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  1. I don't know if you realise , but Duck is not a swear word. Mi Duck
  2. Ah Halifax, Nova Scotia. Been there several times, what a place. Always remember arriving but can't remember anything much after that. Some great bars. The Split Crow for starters then down to the Lower Decks. Then onto ........ Blank
  3. Well if this is true then I am happy to be playing Leeds this weekend. Losing at Elland road at any time and no matter how well you are playing is no disgrace for all the reasons you waxed lyrical about. So Imagine if we were playing Reading, Luton or Millwall this weekend. It could easily be 3 points lost then another 3 when we get to Leeds in November. I would rather take Leeds now and the others when we do have it together.
  4. No. I meant Ergo. Just as spelt
  5. I for one watched the Solheim cup over the weekend. My wife kept popping in and looking at the ladies on the TV, was saying "oh now I understand why you are watching the golf" I would just like to say it was a pleasure to watch and the excitement built throughout the last day (Ryder cup....esq) What a terrific way for the Europeans to take the win. The last 2 ladies out there turning their games around at the very death and for it to go literally down to the last put of the game was a fitting testament to the tournament.
  6. I’d like to say thank you @Bob The Badger for the content of this post but also for the way you’ve laid it out. I find it so much easier to read when there are spaces between thoughts rather than a solid block of words. It may just be old age but that was a pleasure to read compared to many posts. Just saying!!
  7. Leeds 2 v 3 Derby. FRGS Waghorn. Going to stick my neck out and build on the positive signs from the Cardiff game and predict a win.
  8. As you can work out that he is using the same word for both, this would suggest you fully understand him. Ergo,,,,,, no confusion. 😁
  9. There you go. Positivity. Oh no sorry. Marvin
  10. I love positive people like you. So early in the season
  11. I agree. Cocu is a) starting to get the injured players back. Holmes looked good tonight. b) because he is getting his injured players back , he is starting to get his formation right. c) he now needs to get a few games together with the same players and hopefully it will start to click.
  12. Bogle on for Cardiff? That doesn't sound right
  13. Martin!!! I would like to see him with Marriott
  14. It obviously is a throw back from the famous dress which divided the country. Was it blue or was it white? Divided a bit like brex.... I wont even bother
  15. I agree on Keane and to be honest I am not sure Rice is there yet, or ever will be. We can argue that the only way they will improve is to play them and maybe with regard to my opinions above, Gareth thought Kosovo would be a no brainer and an easy game to blood the younger guys. If he feels they are the future, maybe friendlies for a while.
  16. And there in lies the problem. Everybody underestimated them, everybody thought they would be the fall guys. Even those who have made the arrangements decided to not give them the respect they deserved and played the game at St Mary's. All international sides should play at Wembley unless it is a friendly. Kosovo are second in the group and look like they should qualify in that position. Was England's performance that bad? in parts yes but were we expecting much more against a so called POOR side, who actually turned out to be half decent?
  17. If he scores from there it would be hell of a shot
  18. BathRam72

    iPhone 11

    I think you missed my point!! 😁
  19. BathRam72

    iPhone 11

    Thank god I don't suffer from this
  20. Well!!! I do have to point out that Gestapo is a name and as such should be written with a capital G. Just saying.
  21. I did realise but couldn't resist the link from SW to the day.
  22. Sandy was the water monster (essentially a fishy cannibal)
  23. When someone is asking you to share a lift, you can't just decide which day you prefer. The Rams play when they are told. 😁
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