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  1. Im more than happy with Waggy Martin Bennett and One other as our forward options (assuming we sell Marriott)
  2. I can't see Rooney starting every game next season Looked leggy vs Boro
  3. Get that right, and sort our two good CBs in summer and we are almost there What would be your midfield 4 (assuming we play the diamond 4-4-2 formation)? Beilik (Bird) DM- Rooney- Knight (Sibley) CM- Holmes (Lawrence- no one will want him tbh) (AM) ? Assuming Huddlestone leaves end of this season of course, I could be wrong though
  4. Two things to Sort Midfield Balance in away games (looks great at home) CBS and GK- lets be honest none of our cbs good enough And we can challenge top 6 next season
  5. Great result But LEEDS and WBA- sort your poo out, and run away with it, do not give me the scare of forest somehow scrapping second place Holmes and lawrence are decent players- (as shown by their contributions) but they cant be starting week in week out. We desperately need a striker, a cb, and two CBS and a keeper in summer. Our defence the main problem , with the lack of pacey forward (Marriott like) an issue. CMs we need a player to start instead of holmes as he is too patchy
  6. This formation doesnt work when we dont hve a pacey striker like Marriott tbh
  7. I like bird and knight, but they arent good enough to be playing week in week out, they can be decent squad players though
  8. Priority in summer is to sell Marriott and buy a striker He cannot be relied on, which is a shame
  9. We live in a very jealous envious society Were people who are well off , or are good looking are assumed to have it "easy" Were all human beings
  10. "Yeah but they are rich init...I wouldn't mind that if I was earning what they are " Morons of society. Let's abuse someone and pretend it's okay bevsuse they are well off
  11. Bet she was instrumental in your recovery too. All credit to the women who stick by men who are down and struggling, they deserve to now see you at your best, with the great ring around her finger
  12. Agree, no point worrying about what you cant change. I wont be having kids (too?), and when I think about it, theres so much more to life. I hope you end up having kids though !
  13. Hope it happens, I know a few people who really want kids but cant, would hate you to have to deal with that on top of everything else you had to 2 of my friends are getting married soon too, great times for me. Love it all!
  14. If jess phillips wins they may as well give up haha
  15. I want to see him away vs boro thats the test Away games I still feel that holmes and bird would get overrawed, lets hope I am proven wrong
  16. Huddlestone back too, with lawrence and beilik- I dont trust cocu tbh to not play huddlestone rooney and beilik together, which would be an all mighty and utter disaster
  17. I hope we dont get a winger, I like the 4-4-2 diamond that we play
  18. When is his contract up?
  19. We cant play huddlestone , beilik and rooney at the same time anyway tbh, both too slow Bird over beilik for me
  20. I think we live in an obsessive culture to be honest nowadays. Its human nature to obsess over what we dont have (money in most peoples case) rather than appreciate what we do have. And social media fuels it. We often think that its the things we lack in our lives that could make us happier (e.g money, partner ect)- but it never ends up being true Nothing against anya or anyone being on good contracts, its the clubs fault for being so dumb in the first place
  21. Wba Leeds draw a good result for you too
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