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  1. Can't we just cut the lad some slack. Unlike some in the team, he is not only trying to fit in a new system, he is trying to fit in s new team and has had less than a handful of competitive games. Some of you would have jesus crucified on the back of a bad miracle.
  2. Really? All of us? A little harsh. If we were all negative then this would not be a forum, it would end up being someone posting something negative and every one agreeing with them. Extremely boring. I for one am not negative so if you would like to change your last line???? Or am I missing some irony here?
  3. Hmm, I don't think any of the above played that season. 😄
  4. On a side note. If this is just a wind up. Then why do you see fit to bracket the Coc bit of his name?
  5. Exactly this ^^^^^. No one and I mean no one can judge after less than a handful of games. New manager, new coaching staff, half a new team. I think that even the worst of our panicky fan base can see that???? Maybe I am wrong
  6. This is how I see it. Several new managers at the start of the last few seasons (for what ever reason) does not create stability. This year on the back of an illustrious career both as a player and manager, expectations have once again soared. However the manager has come into what on paper is a team who with the right guidance and loans are or should be a top 6 team. He only had a short introduction and pre-season. This did not help him both in terms of assessing the team and deciding where we need strengthening, also put him on the back foot with regards the time to find the right replacements. He has inherited new signings that he didn't sanction but has to live and manage that. Only time and a couple of transfer windows will really tell whether his philosophy works. So he needs time and I hope he is afforded that. Bristol have had a certain amount of stability and have a manager who has experience in the championship. All this meltdown by certain people after 4 games and our first loss smacks of panic, those who can't look at or see the big picture in life. Heaven forbid you get a position of authority. Yes there were more than a few poor performances, probably down to getting their heads around a new system and playing style. Some maybe are getting towards the end of their career. There are those who just don't perform regularly. We still have some very good players coming back from injury. I for one will look back in December and then decide whether it is going to be successful season. Even then, teams have a late burst. Chill everyone
  7. It is all ok. I am watching on the red button and it is now 0 - 0 . A bit like Florida over again
  8. We have been sold short by 10 then. Waiting for the extra tickets to go on sale
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