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  1. If we can't get him we should go for Clarke-Salter 100%.
  2. https://totalfootballanalysis.com/player-analysis/mirko-maric-2019-20-scout-report-tactical-analysis-tactics Weak in the air but good at finding attacking options plus an eye for goal. could be a good replacement for our king who hasn’t signed the contract.
  3. If Mel played his cards right he would of banned them from watching🤪
  4. Thing is with Bogle, he needs a consistent centre-back partnership alongside him. You saw how he excelled with Tomori & Keogh by his side all season, he needs another partnership like that! (Hopefully Te Weirik & Clarke!) From what I’ve seen all over social media Bogle is our new scapegoat, has a poor run of form and all of a sudden he’s “too cocky, arrogant, think’s he’s better than he is etc” It’s all ducking ridiculous in my opinion. He’s an attacking full-back for christ sake. He’s 19 (20 in 11 days) and is in his 2nd season of professional football, he’s only goin
  5. As much as he may deserve it, don’t give him POTY. Don’t want brighton realising how good he is. Infact, tell them he’s absolutely crap, and we’ll take him off their hands for a few grand.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CCqa4kaHapr/ ok? So he went from Tranmere to our u23's and now plays for a team in Cyprus. Cool.
  7. I agree he had a poor game today. I was more bothered about your comments about him being a "show pony" "thinking he's better than he is" etc...
  8. What a load of dog poo, sorry I understand everyone has the right to their own opinion but that just seems like the biggest load of baalocks I have ever seen.
  9. Very poo performance. But what do you expect, Florest are a very well organised team and make it difficult for anyone who plays them. Onto Wednesday now. we're 7th for the weekend. COYR!!
  10. pooping it. Come on Derby, this game is more crucial than ever. If we lose this i believe we still have a chance of playoffs, aslong as we pick up points in every game.
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