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  1. Captain courageous all the way. 100% attendance so far this season. No one really comes close. (So far)
  2. Looking forward to this very much. I will be in Brighton visiting my son and his good lady. A weekend of sun, sangria (well maybe some real ale and whisky) and rugby.
  3. He was hitting the right balls into the right areas just not at the right time. A little play on Morcambe and Wise. (He was playing all the right notes, not necessarily in the right order)
  4. BathRam72


    bummer!!!! maybe I should have left out the ---
  5. So, What your'e proposing is we roll over lay down?
  6. Although I get the "It is Forest and must win at all costs" attitude. Be realistic and realise that losing to lowly Millwall (who incidentally are fighting for their championship status) v losing against Forest who in case you hadn't noticed are right on our tails, is a totally different matter. Yes I agree if we roll over and show a weak underbelly, some on here will simply go apoplectic. But Forest are or should be a much sterner test. (Especially at home)
  7. Agreed, but unless we can shift some of those vast amount of players currently out on loan/not in the first team to other clubs and clear them off the wage bill, I fear it will be the same old Status quo (PS I love Status Quo, just not in this respect)
  8. This scares me a lot. Building AGAIN which would mean another year of transition. If we could see something solid to build from then I would be a lot happier
  9. What the hell was there to edit? 😅
  10. I have to say it was glaringly obvious last night that Hudds was lacking and as for Bryson, he has been off the pace for most of the season but Frank still insists on playing him for some reason. Sort midfield and hopefully it will come
  11. Come on, let's face it. At the start of the season we had a totally new management team, 9 new players with only a few of the old guard to stabilise. Everyone pretty much to a man said this would be a transition year. Top 6 would be a great outcome under those circumstances. The problem is, we have made the top six again and all of a sudden the expectation rises. So when a blip happens most throw their teddies out of the cot and call for a change or just throw the towel in. Now, take a deep breath and ask yourself honestly where you thought we would end up (way back in August). Might just cheer you up
  12. Holmes corners??? I cant believe he has made the same mistake 3 times. Makes me wonder if they have been trying something in training which isn't working
  13. Red button fine on sky 403. What on earth were those corners about?
  14. Just said the same on the red button
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