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  1. Surely one of you wordsmiths can do something with 'Don't cry for me, Frankie Lampard'
  2. I love the bit in the post-match interview with FL where he says 'now we have to prepare them for the match at Wembly' The moment he says it the realisation of what he just said creeps over his face into that excited grin. Top stuff.
  3. Absolutely. An old mate of mine came out with it when Palace got promoted 6 years ago.
  4. They're good for cleaning the bog with. I'm told. Need a Leeds one for that. Off topic but there was a guy on the Huddersfield forum wondering if he could get a half & half 'udders/Rams scarf, especially for their matches against Leeds.
  5. Wrong. Forest weren't, with a passion.
  6. My favorite is 'Poor old Leeds, I put my rubbish out last night as a homage to them.'
  7. They're not very happy on the forum. Forest's, that is. Double whammy.
  8. Seems like the ref's playing a blinder. Or just optically challenged.
  9. I see Holmes was booked for 'delay of game'. Is this a Rowettesque ploy to keep the score down?
  10. Was he investigated for trying to deceive the officials?
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