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  1. Baby Driver. How did I not know of this film? An action/chase/heist film that was actually interesting. Good acting from the support cast, in particular Jamie Foxx. Soundtrack is phenomenal, great use of music as well. All the Hollywood clichés with a knowing twist. What every action film should be. Felt like a film that would be a fictional movie referenced in a Tarantino movie. The kind of film that Jules and Vincent would go to see. Eranio out of 5.
  2. Love that some people genuinely believe that a thread on a forum will "derail" the team before Saturday. This entire season has been a train wreck and the leaves have been on the line for a lot longer. @therams69is as genuine a fan as you can get and I completely agree with his concerns. Think it's a bit harsh to call him out as someone who thinks he's some sort of super fan. Relegation tomorrow could ruin us, staying up gives us a stay of execution but it's surely in the best interests of Derby County (the only thing we all actually care about) that Morris/Pearson etc leave? A
  3. Wasn't too interested when first released as was moving house but started looking a month or so ago and every time there's a "stock drop", which you have to be on Twitter to know about seems they're snapped up in seconds by bots. Can't really believe this is still a problem 6 months after release. There's some shady looking websites that seem to be selling them at inflated prices but don't really want to use them. Would have pre ordered one if I'd known it would be such a hassle. Don't really understand why you can't put your name down with Game/Curry's etc and wait for on
  4. Anyone actually been able to buy a PS5?
  5. We won't go down, the maths doesn't favour it. Rotherham won't beat Cardiff. Wednesday won't beat us.
  6. Dean Moxey cannot seriously be touted as a good pick - he was dreck. Bought from league 2(?) and played like it. Commons and Christie are the shouts... Buxton, Barker, Brayford... Good/Excellent Championship players sure but not really gems.
  7. Is there anything being made that isn't a sequel, remake or a franchise?
  8. Got to play to win the game. If it gets to 75 mins and we're level then it's a judgment from the manager as to how he approaches the last 15.
  9. I think it's their best since Whatever People Say I Am... which came out when I was 14 and basically soundtrack the next 7 years or so. On TBH&C, I think lyrically it's beguiling, and musically I think the arrangements are up there with anything else. There's just so many little moments in each song that are like whoa didn't see that coming, or that sounds complete gibberish at first but actually it works. Backing vocals/guitars/piano motifs with headphones on that you pick up something you didn't hear the first or twenty first time. And it just works as a complete package - couldn't
  10. 50's - Milestones 60's - The Velvet Underground & Nico 70's - Unknown Pleasures 80's - The Stone Roses 90's - The Low End Theory 00's - Up the Bracket 10's - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino
  11. Recently done our patio and been left with a few tonnes of earth. East Staffs want to charge me £3 per 15kg to take it to the tip (Uttoxeter is non-booking), skip would be about £200. Very tempted to pay more than a few visits to our nearest field to unload instead. I won't and will probably employ the "one bag at a time in the bottom of the bin method". On the fly tipping scale surely "dirt" barely registers?
  12. Let's not forget either that some of the lower placed Premier League clubs wanted to take advantage of the Pandemic to abolish relegation last season. The self interest in the game is what's killed it.
  13. I'd say given where we were when he took over... yes it would be a success. Not a massive one, but a success. Has he done enough to show he should be trusted to build the squad up next season... not for me. Also, our squad is massively overrated by our fans. Pretty much all of them are playing to the standard that they are - lower Championship/League 1 standard. The reanimated corpse of Brian Clough himself might be able to get them up to the play offs but they're really not very good.
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