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  1. Transfer Deadline Day

    We have let quite a few young players leave. Elsnik, Gordon and could also let Bennett and Hanson out. Add that to Bent, Shackell, Martin and Russell and we have freed up a lot of space. I don't think anyone is saying we must "Buy all the players". The only area we actually need to strengthen is the winger position. We can't go the season with Lawrence (Not doing anywhere near enough and has nobody pushing him. Scored 2 goals) Weimann (OK at best but doesn't offer enough) Anya (Been deemed not good enough for the squad for the last 4 months) as our only wingers. Vydra is the only spark we have. If he doesn't play well. We don't seem to have anyone else. Whilst I wasn't Russell's biggest fan owing to his end product being poor. He was direct, he got to the byline. We need something like that but better. We needed that before Russell left. We are in the best position we've been in for sometime. Be a shame to let it slide.

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