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  1. I think he's injured. Again.
  2. If his birthday is 29th of Feb, that makes him 112, in human years, same as Taribo.
  3. Is that because we hardly ever score away from home?
  4. 2 rookies, 2 crocks, 2 red card liabilities, 3 golden oldies, a suspect goalie, and a RB coming back from injury. What could possibly go wrong?
  5. A few random comments from last nights match at Leicester. Benko's passing's been off all night. Now Benkovic is injured, unlucky for the lad. Ankle knock flaring up again? Benkosick FFS Big Boy Benko is made of glass Yes, but he's a smashing lad (you see, they even do the odd pun ay Leicester) Il's a "Nix" from Phoenix.
  6. This isn't a referendum you know.
  7. Did he not give a very iffy ofside. My memory has tried to eradicate the pain.
  8. Spot on. Several years ago my boss was on holiday in the US of A. Went to the theatre, where Rooney and his missus happened to be in the audience. At the interval my boss approached him about getting a selfie with the great man. He couldn't have been more accommodating. I've seen the pics. Whether it was because he was another Brit, or because he's just used to it, I don't know, but the topic of this thead is a load of bolleaux.
  9. How the hell could he be expected to live on quarter of a million a year?
  10. Here's the solution. https://www.tennants.co.uk/discover/news-insights/bugsy-malone-pedal-cars/
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