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  1. Maybe I will get vilified for this. But I am ex military and witnessed boys on the front line in Afghanistan, Iraq and other conflicts who had their paltry pay frozen for 10 years but still went outside the wire every day. I will not decry what NHS have done they have done a wonderful job. But it is their job just as these lads did.
  2. Makes you wonder what makes the guys keep going. This must be affecting them and probably goes a long way into explaining the odd form. I am sure they are professional enough to play for the club but it is the Club or owners that are letting them down So very frustrated at DCFC right now.
  3. Derby 3 v 1 Rotherham - FRGS Clarke
  4. The weekend in Abu Dhabi/Dubai/UAE is Friday and Saturday. Most people have Friday (prayer day) off, which feels like Sunday in the UK, while some people work a half or full day on Saturday. Hmm Let's hope they work on Friday.
  5. I agree with your whole post, this bit worries me however. If Mel is touting another potential buyer, that would suggest that money has not been exchanged and the deal is not as DONE as everyone is led to believe. Or as you say there would be legal ramifications.
  6. We really have become a joke.
  7. While I agree with most of this. I think his main problem was that he is a fan. He lead with his heart and not his head at times (or that is what seemed to happen to me). I think he listened to the fans too much and put his money in and when we didn't get instant success he saw the fan base moan and got rid. Too many managers in too short a time. Love his passion and his intentions, I just feel it could have been done a little better. There is no doubt we are in a precarious position now, more so than when he took over.
  8. I watched the game and I posted in the game thread that he flattered to deceive. He looked either laboured or lazy. I just hope he isn't ready and will improve
  9. 0 shots on target no shots at all pretty much sums up the problem. Duncan flatters to deceive. But let's remember this is a make shift youth team.
  10. Obviously the worse thing that could happen is the takeover drag on for another couple of weeks. If it gets done and we have investment, I would say 15 to 12 even with the right players. If it falls through soon, I can't see Mel not investing some money to keep us in the championship, as a little now to keep us up would mean more money coming in when he does get a viable buyer. In that case I would say 19 - 18th If this drags on and we don't invest then it is anyone's guess.
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