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  1. I agree mate. Seeing the headline you're expecting him to unequivocally say I'll be at Rangers next season. I'm not going anywhere. Just says the same as Lamps. Grateful to be at a club like this, I'm planning for next season etc. He had his chance to say that he has no intention of leaving when the reporter asked him but he didn't. Wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if Lampard is planning on going that he has already spoke to him. However, if we do go for him. I hope we're open and honest about it.
  2. Weird how Italy know about everything first 🤣
  3. Just read his comments on the website. Thought I was just reading Lampards comments from after the play off final.
  4. Talksport, Derby Telegraph, Telegraph. 3 different stories. One thing is absolutely certain though now and that is he's going. Chris Hughton please.
  5. I'm the same mate. I wouldn't be annoyed or angry with it. But I'd just be s bit meh. Would much rather Chris Hughton.
  6. Unless we can match the £12 million a year he's been offered in China. Possibly not.
  7. Just heard that Darren Moore could be a distinct possibility. Was told he was a shoe in. Don't know how true it is. Don't vilify me if not. Just passing on a rumour I've heard. I for one hope it isn't true. Would be a bit uninspiring as there are better managers out there.
  8. Couldn't agree more with this. At the start of all this, I was gutted. Really didn't want Lampard to do. Not because of the football we played. Cos at times it wasn't brilliant at all. We had some awful performances and some shocking results. I wanted him to stay because of the connection he had with the fans and the general feel of how it was at the club. I wanted stability and for him to build done and take us up. I'm resigned to the fact now that he's going and to be honest I'm at a point now where I think I'd rather him go so that this is all sorted. I said to my mates the other day that we could potentially end up with a better manager out of this. I know there's a few people on here mentioned Wilder. I know he was linked with WBA but at the time I just thought that was probably to get him a new contract. However there has been boardroom unrest there for a while. Infact he was the favourite for the Sunderland job before Jack Ross got it. I've just dug out some quotes from him from that time:- Wilder wants to remain at the club he supported as a boy but said: "Like anybody else, you’ve always got a decision if you don’t agree with what’s going on above you. “Nobody has got a gun to my head to manage this football club. I’ve had it before when I’ve been at a football club and didn’t enjoy it. Where I thought ‘what am I doing here?’ I won’t make that mistake again. If there's a even a small chance he's considering leaving Sheffield United. I'd go and pick him up myself now. Cannot see it though. Realistically Hughton would be a good appointment and a better manager than Lampard. I'd fancy us to have a good season under him. People suggesting Steve McClaren, Darren Wassall. Need to give their head a wobble. Why on earth would we do that?
  9. I do wonder what managers like Howe, Dyche even Wilder might think. Worked their socks off, done an unbelievable job at the clubs they have been at. Lampards comes in. Takes a team from 6th to 6th and walks into a top 4 job.
  10. That bloke is obviously the Steve Nicholson equivalent of whatever the local Chelsea rag is. If he is speaking the truth, I'd think a lot less of Lampard. Players are back for pre season in 3 weeks give or take. We've signed one player. We need to sign 6-8 players at a minimum to have a realistic chance of top 6 again. This needs resolving one way or another. If by this time next week Lampard is Chelsea's new manager and we've got Chris Hughton. I don't think I'll be disappointed in the slightest.
  11. Looks like Bowyer has signed a new deal at Charlton
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