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  1. JoetheRam

    The Hundred.

    Interesting. I last played in under 17's/3rd XI games about 10 years ago before giving the game up to do stupid things like go to pubs and nightclubs. However, recently got the itch to play again and started practicing and looking to join a club in the winter for indoor games and hopefully play next summer. Not sure what it was that made me want to, think it's probably a case of getting into watching it recently with the India tests being on TV, World Cup win, T20's being on TV. I'm not massively sold on the Hundred but it's some of the only games I'll get to see. More games on terrestrial has to happen - monkey see, monkey do.
  2. JoetheRam

    The Hundred.

    Enjoying the action (it's basically T20 afterall) on terrestrial. The format, undermining of the Counties and scoring graphics are the negatives. But it's designed to get the kids involved and the crowds so far seem to have lots of kids in attendance so I guess it's working from that perspective. Feels like T20 could do this itself without any of the negatives but hey, more cricket.
  3. Because you don't need a trophy (although there probably is one) for something to matter. If both sides are invested in it, which they very much are, then it matters. Plus the tours come around as or less often than World Cups, 6 Nations etc. so there's the element of it being a once in a career opportunity for the players.
  4. Maybe because Radio Derby covers Derbyshire and East Staffordshire. Uttoxeter is definitely East Staffs. I'll probably watch the track and field but not that interested in much else. Doesn't feel like an Olympics.
  5. No point getting him one as he will not use it. He doesn't even do direct debits. Old people are stubborn. Short changed argument - easier to correct that in the moment than it is to get money back in the event of an overcharge though. He's never used a computer in his life I can guarantee that, and I highly doubt he's used a calculator as he's forever doing workings out on paper. He lives in the sticks, still has a rotary phone... some people just don't use technology and nor should they be forced to. Efficiency argument - great I agree, although there are far far less people than 30k buying a pint at half time so savings are far less than you come up with there. And efficiency isn't everything when running a club - looking after your customers is. Given they've still not stopped cheques I don't think you'll be getting your dream cashless society any time soon though. Offering a choice shouldn't be problem.
  6. I don't know, I'm young. When he see's a card machine he probably looks at it in the same way I do when he shows me the inner workings of a combustion engine. Complete mystery. Whilst it's just a tap and go (if you have a contactless card - which he doesn't), I know it worries him that he's paid the right amount, that he's not been robbed. The amount displaying in such small writing (to an elderly person) doesn't help that. Glad it works for you but it doesn't for everyone, and you and I, as card tappers, don't lose anything by cash also being accepted.
  7. Feel for (not so) old folk like my grandparents. Early 70's but don't have a mobile phone let alone one that can handle mobile payments. My grandmother does use a card to pay for things, but she doesn't go to every game. My grandad goes to the bank every week and draws put the money he needs for the week (via passbook) and pays cash for everything. He's never going to learn how to use a card at his age, so this just deprives the club of some income and him of some chips at half time. Probably peanuts in the grand scheme of things but one example of something that makes things more alienating for our older fans. Shame. On a broader point, a cashless society is not a great idea. What's the stat? Something like for every pound spent as cash it goes around the local area 4 times, just once for card transactions. That might not be entirely accurate but CBA to look it up. Also, some people struggle with abstract concepts and once money solely becomes such, it means they'll spend even more that they don't have. Great if you're a banker though.
  8. JoetheRam

    F1 2021

    Not a Hamilton fan, but racing incident - about 60/40 Hamilton's fault. Thankfully Verstappen is OK. Think the penalty was about right, I might have gone as harsh as a drive through, and as lenient as no action so 10 second penalty seems fair. Didn't think the sprint race added anything as a TV viewer and actually diminished a good qualifying, so jury's still out for me. Gutted for LeClerc that he couldn't hang on, but he made a mistake and was punished for it. Great drive all the same. Good weekend for McLaren too. Norris 3rd in the Championship - exceptional performance if he finishes the season there. Hungary next which is one of Hamilton's best tracks, but a Red Bull favoured layout. Title battle very much still on. Also, Sebastian Vettel is just a great guy.
  9. One thing I don't understand is why the leader absolutely busts a lung to win a stage by a few seconds when he's minutes in the lead. Surely just saving yourself and finishing with them/just behind them at a slower pace is more sensible than risking a crash or using up more energy than need be.
  10. Personally I've seen it several times and done it myself once - aimed at the maskless - whilst compulsory. Not much of a reach I don't think to suggest it will also happen when it's only advised as some people will follow the advice, some won't and people can't tolerate people behaving differently to themselves. In general. Fair point. Just think it's kind of odd to see the Government take a policy straight out of Shrek. "Some of you may die, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make".
  11. Let's be honest, the latest 'relaxation' is all just going to create more divisions and fraught interactions between the masked and the mask-less and put more people at risk - Government are essentially saying they're fine with paying for the economy getting going with 200 deaths per day. Don't think I'd be happy dying for the economy to be honest. All done by design by a shambles of a Government to deflect attention away from their own failings by setting the public against one another. Judging by this thread it will work as well.
  12. Of course. World Cup is more prestigious.
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