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  1. I think GboroRam does a pretty good job moderating this thread for the most part. It's certainly not a task I'd want. The only problem I have is when swathes of posts get deleted. It baffles me that certain people who contribute regularly in this thread hint or outright ask for things to be removed. If you truly believe your opponent is making a tit of themselves then surely you'd want it out on display.
  2. I used to let my sister do my mascara if I was going to an insufferably trendy club.
  3. I always use this design for the goalkeeper kit when I create Derby on Pro Evo.
  4. Good luck with that one. Both of those blokes could start an argument with their reflections.
  5. We would have done by now if the ignorant racist proles didn't keep ducking our communist asses at the ballet box!
  6. Anon


    I think I might start calling it Winnie the Flu in honour of dear leader Xi Jinping.
  7. The rest is reasonable, then you go and make a ludicrous statement like this. If we'd been promoted Bucko breaks into the England squad and turns up at St George's with his Tesco carrier bag.
  8. I've got it thanks to you, but I'm not stealing this one. Think 80's.
  9. Extenuating circumstances have caused the government to take extreme measures that will ultimately cost the nation a huge amount of money and could start a recession. Jeremy Corbyn - "This proves we could spend this money all of the time". The man is a moron.
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