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  1. Which teams do you dislike and why?

    Ah! That fabled scouse wit. To be fair, this quip is better than anything John Bishop has ever come up with.
  2. Which teams do you like (and why)?

    Athletic Bilbao - I love the idea of being so stubborn that you flat out refuse to sign anyone from outside your local region. The fact that they are able remain competitive whilst drawing from a talent pool of only 3,000,000 is insane.
  3. Linekers salary

    Having it written into UK law that men and women must be paid the same for equal work isn't pro active enough for you?
  4. Linekers salary

    One group of people are annoyed because the BBC pays too much. Another group are annoyed because the BBC appears to pay men more than women. The obvious solution is for the BBC to employ only women, but continue paying them peanuts and drastically reduce the license fee.
  5. Is there stigma about hearing loss?

    The stigma does exist unfortunately and it exists because it's far less common to see people below pension age wearing hearing aids. Hearing aids are more functional than cosmetic. You see people (idiots) wearing glasses without lenses as a fashion accessory, but the same can't be said of hearing aids. You need a couple of famous people to lose their hearing. If George Clooney and Jennifer Lawrence go deaf you'll soon see trendy brands making expensive, over designed hearing aids and daft hipsters with perfect hearing wearing them as an affectation. The good news is that, like anything, once people are over the initial surprise they'll soon forget about it.
  6. State pension age goes up to 68

    Not old enough. The original retirement age was set at a time when blokes could generally be relied upon to drop dead within 5 years of packing up work. As others have pointed out, increased life expectancy is causing a massive pensions shortfall. That is the case across Europe. There is no magic money tree in France or anywhere else.
  7. Women's Football

    There will never be mixed football because we're a sexually dimorphic species, (That's dimorphic, snowflakes. Two genders, deal with it.) and as such women in general will never be able to compete at the same level as men in football. Take Lionel Messi, strap a pair of tits on him (even diddy a cups with the best sports bra money can buy), widen his hips, and reduce his muscle ratio and he'd struggle to play at the level he currently does despite his incredible talent. That doesn't necessarily mean that the women's game can't be massively successful in it's own right. The standard has improved dramatically over a relatively short period of time and that's still with only a small fraction of girls being encouraged to play. The women's game will continue improving at pace whilst this figure rises. The pace and power will never match the men's game, but that's not what many people find most entertaining about football. I don't think it's unfeasible to imagine that fans of the more technical aspects of the game may even prefer women's football in the future. The more women that are interested in and play football the better so far as I'm concerned. Would you rather listen to your missus blather on about Corrie or Strictly or listen to her reel off pointless, but interesting historical football stats and debate the most effective tackling methods? I know which scenario gets me hot under the collar. When was the last time you went to a game? You'd get some pretty funny looks if you started chanting for female officials to "get their tits out" nowadays.
  8. Dr Who

    It got deserved stick because it wasn't finished, but then that's Obsidian to a tee. Great writing, abysmal time management. A group of modders have since fixed the game's rushed ending, adding the extra planet that was ditched due to time constraints, and adding scenes to make the finale on Malachor 5 make sense.
  9. Dr Who

    Since you're a big Star Wars/vidya nerd, you ought to play Star Wars The Old Republic 2. It's based around the lead writer Chris Avellone meticulously picking apart Lucas' absurd binary interpretation of morality through the character of Kreia, who is the most interesting character in the entire extended universe for my money.
  10. Dr Who

    I'd be quite happy to enact Enatic-Cognatic Primogeniture to keep the crown away from Charles.
  11. Dr Who

    Welcome to the world of intersectionality.
  12. The best Derbyshire X1 in your life time

    How on earth is Amla getting in these teams over Guptill?
  13. Which teams do you dislike and why?

    MK Franchise. A standing joke of a club, founded on the misery of others and an open mockery of the meritocratic league pyramid system. Pure scum.
  14. Dr Who

    Considering that gender is now apparently a spectrum, surely this would be fine. Still a woman, but a woman with a beard and a penis. So empowering! So progressive! I don't know anything about Dr Who. The re-generation thing seems to make this a non issue, but then I don't know the lore.
  15. 79 Ex Rams still playing

    Ben Hinchliffe - Stockport County He's likely not included Nyatanga because he's currently unattached. That won't last, he's certain to get a contract somewhere. I don't know whether Mutch would count as we never gave him a contract. He followed Westley to Brum at 15 before we could even give him an apprentice deal.

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