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  1. Phoenix

    O'Notts Forest

    As much fun as an undertaker's conference over on the Forest forum.
  2. Phoenix

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Unless we get a points deduction for drawing attention to Spygate. Seems like we're the villains. Strange world.
  3. Phoenix

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    and Middlesbro equalise
  4. Phoenix

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Good 'evans
  5. Phoenix

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    In other news, Liverpool losing at home to Palace
  6. Phoenix

    Academy Thread 2018/19

    Dianne Abbott doing the maths I see
  7. Phoenix

    Ashley Cole

    I'd guarantee it's a sentence the Accrington fans would never thought they'd read, either.
  8. Phoenix


    He's a big unit. Built like a brick outhouse.
  9. Didn't Revie have a hefty dossier on each opposing player, for his players to assimilate? The theory at the time was that few of them would be capable of reading them.
  10. He doesn't have Pearson's signings to work with at Fulham.
  11. Phoenix

    O'Notts Forest

    Can anyone dredge up a picture of that fat Physco bloke?
  12. Only time I've been to Accrington was in the 1958/9 season. My local team Buxton got pasted 6-1 on the FA cup 2nd round. Hit the bar inside 10 minutes but was all downhill after that. I seem to recall there was a pub called the Cradle and Coffin. Does it still exist?
  13. Phoenix

    View from the outside

    I've read the Saints Forum. Most of it seems to be about Danny Murphy being a prat.
  14. It would be nice to think we have a team coach on the lines of the Sky cycling team - the envy of the rest of the cycling world. You can be sure it's fitted with ice baths, physio's equipment, beds and the like. Not to mention blacked-out windows, and coathangers to more easily facilitate blood transfusions.
  15. Could have been written by Lambchop. Tin hat firmly on.

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