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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9438517/Championship-facing-financial-armageddon-TEN-clubs-placed-transfer-embargo-month.html
  2. it’s what happens when you’ve got attacking quality in the side.
  3. Highly doubt he’d be coming here. Most likely off to Celtic with Keane. Also one of favourites for the Preston job.
  4. plays more advanced than Bielik. Would play him in Shinnie’s slot tbh. 8g4a this season is nice too. has the traits of a playmaker
  5. Think we should look at Lewis Ferguson from Aberdeen personally. Think he’d be an outstanding coup, if we can afford him that is!
  6. David, the only sexier blonde than “Louis Sibley“ that I can think of, is Louie Sibley.
  7. We need Louie Sibley central on saturday. I’d also like to see Edmundson over Wisdom. But, no matter what, we need to see Louie Sibley central. What a bloke.
  8. Let’s hope so mate. That second half was the best performance we’ve had in atleast 10(?) games!
  9. Haha! Why not, eh?😁 You know what Mr. Exile. That is something I’d bloody love to see!
  10. Louie Sibley. Sat 20 March 3PM Kick Off. RAMSTV Louie Sibley. Cheers
  11. Came from Ryan Conway. Said it in a Derby Digest because people were saying about him being a waste of money etc.
  12. He’s on a very low wage - His contract is almost all incentive-based.
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