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  1. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    The two words are about synonymous.
  2. Keogh didn't make a mistake. If he had, I'm sure we would have heard all about it.
  3. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Thank you so much! From those clips, fine margins. Even the gloom's lifting a bit now. Just waiting for the gales.
  4. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Sat here in Dorset at the moment in Stygian gloom. Can someone put up yesterday's highlights to cheer me up?
  5. Picture where you are now

  6. Picture where you are now

    My stepdaughter was there when it happened. Went to NY with a bunch of student nurses/doctors staying in a hostel. They had planned to visit on the eleventh, but decided they wanted to do something else that day and moved it back a day. Still got the admission ticket dated the 9th (you had to book a day in advance) and a little commemorative glass from there. They saw the towers collapsing and offered to help (medically) but were turned away. The Indian airline they'd flown out with (it was cheap) refused to fly out, so we sent her some money to get out asap. Scary.
  7. The Tories

    Thanks for that. The article's 4+ years old, so it seems as though they've looked at it and decided 'not yet'. Somehow I can't see the IR missing an opportunity for some extra dosh. I suppose you could define it as a discount on goods purchased, but paid through a different agent. The fact that Santander pay it on certain Direct Debits suggest it's a way to persuade customers to use the D/D system, which was slow to get off the ground when introduced, and is still unpopular with a lot of people.
  8. The Tories

    f you have a certain type of bank account, Santander 1-2-3 is typical, they pay back a percentage of certain transactions. Is this taxable? If not, why not?
  9. Lithuania v England

    When Brian Clough was at Derby, after one of the typical street-brawls aka Scotland v England, he said something to the effect that 'I should be able to hold my club side up to England and say 'Play like that'. The reality is.....' Nothing's changed.
  10. Lithuania v England

    Has it finished yet...ZZzzz?
  11. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Thursday's what? Tell them to read 'Eats shoots and leaves'.
  12. Another Chris Martin Thread

    Because there were a lot of Derby fans in the Scotland crowd. Tit for tat. He hates 'em with a passion.
  13. It didn't make me smile. Can I have my money back?
  14. Rowett type of player

    I like the word Rowetty. I think it will end up in the OED.

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