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    V WBA (A) Match Thread

    Yep. We've sold 1600 tickets and given 1000 back to the ticket office. So last night the ticket office had 100 left so that's why it said that online. Can't sugar coat that support. Dire.

    V WBA (A) Match Thread

    Absolutely mate. I'm going to Chelsea too.

    V WBA (A) Match Thread

    That's the spirit mate!

    V WBA (A) Match Thread

    £20 a ticket. 35 miles up the road. So far we've sold 1450 out of a 2700 allocation. Absolutely awful support that is. Majority of people won't need time off work. It's an 8 o'clock kick off and it's an hour away. Don't understand why we aren't selling out. Same with old trafford. 2800 out of an 8000 allocation. Yes I know we're on tele. But Blackburn Leeds was on tele on Saturday and Leeds took over 7000. 5th in the league. 4 points off top. Playing a rival away. Why are fans staying away?

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    Absolutely agree. I would play Davies and Tomori. But just cannot see him dropping Keogh.

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    Really could do with winning this one. Keep us in and around the top 6 going into the international break. A position we'd all probably have taken after the start of the season. I wouldnt expect QPR to sit back and defend like Rotherham and Bolton did. McClaren has never played like that so don't see why he would start now. Hopefully this will work in our favour. No problems with the back 4 really. I know Davies is back and I'd be tempted to put him in. But Keogh and Tomori haven't really done much wrong. I know the majority of fans would have Davies in for Keogh. I can't see Lampard dropping Keogh. I really can't. Even though I think Davies and Tomori would be a good partnership. My gut feeling would be that Frank would leave Tomori out. The front 3 isn't right for me and I don't think it's our strongest combination. I'd be amazed if Nugent and Bennett start this game and I'd question what Frank saw on Wednesday night if they do. I've given up trying to predict the line ups now. Well the front 3. Cos on Wednesday I was adamant that Nugent & Bennett wouldn't play. So I'm gonna go for the line up I'd play and then a line up I think Lampard will play. My side would be:- Carson, Bogle, Davies, Tomori, Malone, Johnson, Bryson, Mount, Jozefzoon, Marriott, Waghorn. Subs- Roos, Forsyth, Keogh, Huddlestone, Lawrence, Wilson, Nugent Would love to see that front 3 be given a fair crack. You could argue its our strongest? Maybe Waghorn up top and Wilson out wide. What I think Frank will go with:- Carson, Bogle, Keogh, Tomori, Malone, Johnson, Bryson, Mount, Lawrence, Wilson, Waghorn. Subs:- Roos, Forsyth, Davies, Huddlestone, Marriott, Bennett, Nugent. Don't see how Frank would have Bennett starting ahead of even having Jozefzoon in the squad to dropping him completely. Also think he'll start Lawrence even though is general play is abysmal. Fancies himself too much and should just try and keep things simple. Also if Davies does come back in, he'll drop Tomori. QPR 1-3 Derby.

    V Norwich (H) Match Thread

    Absolutely could not agree more with this. Wherever he goes after Derby. He'll never play higher than the level he's at now.

    V Norwich (H) Match Thread

    Good point in the end. But underwhelmed by the performance. Thought the back 4 were good. Few stray passes from Keogh but he defended really well. Tomori started poorly but grew into the game. Full backs were fine. Although one gripe for me was the lack of support from the wingers. Everytime either full back got the ball whoever was on the wing drifted inside and then Malone or Bogle had to either run down the wing on their own or check back and go backwards. Bryson was good. Looks to be getting back to his best. Pleased he got a goal cos he deserved one. Johnson started slowly but grew into it and was very good in the end. Love watching Mount. Just the little things he does. Can see he's head and shoulders above anything we have and in all honesty should never be playing at this level. Wilson was ok. Bit lightweight. Nugent to me is an impact 20 minute player now. God love him. His work rate, his attitude is infectious. He started so well first 15/20 minutes. Then that was it. Doesn't offer enough of a threat and is sometime reacting to things to late. Bennett. I love the lad. I love seeing "one of own" playing for us. Love his work rate. But there's no way on earth he's a better footballer and poses more of a goalscoring/attacking threat than Waghorn, Lawrence or Jozefzoon (and im not a fan of Lawrence but he's a threat). I just don't get it. Not just based on tonight cos I'm pretty sure everything he touched tonight went to pot. Just based on the season. Yes he's done well in games when he's come on. But he's not the answer there for a side that has top 6 ambitions and it pains me to say it. But he never will be. For me it's about time Marriott was given a run of games. Now I'm not saying he's gonna be the goalscorer we need. He might not be. But the only way we'll know is if the lad gets a run of games like Nugent has had. Same with Waghorn. Surely now is the time he gets a run? Cos he's country miles better than Bennett. My team for Saturday would be:- Carson, Bogle, Keogh, Tomori, Malone, Johnson, Mount, Bryson, Wilson, Marriott, Waghorn. But for what it's worth I think Frank will go with Waghorn up top and Lawrence on the wing instead of Bennett.

