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  1. This. Absolutely spot on. In the first half when they ballsed a corner up. Counter on and he stopped. Doesn't get his head up enough either and if he does he looks one way. Byrne in acres on a few occasions tonight and he never looked up. Also should have put Lawrence in on goal in the second half but held on to the ball so so long. Really not sure what he is bringing to the team at the minute But he's infuriating to watch. Slows the game down so so much.
  2. So so angry after that. Those players give absolutely everything. Can't ask for more. But I'm sorry you cannot legislate for goalkeeping like that. We were so in control, didn't look in trouble. Not a save to make. It was a nothing ball in. Why on earth has he come for that? As soon as he did you just knew. We have to work so hard to get anything from a game. Stuff like that is just complete stupidity. Said it before with Roos. A good goalkeeper gets you 10-15 points a season and a bad one costs you. We've got 2 goalkeepers who are dross and will cost us time and time again.
  3. All valid points. But these clubs with parachute payments have much much bigger wage bills than ours, the club's coming up would have increased their wage bill and spent money in transfers. Yes we could have been affected more based on our attendances being sold high and how heavily reliant on ticket sales we are. But so is everyone. Why aren't Forest in administration because of Covid? Same length of time in this League, no parachute payments, big attendances. No sign of them going into administration.
  4. Wayne Rooney stating what most of us on here already know that Mel Morris is a scumbag. Never ever been sure about him from the time he went into the dressing room under Clement. Whatever points deductions are coming, take them all now. Barring a miracle, league one is inevitable. We don't want any more points deductions when we are there. First thing any new owner needs to do is give Rooney a new deal and tell him to take us back up.
  5. I despise Mel Morris. What he has done to this football club is beyond words. He has quite literally ruined us.
  6. This has gone on far too long now and I'm fed up with it. However if Mel and his lawyers feel that our case is watertight and we've done nothing wrong then I would be taking this to court and clearing our name. If they feel it's 50/50 then we're just gonna have to take it on the chin and move on.
  7. I admire your optimism mate. But we've won 2 out of our last 22 league games
  8. Just out of interest. Does anyone know what free transfers are out there? Just trying to think of who we could potentially bring in that might make a difference. Only 2 I can think of is Robbie Brady and Andy Carroll
  9. Sat watching SS news to watch the goals from tonight. Started off saying breaking news. Derby close to agreeing a points deduction with the EFL. All they said was it's less than what the EFL wanted originally. But have not confirmed what this is.
  10. Hopefully the Daily Mail are just regurgitating what John Percy tweeted last week. Can't understand how we've gone from not accepting 9 points and either coming to a compromise or fighting it to just rolling over and accepting it. Surely we haven't? 9 points would make us 7 off relegation. Almost need mid table form to get out of that, which we dont have the squad depth for really. Still, we'd only be 3 points behind them tossers from up the 52.
  11. Great point. Not his biggest fan at all. But credit where credit is due. Kelle Roos was outstanding tonight. Davies and Jagielka immense. Dylan Williams didn't look out of place either. Good performance from the lad. Not really gonna criticise the front 3 because as an attacking threat we were non existent. 1st half bar the Davies clearance off the line they didn't really trouble us. How we got out that second half. Only God knows. Great point. To a man the effort was absolutely superb and that's all we can ask.
  12. One game in 6 that he's turned up in. Which basically sums up Lawrence since he's been here. Where's he been since? There will be another game soon where he may turn up, play well, score a goal, and then disappear again for 8-10 games.
  13. Don't think Lawrence can have any complaints whatsoever in being dropped. He's offered us absolutely nothing in most games.
  14. Can't say I'd be disappointed if he was out for 3 games. I much prefer us without him in the team.
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