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  1. If the phrase "personally I won't be treating them any differently" sounds bitter in your world, then yes I'm extremely bitter. People are allowed to move on from mistakes. I'd say there's a significant difference between being allowed to move on and being totally immune from criticism less than a month after making said mistake. My relationship with my mother is irrelevant. Personally I don't see why losing a parent should hold any weight as a mitigating factor in Lawrence's defence. Why would I need to forgive anyone else? No one else committed a crime.
  2. Why on earth should it matter if they have families? Does having a child make you immune from criticism? I don't care whether they need support or not. They aren't entitled to it and their own actions mean they're probably less deserving of it than many of our other players. Personally I won't be treating them any differently, but I baulk at the suggestion that we ought to be rallying around them.
  3. I can believe you went through the rigmarole of finding the information and then didn't quote it.
  4. God help the poor sods who get stuck on dog muck picking with Lawrence and as he flings 95% of the stuff high and wide of the bin.
  5. "It's been tough keeping this to myself and not making any comment at all, especially with the stories in the media. Now I know for certain which individual spiked Mason Bennett and Tom Lawrence's panda pops. It's........................................... Rebekah Vardy."
  6. I agree. Being a miserable git myself, I actually like some of Keane's punditry. Even if he's talking baalocks, it's at least something different from the meaningless platitudes blithely repeated by most of the cookie cutter ex footballers. I can't excuse deliberately injuring a fellow professional (even one that played for both Forest and Leeds), especially as I don't think Keane has displayed an ounce of contrition since.
  7. Merciless, careless, and dangerous.
  8. Anon

    Star Trek Picard

    Hopefully it will be something like this.
  9. But we promised to start him in every competitive game to prise him away from Ireland. What choice did we have though? He'd had about 6 decent games for West Ham, there's no way we could allow such a talent to slip through our fingers!
  10. The biggest mystery to me is that anyone would pay for or publish this information. What kind of person wants to read about Coleen Rooney's cellar being flooded?
  11. Oh no she didn't! *finger snapping intensifies*
  12. Not for me. He's a good poacher, but he offers absolutely nothing else. I don't think he's as good as any of our current three strikers and would rather see Whittaker given a go instead of an expensive (in terms of wages) loan.
  13. I know. I don't agree with you. I don't see why employers should be required to babysit their employees. In my opinion the employer isn't even obligated to provide transport, but they did and some players chose to stay in the bar. Are you seriously telling me that Derby County football club are somehow culpable because they didn't force their employees into taxis at 8pm against their wishes?
  14. The players are adults, not children. The club had provided transport for those who wanted it. The very idea of an employer having to force a person in their mid 20s into a cab because they can't be trusted is absolutely laughable.
  15. Do you think that we hold our team to higher standards than most fan bases? Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not happy with Lawrence and Bennett playing right now or the situation in general, but the scale of the disapproval has caught me off guard. So many other teams fans barely bat an eyelid when one of their players is convicted of drink driving. There are several teams I can think of who have supported players that have literally killed others through dangerous driving. I do wonder if the disproportional and sensationalist media coverage, due to the bizarre nature of the Derby drunk driving incident, has influenced people.
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