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  1. It's much more difficult to relate to the players now because of the huge discrepancy between footballers wages and what the average person earns. I'm not saying this is necessarily fair, but I think it makes a difference. In the old days it was much easier to empathise with a player having a bad day, maybe even some who weren't putting in a proper shift, because we've all been there. Far fewer of us are lucky enough to have been in a situation where we get paid thousands, some even tens of thousands, per week and get away with being inconsistent in our work.
  2. That's incredible. They don't even look similar. I wish they'd just gone a little further and used a picture of Pau Gasol.
  3. Mason could only manage a half of Peroni before chucking up in 2017. His improvement has been astounding.
  4. It's a strange signing for Rowett. He didn't play him when he was at Derby, so I don't see what Bennett has done to change his mind since.
  5. I've seen Simon Munnery and I'd say he was alright on that occasion, but I am holding him to a very high standard. Did you ever catch a Pappy's Fun Club show at the fringe? Their humour is kind of archaic, almost like a modern version of the goons, but in terms of playing the room and getting the audience invested they are amongst the best I've seen. I totally agree with you regarding smaller venues too. I absolutely love the Stand. All their rooms are perfect and whoever does their booking is a genius.
  6. You're doing a wonderful job of not appearing to be an insane ideologue obsessed with skin colour. Keep up the good work.
  7. The following is referencing Rosenior's comments including, "I've looked at the 'Rooney Rule' in the NFL and the implications it has had on the league, and it has only been positive." "I see the rise of political correctness but don't rage against it. I'll support what's fair for everyone, so on balance I'll support some form of positive discrimination, in an attempt to equalise things. " GboroRam July 22, 2019. I can't quote this because the old politics topic is locked. Will you disavow the Rooney Rule for being the very definition of discrimination?
  8. Tony Law is great if you're into sillyness and surrealism. He seems to tour pretty much non stop and his tickets are always relatively cheap. The best stand up I've seen was probably Kevin Eldon a few years ago at the fringe. Phil Jupitus was also excellent, which was a nice surprise. I'd only ever seen Jupitus on panel shows and was expecting a fairly generic set, but he performed a very funny hour almost entirely improvised based on audience suggestions.
  9. Anon

    Ex Rams

    It wouldn't happen. Our fans thought it was embarrassing when Wassall pumped his fist a few times after beating Brentford, I doubt they'd go along with this celebration after beating the league's bottom team. I absolutely love this banner the Den Haag fans unveiled before the game though.
  10. You're wrong to focus on the idea of the phrase being insulting. I couldn't care less if insane ideologues obsessed with skin colour wanted to insult me based on my innate characteristics. What does concern me is that the vast majority of people who use this phrase openly advocate for "positive discrimination", which is plain old discrimination to normal people.
  11. If some of you had your way Derek Hales would still be turning out for us whilst you bang on about his amazing potential.
  12. I agree with the point regarding Millwall, but Leeds very much do care what others think of them. They fervently believe that the rest of the football world should be rimming them at all times, especially since they appointed the Great Autismo as manager, and they regularly throw hissyfits about everyone being against them. There is nothing to admire about Leeds.
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