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  1. Under 18s win again, 3-2 away to Stoke. Top by 3 clear points.
  2. Phoenix

    London Marathon

    Toast and honey always worked for me.
  3. Ex West Ham player. Probably got a grudge against the Lampards.
  4. Shades of wee Billy.
  5. Well, this isn't going too well, is it?
  6. Oddly enough the last time I went to Forest's ground was getting on for 40 years ago, the days of Trevor Francis. My boss dragged me along to a cup quarter-final against West 'am, so I couldn't really say no. The match went to extra time. Forest scored, at which point the bottles came raining down. Some bloke near us got one on the head. At that point it was a case of a sharp exit. As you say, no place for it.
  7. Will there still be provision for home spectators to piss and throw coins on visiting supporters?
  8. From the first. We'll never be safe from the second.
  9. This quote from Wikipedia. "After working as a coach with Barnsley's Development Squad, Heckingbottom took caretaker charge after Danny Wilson was sacked by the club in 2015. He was again made caretaker after the departure of Lee Johnson to Bristol City in 2016. During the latter spell, he guided Barnsley to the Football League Trophy final, beating Oxford United 3–2 at Wembley to be crowned winners and later to beating Millwall 3–1 in the League One play-off final in the same season. His success as caretaker after leading Barnsley to winning the club's first cup final since 1912 as well promotion to the Championship led to him being appointed permanent head coach.[27][28] On 15 June 2016, it was announced that Heckingbottom had signed a 12-month rolling contract as Barnsley head coach.[29] The good form and results continued for the first half of the 2016-17 Championship season as the club ended 2016 in 9th position in the table. Heckingbottom was awarded Sports Hero of the Year by The Yorkshire Post" How much of this was due to the squad Lee Johnson had assembled, I'm not sure, but my mate from Barnsley quite rated him. Johnson took Barnsley from just about rock bottom of Div 1 in November, to promotion contenders, at which point he was poached by Bristol City, who are now going pretty well in the championship. Don't suppose that helps much but I for one wish him well!
  10. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/entrance-hell-discovered-nottinghamshire-witch-000100597.html I assumed it was Forest's Ground.
  11. The father, I believe. Lovely family.
  12. With age comes experience.....so they say.
  13. With the amount of liquor you claim to consume, my tip to you would be 'start training now!'
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