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  1. Seriously though guys. If you aren't sucking your adult daughter's toes regularly, then you're a bad father and she'll resent you forever.
  2. This is the truth of the matter. We can blame the people who watched A League of Their Own enough to take it through 16 series. The BBC are only trying to copy that abomination and have managed to make something even worse.
  3. No, not because they're nominally English at least. If I like a team because of the way they play, then maybe. It seemed different back in the days when you could argue that the clubs who made it to these competitions were representing the nation, but that isn't really the case anymore. In the last round of group games 24 of the 63 players fielded by the English sides were British, and none of the managers or owners were.
  4. If the doctors and nurses care about themselves they'll do the jobs they're paid to. No goodwill or clapping required. Anyone who believes the coronavirus is so deadly that we require lockdowns and mask mandates, whilst also believing that it isn't deadly enough to stop them from choosing to go abroad on holiday is fooling themselves. It's all a bit reminiscent of the scene at the end of Blackadder Goes Forth, "Don't forget your stick Lieutenant" "Rather, sir. Wouldn't want to face a machine gun without this."
  5. I assume your trip is an absolute necessity then. Obviously there's no way you'd take such a risk if this wasn't the case.
  6. Unironically, this. I don't care. I'm not responsible for your health. "If it saves even a single life" is a ridiculous line of thinking that could be used to justify just about anything.
  7. Newcastle fans really get on my wick. I'm not claiming Bruce was particularly good for them, but it's the juxtaposition in their attitude to him and Benitez that I find utterly ridiculous. Benitez had a blindingly average record with them, only doing marginally better than Bruce, yet they worship the ground he walks on. That has nothing to do with football and everything to do with Benitez being a willing conduit for their incessant whinging about Mike Ashley.
  8. That's a lovely finish.
  9. I'm intrigued as to where you're headed with this one. Attempting to convince someone that they're dead is quite a bold gambit.
  10. The phrase "Get woke, go broke" has naff all to do with being cancelled. Cancelled in modern parlance usually refers to a thing or individual that has been pressured into being removed from media due to some indiscretion, real or perceived. Get woke, go broke refers to consumers not buying a product.
  11. This isn't anyone's favourite show/book though, it's a new run. From what I understand this book isn't about Superman, but Superman's son. It isn't retconning anything from Superman (other than him now possibly having gay sperm). Do comic book readers want gay storylines? The sales figures suggest not, but the sales figures for the industry in general are abysmal. Which came first though? The trans-rooster or the gender nonconforming egg? Is the current state of the comic industry due to agenda pushing from hack writers or is the agenda pushing a desperate attempt by a dying industry to remain relevant?
  12. The only thing more pathetic than adults who still like superheroes is adults who cream themselves because they approve of what flavor genitals superheroes prefer.
  13. It might have something to do with the mortality rate of cancer being extremely high, whereas the mortality rate of covid is extremely low.
  14. There's a free, easy and safe way to reduce the chances of being in a hospital bed due to drinking, smoking, drug use, and poor diet. It's called willpower and you don't need a jab for it.
  15. The same way smokers, drinkers, drug users, fat people put us at risk by unnecessarily taking up hospital beds?
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