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    Christchurch Attacks

    Thank you Stringer, very cool.👌
  2. Anon

    Christchurch Attacks

    Utter scum, and painfully stupid scum at that. His reasoning for committing these attacks is utterly retarded. I'm afraid I have no time for mental health issues or potential rehabilitation when it comes to criminals like this. When they've already taken so much from others I don't see why society should owe them a chance at a costly rehabilitation.
  3. Brie Larson isn't for middle aged white guys.
  4. I'm an equal opportunities troll. I endevor to upset everyone. In all honesty, she does come across as a bit of a dick, but I find it hard to care or even feign surprise that a Hollywood actor is aloof, patronising, and prepared to pretend to be "woke" in order to shift tickets.
  5. She made the mistake of saying that her super hero movie wasn't for 40 year old man children, forgetting that 40 year old man children are amongst the primary consumers of Marvel cape-poo.
  6. Anon

    Michael Jackson

    Would you watch a Roman Polanski film? Kevin Spacey? What about work involving the multitudes of Polanski apologists in Hollywood? You'd never watch a film again if that were the case. Would you read Alice In Wonderland?
  7. Anon

    Michael Jackson

    I have no idea whether MJ is guilty or not, but I do know that anyone basing their opinion on a trashy, emotionally manipulative "documentary" when there are reams of court records and depositions available to peruse isn't being particularly fair. If there were any actual revelations in Leaving Neverland that could help prove Jackson's guilt, it would've been passed to the police, rather than being unveiled at the Sundance Film Festival.
  8. He was there for 7 games and didn't oversee a transfer window. What can he have been promised that he felt he needed to quit over? The worst the BBC can come up with, the chairman spoke to the players! The horror! Where is the feinting couch? It's evidently a case of another pampered ex Premier League player being completely unprepared for and oblivious to the realities of lower league football. Imagine the stick Sol Campbell would've taken if he'd walked out of Macclesfield after 7 games, yet Scholes is untouchable.
  9. My apologies. I'd already read a BBC article on this subject this morning and I assumed this would be the same one, as the BBC don't normally publish two pieces in the same morning about a lower league manager quitting their job. This is the piece I was referring to, https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47578195
  10. I'm sick to the back teeth of how the BBC fawn over the "class of 92". That has to be one of the least objective football articles I've ever read. Excuse after excuse is reeled off on Scholes' behalf, not once are his tactics mentioned and comments from actual Latics supporters are dismissed with a hand wave. A dismal effort, even by the Beeb's ever decreasing standards. I can't wait for the two hour long documentary hosted by Linekar, "Scholes, Beyond The Boundary".
  11. I've been to a few games in Germany, and whilst it's initially jarring to see armed police at the stadium you soon forget about them. I've also been to a Bohemians game in Prague and didn't find the police particularly intrusive. I'm not saying it's the right solution for this country, simply pointing out that the idea is in no way as outlandish as some in this thread are making out.
  12. I don't know if I'd trust our police with guns, but this is the case in Germany. You know, the country that is constantly cited as the model we wish to follow regarding safe standing in stadiums and fan behavior.
  13. They aren't role models. They're blue collar workers. I agree it's disgusting how much they get paid, but until we cancel our season tickets and stop paying Sky subscriptions we're the ones enabling it. Why should footballers not wind opposition fans up when most weeks they are subjected to dogs abuse from the stands?
  14. Unfortunately he's nowhere near. We all know that the key to getting into the England squad is to be contracted to a top six club, playing games for them is irrelevant. As much as I like Mount, his call up was a farce. Declan Rice will be ahead of him because England are oh so grateful that he deigned to play for us. Longstaff will probably be in front of him now as well. Also, as well as Southgate has done with the national team, don't forget that he was the U21 manager who consistently played Hughes as a defensive midfielder. The same thing Nigel Pearson did with him. Maybe Hughes should pretend to be Irish to get some leverage?
