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  1. Literally Warne has said 3-4 more midfielders. Ebou will be one. So you can add at least 2 to that list and I'd be amazed if Fornah was still here It'll be Kenzo, Adams, Osborn, Thompson and at least 2 more. Fornah will be gone.
  2. I agree. I think he could be getting on for 800k-£1 million. Would be worth it in my opinion.
  3. Warne said himself after Matlock he wants another 3-4 midfielders in.
  4. I am not saying he needs to play 38 games, I just mean if he is going to be involved in a substantial amount of games. Then keep him here. If not, It is more beneficial to his development playing proper league football in a tough league. Playing with a team like Chesterfield for example, they are the current favourites for the league. The pressure that comes with playing games that mean something, for a club pushing for the top 6. He has played half a season on loan in non league and people think he can just step right in. The natural step if he is not ready is to take the next step up and its a big jump from Gateshead to Chesterfield. Getting into a team and staying there by performing, taking your chances when you get them. I don't understand why you think that he would be better suited to just training here because he can train with us and not be coached by a league two manager
  5. Yes that is what I am saying. Unless we think he is good enough to start and ready to start, if not then he needs to go out on loan. Players like Will Hughes do not come through very often. Some players go out on loan, some are ready and good enough. Hughes was 16 years old and a class above. Made 3 appearances at 16, then the following season played 38 games. The coaching staff at the time would have felt he was more than good enough and more than ready to play, which he was. If they didn't, he would have been loaned out. If we think Brown is going to play 38 games next season, then absolutely, we should keep him here. But if we think he may get a few sub appearances and games on the bench, then for his development, he needs to go out on loan as its more beneficial. There are plenty of players in the England squad now who all had loan spells in the lower leagues early on in their career (apart from Bellingham & Saka for obvious reasons) Kane is England's record scorer and at Brown's age he was on loan in league two at Leyton Orient, then went to Milwall, Norwich and Leicester. Some players are ready be be thrown straight in and some are not.
  6. I think he needs to go for the whole season, but add a recall clause. Unless we are looking at him now thinking he is good enough and ready to start, coming off the bench a few times and playing odd games won't do anything for him. If we rate him, but think he is not ready, the best thing is a league two loan and see how he gets on.
  7. Just listened to Warne's Radio Derby interview last night. He said that before the summer started we wanted 12 signings, and we've got 4. So looking like 8 more coming in. He mentioned we need another 3-4 midfielders in. Which is obviously part of the team which needs strengthening most. Also said there will be players that leave the club. FWIW I don't think we'll lose a player like Cashin, he's currently our biggest asset. But if Brighton offered £4 million for a league one centre half when he had a year left on his contract, then anything under £10 million I'd tell them to get lost. I know it's a risk, but if Cashin has a good season again and really steps up, his value will only increase (See Greaves going for £15 million from Hull). Players I think could leave would be Fornah (if we bring in another 3-4 he's got no chance, Warne didn't fancy him last season either) Barkhuizen (pretty stacked in his position and likely to bring in one more, he triggered a new deal based on performance numbers, would Warne have kept him on otherwise, I don't think so) Washington (Honestly can't see anyone coming in for him, but could potentially just let him leave on a free) Then your fringe players like Brown, Robinson and Rooney. I think all 3 have a big future here. But sitting on the bench or not even making the squad is not going to help their development one bit. Wouldn't be surprised to see them get loan moves and hopefully add a recall clause in if needed. So with the 8. 3-4 Midfielders - One will obviously be Ebou Adams, then 2-3 more. Probably a young prem loan and I still think another from abroad is a possibility. GK - Definitely one and he'll be the number one. Likely to be Iversen or Rodak. Then I wouldn't be surprised to see us bring in an older one, like we had with Loach. Happy being 3rd choice and possibly wants to move into coaching at the end. Defender - Possibly 2 here. I think a centre half and a left back. Attack - I still think we will bring in another striker, possibly from abroad and another wide player like Dembele. Gonna still be some big changes by the sound of it. So looking forward to seeing who we bring in.
  8. Dont think it matters mate. He'll probably go for £4.50 and a pack of pork scratchings
  9. Why on earth would we loan out Blackett-Taylor?
  10. £ 6 million for Kieffer Moore? Surely not? One of the problems to selling two of your main players for big bucks, everyone knows how much money you have.
  11. He has missed a 5 off. It is £15 million plus £5 million in add ons.
  12. Not quite sure how playing for Ireland really means anything. My point is, he is a player we have mentioned as someone we could look at. Even then some people have said no, not for us etc. Yet hes going for 8 million. You could probably sign a striker of the same age, with a better scoring record from Holland, Denmark etc for a fraction of that.
  13. If it is around 900k, I am pretty sure that will be the total package based on add ons
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