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  1. It's ok to be white. 👌 I don't think anyone would argue that Robinson hasn't committed criminal acts. His previous indiscretions don't make it right for people and organisations to lie about him. Indeed, if he's as terrible as they say, they surely wouldn't need to fabricate anything.
  2. https://www.bitchute.com/video/wNd2bvLvyk4/ I can't help wishing that they'd waited until the Panorama hit-piece actually aired for a full gotcha, but I suppose if you're systematically deplatformed by all major video hosting sites and social media sites then you can't be certain that your exposé will be seen by anyone.
  3. Apparently these bassless accusations stem from Adam Clayton.
  4. I don't always agree with what Jordan has to say, but it's very interesting to have input from someone other than a former player, manager, or sports journalist. I think Jordan is very smart, but he's an arrogant git who certainly isn't afraid of giving his opinion. Perfect for talk radio really.
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/21/world/europe/milkshake-nigel-farage.html “It turns a symbol used by the alt right — milk — to symbolize ‘whiteness’ and to mock ethnic groups with a greater predisposition to lactose intolerance, into an image of dramatic opposition,” - Benjamin Franks - senior lecturer of social and political philosophy at the university of Glasgow. 😂 For anyone who doesn't know, this idea about milk being used to "symbolize whiteness" was invented and spread by trolls to see if anyone would be stupid enough to buy into such a ridiculous theory. Take a bow Dr Franks. 🤡
  6. Football is no different to any other business and so they've realised that parroting various social justice talking points is a great source of free advertising. That's why we end up with ludicrous situations where FIFA tells everyone to put rainbow laces in their boots to encourage acceptance, whilst handing the world cup to a country where you'll be imprisoned for kissing your partner if you happen to be gay. The people that run these organisations are the worst mixture of avarice and cowardice.
  7. I know that we have several people on this forum who unfortunately lost their parents at even younger ages than Tom, but 25 still seems shockingly young to have to go through something like that. It shows great strength of character from him to continue playing.
  8. The absolute state of that merch stand.... - A Leeds fedora for neckbeards who aren't quite enough of an embarrassment to humanity already. - A Harry Potter Leeds scarf for people with a reading age of 12 and an emotional age to match. - A Leeds scarf featuring a bird with a hair lip with her tits out for only the classiest gentlemen.
  9. Regardless of the context, you'll have something bearing the name and logo of Dirty Leeds in your house. Now you might be renting, or might not care about the value of your property, but I doubt your neighbours will be too pleased when house prices in the area take a nosedive due to the presence of such an unholy relic.
  10. Never mind the advertising, someone ought to be fired just for inventing this stupid format of the game.
  11. Come on. That's a massively disingenuous argument. Bergkamp could have traveled by boat and land to play, and did for important games. There is a credible threat to Mkhitaryan's safety in Azerbaijan. The two circumstances are in no way comparable. Additionally, anyone scared of flying is superstitious weirdo who deserves to be inconvenienced.
  12. These people are Philistines. Don't waste your time with them.
  13. Any of those people that claimed 5 million was decent for Hughes want to weigh in on this? Any of those people who earlier this season were rubbing their hands at a potential 8 million for Bogle want to maybe have a re-think.
  14. Am I the only one who finds this template thing massively disrespectful? These are huge companies with enormous design budgets and they can only be bothered to produce about three unique designs per season.
  15. I quite like the bloke. I thought his Bilbao side were excellent. It's been horrible to see him at Leeds and I hope this rumor is true.
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