is or will he continue to behave like a massive fanny?
  22. I'd agree that the ref was very inconsistent. He made some poor decisions at the expense of both teams. I found it incredible that after issuing a highly dubious yellow to Keogh in the opening minutes, it took over an hour for any of Swansea's fouls to draw the same kind of punishment.
  23. I agree. I have no idea what people saw to warrant such effusive praise. He played like someone who didn't know his team mates and struggled to see much of the ball because of that. As you say, that's perfectly understandable and I'm certain there's better to come from him.
  24. I would support Cocu, but it turns out I'm a snowflake who doesn't feel personally validated unless a manager waves at me on request. The absolute state of some of the people who text into Radio Derby...
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