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  1. JoetheRam

    Derby Co. V Sheff Utd - In a Nutshell.

    Pretty big feckin nutshell. Good read mind.
  2. JoetheRam


    @eddie's son was there.
  3. JoetheRam

    Alternative to cake

    After being informed of the dangers of Cake in around 1997, I now prefer Clarkey Cat or Yellow Bentines, don't want to end up like a bloody piano dentist do I? Oh... savoury for the win, and that looks banging.
  4. JoetheRam

    Let’s recommend podcasts

    Totally Football Show Golazzo Guardian Football Weekly Financial Times Politics
  5. JoetheRam

    Sam Allardyce "Busquets no better than Dier"

    DM is the easiest position in the game to play. Particularly in a side that doesn't have to tackle - e.g. Every team that Busquets has ever played in, so Dier definitely has more to do. Dier is less mobile, but better in the air. Not convinced he'd be much worse on the ball than Busquets if he played in sides that always had a man available to pass to either. That said, and for all his smarmyness, Busquets has been one of the best at receiving the ball off the centre backs under some pressure and passing to actually talented footballers. Dier makes more silly errors/shows lack of concentration more.
  6. JoetheRam

    Nations League - Spain v England

    Disappointed they got that 2nd, will enable twits to argue that if that penalty had been given they'd have drawn and it would have been deserved. We stopped playing 2nd half, didn't want to embarass them any more I guess. Aspas and their right winger who pretended Chilwell elbowed him when he realised he couldn't get close enough to bring him down did that all by themselves. Impressed by Joe Gomez for the first time. Had him down as a right back with bad positioning before tonight, but dealt well with the barrage in the 2nd half. Don't like the format of Nations League and don't like that it wasn't on TV but I did like a competitive international in a hostile venue. Love that they had a million shots and 97% possession and still lost. Mourinho spesh.
  7. JoetheRam

    Nations League - Spain v England

    Loaded up a stream after 5 mins... Is this real? England have been superb, Spain looked shell shocked in the last 10 minutes. The Dier tackle was superb, Sterling's finish for the first was great, calmness from Rashford for a change and great pass by Barkley for the third. Can't wait for Spain to get mardy in the 2nd half when we knock another couple in. "Are you Scotland in disguise?".
  8. JoetheRam

    Peter Brackley

    Didn't see a thread. Passed away yesterday aged 67. One of, if not, my favourite commentators from my childhood. Legendary on Football Italia, after working for ITV and Sky. Also did Pro Evo until about PES 6. Can't hear someone say Vialli or Ravenelli without translating it into his voice in my head. Always had a great "talking down a telephone line" type timbre to his voice.
  9. JoetheRam

    NFL 18/19

    Watching Seattle v Oakland at the moment because there's nowt else on. Can someone tell my why they never do more than one pass per play? Seems like only one guy is allowed to throw it to one of two runners (right or left) and it always goes forwards. Are the blockers not allowed to touch the ball? Also why does the quarterback always absolutely nail it to his team mates even if they are like 5 yards away, makes it harder for them to catch?
  10. JoetheRam

    England v Croatia

    My bad. Totally missed that.
  11. JoetheRam

    England v Croatia

    And what English quota is that? Because (un)fortunately our rule makers haven't yet decided to impose one.
  12. JoetheRam

    Cannabis on the NHS?

  13. JoetheRam

    Smart Meters

    I wanna know how something with an LCD screen that wouldn't otherwise have been in my house can possibly save me energy and therefore money. Total con.
  14. JoetheRam

    England v Croatia

    Didn't watch the game, but is it really that bad we drew away to the World Cup runners up?
  15. JoetheRam


    Which way is it meant to be? Milk after = gentry, milk before = peasant? Something to do with having good china which could take the heat?

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