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  1. They'll never disappear, they'll just find another 'cause'
  2. I remember you posting about that. Did you ever get compensation?
  3. Do they still dress up like Elvis?
  4. Interesting to see what B4 makes of it
  5. I can't leave this extract out. "What life? They played like this under the last manager. These players are as bad or worse. Grabbans shot, Lolley's dead, Mighten only exists in the minds of people who frequent Wilford Lane, Carvalho is a poltergeist who only terrifies the clubs accountant, Silva who even knows, Yates is a remote control car where the controls have jammed meaning he's just running in a perpetual circle, Johnson has an open National Express ticket to Brentford, Hovarth is only here as an interpreter to the CEO, Lyle Taylor's mind is on his bank account, Figueriedo's sat nav is broken and keeps telling him our goal is the one we need to score in, Gaetan Bong is the answer to a bad joke in a Christmas cracker, does Carl Jenkinson exist? I am not sure but I am sure I sure an Crimewatch appeal asking if anyone has known his whereabouts for the last year, Cafu is a fake player who stole his name off a legend and Jack Colback is the body from Operation and some snot nosed kid keeps taking out all the useful bones before he pulls on a shirt. I can only go on what my eyes show me and the overwhelming evidence from most of these players, as a whole is that they are in fact completely terrible, or young kids being asked to do something far beyond them right now or a bag of broken biscuits some cheeky sod has dressed up in a Forest kit."
  6. Classic quote on the Forest forum "Lolley, straight on the left wing, where he's about as effective as Jeremy Corbyn"
  7. That match was a double-whammy. Not only did we lose CKR, our most experienced goal scorer, for several matches and counting, but it contributed almost wholly to the extra 11 minutes in which a win turned into a loss. You could hardly make it up, but it seems to be the norm for the Rams these days.
  8. It's a shortage of lorry drivers, they say. They have enough to collect the black bins, and enough to collect the blue bins, but seemingly not for the brown bins (garden waste). It's so long since mine was emptied it's rotting to a mush at the bottom and stinks like hell.
  9. May we add "Food to go" and "Food without"?
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