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  1. Like I tried to allude to. Sammy Ameobi would only have figured if Frank or the new guy wants him.
  2. If Frank is staying it won't effect our transfers other than nothing appears to be in the pipeline. His targets will still be his targets. If Frank is going, then the new guy will probably want his own targets. ERGO no point in doing business right now. The only way it is going to effect us if it drags on too long and the new guy (if there is to be one) wants the transfers that have been snapped up.
  3. I was chatting to my brother-in-law at the weekend. He is a Brighton season ticket holder. He was honest about Hughton saying he has the knack of getting teams promoted and keeping them alive in the Prem, but he was realistic enough to know if there were another couple of games last season they would have been down most probably. He also said that the football is very defensive. Using a capable but lone ageing striker up front speaks for itself.
  4. The footings have gone in for a new school near to my estate. If that helps
  5. Maybe so. But again all pure speculation just as the rest of this thread. What I am sure of though, if Chelsea are getting 5 million for Sarri, I am sure they wouldn't blink at passing 4 million onto Derby. Getting their man and pocketing 1 million
  6. Oh yes, nothing like naga chillies to sort you out. You know it is a good one when you burn your fingers wiping your bum the next day
  7. I was travelling through Cyprus on my way around the world when (AND PARDON THE PUN) I came across Lays - salty splash crisps. Make of that what you will, I haven't seen them since and can't find a picture. Taste was ok though.
  8. You are right, how silly they all look now. As we all know it is flat
  9. Well if WW3 starts, at least we can say we got into Europe
  10. The silence from Frank and Derby is fully understandable. Frank is on holiday and there is nothing to report from Derby (as far as we know). What is slightly worrying is the silence from Chelsea. You would have thought that having parted ways with Sarri they would have announced who are in their radar. Unless I have missed something I have only heard rumours as to their list of favourites due to speculation from the journo's. I haven't seen or heard any 'we are actively wanting to talk to.... or here is our list of favourites and we will be making enquiries soon....... As far as we are aware there has been no OFFICIAL approach for Frank. (What goes on in the background however is another matter). I hope Frank does what we see as the right ting and stay but I wouldn't vilify him for going
  11. If it was based on the most speculative forum post with the most responses then it is a given. We will win
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