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  1. Anon

    Who “Should” be in the Top Flight?

    Woodford Wells Corinthian Casuals Royal Engineers Oxford University Old Etonians Old Carthusians Clapham Rovers Maidenhead Wanderers Sheffield Hallam Swifts Old Harrovians Cambridge University Queen's Park Shropshire Wanderers Upton Park Windsor Home Park Marlow Old Foresters It's time to admit that the toffs were correct. They warned us that professionalism would ruin the game. Remove the insufferable oiks and return the sport to gentlemen.
  2. Anon

    Rooney 120th Cap

    I'd actually forgotten that Rooney retired by turning down an England call up when he was at Everton. Southgate is utterly spineless. Imagine being so weak willed that you play along with this farce involving a player who snubbed you because you'd previously dropped him.
  3. Anon

    Truly awful decision

    Better or worse than the braids?
  4. Anon

    Roll eyes emoji is pathetic

    Frank Lampard > -------- lobotomized monkey > --------- Gary Rowett
  5. Anon

    Steel City Derby

    Yesterday I witnessed a blade telling people that United are a working class club and Wednesday are from a posh suburb. I nearly fell off my chair. I'd hate to see where that guy lives if he thinks Hillsborough is posh.
  6. Anon

    Steel City Derby

    This is correct, but they were butchers not bakers. Do you think Wick Academy was founded by candlestick makers?
  7. Anon

    Steel City Derby

    I hate this fixture if I'm honest. Sheffield is a lovely city and both Blades and Owls fans are normally easier to get along with than most opposition supporters. When they're in the same division, for two days a year the city is a horrible place and they all act like complete see you next tuesdays. Apparently this was the most expensive fixture to police in English football last season, and that doesn't surprise me.
  8. Anon


    I've never seen anything completely stop on the 11th. There's just an agreement that we all try to be quiet for a minute or two, which is reasonable and appropriate so far as I'm concerned. WW1 is so important because it was the first time that the futility of war really entered the public conscience. A war that was technically won, but so little was gained. In fact, so much was lost by the European combatants that the continent has never truly recovered.
  9. Anon

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    John Wick 2 Not normally a film I'd choose to watch, but I was stuck on a flight with limited options. The director has achieved something amazing in that this film is at once an all out assault on the senses whilst being one of the most dull and turgid experiences I've ever endured (and I had a season ticket when Phil Brown was in charge). The plot toes the line between paper thin and non existent. The action scenes are spectacular, but there's no weight to them when they occur every 5 minutes. The film seems to want to have it's cake and eat it in that Wick is nominally an assassin, but displays 0 finesse in any encounter, leaving a trail of destruction of biblical proportions every single time. If I wanted to watch a film about an assassin I'd watch Leon, if I wanted balls to the wall action I'd watch Crank. The plot of John Wick is laughably stupid, but the film has absolutely none of the self awareness and humour required to pull it off. It's a sad indictment of modern film audiences that this bull semen is rated so highly. Giles Barnes/10 Technically proficient, but thinks it's about a million times better than it actually is.
  10. Anon

    When is your birthday?

    Jesus Christ! It's a weird coincidence that this thread came up. I noticed that two of our player's mothers had the same maiden name and it got me thinking if that was the case with anyone on here. Mine's is Phisher.
  11. Anon

    European Super League

    I wish they'd do it in all honesty. I can't think of anything I'd like more than "the big 5" and all their plastic fans buggering off to form another league. The only problem is that the Premier League are so greedy and the FA are so spineless that those teams would likely be allowed to field reserve teams in the English league alongside their new competition.
  12. Anon

    Snake City watch

    What happened to Mr I Refuse To Be Pessimistic For 10 Months?
  13. Anon

    Snake City watch

    Agreed. Whatever we think about McClean as an individual, surely we can all agree that he's a ssssshockingly limited footballer and you'd have to be mental to pay 6 million quid for him, whilst handing out a 4 year contract.
  14. Anon

    Snake City watch

    I can understand the poppy objection. Lots of the funds raised go towards veterans charities and it's quite reasonable that people like McClean and Matic wouldn't want to contribute to people who'd committed attacks against their respective communities. I do, however, find it amusing that James McClean, a person who can't even bring himself to look at a flag, is quite happy to live and work in the nation he so reviles and accept money emblazoned with the mug of the military's commander in chief. I guess everybody has their price.
  15. Anon

    Rooney 120th Cap

    The FA should've said no. They are out of line here. The second paragraph of my previous post outlines why I think the Rooney marketing team would view this as a marquee fixture.

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