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  1. Duncan deleted everything Derby related off his Instagram. Is he off?
  2. Think this is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for the lad. And for anyone writing him off already, fair enough, you’re entitled to your own opinions, but give him a chance! For me, we still have these natural leaders in the squad, but giving Tom the armband, will hopefully ensure that we get the highest capabilities out of him on a more consistent basis. Congrats Tom! Really looking forward to seeing how this plans out, very optimistic😁
  3. Seen here at the training camp. Both released by Reading therefore free agents.
  4. Pictured with Stearman today.
  5. Waghorn has been on a lower wage than Gregory was at Stoke by the way.
  6. all the best waggy thanks for keeping us up mate
  7. I hope Wazza Roo actually uses his connections. I’m yet to be impressed by Mr. Rooney, however that will ultimately change if he can influence some talent to come over to Derby for a year or two!
  8. Coming from the Latvian media outlet Delfi. I mean to be honest, it doesn’t look likely at all. Class name though.
  9. Looks to have left the club.. “To support Toichi Suzuki on the left flank, the Englishman Archibald Brown (19) arrives from the U23 from Derby County.” https://amp.lematin.ch/story/ca-bouge-du-cote-du-lausanne-sport-183407787498#click=https://t.co/iYrQ9TyVCS
  10. Yes. other training kit colours are: Black & Navy Black & White “Zinnia/Persimmon Orange”
  11. One player who I think will genuinely be an exceptional signing is Pelly Ruddock Mpanzu. Free signing out of contract from Luton who’s been v v v good this season, only 27 too.
  12. Does anyone actually have an idea who the Americans are? The names I’ve heard thus far are rubbish
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