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  1. BathRam72

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    Top bloke then
  2. BathRam72

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    You are aware he doesn't play for Forest any more????
  3. BathRam72

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    So by getting 3 points, we actually do BEAT Forrest. 😄
  4. BathRam72

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    All this negativity!!!! What will happen, will happen. Might as well go in full of confidence.
  5. BathRam72

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Fantastic creatures and where to find them - The crimes of Grindelwald. What a pile of poo. Seems to be far too long, degree in concentration to remember who is what and what is going on. It appears to be over 2 hours worth of setting up the next film. Unfortunately based on this, I will not be watching it
  6. BathRam72

    The Championship 18/19

    Well, on reading the past few posts on here, I guess Forest give away a few free kicks. So maybe the way in is for one of our wizards with a 25 yard free kick. Come on guys let's be positive.
  7. BathRam72

    It(‘s) was Rynny’s birthday today but yesterday

    It was my birthday on the 10th Dec. I didn't even get a mention ☹️
  8. BathRam72

    January excuses early

    If you look at the season so far, it is mainly here that we have struggled. (I mean the teams not PP)
  9. BathRam72

    Wouldn’t be Christmas without it

    10th Dec for me. I love it as I consider that as the time to start celebrating Christmas. Mind you, I was asked what I wanted for my birthday and I siad I don't need the usual shirts for work, socks etc so surprise me. I don't know what my family think I am, but ended up with THE FOLLOWING. 1 x Gin (Rhubarb and ginger) 1 x Whisky 1 x Honey JD 1 x Brandy. 2 x Red wine. A tool box and a box of jelly babies. Christmas is sorted.
  10. BathRam72

    Wouldn’t be Christmas without it

    Well done you, but don't you feel cheated on the fact that you missed part of the first one?
  11. BathRam72

    Strange Flag

    Just found the flag on Wiki and yes the OP is correct as he stated it is the initial flag of the Union Tribes. Why it is there is a mystery
  12. BathRam72

    Strange Flag

    I wasn't disputing the info, just merely pointing out that google does not recognise this as Maori origin. As for the OP clue I think if you read it he is asking the question if it is a Union Tribes flag. As you so eloquently stated, the clue is in the question mark after Union Tribes.
  13. BathRam72

    Strange Flag

    I just googled the Maori flag and it looks nothing like this. So I for one don't know the origin.
  14. BathRam72

    View from the outside

    If you leap over mid air and go down. Then you are either going down with the sole purpose of duping the officials into awarding a free kick or you are just rubbish. If I jump in or over mid air, I don't go down.
  15. BathRam72


    My argument is one of prevention. If everyone knows the rules AND the rules are enforced. Then no one is under any misconception as to what the punishment will be. Surely this would go a long way to stamping out this behaviour in the future.

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