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    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Johnson only got a year left on his contract and there doesn't seem to be a new one bring offered anytime soon. He'll be on a lot of money. 30-35k a week at a guess. So even if for some strange reason we offered him a new deal I can't imagine us offering the same wages as he's on now. Coupled with the fact he's not that good and id be happy to see him go. Anya and Blackman. Absolutely no place in this squad for them at all. If they're are here when the transfer window shuts we'll basically be paying them a lot of money to sit in the stands. Because there's no chance they'd get in the matchday squad. Take what you can for these 2. Infact I wouldn't even reject the first bid for fear their wouldn't be another one. Jerome hasn't got a future here at all especially if we sign Marriott. You'd need to keep him or Nugent as back up though. But I'd keep Nugent in the system and style of play that Lampard plays. Butterfield same as Johnson. Just get rid if we can. We can't get rid of Forsyth if we aren't signing another left back. Bennett needs to go out on loan for me too. Being the 5th choice winger (Lawrence, Wilson, Jozefzoon, Thomas) are all ahead of him in the pecking order. A season of being in the squad and not being in the squad is no good for him. He needs to go somewhere and play a whole season for the first time in his career. Would also look to get rid of Hanson too. Giving him a new deal makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Works hard. But honestly. That lad won't be make it at this level.

    Jack Marriott

    Wont be the long till the Derby telegraph devote a whole back page spread to Marriott's performance today 👀

    Jack Marriott

    We do have options mate. But Vydra and Martin aren't playing any pre season games. So if they are still with us they won't be fit for the start of the season. I love Nugent. But unfortunately the guy just isn't good enough anymore. We signed him 2/3 years too late. Jerome is an average Championship striker. Marriott hasn't just bagged 33 goals in the league below. And yes the Championship is a big step. But Lampard must be confident this lad can bag 15-20 goals next season. I don't think Nugent and Jerome would bag 20 between them.

    Jack Marriott

    I agree 100% with you here mate. Dont mind him telling the fans they've rejected bits etc and answering select questions. But to sit there and name clubs who are bidding or give out cryptic clues "A club who recently came down who needs to do one out one in" Or "A club that keeps getting beat in transfer deals" Do WBA fans know they have to sell before they buy? I think that's really poor from him. "He told me what they offered" If Jack Marriott signs for Derby do you think he wants you telling the whole of social media that he's on a lot of money? "They need to back their manager" Who's this guy to tell Morris he needs to back his manager. Personally just think the bloke loves himself and thrives off the attention he gets.

    Jack Marriott

    He did imply that we'd be coming back which isn't surprising. But if what else he said is true and they're talking to Leeds tomorrow and are waiting for WBA to make a bid then we need to think about getting closer to their valuation.

    Jack Marriott

    Can't see us spending 6 million until we sell someone to be honest. Butterfield. Johnson. Anya. Nugent. Martin. Blackman in an ideal world

    Jack Marriott

    Someone on twitter has asked the Peterborough chairman, "Marriott update?" He's replied "Tomorrow buddy, in detail"

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    I thought Thomas was left footed mate?

    Jack Marriott

    Keogh has been finished here for 2 seasons mate. Not just based on a pre season friendly.

    Jack Marriott

    After watching that today. Painfully obvious we need a striker. Also a RB if Wisdom is gonna be centre half. Keogh is finished here. Him and Pearce were dreadful tonight

    Matej Vydra

    Agree with you 100% here mate. But one thing you said is the main reason I wouldn't be too bothered if we sold him and that's "as long as you can get his head right" He's so frustrating to watch when his head isn't in the game and you can normally tell pretty early on if it is or not. If he gives the ball away or misses a good chance is head drops and if it does,more often than not he's completely ineffective. Might explain why he never has 2 good consecutive seasons.

    Harry Wilson - Signed on a season long loan

    Just listened to Lampards interview on Radio Derby. Don't get how we can get heavily linked with Wilson just before the game and Ed Dawes or Steve Nicholson don't even ask the manager about him?

    Harry Wilson - Signed on a season long loan

    If he wants to play games. He'll come here.

    Jack Marriott

    Ipswich have agreed a fee for him

    Jack Marriott

    On about them bidding for Charlie Wyke mate

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