  15. I think Grealish and the Villa players need to be commended for showing incredible restraint. If someone did that to me they'd be getting something back, regardless of whether they managed to connect. The PFA need to get involved and push the FA to take serious action. I'd give them an ultimatum, meaningful punishment for Birmingham or I instruct all my members to start two footing pitch invaders since you're obviously not interested in providing protection.
  16. This season? More than Lawrence, despite starting far fewer games.
  17. Bennett haters in full damage control mode. I love it.
  18. We won't get to find out until he leaves Barca.
  19. Bennett definitely meant to score. For anyone who doesn't know, he practises that specific shot all the time. He finds them easier to score than tap ins. I'm a bit surprised he celebrated, normally he just shrugs and walks back to the centre circle. It was very clever of Malone to lull Wigan into a false sense of security by pretending to be rubbish at football for the majority of the game. They never saw him coming.
  20. Evans - I read some opinions from Royals fans on this guy when he joined and they called it correctly. Basically, they said he was neat and tidy in the middle when the team were playing well, but when the players around him aren't playing well he lacks the ability to have any positive impact on the team individually. Holmes - I'm very happy with this signing. I think he's acquitted himself very well for his first season at this level and I think there's more to come from him. Jozefzoon - Underwhelming. Yet another pacy winger who can't find any consistency at our club. Every time he plays a decent game he inevitably follows it up with an absolute stinker. Malone - Does exactly what it says on the tin. Malone has been around the Championship for a few years, so no one should be surprised by his lack of defensive ability. He was brought in to provide competition for Forsyth and that worked well. At the time I would've preferred for Lowe to compete for the left back spot, but his performances at the turn of the year vindicated Lampard's decision to go for Malone instead. Marriott - Where would we be without this guy's goals? A very good signing. Has hit double figures despite often being provided with very little help up front. Waghorn - We got mugged by Ipswich on the fee, but most of us knew that at the time. Unfortunately, transfer fees have become so inflated that 7 million is the going rate for an average Championship workhorse coming off the back of a good season. I know you didn't want to talk about loans, but I want to point out that as per usual our January transfer business was a complete waste of time and money. Cole - For all the fanfare associated with signing one of England's greatest ever full backs our form hasn't improved, our defence hasn't improved, our mentality hasn't improved. Cole was a world class player, but at 38 is he really offering more than Malone? King - No one could've foreseen his injury, but if we're honest he didn't look like he was going to be the answer for us in midfield, unless the question was "what would Craig Bryson look like if he was taller and walked everywhere instead of running?". Ambrose - ???? I hope I'm wrong, but I'll predict that this bloke will barely play and be quietly released in the summer.
  21. "fact is Russell and co didn't get us promoted so it obviously wasn't that successful was it ????" Don't pretend like your criticism was restricted to Russell. You chose to base your argument around writing off players contributions because they didn't lead to promotion. I'll reply to whatever posts I like. If it causes you such consternation, don't post on a public forum.
  22. Ah, the old entitled "no promotion, no success" whinge. I have to wonder why people with your attitude even bother supporting Derby County, a club who have spent as much time outside the top flight as they have in it. Yes, it is only my view on who performs well, but them my view is more nuanced than "promotion=good, no promotion=bad". If you can make a salient point by giving examples of things McFarland and Todd were good at that we're now lacking, then why not bring them up?
  23. I agree. Someone needs to be given time to build. McClaren propelled the team forwards rapidly, but it was Clough's team that had been built over 5 years.
  24. And? Nowhere in his post does he suggest that we should still be playing these specific players. What's wrong with using examples of players who performed well previously for us to highlight the areas in which we're lacking?
  25. I can't be bothered to write anything negative because I'd be up all night and the "f" key would get worn out, so I'll focus on something positive. Duane Holmes is a lovely little player. Puts himself about, doesn't shirk his challenges, drops short to receive to feet and turns in possession to get us moving the right way. He can pick a through ball and never lets his head drop. He could be a very important player for us next season.
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