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  1. Just want to make sure I've got the address right for Lewes. Lewes Station Car Park, Station Road, BN7 2UP. That the one? Setting off about 7am so hopefully should be there for half 10. Fingers crossed there's a space.
  2. Didn't realise that. But 3 of those are above us. How did they get on at Rotherham, Bolton and Millwall?
  3. I keep seeing people say that if we want top 2 then we have to be beating teams like that. No. If we want top 6/top 10 then we have to be beating teams like that. They're awful. Absolutely awful. They've won 3 games all season and are arguably one of the worst teams we've seen in the championship. They didn't have their centre half or their main attacking threat playing. There's no excuses for not winning that game last night. Ipswich, Bolton, Rotherham and Millwall all occupy the bottom 5. We've accumulated 1 point from those away games. Which to be honest is pathetic. If we'd have won 2 of those then we'd be right in the hunt for a top 2 finish. That is ultimately what will cost us. Still don't understand taking Wilson off last night. Yes he didn't do much he wasn't at his best. But he's the most likely to get a goal from nothing. I would have took Holmes off and moved Wilson out wide. Johnson coming from absolutely nowhere to starting games is beyond me. He's not going to be here next season so why play him? Last night we should have played Huddlestone and maybe King and Holmes in midfield. Second half at Norwich we were good but since then away from home it's been terrible. The midfield has been all over the place. We play Huddlestone against Hull who controls the game completely. He gets left out and the midfield is sloppy and has no control. Not a coincidence is it.
  4. Really annoyed at that tonight. Wasn't happy with the line up. Johnson and King have barely played any football and they start together. Why Johnson is starting over Huddlestone and Evans is beyond me. Bringing Nugent on for Wilson was a strange sub. Never understand why you change our winning team. No chance of top 2 now. Had to win that and 7 points behind with a game in hand off 2nd. We have a chance then. Since Norwich away we have played awful away from home. Play like that at Forest and Villa and we'll get battered.
  5. I'm thinking of driving to Lewes train station and parking there. Then jumping on the train to Falmer. I believe the train is free with a match ticket? Just have to pay about £6 to park at Lewes. Apparently the train takes about 7 minutes.
  6. Can't anyone criticize a player without them being labelled as a scapegoat?
  7. Obviously Mount is out tomorrow and now it appears Marriott is too. Interesting to see who starts in his place. Really hoping it's not Nugent. Hulls wingers are a massive threat. So I really would consider putting Cole in. Cos Malone just does not stop crosses. I don't think Lampard will though. Carson Bogle. Tomori. Keogh. Cole. Huddlestone King. Wilson Jozefzoon. Waghorn. Holmes. For what it's worth I think that Lampard will play Malone. Bryson over King. And Nugent over Jozefzoon with Waghorn out wide. Id be disappointing if Huddlestone doesn't play. We need some control in that midfield.
  8. Plus Holmes has been here 6 months. Didn't start for a while, come from Scunthorpe and playing at this level for the first time. And tonight he's playing out of position. Lawrence is halfway through his 2nd full season. I didn't give him any stick last season. But always said this season is a big one for him. And in the main he's been poor. Said after the Southampton game. Brilliant assist, brilliant goal. But if you're gonna stick your fingers in your ears towards the fans, make sure you back it up. He doesn't at all. Think that's what infuriates me the most is because you see and know what he's capable of, but we dont see it anywhere near enough.
  9. Have to be careful what you say because it's almost like if you criticize a player then theyre a scapegoat. They're not, they just aren't playing well. If people think Lawrence, Bryson etc are scapegoats it's because they consistently aren't good enough. I'll probably get some stick, but I'll give some ratings:- Roos - 9. Everything he had to do he did really well. Kicking good, saved well. Carson might struggle to get back in. Holmes - 7. I'm generous here. But I'm giving him a 7 because he's out of position, worked hard and tried to offer us a threat going forward. Plugged away. Keogh - 8. He was brilliant tonight. Tomori - 8. Same as Keogh. Defended really well. Malone - 6. Worries me how much room he gives the winger and doesn't stop crosses coming in. Evans - 5. Thought he broke up the play well. But his passing was aimless and poor. Long balls up to Nugent. He's more mobile than Huddlestone. But Huddlestone is a much more calming influence. Bryson - 4. Another game where I couldn't tell you what he did. Midfield was all over the place. Struggling to see what he brings to the side and actually think the midfield looks better when he's not in it. Wilson 7- Gets a 7 for those efforts first half alone and the fact that if anything remotely decent was gonna happen tonight it was coming from him. Waghorn. 5- Did ok. Nothing really poor but nothing good either. Lawrence. 3- Another 3/10 performance from him. He don't look interested. Flatters to deceive constantly. But don't worry he scored a good goal against Southampton a month ago and stuck his fingers in his ears. Please tell me when he's played well this season. How he gets picked is a mystery. I'll get stick here. But if he wants to stick his fingers in his ears then back it up fine. I'll happily hold my hands up if he plays well. But he isnt. Playing on the wing. Doesn't beat a man. Doesn't cross. Doesn't defend. Nugent 4- Offers nothing. But not helped by the lack of service from. Next weekend we'll hopefully have most of the squad back except Mount. Roos, Bogle, Keogh, Tomori, Malone, Huddlestone, King, Wilson, Waghorn, Holmes, Marriott. Already looks better.
  10. Pretty sure Lampard said tonight might come too soon for him mate?
  11. Interesting to see what Lampard does with the right back situation tonight. Not really sure who can play there. Tomori is probably best suited but that would involve moving the centre half partnership and probably playing Evans or Huddlestone centre half. But for me you want as little disruption as possible. Why play 2 players out of position when you only need to play one? Im hoping it's something like this:- Roos Holmes, Keogh, Tomori, Malone Huddlestone Bryson. Wilson Lawrence. Marriott. Waghorn Subs- Carson, Macdonald, Evans, Cole, Jozefzoon, Nugent, Bennett. Saw a poster earlier say Marriott wasn't fit. If not I'd play Waghorn through the middle and Jozefzoon out wide. But I think Lampard would play Bennett. Carson should be fit enough for the bench. Just have to hope Roos don't get injured or sent off. I actually think that come the Hull game and we've got Bogle and Wisdom there and Andy King in the squad. We're looking stronger. Hopefully Mount won't be out for too long either. COME ON DERBY!
  12. You don't get ahead of schedule from.an ACL and a ruptured Achilles.
  13. Sorry but this is an absolute joke. When you have 3 central defenders at the club, you don't let the 3rd one leave without having a replacement lined up. We've essentially let Alex Pearce go and provide cover for Millwall's centre halves instead of our own. Cos he's been sat on the bench for them. We've had 31 days to sign a centre half and the fact that we haven't done that is amateurish at best. You just know that Keogh or Tomori will get injured or sent off at some point and we'll only have ourselves to blame. Absolutely disgraceful this is. A top 6 team pushing for the premier League have allowed themselves to have 2 fit centre halves. Wow.
  14. Will never ever understand people knocking a transfer before he's even signed when they're probably able to count on one hand the amount of times they've seen him play (and actually remember him playing) Then again, this is our fans we're talking about.
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