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  1. We have now won 2 away games in the league since December 2018. Which is an absolute disgrace. So all the blame can't just lie at Cocu's door. These players are an absolute shambles. There's so many things wrong at this football club it's frightening. I said on another thread the other day that in the summer we need 7-9 players to even be remotely competitive and I stand by that. But how on earth are we supposed to do that? No sign of this investment is there? To give that game away tonight pretty much sums up our season and the mentality that these pathetic bunch of bottle jobs continue to show season on season. The lack of creativity is alarming. It really is. Waghorn has never ever been a lone striker. Not once in his career. You can see from the start that it doesn't work, before the game nobody wants to see it. Yet we go again with it. As soon as it went 1-1 that should have been us making a change. To leave it till 80 minutes out of desperation is poor. I honestly can't see us signing anyone this week. I can see Stoke beating us on Friday and then back to back away games at Swansea and Bristol City. I'm sick of the players at this football club letting us down time and time again. Rotten to the core.
  2. I think I'll keep my tenner. £10 to watch Derby away at the minute is about £50 too much.
  3. Do we know if this is on the red button tonight?
  4. Nail on the head here mate. I can't believe after season on season of failure that this same recruitment team is still in place.
  5. Football is all about opinions mate. I just disagree with yours. I said at the start of the season I really don't mind where we finish this season. Let Cocu have the time to build something. If we finish in the bottom half or around mid table, then for me the next season we need to be making progress and a push towards the top 6. So we need to improve. Roos cannot be our number one. He's not a championship goalkeeper. Even against Northampton he came out for that ball in no man's land and they should have scored from it. This is where he will cost us. He's come from non league he's 28/29? Nowhere near good enough for this level. How he's still here and how he's ended up even being talked about as a number one is beyond me. Right back I agree. No issues here at all. I'd be amazed if we kept Bogle. He seems to be the biggest asset that would have to be sold in order to generate funds to strengthen elsewhere. Centre half. We cannot be signing one centre half to play alongside Davies. His legs are gone. Evans miles off it for me. These are not players you want in your back 4 if you want to progress. We could end up with a worse back 4 next season than we have this. DM I agree with you. Definitely do not need another DM. AM. You've picked out players here who have barely been in our squad if at all this season. Knight, Holmes. Definitely. Sibley hasn't been getting much of a look in. I think he will end up being good though. Whittaker is nowhere near ready. Jozefzoon clearly has no future here. If he can't even get in the squad for that Northampton game when we literally have no wingers at the club, how on earth is he going to get in it next season? Babos hasn't been involved either. We offer absolutely nothing as an attacking threat. We have to improved on that this season. And if you're happy with Waghorn and Marriott as you're only fit strikers next season then I find that amazing. Waghorn misses chance after chance, Marriott cannot stay fit. Essentially you are a Waghorn injury away from having a young striker who has never played a first team game and barely even been in the squad as your only striker. I want us to be pushing up the table next season. That's why we go.
  6. Not quite sure how you can possibly think we only need 3/4 players in the summer. As things stand, in the summer we will have Roos and Mitchell as our 2 keepers. A new number one is absolutely paramount. A good keeper can save you 10 points and bad ones can cost you. Our centre halves at the minute are Clarke, Davies, Wisdom and Forsyth. Clarke goes back to Brighton, Forsyth's contract is up so will be going. I think Davies has triggered a new contract (still don't think he'll stay) so essentially our only centre halves in the summer are a 35 year old Davies who's legs have gone and Wisdom (who will probably be a right back if we sell Bogle) There doesn't seem to be any young CBs coming through the academy either. Honestly we need an absolute minimum of 2 centre halves. Possibly 3 if Davies does go because then we'd have none on the books. Midfield next season would be Bielik, Shinnie, Holmes, Knight and Bird (maybe Rooney if he's playing there) The only slight bit of creativity there is Holmes. We need another midfielder in there. A creative one. It's not a necessity, but the lack of creativity coming from that midfield at the minute is woeful. Do you fancy watching that midfield again next season? I don't. Our only winger is Lawrence. And he's not a winger. We're playing Knight on the wing now and that says it all. Comfortably need 2 wingers. We have 0. Up front we're left with Waghorn and Marriott. Martin will be gone. So we clearly need another striker. Whittaker is nowhere near ready. He needs a loan somewhere like Lowe did. He's openly admitted he should have gone out earlier. Absolute minimum there is 7 players and that's without anyone going and may make us slightly competitive. You're 3/4 literally covers the back 4 and goalkeeper.
  7. This football club is a mess. We have absolutely no money, no sign of this investment. Yet in the summer we probably need 8-9 players as a minimum.
  8. By all accounts this was pretty much done. Cocu's interview after a game early on in January where he said it would be the following week was because this was all agreed. Then (which pretty much sums up our season) Leicester's replacement gets injured for Juve and their 3rd choice centre half, Wes Morgan, gets injured so it all gets put on hold until Leicester can get this replacement in. Now Rodgers has confirmed he expects Benkovic to go out early this week. And all of a sudden out of nowhere he's going to Boro? This football club at the minute. Absolute mess.
  9. I'm not saying Paterson is the answer at all. But when we sent him back I genuinely thought another winger would be coming through the door. Sending him back and leaving us short just seems mental. How can he go back to Bristol (who are miles better than us) and get in their side but somehow isn't good enough for ours makes no sense.
  10. Save your money on a defence and sign 2 attacking players. Winger with pace is an absolute must. Doesn't matter who is upfront because the creativity behind them is absolutely disgusting. We need a spark in midfield. Knight isn't a winger. You can see why Sibley hasn't started much. That tonight was utterly abysmal. You can't blame PC when this is what he's got at his disposal.
  11. Couldn't agree more with this. 10 games for Birmingham on loan when he was 18. Then 31 for Charlton in League One last season. Yes there has been some sloppy moments this season but that's to be expected considering his lack of experience. Only 22 years old yet still a full Polish international. For me this is the kind of player you build your team around.
  12. Still find it pretty funny that this time yesterday if you'd have asked any of our fans who this bloke was I'd imagine 99% wouldn't have had a clue. Now there's people on twitter saying he'd be a good addition, we should definitely bring him in, he would improve us. Didn't even know that many of our fans were avid watchers of the Polish league
  13. Think that twitter page is about as reliable as Waghorn when he's clean through on goal.
  14. Apologies if this has been mentioned. But after watching yesterday I'm more of the opinion that a winger (ideally with pace) is much more of a priority than a centre half. I've been saying for weeks that Wisdom should be playing centre half. Nice to see him play there. You only have to look at his brothers twitter to realise that Wisdom considers his best position to be centre half. Not sure how good Benkovic is (incidentally not in Leicester's squad today) but will he be that much better than Wisdom that it's a must? If we're signing 2 players then for me they would both be in the attacking part of the field. Cos we're lacking there massively.
  15. Almost 24 hours later and absolutely nothing from the club. Pretty poor that to be honest.
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