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  1. Land - Birmingham Great Western Arcade. Previously owned by and named 1837. Vegetarian restaurant that will cause even the most ardent meat eaters to admit veggies can taste amazing. £30 per head plus drinks. Thai Marina - Barton under Needwood Marina. Lovely setting, great sticky rice and Massaman curry. £20 per head. La Pepita - Gracia, Barcelona. Great tapas in a cracking bustling tapas bar. Quimet y Quimet - Barcelona. Legendary. Manic, crowded, pricey but the food is well worth it. Bourdain came here for a reason.
  2. Driving kids to school should be illegal. If they attend a school further than 3 miles from your home you should move closer to their school so they can walk.
  3. It is hardboiled, and makes you think. I think most right-minded folk will be able to take it for what it is - a film, and there was to be no haunting or nightmares over it. I do wonder if it would have the same impact on someone already in a depressed state or in a fragile state of mind though. For me I was able to laugh at certain parts (albeit perhaps not completely without a tinge of unsuredness as to whether that was the intention of the scene). That said I was surprised it's only a 15 - the violence isn't present the whole film, popping up in a handful of scenes, but it is done in a way that is almost without cinematic impact and is just allowed to be shown for what it is and is pretty brutal. American theatres having to have armed police outside screenings just shows how dicked up the world is, rather than being any comment on the film. I'd say it is more akin to Taxi Driver than Dark Knight.
  4. Joker Brian Clough/10. Don't like Marvel stuff, and thought Dark Knight was overrated. But this... One of the best acting performance in a film I've ever seen. As a portayal of a madman it's superb and thought the story was strong enough to hold it's own so as not to become completely self-indulgent on Phoenix's part. The use of music and overall score/sound effects were excellent too and really added to the atmosphere. Believe the hype.
  5. Salted caramel. Rubbish, but it's everywhere.
  6. The view from East Stand row X of my first game of the season... - Beer queues at half time are worse than ever, decided against having one. - The crowd were very impatient. Several times a player would be on the ball and have no forward option so would pass backwards or even square and the crowd would groan. I don't know if these fans would rather the player simply booted the ball forward and gifted the opposition the ball back in those positions? The ironic cheers for Roos catching the ball were a bit much. He's not the best we've ever had in the sticks but that's just going to damage his confidence and make him even more unlikely to come out and claim crosses. - General atmosphere was average for Pride Park. Block in South Stand nearest the away fans were making a noise, everyone else in the ground chilling and watching the game. Luton brought a decent number. - Shinnie was man of the match, just about edging out their goalkeeper. Everyone else was 6/10, which was enough in this game. - Luton were a poor side offensively - creating 1 chance all game. - We created 1 chance all game and I think it was Josefzoon who fluffed it. - I nevet felt uncomfortable when they had the ball. Consequently had no nerves, even at one-nil. - It was a weird feeling when Lawrence scored. - A new goalkeeper, a centre midfielder and two new wingers would be my next shopping list to improve the first XI. - Overall not a memorable game but a win is a win is a win. Luton will finish 17th - 23rd, we'll finish 10th.
  7. First game since Wembley for me. £31 down the drain so we better be good. Not a fan of Lawrence and Bennett coming back into the team last night but won't even acknowledge them on Saturday, and doubt anyone would notice if I did from the back row of the East stand anyway. Can't wait to see Chris Martin back again, such an intelligent presence in the side. Waghorn and Holmes the other draws really. Other than that we're pretty meh aren't we? Hamer in over Roos seems a sensible call. Luton at home must be a win surely? Up the Rams.
  8. Exactly. And why would Keogh be wearing Sondico under shorts when we've never been supplied by them? There's also grass and mud on the leg in one of them, don't know how that would have got there when he was in the back of a car/on the road. Combined with posts I've seen where it's lumped in with the infamous bar bill after the play off semi victory, I'm inclined to think it's balls.
  9. In Britain definitely. But then Britain has a massive society-wide alcohol abuse problem. Professional sport of all places should be leading the way out of this.
  10. There's that midfield balance... Rice wins it, Henderson releases it, Sterling stays calm and picks the right option, Sancho buries it.
  11. Barkley has been fine for England for the last 5 games he's played. Definitely better than Mount and deserves to be ahead of Maddison. 2-1 England.
  12. Class. What a writer Lou Reed was.
  13. ********* at the petrol station who park in the space for air, then go inside to presumably get change, then take 5 minutes to put on special gloves to handle the precious dust caps on their shitty 'personalised plate' matte-grey BMW 5 series, then take about 10 minutes to inflate two tyres. Then have to go back inside to get more change as they've messed something up, then a further 2 minutes to do the rest of their pressures. Then leave their shitheap in the same space before buggering off into the co-op. A twenty minute ordeal to do something that takes 3 minutes you complete and utter prat. Bet he also fills up at service stations and then spends 30 minutes inside getting a Greggs and a Costa without moving off the pumps.
  14. Na na na nana naaa naaa naaaaa
  15. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Georgie Kinkldaze/10. Meandering, meaningless, unnecessary, self-indulgent, bloated... yet sprinkled with some kind of ineffable magic dust which made it a wonderful thing to watch. What did it all mean? Who knows, maybe that will only become apparent later on... like the French Revolution.
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