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  1. On his way for a medical at Cardiff.
  2. How is it not news? Nobody knew about this before today. A person who we were apparently in talks with for investment has now apparently loaned to us. But Tosun getting linked to WBA. Darren Bent saying Villa should sign Benrahma and Watkins. Bryson getting told off in Scotland. Pringle going to Morecambe is all news?
  3. Yes I agree. But surely they could publish an article to say that Derby had borrowed and there will be more to follow. Surely that's more important than telling us Ben Pringle has signed for Morecambe?
  4. This is the kind of thing that the Derby Telegraph should be reporting on. But instead we get an article about Ben Pringle getting a new club. And Niasse (who apparently turned his down at some point in the last few years) being linked to a team that has just got promoted. Absolute joke of a paper.
  5. That's fair enough mate. Didn't get much of a look in when we came back. Seems down the pecking order to me.
  6. FWIW I think we'll go 3 at the back next season and he'll be in the back 3. Even if not I don't think Rooney will play as much next season. I also don't think Shinnie will be here much longer. Not a Cocu signing and not sure he'll get any chance next season. Evans is woeful.
  7. Absolutely. Bielik, a 22 year old full Poland international isn't gonna be playing back up. Barring no injuries. He'd be where my money would go on player of the season next season.
  8. I don't think my eyes, my heart or my head could take watching Forsyth at centre half ever again. Davies has been a good player and he seems like a top professional and a genuinely lovely bloke. But he isn't at this level anymore. Not been the same since that injury at Stoke.
  9. Oh no. They're long gone now unfortunately.
  10. I'm not making up what I heard mate. I just took it with a pinch of salt.
  11. I heard from a friend of a friends father in law who walks his dog with Duane Holmes that Holmes will be one of the ones we look to offload.
  12. I don't understand this just yet. The threat of a transfer embargo is still over our head and we've let one of our 3 keepers go out and a winger. Which are the 2 main areas we need to strengthen. Yes neither may be good enough. Obviously. But they're bodies and they could be useful in cups or even league games next season if we're down to the bare bones. I'm not saying for one second I'd play either of them but I just think if we end up with a transfer embargo. We've got Roos and Ravas as our 2 keepers and we've let an option on the wing go out too. There will be q
  13. Do you know something we don't?
  14. The more I think about it the more I think we'll get a points deduction.. But then we'll go to the court of arbitration and appeal it.
  15. I don't believe he got the rough end at all. Unfortunately for him he got injured and wasn't able to do the job he was paid to do. If I got myself injured from my own stupidity and wasn't able to work for a year. If my work came to me and said "You can't do what we pay you to do for the next 12 months. So we are gonna reduce you wages" If I then told me work no. You can stick that up your arse. My work would sack me.. Regardless of how much the pay cut was the fact he didn't take it was what didn't sit well with me. Especially after all Mel Morris has done for him. But still pr
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