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  1. I really do hope we don't just give the job to Rooney. But if we do he needs to stop playing. Infact if he wants the job and is serious about getting it. Then he needs to be on the touchline. Not playing 90 minutes in midfield. You can't manage the team and coach the team whilst you're playing.
  2. Tbf I think Steve retweets his son quite often.
  3. Think this just highlights that nobody has any idea on who it's going to be. I can't see Eddie Howe coming here though. Unless I've misunderstood. Steve Nicholson has said that a new manager is imminent? On an article about a new manager coming in..
  4. Also. I've just seen this on twitter. I'm not a fan of Holmes at all. Never have been. Think he flatters to deceive and you can count on one hand how many good games he's had for us. Whilst not replacing Martin is an absolute shambolic decision. This also highlights that when you've got a bang average player like Holmes there. It really is irrelevant who you've got up front. In both images below the better option is to slip in Waghorn or feed it out to Byrne. Now I'm not saying we'd have scored. But surely we would have had a better chance of scoring? In both insta
  5. Oh I'm ok mate. Just don't like to see us like this.
  6. I agree. I don't want Rooney as manager at all. But if wants the job then for me he should have been on the touchline on Saturday not playing 90 minutes on the pitch. At the moment we have a bang average GK coach, a youth team coach, a blokes who's been part of the coaching staff for the last 16 months which has got us into the position we are in and a player who's also a coach that wants to be the manager but he's playing 90 minutes. And they're passing notes to him on the pitch to check about changing formation. It's an absolute shambles. Player managers/Pla
  7. The team isn't great at all. Saturday was bizarre. It seems like we have to do anything to accommodate Rooney. He shouldn't be playing every week. It's simple as that. Arguably Jason Knight has been our best player this season. Proved to everyone that he's a midfielder and shouldn't be played on the wing. Seeing him on the wing last season made me question how good he was or potentially how good he could be. He's been a revelation in midfield this season. So what do we do? Put him back out wide again. Holmes shouldn't be anywhere near this team. The bloke is an absolute myth. N
  8. I'm not either mate. I don't care on what style of football play in this league now. We just need to win games.
  9. Honestly can't figure out why any Derby fan would turn Big Sam down. Genuinely. We're bottom of the Championship and in complete free fall We need someone to come in. Steady the ship. Keep us up. That's it. Carry on like this and we're gone. Infact carry on with this form and we will finish on around 24 points.
  10. I'm sick of Rosenior. Sick of listening to him. Everything is completely textbook. If we give it these lot then we're down.
  11. We need a new manager asap. Not any of these lot. A new outlook, a new voice. We've got 4 coaches. One of them is playing 90 mins. There is no leader on the training ground. This needs sorting asap. This picture sums it up. I've had enough of this football club now.
  12. Is that still the case though? Seems to have gone really quiet on players going to China to earn stupid amounts. I'm sure I read somewhere a while ago that they can't offer anywhere near what they used to he able to? I could have dreamt it though
  13. Agreed money does talk. But surely we can't offer him more than what he is on in China?
  14. Right who is betting on Rafa Benitez? He's currently the favourite. Personally I can't for the life of me understand how Rafa Benitez would want to come to a club that is bottom of The Championship.
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