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  1. It's pretty average. A bit boring. I like the mint socks, we could've done with the piping on the shoulders being a bit more prominent.
  2. Milanese cab drivers are bricking it.
  3. Anon

    Guess Who?

    I love this. Putting cardboard cut outs in an empty stadium is a stupid and pointless idea and it deserved to be made fun of. I have to commend the Leeds stewards for finding him so quickly though. It took the yanks 10 years.
  4. Surely this can't be true. If it is, then it is a sign that the end times are upon us. I advise gathering your loved ones and saying your farewells.
  5. Miazga's slap on Lawrence is hilarious.
  6. Screw you! I've spent the last ten years trying to forget Jake Livermore's loan spell. Here's to another decade of wonderful memories.
  7. He's a Celtic 'keeper in the SPL, so that means he's spent the last 6 years snoozing on the goal line before waking up in the spring to collect his medals.
  8. It isn't possible to defame someone who no one had any respect for in the first place. Case dismissed.
  9. No, but I also don't condemn BLM protests. I don't see the point in them, but I haven't and wouldn't use the covid pandemic as a reason to disagree with lawful assembly. In fairness, I was originally going to make the point generally as I think the sentiment is fairly common, but I had to dismiss the idea since I know lots of people in favour of the protests voiced concern over mass gatherings and I'm certain there are plenty of republicans who are guilty of exactly the same hypocrisy vice versa.
  10. What part of my post states that I don't think anyone has condemned mass rallies? I asked the question of Highgate.
  11. Large scale protests and riots across multiple US and UK cities = *crickets* Republican rally = "moral abomination" Did you forget about covid for the last several weeks, or do you only criticise mass gatherings when you disagree with the politics of the attendees?
  12. My favourite thing is that Schtive loves that shitty boomer tier meme so much that this is at least the second time he's posted it. It's nearly as funny as John Oliver.
  13. There's plenty of nuanced discussion to be had about whether certain statues are appropriate or whether we should erect statues at all, but in practice that's not what's happening. People don't (or they shouldn't) get to commit vandalism and then demand others justify to them why what they did was wrong. If these statues are so offensive, start a petition. If you present a strong enough argument then maybe you can convince enough people to agree and have them removed legally. It is not a smart idea to endorse mob rule. The mob won't always agree with you.
  14. Brooks takes a tazer off one of the officers. Brooks initially raises that weapon towards the officer after disarming him. The 2nd officer fires his tazer. Brooks then flees and is pursued. Brooks turns, raises the weapon again and fires. Only then is he shot.
  15. There is bodycam footage of the entire attempted arrest. I would post it, but it's pretty easy to find and it's probably not appropriate to post here since it shows a fatal shooting. There is no case to answer. If you resist arrest, then attack officers, then grab an officer's weapon, then fire that weapon at the officer you're going to get shot. If this isn't justified use of force you might as well just tell cops the truth and put them against a wall for the firing squad.
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