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  1. It's your website, so ultimately it's your choice. I have little say in the matter.
  2. I have a dilemma because I want to change my avatar to a Union Jack to show solidarity with the victims of this unfortunate accident, but I'm worried it might make me racist considering that some far right groups like Conservative voters and the WI have co-opted it as a symbol of hate and oppression. #progressiveproblems
  3. The poor soul was undoubtedly systematically oppressed by the inherently racist power structures at play in our nation. If only we had been more tolerant this wouldn't have happened.
  4. Oh dear me. That doesn't sound particularly tolerant. Shut up and enjoy your cultural enrichment in silence.
  5. There are 24 different images. Click "next".
  6. Delete the entire post rather than stealth edit. Might as well gag me completely if you're going to choose my words for me.
  7. Now the police have released the name of the suspect I have to say how utterly shocked I am regarding his ethnic and religious background.
  8. That's a good point and something I was slightly worried about as I'm not able to listen to the full interview at this time. Regardless, this is the quote the BBC chose to post on their live article regarding the bombing, so if it sounds better in context my ire is only shifted onto the beeb.
  9. The Birmingham bulldog is Beau Brummie (or "Brummoi" as they insist on referring to him). Apparently, Birmingham hired an advertising consultancy to come up with a mascot for them in the late 60's after seeing the commercial success of World Cup Willie. I agree that the Forest Ent is pretty spooky.
  10. Sorry, some braindead popstar claims the people who will be most scared after 22 children, teenagers, and young adults are brutally murdered at a concert are "real Muslims", and you think that line of thought was his only option? Maybe he could've focused on the people that actually died?
  11. The lead singer of Elbow, has said the attack at Manchester Arena is "a hugely disturbing thing". Guy Garvey told Martha Kearney about his connection to the arena which he described as "part of the heart of the city". "It's so sad that somebody can do that," he said. He added: "The people who will be the most afraid because of what he did... will be real Muslims, members of the real faith who don't believe in violence." Nice one Guy. Let's not forget who are the real victims here. Oh and thanks to the BBC for getting this prat's input. I don't know how much longer I could've lasted without the lead singer from Elbow weighing in on this incident.
  12. Even Wigan? I'm not sure what I can reasonably expect with a nickname as boring as "the latics", but he managed to make a rose look vaguely threatening for Blackburn, so anything is possible.
  13. Check out the flowers on the floor. Both are designed to look a little subdued in that issue.
  14. I think (most of) these look amazing. What do we all think of the artist's version of our ram and which team comes out the worst?