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  1. People who say they are going to turn up to view your house, but who then don't turn up without letting you know. Put my plans on hold for this douchebag.
  2. Watched Oliver! at Christmas. Hate musicals but love this. Just fantastic acting performances all round combined with actually decent songs. Baiano/10
  3. With regards the Serie A campaign, I think the pictures are good. Also think the league could have, possibly inadvertently, pulled off a master stroke. First rule of a campaign is to get people talking about your campaign, which because people see monkeys and racism in the same sentence and automatically put 2 and 2 together, it will (hopefully beyond the social media bubble). People will then hopefully read or hear about what the artist is trying to convey and think 'you know what, that's a simple message and one which I agree with'. Education is the answer and hopefully this goes some way to addressing that. Granted it appears a bit ham-fisted, but I think it's a good idea. Probably makes the mistake of thinking people will take time to think about things, rather than be served it on a platter a la UEFA's mindless 'No to Racism' mantra.
  4. It was this one. 8 mins or so in - never seen this with Barry Davies commentary before. Enjoy Jim's (and Steve's) reaction to that Carsley goal.
  5. Wasn't going to go, but will be there tomorrow night for a rendition of Bald Eagle's Barmy Army now and going to watch the 97/98 season review on VHS this evening. His was the Derby team of my childhood. Shook his hand on two occasions - once in the old lottery office on the South East Corner of Pride Park when I went to pick up my junior rams membership card at the age of 6 or 7. Quite why he was in there I have no idea. He offered me a bag of crisps from a big cardboard box. I was probably too shy to accept them. Then again about 10 years later when Jim was in Corporate hospitality (quite what I was doing there I have no idea). One from the old school. RIP Jim.
  6. Last Christmas. Adam Murray out of 5. Not actually that awful just doesn't need to exist. Emilia Clarke is pretty good, but the story is utterly dreadful and Wham were utter tripe. Guess I'm not the target market though.
  7. Rarely agree with you on the owd politics but this is spot on. I guess the problem, and where much of the conflict comes, is in defining essentials. Which I think is where the Scandinavians have it right with the Universal Basic Income. However, float that as an idea in this country and you're derided as the 2nd coming of Lenin.
  8. Anyone old enough to kill and die for their country is old enough to put a cross in a box for me.
  9. The Irishman - Brian Clough/10 Can't really think of many words other than it's absolutely gripping and superbly acted. Up there with Scorsese's best.
  10. Don't want to be 'that guy' but thought it was pretty standard. Heard Preston a few times but nothing amazing. They brought a decent number with them to be fair. Heard Derby a few times but nothing to get too excited about.
  11. This is people in heavily residential areas letting them off so my patience is being tested. Being in the name of religion makes me even less tolerant!
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