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  1. I will join you in spirit only. I wanted to give him a chance and could not understand the negativity towards him before he even pulled on a shirt. So pleased for him. Well done with your bravery and confession 🤣🤣
  2. But wouldn't you think he would try to instill that mentality. It doesn't have to go in every time but anything can happen from a rebound. Knight and Jozwiak had golden opportunities to have a go and passed as if scared of what might happen
  3. We don't seem to have enough players willing to hit the ball when in striking range. Which surprises me considering our manager used to score for fun from range
  4. Swings and roundabouts. Might have scored against Watford if we had VAR
  5. Why can't Knight strike a ball. Bird has been woeful. Terrible since the goal. Still 2 v 1 coming up
  6. Belper - grew up there, happy memories
  7. Personally I think Wayne is quite astute and he will have seen what happened to Lampard and realise he is only in his infancy. I would like to think that he will realise he has/is done/doing a good job with a poor situation and look towards what he could possibly achieve once all the stuff in the background gets sorted and money become available again. He would not only gain more experience over a few seasons, he could really improve his CV and thus his expectations when it comes to the big clubs calling.
  8. @Ellafella ignore me trying to quote you in my goal celebration. I was going to say something earlier and couldn't clear it
  9. Derby 3 v 1 Huddersfield. FRGS Colin
  10. Waghorn was woeful tonight. His crosses were so wasteful
  11. But VAR wasn't available. The Ref got it horribly wrong
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