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  1. Wednesday 4 nil up against Forest does make midweek more palatable
  2. Might have been heading back from rehabilitation etc etc etc. Ok clever clogs, you think you are all that racing an injured guy. 😄
  3. Derby 4 v 1 Millwall FRGS Marriott (Remember you saw it here first)
  4. Is that a little Christmas tree just after dog? To lighten the mood a little?
  5. Did you actually read what you wrote there? So if Cocu had said before the game 'I am trying something different' - then that is desperation. He says he is trying the youngsters - and that is ok? Some on here scream for the youngsters to be played - and then complain when they are played and we struggle. So which is it to be?
  6. I had no idea that Chris Martin was such a bully and helped drive out Will.
  7. I won't have that!!! You have a chance of winning at bingo, more of a formation lottery. Much less chance of winning.
  8. Wow, bored after less than half a season????????? So the next guy gets the same time? then what? get rid of him because you are bored? Brilliant.
  9. Derby 3 v 1 Wendies (because we have to) FRGS Forsyth
  10. I am not sure he had much say in any of the panic preseason players to be honest. He certainly didnt get enough time to evaluate the current crap sorry crop and decide exactly which players he needed. If he had any say, he was late to the party through no fault of his own and only had scraps to choose from
  11. Brilliant, let's get in yet another manager. With another philosophy. Give him the same mish mash team that has been cobbled together over the past 7 years by the same amount of managers. Give him until March/April. When it doesnt work, let's get rid of him and start again. It is exactly the above that has us in this mess. Too many managers who were not given enough time to build their own team before getting moved on. Cocu had no preseason due to the Lampard debacle. Lampard only did so well because of the favours he pulled in and the loans. Cocu has not even had a transfer window to bring in his type of player. The trouble is with some fans is they think Derby have a god given right to be promoted at the very first attempt.
  12. While I agree with what you are saying. If we are building a squad for promotion, you have to look at the team FOR the prem. The ones highlighted are getting on a bit now and although they are good NOW maybe another year will be one too many. Their contracts are all but up, maybe time to cut loose? However in real terms I would think most will; stay this year and we will fill the weakened places.
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