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  1. Lawrence had has obligatory good game on the opening day. I remember some of our fans coming out saying "where are all the Lawrence haters" since then he's offered absolutely nothing, scored 0 goals and picked up 5 bookings. To pick up 5 bookings in 7 games is scandalous. Wingers in this league will go the whole season without picking up 5 yellows. 3rd season here now and ice honestly never seen him have 2 good games in a row. I wanted him shipped out in the summer. Bielik and Holmes look promising. Waghorn too.
  2. Makes sense. If he's not ready to start. Then don't start him. Regardless of the scoreline. I'd already plan for him to come on for at least 30 mins. Holmes playing for the U23s tomorrow. Then if all goes well will be back next week. 2 massive players coming back. Just need Bogle back asap and we'll be fine. I'd expect Holmes and Marriott to start at Forest. As for tomorrow. I don't think he'll make wholesale changes at all. I'd like to see Paterson get a start. He can't do any worse. Roos, Lowe, Keogh, Clarke, Malone, Bielik, Dowell, Knight, Paterson, Lawrence, Waghorn. That's what I'd go with. I don't want Malone to play. But I don't want Jozefzoon to play wingback either. Plus I think Cocu will pick Huddlestone over Knight.
  3. From Cocu's press conference. I don't think Marriott will start on Saturday.
  4. Made me laugh after the Huddersfield game some fans in twitter came out "where are all the Lawrence haters now" Since Huddersfield he's done and offered absolutely nothing. No surprise because that's the running theme of his time here. Has a good game and then you don't see him again for the next 6 or 7. That's why he infuriates me so much. Cos the lad has got so much ability. On his day he could easily play in the Premier League. The fact that his days are few and far between is probably why he's not playing in the prem now.
  5. I agree. He's one of the most talented players we've had at this football club in the last decade. He's a natural goalscorer. Exactly the reasons we build a team round him. First name on the teamsheet every week.
  6. Would love to see Holmes start. But he's only played 45 minutes of U23 football since last season. So it's unlikely. Hopefully he'll be on the bench though. We need to build a team around him and Marriott in my opinion.
  7. I've said it for the past 2 seasons. Bennett is not good enough and he never ever will be. This will be the highest he ever plays at. Not the answer at all. Jozefzoon is pitiful. He's a winger who honestly couldn't cross a road. I dont think we've got the players to suit this 4231. Maybe away from home it works. But I don't see the need to play 2 sitting midfilders at home. No spark in midfield at all. I honestly think we're missing Holmes more than I thought we would. Could really do with him on the bench on Saturday. Only 4 games in and the first defeat. I've seen us a lot worse. The defending for the first goal was bad. But what Malone was doing for the second goal I really don't know. I said at half time that will cost us. He also has the audacity to have a go at the fans. The blokes attitude stinks. I think as soon as Bogle is fit. Lowe will make that position his own. I'd like us to play 352. But I'd only consider that when Bogle is fit. Because the only option we have to play wingback is Jozefzoon and that's not good. For Saturday I'd go with:- Roos, Lowe, Keogh, Clarke, Shinnie (can't be worse) Bielik, Dowell, Knight, Waghorn, Lawrence Marriott. Then when or if we have everyone fit:- Roos Keogh Bielik Clarke Bogle. Dowell Lowe Lawrence. Holmes Waghorn. Marriott
  8. I agree mate. Don't think Roos has done anything too bad yet. He's an average goalkeeper at best.
  9. Hoping we don't play 2 defensive midfilders tomorrow. I get it away from home but at home I'd prefer us to be more attacking. Some of our best football last season came from a front 3 of Waghorn, Lawrence and Marriott. We need to find a system to suit Marriott in my opinion. He's a goalscorer and he needs a run of games now. I would be very tempted to give Hamer a go as well. Roos just doesn't inspire me with confidence. Not laying the blame entirely with him for the first goal but he was hesitant and it's not the first time. Plus I thought it was poor goalkeeping when Allen missed that sitter. I'd go with:- Hamer Lowe, Keogh, Clarke, Malone Bielik Dowell. Knight Waghorn Marriott Lawrence
  10. Paterson won't start. Not allowed against his parent club. That's why I was surprised he didn't start today.
  11. Watched Lowe's pre match interview and they show the Bogle injury on there. It's about 15 seconds in. I've watched it a couple of times and he doesn't seem to go over on his ankle at all. It looks like his foot to me. I hope I'm wrong. But from looking at it, I wouldn't be surprised if he's broke his foot. Which would be 2-3 months out. Like I say I'm hope I'm wrong. But he was at the hospital having a scan today and then Steve Nicholson tweeted to say he was at the U23s game tonight wearing a protective boot. If he's been for a scan and there's nothing wrong then he wouldn't be wearing a protective boot.
  12. I'm hoping it's just a mistake. Knee's are a lot worse than ankles. Especially if he's done his ACL you can pretty much write the season off. I'm not massively keen on bringing in free agents normally. But if Bogle is out for 3 months plus then we'd have to go and bring one in. Danny Simpson probably. If he's out for 4-6 weeks we can probably deal with cover from within.
  13. Remember Thorne walking off in the pre season friendly where he did his ligaments. Sane walked off for City in the Community shield and he's out for 7 months.
  14. According to the telegraph he's having a scan on his knee. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/phillip-cocu-gives-injury-update-3202109.amp?0=&__twitter_impression=true I'd fear the worse if it's his knee.
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