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  1. I've been a couple of times recently to Uttoxeter and to Cheltenham. Not being into the racing itself it's a lot of standing about, waiting to see if you've lost money or not. In general admission the food is expensive and only a slight increase in quality to a football match, the beers are ludicrously priced and there's the problem of being surrounded by people. Some are fine, but it's mostly a mix of lads charged up like Scarface, even more annoying ladettes on hen-parties drunk out their minds and well-to-do but extremely smug people in brightly coloured corduroy trousers. It also goes on for ages and it's hard to find a seat anyehere. If you went in hospitality and the racing was more of a sideshow to a meal or something I reckon it would be good though.
  2. JoetheRam

    Watchable telly

    Been on a Netflix binge recently. The War - Ken Burns documentary on the Second World War gives a great insight into things from an American point of view. Not as good as his Vietnam documentary The Vietnam War but interesting nonetheless. After Life - some laugh out loud moments, some sad moments, wasn't really sure what to think of it. Line of Duty - vaguely remember this coming out a few years ago but forgot most of what happened, so re-watching from series one. Hopefully be caught up by the time series five ends. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee - Jerry Seinfeld plus rare cars plus hit and miss comedian guests for twenty minute chats over coffee. Easy to watch and good for discovering some US comedians you might not have heard of before. Jim Carrey, Alec Baldwin, J.B Smoove, Steve Martin, Jon Stewart, Bill Burr, Jay Leno episodes are the episodes worth a watch as a taster.
  3. I agree Leave was not a binary choice, but was remain not part of a spectrum as well? Are people who want to remain, happy to remain in the EU indefinitely whatever rules/ideas/plans they have for us? Are they just happy to remain with the situation in Europe as it currently is? Is there anything that could happen to pursuade them not to want to be part of the EU in the future, or is their identity so far ingrained as "Europe first" that they'd vote remain in all situations?
  4. Subtitles required for Yaya Toure. Somehow the BBC pick someone harder to understand than Geordie Shearer.
  5. What do we reckon? Another 100 be tough to chase down or is the pitch flattening out?
  6. Usually top 4 but most of the big boys have offers of top 5 or even top 6 these days.
  7. Diabetic Charlie, Immaculate Pasta and Zeinab Badawi's Twenty Hotels should all be a threat, but hard to look past Christ's Chin for me.
  8. Bear in mind these are comments from a guy who once ate garlic flavoured sweets to breathe in the faces of Totti and Gervinho to put them off. Guy's a lunatic, as well as being stupid. Not a good combination.
  9. Think you can under UK accounting standards, as long as you disclose the basis of revaluation. Could swear it was possible in my CIMA exams anyway.
  10. Fair, didn't seem that long ago. Still, my question stands.
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