    v Bolton Wanderers (A) Match Thread

    I agree. I thought Marriott and Jozefzoon would start over Bennett and Nugent today. Lawrence's performances this season have been atrocious. He gets himself suspended and we win 2 and draw 1 in the 3 games he's out and he just walks back in.

    v Bolton Wanderers (A) Match Thread

    If you only have 1 shot on target then it ain't bad luck to lose mate.

    v Bolton Wanderers (A) Match Thread

    0 points from Millwall. Rotherham and Bolton just highlights why we will never go anywhere. If you want top 6/top 2. They are the places you go to and win. Simple as that. Whilst I fully understand Frank naming an unchanged line up. I was massively surprised. They put so much into the last 2 games. Tuesday night must have been physically and mentally tiring. So to ask them to go again today is a big ask. We've got a massive squad. So utilise it. Freshen it up. Also. I love Frank. But letting Lawrence back on to the bench and leaving Jozefzoon out the squad was an awful decision. Lawrence hasn't done anything to come back in and we've looked better since he's been out. His stupidity against Rotherham and he just walks back in to the squad at the first time of asking.

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Whilst it's never nice to see one of our players get sent off. Even more so when the lad is absolutely brain dead. But Lawrence has got that streak in him. I actually think that him being banned for 3 games could be a blessing in disguise. I think Lampard feels compelled to pick Lawrence on account of the fact he's scored a few goals. I said on a different thread a couple of weeks ago that he's getting away with murder at the minute cos he's scored a few goals. His general play this season has been awful. I expected a lot more from him this season. One of the most infuriating players I've seen for a while. Can tell he's got ability. But rarely do we see it. Yesterday was the same. Before he got sent off he was woeful.

    v Hull City (A) Match Thread

    Went last night and was really impressed with us. Although worth noting that Hull were an absolute shambles. They'll have better players in for Saturday so will be a harder game. I looked at that line up before kick off and genuinely thought that isn't far off our strongest team. Could maybe argue for Lawrence and Wilson to be in and of course Davies. I've never been a big fan of Johnson either. But I think that with him in starting the midfield has a much better balance and allows Mount to flourish. Johnson is stronger defensively than Bryson and as an out and out midfielder offers us more. He works hard and always wants the ball. With Bryson you just get a lot of running about. Johnson has to start on Saturday for me. Hard choice for Frank to choose between Malone and Forsyth. Forsyth has done well since he came back in. But for me. We've spent 3 million plus on Malone. Who evidently is a very good left back. He has to be first choice so should start for me. I'd stick with the same front 3 as well. They were brilliant last night. But I don't think Lampard will. Also. Huddlestone. Bar a couple of misplaced passes (to be expected) the lad is a rolls Royce. The midfield just looks so much better with him in it. The out balls he can play are such a big weapon. Especially with the pace on the flanks and through the middle. Really good to see him get 90 minutes and I hope he's fit enough for another 90 on Saturday. Carson Wisdom Keogh Tomori Malone Huddlestone Johnson Mount Waghorn Marriott Jozefzoon But I think Lampard will go with Carson Wisdom Keogh Tomori Malone Huddlestone Bryson Mount Jozefzoon Waghorn Lawrence

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    With Ledley and Evans being injured I thought he'd make the bench last night. When you consider that last night Bryson was rested. Ledley & Evans were out injured, Huddlestone was playing his first game of the season and Max Bird was the only midfielder on the bench I think that pretty much tells us everything we need to know about Lampards thoughts towards Thorne.

    v Preston North End (H) Match Thread

    Fair enough pal. All opinions bud. I just don't think Bennett is good enough and Marriott looks bright when I've seen him and deserves a chance to stake a claim. Couldn't argue with Waghorn starting at all though.

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