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  1. JoetheRam


    All of them have probably been fixed to varying extent. Too much money, too much national pride and too many vested interests for it not to be. Probably happens all the time in the domestic and European game as well.
  2. JoetheRam

    Congratulations Omar

    Wasn't what we needed at the time. Although obviously capable of picking a pass, we already had Hughes as the lightweight technician, who was better at it. We needed the second coming of John Eustace and he really wasn't that. Wasn't even Khalifa Cisse.
  3. JoetheRam

    FA Cup KO Time

    It's probably so it reaches the largest TV audience - breakfast on the West coast, midday on the East, still a few eyes awake in Asia. I still love it, been waiting all morning for the parasites to get off the box so the build up can start. Unfortunate they can't both lose, but have to back Utd to win it as the Northern hope.
  4. JoetheRam

    Proud to be British

    Why, is something happening?
  5. JoetheRam

    World Cup Squad

    Pretty sure Heaton has been fit since late February/early March. Pope kept him out with his and Burnley's good general defensive performances. Pope absolutely deserves his place.
  6. JoetheRam

    Come on England

    4 weeks of football, what's not to like? I'll probably soon get annoyed with all the crap that goes on once it's underway, but the 12 year old in me can't wait. If you're English and don't support England you should be deported.
  7. JoetheRam

    World Cup Squad

    Think it's a fair enough squad with the exception of the amount of full-backs we're taking. Nothing against Alexander Arnold but do we really need him as our wildcard pick when we've already also got Walker, Trippier and Young who are ahead of him in his natural position, plus the likes of Jones and Delph who could do the job at right back in a back 4 at a push? Also surprised Lallana hasn't been given the chance to prove his fitness ahead of the final cut-off for submitting the squad. Other than that it's about all we could expect for the way Southgate is going to set us up.
  8. JoetheRam

    Yanny or Laurel

  9. JoetheRam

    New chants.

    Let us hope today is not a case of "Monday Monday"... Baaa baaa baaa baa baa baaa Monday, Monday, so good to me Monday mornin´, it was all I hoped it would be Oh Monday mornin´, Monday mornin´ couldn´t guarantee That Monday evenin´ you would still be here with me Monday, Monday, can´t trust that day Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way Oh Monday mornin´ you gave me no warnin´ of what was to be Oh Monday, Monday, how could you leave and not take me Every other day, every other day Every other day of the week is fine, yeah But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes A-you can find me cryin´ all of the time Monday, Monday, so good to me Monday mornin´, it was all I hoped it would be But Monday mornin´, Monday mornin´ couldn´t guarantee That Monday…
  10. JoetheRam

    PL Fantasy Football

    Very well for saying I had Mo Salah for one week of the season only... But just outside the top 60k, so not great overall.
  11. JoetheRam

    Former Deby Fan?

    All I know is One Way or Another we're going to get past Fulham.
  12. JoetheRam

    Former Deby Fan?

    Thought this was going to be a thread about Blondie.
  13. JoetheRam

    Eurovision song contest

    Great win for that most European of nations, Israel.
  14. JoetheRam

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Dallas Buyers Club Possibly Mattew McConaughey's best performance. Jared Leto is also pretty good in it. Seth Johnson/100.
  15. JoetheRam

    Your all time classic tracks

    Divisive new album but I dig it. Gone all 70's retro-future smoky lounge band stylee.

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