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  1. Anon

    Ian Evatt

    I missed this interview at the time, so thanks for posting it here. I like the way Evatt speaks about the game. I read a lot of the interviews he did when he was at Barrow and I loved the way he insisted on stamping his mark on the team despite everyone telling him that it couldn't be done like that in the 5th tier. With their resources there's no way Barrow should've been in the top half of the table, never mind walking the division. I was a bit disappointed that he left for Bolton, but I like that he didn't sugarcoat the answer to why in this interview.
  2. Midfielder is quite a broad term that can mean many things. I think it's certainly true that some more defensive minded midfielders end up going unnoticed or certainly get underrated. Look at John Eustace a few years ago, or Lee Carsley back in the 90's.
  3. That's the kind of quality football journalism that completely justifies a subscription fee.
  4. Obviously he was doomed once Cocu left. What I don't understand is why Cocu didn't play him more. I get that he had a terrible start, but he's your guy. You made the decision to bring him in, it's your job to see if you can make the transfer work. Ditching him after a couple of games reflects really poorly on your scouting and decision making as a coach.
  5. Daddy government knows what is best for us. I hope this ban does go through so people can spend their money on more sensible things, like the state franchised national lottery.
  6. It's always really interesting to read about experiences of the 11 point season. One thing that slightly irks me, however, is that it always seems to be the jobbers who contributed little to nothing that like to stick their two penn'orth in. I find it difficult to trust what people like Andy Todd or Danny Mills et al. have to say about the dressing room. I'd much prefer to hear what people like Darren Moore, Marc Edworthy, Matt Oakley think. It rankles a little when people who had nothing to do with the promotion cast aspersions over the dressing room and the squad when they haven't earned the
  7. Attend again - Rams 5-0 Forest. I love this game, not just for the scoreline. This game was the culmination of two very different approaches to team building. Forest had spent years behaving like, well... like we have for the past few years, hurling cash around blindly in an attempt to escape the division. Derby on the other hand had built steadily and sensibly, much to the chagrin of our more impatient fans. We'd endured all the non league jibes as we picked up players like Bucko and Pringle whilst Forest were trying to loan Gareth Bale. Then this game happened. We absolutely blew them away,
  8. Anon

    Lee Camp

    I like Camp. I think he showed great resolve to pick himself up after the Tango man decided to drop him for a pensioner and the subsequent embarrassment of his dad ringing radio Derby. I wish he'd found some way to let Barazite's shitty penalty in though.
  9. I've wondered for a while if we're just disliked by other teams due to the behaviour of Mel Morris, then I read threads like this. We are absolutely pathetic. I really hope we don't go down because I don't think I could stand all you precious prima donnas giving it Billy Big baalocks to the likes of Accrington and Rochdale every single week, whilst crowing about what a "massive" football club Derby supposedly is. Oh, boo hoo, did you hear the bad man say a no no word? At a football game, no less! What is the world coming to?
  10. The main thing that puzzles me is why did he have to play in the under 23s game to have his illicit meeting with "Brombs"? Doesn't he have a phone, or was he worried that Mel had a wiretap on him?
  11. Anon

    Fikayo Tomori

    I read a bit about the alleged bullying. I'm not sure I believe it. Modern football fans and pundits are the biggest drama whores on the planet. I am, however, struggling to understand why Rudiger would be selected ahead of Tomori. Eranio was bang on the money about Rudiger being a rubbish defender, he just picked a stupid reason as to why.
  12. Rowett's favourite formation is 6-3-1. He can always use another centre back/defensive midfielder.
  13. Deary me, some of you are precious souls. I can't say I have much sympathy, this is just the way modern football is, but some of you sound like jilted exes.
  14. Anon


    It was very convenient for the club's finances that the disciplinary panel decided on a set fine for Lawrence and Bennett, yet a permanent wage reduction for Keogh. I can't say I'm knowledgeable at all about employment law or football contracts in general, but demanding an employee agree to a wage reduction as part of a disciplinary procedure sounds incredibly dodgy to me.
  15. The formation is obvious. All 11 players are lined up one after the other hugging the left touchline. Mart Poom is the furthest forward.
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