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  1. JoetheRam

    Seasonal Affective Disorder

    As someone who puts this stuff down to just being a mardy bugger sometimes, I can't offer anything scientific, just some things that I do when I recognise some of the signs you point to. Make an extra effort to try and do something active, anything. Walking, jogging, rowing, climbing, cycling. Something outdoors. On your own can be better than a team activity I find, but that could be personal preference. Other than that, depending on your schedule, try a week of eating well. Especially if you can cook yourself - I always find that quite therapeutic. It doesn't need to take more than half an hour. Make a chicken salad or something. Turn off the TV/Phone/Computer for a set number of hours if you can. You know you're not really missing anything interesting. Maybe read a book? Doesn't have to be owt taxing, sports biographies or comedy are fine. Try and keep your regular sleeping habits. Don't oversleep, this will make you feel worse. Hopefully that's a bit helpful.
  2. JoetheRam

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    Abroad only.
  3. People who are neither teachers or students who use the phrase "Out on a school night", when describing a visit to a pub or bar on a midweek evening. Accept that you are old and have a meaningless job now!
  4. Further to this: 'Personalised' number plates. What better way is there to identify a driver as someone who has too much money and too little imagination to spend it on something worthwhile? These are the same people who are into premium, but ultimately bland soulless crap like going on holiday to Dubai, Range Rovers and De Longhi coffee machines .
  5. JoetheRam

    Your all time classic tracks

    Talihina Sky at 8.20, but can't find the album version on it's own anywhere. That album promised so much for Kings of Leon. Shame they turned into to what they did.
  6. JoetheRam

    F1 2018

    Oh yes, absolutely. I meant too much playing politics on his side. Takes a special kind of person to **** off Renault, Ferrari, and effectively lock himself out of a Honda powered Red Bull.
  7. JoetheRam

    F1 2018

    Hope this is just a sabbatical (and not a la Mika Hakkinen), he wins the Indy 500 and comes back in 2020 to a team that can challenge for the WDC. Best all round driver on the grid and it's a shame that his lack of timing and too much politics has reduced him to driving rubbish cars for half of his career, and now leaving the sport when the likes of Stroll and Grosjean have drives.
  8. JoetheRam

    DCFCFANS own little second Brexit Referendum

    The one argument I don't understand on the Remain side amd one that keeps getting brought up when a 2nd referendum is proposed is that "the original question was too ambiguous". The question was: "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?" - Remain a member of the E.U? - Leave the EU? That is pretty bloody far from ambiguous. You can argue about soft/hard/plus plus/WTO/Canada Max/Norway model all you like (I have my preferences) but no matter what Parliament agree/negotiate the only thing they have to do to grant "the will of the people" is leave, in March. Whether that means we end up with something acceptable to me is irrelevant. If it's a bad deal in my opinion, I'll be even surer never to vote Tory in my life, if it's a good deal, I'll still not vote for them but I'll give them some credit if it's due (looking highly unlikely at the moment given the worst performance from a PM in history).
  9. Reggae Reggae sauce. Tastes like arse.
  10. JoetheRam

    DCFCFANS own little second Brexit Referendum

    I'd still vote to Leave. I also don't think there should be another vote. I think a re-run vote with a remain victory would divide the country even more than it is now, which is probably what the completely useless tossers in Parliament want as it keeps us all distracted from their 11% pay rises, their continuing cuts to public services, the dismantling of the NHS, Fracking and all the rest of the kind of stuff that we should actually be fighting against.
  11. JoetheRam

    Premier League Fantasy Football

    Cedric Soares and Mark Hughes can **** off. Had Wan-Bissaka first sub with 12 points, and Cedric was a doubt to play, saw he started, oh well at least he might get me a clean sheet... just checked and he was subbed on 57 mins to get me 1 point. Could have had 84 points with Mendy, Bernardo Silva and Aguero still to play. Nearly rage transferred him out.
  12. JoetheRam

    Hidden TV Gems

    Horizons on BBC. Good episode about Jupiter last night.
  13. JoetheRam

    Boiler Man

    Great combination.
  14. JoetheRam

    Premier League Fantasy Football

    Can't really do anything until the pressers on Friday. Got about 5 players that will definitely play that you'd want in, after that it's in the hands of the Gods. I'm sticking to my guns and refusing to put Salah in.
  15. JoetheRam

    Hidden TV Gems

    Mortimer & Whitehouse go fishing.

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