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  1. Waghorn is proven at this level. Marriott still has to prove it. (Purple patch earlier,,, yes). At the moment it has to be Waghorn and hopefully what ever is going on with Marriott will get sorted
  2. Says a lot about him at the moment. Unfortunately I think a lot of fans have to let the past go. I fear he may never regain his former self. I hope I am wrong
  3. Any one can run at a defence and look menacing if they have pace, but if he cant finish or get the right pass in then the opposition would be happy for him to run at them all day
  4. So judging by your first line. "Better goalie all day long" which to me suggests all of the time, you then contradict yourself by the rest of the paragraph. At the moment Roos is better
  5. Bogle assist again. The lad is proving the haters wrong.
  6. Birmingham 0 v 3 Derby FRGS Wilson
  7. Derby 4 v 1 Bolton FRGS Mount
  8. Blackburn 1 v 2 Derby FRGS Lawrence
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