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  1. My best man made a terrific speech at my wedding basing around Derrbee and the fact he struggled to find a cer park for his cer, etc. Very funny. If you take a look of the history of Britain, Derby was once Darbi, it then became Darby. Foe some reason it moved onto Darby. So I guess that is why we still call it Darbi...
  2. I live in Bath and my wife pronounces it Barth. I tried to point out that there is no 'R' in Bath. Or indeed path. However my argument fell down when she mentioned grarss. 😄
  3. Hmm, so all you have done is bought the conversation back to the original point. Should he have put cream in there or jam first?????
  4. Actually now I think about it,,,,,,you are right. Lampard took Derby to the championship final, where as Southgate only got an international side to the World cup Semi-final. Final over semi, he must be better. I stand corrected
  5. Hmm maybe fallen behind Mount because he is Lampard's pet project. Maybe you should give Southgate a call because obviously he doesn't see it that way.
  6. I am not defending the punishment they received, but the punishment they have is what they have got, and we all have to deal with that. Coming on here saying they should have got this, they should have got that is irrelevant (totally and utterly as IT WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING). All I am saying is we now need to accept it and hope the club manage the pair of them and help them sort themselves out. Berating them now is not helping. Also while I am at it, looking at your post you say they should be punished more!!! I don't think putting them in the reserves out of the limelight is much of a punishment at all. Keeping them in and around the first team will be more of a reminder of their actions. after all they will still get paid wherever they play. The punishment dealt by the courts is pretty much in line with your average person I am afraid whether you like it or not. So all I am saying is accept it and try and help prevent another situation like this.
  7. I personally would prefer someone in my team who produces this kind of stat even if he doesn't play well, than someone who plays terrific stuff that doesn't produce. So unless you are happy with ANY result as long as the team play beautiful football, then your argument is flawed. I am not a Barkley fan but I know when someone is playing well and he was one of the best against Bulgaria. (In my opinion)
  8. I can't believe this is still being banged on about. The club has punished them, the courts have punished them. Whatever you believe they should have got is irrelevant now as it will change nothing. What is required now, is to get behind whatever the club do to rehabilitate these two and help them get over what ever it was that put them in this situation. Constantly bringing it up is not going to let them move on. As I said in the post above they will have reminders everyday without some of us bringing it up again and again. LET IT GO!!!
  9. I have been driven in Jordan but never done it myself. Lots of friends that have lived there say it is OK by no means as hectic as other countries in the region.
  10. Cairns, Lots of fun to be had there I can tell you
  11. I have been to New York a couple of times. Marmite as far as I am concerned. My wife loves the place. My Brother and his Girlfriend have been several times. I can take or leave it. There are lots to do depending on your preferences. Good old Empire state or Chrysler building. Library or museum Myself I prefer proper history hence Prague or Krakow. Each to their own
  12. I was actually trying to be funny, but I guess you have to have a sense of humour to see that, just like the guys who liked my reply. Try it sometime
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