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  1. Christ!!! Not another thread on who should be the next manager. Isn't it changing the manager every time we have a slight blip that has got us in this mess? We still have players in the squad from the clough era and every manager in between. Round holes in square pegs spring to mind. Couple that with HAVING to bring through the youth and trying to put them in alongside new signings is bound to take time. Cocu was bought in on a long term contract for a reason, not to get instant success.
  2. Maybe so, but still not good enough and most of the rest need to settle in.
  3. Blimey. I remember most of you waxing lyrical about Rooney not so long ago. The fact is our kids are not ready or good enough to play at this level at the moment. Drop 2 or 3 of them and introduce them slowly. Bird is very negative, Sibley is not strong enough. Buchanan again out of his depth. Whittaker is light weight. All of them. are naive. So too many areas to exploit. One or two in at best
  4. Been there, done that. Funny thing is, I couldn't keep clean sheet either
  5. This probably means you are virus free. But you are still not allowed to sing
  6. I haven't read the whole thread and apologies if this has been alluded to. Although this excites me as he has clearly the skill and vision and is a potential star. I just wonder why the likes of Liverpool and even more Fiorentina, are willing to let him go? OK he left Liverpool supposedly under a cloud, what happened? who knows. He moves abroad and by all accounts is a star in the making. But Fiorentina want him off the wage bill!!!! strange. Surely at his age he is the type of player you would want. Fairly cheap and can play??????? I just hope he isn't more trouble t
  7. Hit the nail on the head with that one line. @S8TY I am sure Mel is astute enough to realise he has the funds to survive another year without fans or he wouldn't be investing in players. Yes he has gone for loans and freebies to reduce the wage bill. Selling on a few high earners. I would hope Ibe has taken a cut in wages and Jozwiak is probably relatively cheap in the wages department. The sad reality are those in the lower leagues or those in our league who have purchased big in a hope to get to the promised land and have a good few high earners on their books. Will
  8. I think you are right B4, more chance of the bench coming on
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