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  1. What are you eating tonight v2

    Sticky ginger and miso beef with pak choi. Beaut and even I can cook it.
  2. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Jukeboxes that do the same. I want my 9 minutes worth when I put my 50 pence in.
  3. time to go to war

    What we need to do is create a powerful sense of dread.
  4. Derby County V Notts Forest

    We better bloody win. Had to get up at 8 o'clock on a Sunday to maintain the pre-match pub ritual. On the plus side, it does mean two breakfasts. My unsmart money is on a finger gnawing 1-0 Derby. Nugent - 12th minute.
  5. So if it didn't mention at least 3 of the most notable games of the last ten years, what did it talk about?
  6. Can anyone stick this up on Youtube for someone who doesn't wanna give Rupert any money please?
  7. I'm in a place, can someone find me a good pub please?

    Calling all London heads... Anywhere near the Oval that's decent? I'm talking steady Sunday afternoon/evening sesh.
  8. Live games 2017/18

    'Mon the Republic!
  9. Is being a Youtube regular viewer considered Nerdy

    Would say that watching a channel entitled Angry Video Game NERD is probably nerdy, yes. I do use "the You...Tube" but only when i'm looking for something that I know exists. Would never for example sift through all the rubbish that comes up on "suggested" or "trending" or subscribe to the weirdos who think that playing video games and shouting endless meta, post-modern phrases at the screen is a real job. Also, any video with "Hi guys" as an intro or "remember to like, subscribe and follow" or whatever the phrase is are automatically terrible. Basically I use it to watch videos rather than use the bullsh*t social media/youtuber fan cult aspect of it that it is riddled with nowadays. Also, bring back the star rating system. Then again I have 1000 posts on a football forum, so what do I know about what is nerdy and what isn't?
  10. Live games 2017/18

    Hahahahahahaha. Just about the only thing that makes it bearable to be an Englishman when it comes to football. You can always count on the Jocks.
  11. Lithuania v England

    Don't think Jordan Henderson has actually made a pass to a white shirt all game that wasn't 5 yards or less. Constantly just lumps it somewhere in the direction of Kane.
  12. Lithuania v England

    Seems we've been practicing the telegraphed long diagonal from right back to left wing all week.
  13. Formula One Championship - 2017 Season

    Palmer has been outqualified 16-0 I think this season and the race record isn't much better. Hulkenberg is decent - probably inside the top 10, but that's proof enough that Palmer just hasn't got it. For a manufacturer drive, Renault need to be aiming higher. Sainz is an improvement. Di Resta was boring but didn't do too much wrong. Deserves a go more than some on the grid.
  14. Formula One Championship - 2017 Season

    RE: Palmer - hopefully out of the sport so he can free up a seat for someone capable. Hulkenberg has completely smashed him. Title is now all but over. Looks like Ferrari have had to sacrifice reliability in an effort to get on terms with Mercedes' pace. I think if anything, the reliability problems Ferrari are having will take a bit of the shine off Hamilton's achievement. He's been superb this year but it was all set to go to the wire between him and Vettel and now we are being denied that a bit, with the only real wheel to wheel stuff being Spa and part of Baku. Verstappen today really underlined his quality for me. To be pushing Hamilton close for most of the race when his team mate was able to keep Bottas behind was impressive. I rate Ricciardo (only person to beat Vettel as team mates) and he wasn't really anywhere near Verstappen after the first corner. Got a fight on his hands to keep with him next season I feel. Hopefully Red Bull can put a car together capable of fighting with Mercedes and Ferrari from the start of next season.

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