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  1. I don't know how i really feel to be honest. Yes we would all like automatic promotion, failing that, the excitement of the playoffs. Yes we still have a chance. But if these lastv2 games have shown us, we are no way ready for going up. I personally would hate a repeat of last time. We have a very young up and coming team who need time. Any team that goes up this year (no matter how good they look at the moment) will struggle. The big boys have lots of money and the players already in place to survive. Any championship side will not. No money coming in now and for the foreseeable
  2. Not sure HE crashed into Buchanan. But he is calamitous
  3. I haven't read the whole thread. I wonder what the average age of this team currently playing is and is it the youngest team we have fielded?
  4. Derby 2 v 1 Forest FRGS Waghorn
  5. Preston 1 v 2 Derby FRGS - Zoon
  6. You have eaten the flake already!!
  7. Derby 3 v 1 Reading FRGS Waghorn
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