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  1. BathRam72

    Funny Pics Thread

    Or is it?
  2. BathRam72

    Jack Marriott

    Doc Martin is a character on the TV. I had no idea Martin Clunes was so good at football.
  3. BathRam72

    The Old Guard

    If that was Rodney Marsh going for THE BALL. His foot would have been about 3 foot lower and the keeper would know about it
  4. BathRam72

    Go for it derby go for glory

    I think it is the new profile tag if you don't have a picture. I should have read the rest of the post before this ^^^^^
  5. BathRam72

    Go for it derby go for glory

    You will get arrested
  6. BathRam72

    Dr Who

    I am with you there. (My favourite was the Cybermen under the streets of London) Definitely behind the sofa stuff
  7. BathRam72

    Dr Who

    No Idea. As far as I am aware this is her first series. I don't watch it, gave up when Jon Pertwee went
  8. What better way to see what all the fuss has been about? After all they will be back at Chelsea at the end of the season, nothing like seeing it for yourself. I am sure Chelsea will be confident even if we could play him twice. (Lets hope it is their downfall)
  9. BathRam72

    Jack Marriott

    I beg to differ, go check the dud thread
  10. BathRam72

    Dr Who

    It'll only be a matter of time before she reverses the TARDIS into an alien Stella spaceship. Awaiting!!!!!!
  11. BathRam72

    v WBA (A) - Predictions

    Ok. For the first time last week, I predicted a loss for the Rams. This was due to me always wanted and willing the Rams to win. My predictions were rubbish and our results weren't great. So I thought a change of tack might help and I said Sheffield would win. So with that in mind, this week will be. WBA 2 v 1 Derby. FRGS Wilson. I might not win the predictions league but if it helps Derby win, who cares.
  12. BathRam72

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    It is that old adage - "You can please some people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you are never going to please all of the people all of the time" Unfortunately we appear to have some people who can't be pleased any of the time. They will move onto the next topic/player and find something they don't like, latch onto that and that is it for them.
  13. BathRam72

    Number One when you were born?

    Elvis Presley - Return To Sender - UK Thank goodness my parents didn't send me back Four Seasons - Big Girls Don't Cry - USA
  14. BathRam72


    I think I went to Belper High school with a couple of them
  15. BathRam72

    New joke thread

    Is she hot???

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