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  1. Mel seems to have 'got lucky' more than once. Suggests he's astute. I didn't say I was a fan of Mel's, just that I believe he's astute and probably learns from his mistakes. No. I'm not a fan of Ashley in any way whatsoever, and neither know nor care about the Glazers. By the way, I am fan of Mel.
  2. Some years ago there was a discussion on the radio about Football club chairmen. Basically, the supporters of those clubs who were currently successful thought their chairman was the dog's gonads. The supporters of the clubs doing badly thought the exact opposite. Quelle surprise. Comments about Mel learning from his mistakes also amaze me. You don't leave school at 15/16 and amass his wealth if you don't learn from mistakes.
  3. Never in doubt....
  4. Yes , but don't we have to pay Watford a further £100,000,000 if he makes 1 more appearance?
  5. Phoenix

    Wimbledon 2019

    I see Serina increased her winnings by a modest £294,000 for less than an hours work. £5,000 per minute, Gender equality my arse.
  6. Phoenix

    Wimbledon 2019

    And what about the talking tactics behind a tennis ball? Can Brits lip read Croatians and the like?
  7. Nobody's asked the vital question yet. How many did we take?
  8. If he was like Jeremy, he'd have changed his mind by now and buggered off back to the Turkey
  9. Worcs 82/8 as I type. Wow
  10. Well then, it 'as to be 'arry, dunnit? (God help us)
  11. Didn't he once chip the goalkeeper with a penalty, or was that someone else? Outrageous skills?
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