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  1. Marshall Byrne Te Weirik Clarke Buchanan Bird Rooney/Bielik Ibe Lawrence/Sibbo Jozwiak New Striker that team is top 6, 100%, & I've even left out Knight, Holmes, Shinniesta etc. Futures bright if we are actually gonna get Ibe, just need a striker and maybe a left back. COYR.
  2. I see where you're coming from. I've seen from Cocu's post match comments on several games he wants players to take a risk, however lack the confidence to do so... Whether that is down to Cocu or not, it's clear he wants us to take more chances etc. I agree with the Leeds part, they are a fun team to watch...
  3. Why should we change the style of football is the question I keep asking. People call it negative, boring etc. It’s not, it’s more down to the fact certain players can’t do it. Once we’ve got the correct players in we’ll see completely different style of football.
  4. I changed it once I realised😶 Will repeat my message in 11 days
  5. happy early cake day dark fruits drinker
  6. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2020/09/cocu-long-term-planning-is-very-important That is all.
  7. I don’t use social medias much anymore, I don’t really post on here as much as I used to. But this racist tweet, has seriously seriously pissed me off. And I’m sorry, but if anyone disagrees with me, block me. Do whatever. I don’t care. And it’s not just the tweet... It’s also the people complaining when our players take a knee for equality, to support their black brothers and sisters and family. Every single time our players show unity and take the knee you always get those whom either say that politics should stay out of football, or outright get mardy because they’ve ta
  8. I think with Whitts he's ready for the first team though, and this experience is going to be so valuable in his progression. I don't believe he belongs back in the u23's, once we bring in a new winger i believe that Morgan is a more than capable back up player. Relating to what you said about fans in the ground, I agree. Which is why I think giving youngsters a chance in an empty stadium is a great idea! 🙂
  9. I see where you're coming from with that B4, but lets be honest. Most of our players don't run at defenders very often.
  10. For some reason, it seems A LOT of Derby County fans don't rate him, and to be honest, I can't see why they don't? For me, since the start of the season (I know it's only been two games) but he's been hardworking and actually improving a lot from the backend of last season. Why don't people rate him, I'd love to actually understand it, is it because they expect the quick impact Sibley had when he came in? or what? because he was one of a minimal amount of players against Reading who worked v hard and for me he was our MOTM in that game, and I also thought he was decent against Presto
  11. he fits the way we play and could deffo be the answer to our problems. he's currently on 50k p/w at Brom though, so no chance.
  12. Ibe was spotted at Moor Farm yesterday around 4pm apparently. Mustard. What a brilliant window we're having!!
  13. He will be a Derby player at the latest 11th September.
  14. Got a mate who’s a Poznan fan, studying sports journalism & just spoke to him this morning and he reckons it’s all agents talk trying to get him a big move - doubts Derby is his destination. Kind of aligns with what I heard about us not having much money at all to spend. Make of it what you will, if he does sign I will be over the moon
  15. would make me a very happy bloke!
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