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  1. I was sticking up for him. Not sure why you quoted me
  2. @RoyMac5 you just laugh at my comments. Please try and be a man and back it up with your obvious over intelligent and genius wisdom. Or just keep grinning like an idiot. Up to you
  3. Tap in? Really? Ok hasn't played in a while. Maybe feeling the pressure. Obviously a goal you would have scored EVERY time. However if it had been Marriott or Martin it would have been one of those things. Give the guy a break.
  4. So zoon comes on and gets his first few minutes in his knows how long. Doesn't really get a great break. But hey you lot chastise him as being the worst player ever. Get out there and show him just how good you are.
  5. I agree, let's not let ambition get in our way. However unlikely it might be
  6. First name Samsom? Samson Squid does have a ring to it
  7. But in the 91st minute after the break, you are all over it and scoring for fun.
  8. You are probably right. Put him back in the U23's and remind him of what he has/had. Hopefully that will be the wake up call he needs. (If indeed it is an attitude problem).
  9. The problem of course could also be lost in translation. When Cocu says "attitude", maybe he means mindset or similar. Cocu's English is much better than my Dutch but he does occasionally say words that kind of fit his sentiment but does not actually mean what he is trying to allude to. He may well have meant that Bogle's attitude wasn't great, however Cocu might have been trying to say his head wasn't quite in the right place. We have all been there, full of the right attitude but your concentration can be elsewhere for what ever reason. By the way it is nothing to do with a new hairstyle. You only lose strength and skill by having your hair cut not styled. πŸ˜ƒ
  10. Reminds me of a scene from a Monty Python film. Obviously we are in need of a HEAD coach.
  11. A point deduction would be great if it happens, that would currently only put us down to 14th and only 11 from the playoffs. πŸ˜ƒ
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