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  1. Ryan Kent - Signed for SC Freiburg on loan

    Hoping we can pull this one off. A season of watching Russell and Weimann on the wings is making me feel quite unhappy.
  2. Marcus Maddison - Signed new 3 year deal at Peterborough

    Peterborough chairman just confirmed he's staying.
  3. Marcus Maddison - Signed new 3 year deal at Peterborough

    He has to be signing a new contract. No way would their chairman say that he will know where he is at 4pm and then sell him.
  4. Marcus Maddison - Signed new 3 year deal at Peterborough

    So he'll either be leaving today or signing a new deal
  5. Marcus Maddison - Signed new 3 year deal at Peterborough

    Has this lad only got a year left on his contract?
  6. Jackson Irvine - Signed for Hull City

    So how bad must Curtis Davies be?
  7. Ryan Kent - Signed for SC Freiburg on loan

    Liverpool haven't had Coutinho or Lallana yet this season and Kent still hasn't made the bench v Watford or Hoffenheim.
  8. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    Mate. Why in God's name is Russell in your starting line up?
  9. Its always quiet mate. The south stand is woeful. People go there cos the seats are cheap
  10. Poor performance today all over the pitch. For what it's worth I don't think we'd have played 433 today is Vydra was fit. We'd have played a 4231. The back 4 weren't very good today. But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt because of the absolute drivel that was infront of them. Both our fullbacks were isolated from first minute to last. Huddlestone wasn't very good either. But with what he's got in front of him it must be hard. There were times today je had the ball and stood with his arms out begging someone, anyone to run into space. Johnson and Butterfield were woeful. Neither look interested. So poor. Martin was poor. But you could put whoever you want out there today. No wingers to provide crosses and no midfielder running off him. 2 games in and he's had one chance. A very good one. But ONE chance. But I'm leaving special mentions for our 2 wingers. And I'm using the term wingers very loosely. Weimann offers nothing. Absolutely nothing. He's terrible. Can't beat a man. Can't do anything. He looks like a bloke who knows he's only playing because we haven't signed anyone yet. Brain dead too. Offered no support defensively to the full backs either. Then brings me on to Russell. We are 2 games in and I'm sick of his s**** already. I can't watch him anymore. This lad has done NOTHING in a Derby shirt for 3 years. Enough is enough. I'm lost for words how truly s**** this lad is. No movement. Static. Doesn't show for the ball. No football brain. We aren't going up this year. It's going to take a while this is. I personally think we are 4-5 players off challenging for a top 6 spot. Which aren't going to happen in this window. We may get 2. Maybe 3 if we can shift a couple out. I also think that 433 isn't working. Interesting to see what he does with Thorne when he's back fit. I wouldn't mind seeing something like this once the window is shut:- Carson Wisdom Keogh Davies Forsyth Huddlestone Thorne Lawrence Vydra Kent Nugent
  11. Ryan Kent - Signed for SC Freiburg on loan

    Not in the Liverpool squad today.
  12. Ryan Kent - Signed for SC Freiburg on loan

    Right from the off it was that he's expected to go out on loan once he's signed a new deal. Klopp clearly rates him highly. But it's pretty unlikely that he's gonna get picked ahead of Mane or Salah. It's not going to do Kent's development any good sitting on Liverpool's bench. Hopefully Klopp will loan him out and we'll be the lucky ones cos this lad is mustard.
  13. Che Adams

    Is he a winger? Or more attacking midfielder? If he's a midfielder I'd happily put him in our midfield over Butterfield.
  14. Ademola Lookman

    Id be amazed if Everton loaned Lookman out. The lad is brilliant. If he goes on loan to a championship club there won't be a better loan signing made this window.
  15. Ademola Lookman

    He's only 19 mate. Ashley Fletcher is 21 and has made 36 career apps and scored 5 goals. He's just cost Boro £6.5 million.

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