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  1. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    You shouldn't be. If the nukes start falling, the lucky ones will be incinerated in an instant. The unlucky ones will be slowly frozen and poisoned to death in the ensuing nuclear winter. On the plus side, the climate change deniers will be delighted.
  2. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    Anyone waving a swastika around in the US (or any western nation) is a complete and utter moron. The same goes for the imbeciles who wave hammer and sickle flags. The years of lead are coming to America, and most probably returning to western Europe too.
  3. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    If you just keep printing money you will devalue your currency to the point where people need a wheelbarrow full of notes to buy a loaf of bread, unless you're the US and then you can print nearly as much as you want because you force the rest of the world to trade oil in dollars and make any leader with the temerity to trade in any other currency disappear.
  4. Think before you gif

    I sincerely hope you aren't making fun of identity politics. That would be gross and racist.
  5. Ronaldo

    Disgraceful witch hunt from the biased Spanish authorities. Penaldo should be allowed to do what he wants, that includes pushing officials and not paying his taxes. You don't have to put up with any of this nonsense in Monaco. TSSSSUUUUUUUUU!!!!!
  6. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb

    Of course. Didn't you see all those evil fascist cars that they bravely torched in Hamburg?
  7. I agree, I thought he should've driven towards the box himself, but he still had two defenders to beat. Looking for the pass was a decent idea and the fact that we had no players within a mile of him, even after he'd checked his run, shows our negativity.
  8. I agree in general, but I did feel that Russell was especially poor today. He seems to have taken on Ince's role of refusing to move and demanding the ball to his feet just past the half way line. That is all well and good if you're Tom Ince and you can go round a few players, but what is Russell backing himself to do from that area of the pitch?
  9. I want to stick up for Weimann a little today. He faded badly in the 2nd half, but I thought he was great in the 1st. He worked and chased as well as he usually does, but crucially he tried to get reasonably close to Martin and show for lay offs and 1-2s. He was poor defensively, but we have a three man centre mid, with a dedicated DM. That should provide adequate cover. The whole point of having a specialist DM should be to allow your wingers more freedom.
  10. Why only 27,000 today

    I'd prefer if we at least tried to entertain. 4-4 draws with Huddersfield or chucking a 3-0 lead at Rotherham were immensely frustrating, but I never complained because we were still trying to play expansive, attacking football. What's the current game plan? Bore the opposition to sleep? Lull them into a false sense of security by playing absolutely s**** for 88 minutes before launching some hopeful balls into the box like Rowett's much admired Brum side did to us?
  11. Chris Martin needs to be dropped

    When Martin gets a direct ball or the ball played to his feet, good things tend to happen. We spent too much of the game launching high hopeful balls up top, which he is absolutely useless with. The first time we played through the middle and got the ball to his feet, he played in Wiemann with a neat 1-2 to create a good chance. The problem is that in order to play on the floor you have to dominate the midfield and I don't see Butterfield and Johnson dominating anyone this season.
  12. Danny Rose

    I think what he said about wanting to go back north is true. I know some of his family and they've been telling me of his growing irritation regarding not being able to get a pint with a decent head on it and not being able to have gravy on his chips.
  13. LGBT - Rams

    True, I was making assumptions on your stance on the issue. If you agree that Christian bakeries are well within their rights to turn away people asking for gay wedding cakes, then my point isn't relevant to you.
  14. LGBT - Rams

    I assume then, you will back me completely when I attempt to commission a Muslim artist to draw a picture of the Prophet Mohammed for me? You wouldn't want to be a repugnant human being now, would you?
  15. Confess your unpopular opinions

    Game of Thrones is complete and utter w***. Tits and dragons. Lowest common denominator trash.

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