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  1. The problem is that the times we've tried playing him further forwards, either as an advanced midfielder or a second striker, he's struggled to get into the game at all. He's playing deeper because he doesn't have the legs to do what he used to at Man Utd. I wouldn't be averse to trying him there again, simply because he'd struggle to be less effective than Marriott, but lets not pretend it hasn't already been tried.
  2. Yes. Burley did cite Mackay's interference as one of the main reasons for his resignation.
  3. It was supposedly through his contacts that we became aware of their availability. Simply identifying the players is only part of what it takes to get a transfer done. I'd argue that coming up with the idea of signing a Polish international and a La Liga veteran on free transfers wasn't the most difficult part in getting those deals done.
  4. I'm not saying this redeems him in any way, but do you think we would've been able to sign Rasiak, Idiakez, and Bisgaard without Mackay?
  5. I'm pretty sure B4 means Sweden, not Switzerland.
  6. In this country it's because the conservatives are spineless cowards. The moment they began taking criticism for their initial response (or lack of) they ramped up the restrictions. They have no policy, they just muddle through and try follow the path of least resistance. The tail is wagging the dog. They are well aware that many of their core voters are nimby boomers who would like nothing more than to see young people locked up after 10pm.
  7. Anon

    Ex Rams

    https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/208914-chris-martin/ The cider guzzlers seem pretty pleased so far.
  8. I just wish Cocu would stop being so negative during the first half. It's becoming a bit of a recurring theme for us to improve as the game wears on, but I think Cocu is still over estimating how complex the Championship actually is. Seriously Phil, you don't need to play 2 DMs for protection whilst you "figure out" Luton Town. At best we piss away 45 minutes, at worst we leave ourselves with a mountain to climb.
  9. Whisper it quietly, but there's summat special happenin' here.
  10. Come on Derby! If we can hang on with just the 1 goal deficit we'll move up to 20th and still be ahead of Forest. Truly, a great day to be a Ram.
  11. Paella. The Valencian version, not the one with seafood, which I also like, but can't be arsed faffing around with shelling crustaceans.
  12. Same poo, different division. Poor little Leeds are once again the victims of a conspiracy against them. Leeds defenders should be able to touch the ball with their arms if they want! I can't wait to see the look on that amateur Klopp's face when Bielsa shows a 1000 slide powerpoint presentation about how he always used to get his defenders to handle the football back in Argentina.
  13. This one belongs in the unpopular opinions thread. Whilst I wouldn't be quite so scathing, I'm with you in that I'm mystified as to how this bang average film has managed to generate such an impassioned cult following. The dull abides.
  14. Don't worry. I'm sure you won't here a single negative word about the years of austerity that will be required to pay for all this from the lockdown cheerleaders. I'm sure they'll remain as stoic as ever.
  15. Obviously taste in music is hugely subjective. My opinion isn't worth poo and I don't post this to make anyone feel bad. This effort from Disturbed is one of the worst cover songs I've ever heard. I'm talking X-factor version of Hallelujah bad. When I first heard it doing the rounds on the rock stations I genuinely wondered if it was some kind of joke. I understand that you want to bring a different take on a song with a cover version, but the jump from the original version's thoughtful and contemplative tone to this overwrought grandiose effort is too wide a chasm to bridge. It has all t
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