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Luton Town (H) Match Thread

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Poor game.  Great result (And prediction league points for 2-0, so an added bonus!) Shinnie good in general.  Excellent first half.  FloJo seems to be getting worse as each game comes his way...

Oh good I see that now we have 7 points from 9 it is performances that are the issue. Last week v Birmingham, one of the most entertaining games you’re likely to see. I enjoyed it, but I absolute

I think John Lennon is safe. Doesn't even rhyme.

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10 minutes ago, dcfcfan1 said:

Marriott unlikely to be available

Which is worrying... we have no one to bring on if we need a goal, lets hope we are leading the game by the 70th minute

What?  So we can snatch a draw from the  jaws of victory... like last night?  

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Bogle, Davies, Clarke, Lowe


          Holmes Paterson

Waghorn  Martin  Lawrence

Subs: Hamer, Malone, Dowell, Shinnie, Knight, Mitchell-Lawson, Whittaker (if Marriott not fit)


Encourage Holmes and Waggy to move about, and the same with Tom and Jamie - most "width" to be provided by full backs.

Couple of wildcards on the bench.

Look to give Dowell and Shinnie enough minutes (if it makes sense in context of the game) to make an impression.

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Need to win this really. 7 points from 9 is a good return in this league. 

I honestly think Roos will have to drop the ball in his own net before he's dropped. 

He's part of the problem we concede from set pieces. Doesn't come for anything. High balls are a massive issue for him. The corner that lead to their goal last night came from him punching it rather than just claiming it. 

Midfield balance isn't right for me. I don't like Holmes so deep. I'd like to see Dowell get given another go.

Fans are going on about our defence. That back 4 played together for the first time yesterday. Let them get settled. Bielik is much better in midfield for me too. 


Bogle Davies Clarke Lowe


      Dowell.    Holmes

Waghorn Martin Paterson.

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First game since Wembley for me.

£31 down the drain so we better be good.

Not a fan of Lawrence and Bennett coming back into the team last night but won't even acknowledge them on Saturday, and doubt anyone would notice if I did from the back row of the East stand anyway.

Can't wait to see Chris Martin back again, such an intelligent presence in the side.

Waghorn and Holmes the other draws really.

Other than that we're pretty meh aren't we? Hamer in over Roos seems a sensible call.

Luton at home must be a win surely?

Up the Rams.




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Bizarre as it may sound, it’s not so much about a win for me but I’d like to see us control a game and dominate from start to finish; but I’m beginning to realise as the fog begins to clear from the Phillip Cocu Style blueprint that we’re still playing a sort of Rowettball style: teams come onto us as we retreat towards our penalty area before we steal the ball and quicker than you can say “Don’t worry Richard, we’ll get you home boyo, won’t we Mason...Mason, wake up!“ Holmes has it into the opposition box for Martin to score. The only flaw being that even lowly Barnsley knew that if they kept plugging away we would wilt.

I long for the bygone days of Eustace, Hughes and Bryson, pinging the ball around whilst the opposition chased shadows.. 

Whilst winning is great, I want us to actually look like a team that has some developing foundations. After 10 games we look so will-o’-the-wisp...


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