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  1. Does anyone have the full Percy article to read? I don't subscribe the Telegraph because I would never read it only for the Derby articles. I can take going down. It happens. Any team can have a bad season and fall through. Bigger clubs than us have gone down. The big worry for me is the club and the very realistic possibility that there won't be a club to support soon.
  2. Apologies if this has been asked already. But is this on the red button on sky tonight?
  3. What strikers? We have CZR and that's it. Waghorn can't play up front on his own.
  4. Depends really doesn't it. In this system as a lone striker. Lee Gregory is comfortably better than Waghorn. Waghorn isn't now and never will be a loan striker. Did you say the same when CZR signed? You only have to watch games to realise how much more CZR offers us in that role compared to Waghorn. That's what it's all about.
  5. Just reading through this thread. Was hoping that like me we would have all learnt a lesson in writing players off before they signed. Evidently not. CZR has made me eat humble pie and now I'll never write a player off until I've seen them play in a Derby shirt. Not really sure who people are expecting us to sign here. We are in a relegation battle with absolutely no money whatsoever.
  6. Why wouldn't he want to come here? He gets to play in a swamp and he won't get paid?
  7. 17 days ago. Stephen Pearce came on Radio Derby. Said all was ok. Players would be paid imminently. No reason to doubt the takeover. We talk to the new owners at least once a day. The players were paid exactly 2 weeks later. There has been absolutely nothing from the club since. If they are speaking to these new owners at least twice a day. What on earth are they talking about? Genuinely. All that's left is to pay. Why is this still being dragged out? Lies. Lies. Lies.
  8. No. Wayne would like to bring players in. But he's said if the takeover doesn't happen then we'll go with what we have.
  9. Can't understand why anyone thinks we are bringing players in? Or will be bringing players in? We have just manage to scrape enough pennies together to pay our current crop of players. The takeover is quite clearly not happening and Morris is not putting any more of his money into the club. So much so that he just didn't pay the players.
  10. Can count on one hand the amount of good games he's had for us. Utterly woeful since we came back after the pandemic last year. More bothered about playing online games and his girlfriend's YouTube channel than he is football. Then he pulls on a Derby shirt in the middle of a relegation battle in a behind closed doors friendly he didn't need to play in just to say to Huddersfield that he wanted to come back. We are really poor at the minute but he cant get in the squad. Says it all and he will not be missed in the slightest.
  11. Stephen Pearce was on Radio Derby last week saying we would only sell if it made financial sense. Selling one of the best 16 year olds in the country for £1 million makes no financial sense at all. I don't care what financial situation we are in this is disgusting. If he's that good. Which he obviously is (already training with the first team and Rooney said he's one of the best in training) Then you keep hold of him and get him in the first team next year. Just like Birmingham did with Jude Bellingham. He was on of the best 16 year olds in the country. One season in t
  12. Great effort mate. You'll be in Plymouth by March.
  13. I think MM has lost all interest in this right now. No players are coming in unless this takeover goes through.
  14. Rooney alluded to the fact that if the takeover doesn't happen there won't be any signings. We can't pay the players we've got now and people are talking about signing players like Connor Hourihane.
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