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  1. There's a BMW in Littleover that's something like BA53ARD. Quite apt.
  2. England cricket 2017

    Hollies Stand making this unlistenable/unwatchable. "Don't take me home" been droning on non-stop for 2 hours. Stick to T20's nobheads.
  3. (Confirmed) terrorist attack in Barcelona

    Pretty much the only thing you can think it is at this stage.
  4. Changes to accounting procedures to affect FFP?

    Not my exact area of expertise, and CBA to sift through 350 pages of accounting regulations, but the main things I can find: I don't know how Derby's accounts work but hypothetically: - If Mel has loaned the club money to be repaid at a favourable interest rate, we may now have to revalue the repayments at the market rate which would probably be higher, which would reduce cashflow, but I doubt this is an issue for us. - Assets (players) which have become impaired may face higher amortisation/depreciation charges in the first year following adoption of the new standards. - The residual value of the stadium could possibly be revalued (upwards) thereby increasing the value of the clubs assets. As I said though, no expert. I'm now off to re-read my post and fall asleep.
  5. Derby County v Preston North End

    I'd like to see us give 3-5-2 a try, as 4-3-3 obviously doesn't suit our midfield options and our wingers are rubbish, plus Martin is our best forward but needs players near him to be effective. GK) Carson RCB) Wisdom CB) Keogh LCB) Davies RWB) ? Anya? LWB) Forsyth DM) Huddlestone CM) Butterfield CM) Johnson/Bryson CF) Martin CF) Vydra
  6. Premier League 2017-18 discussion

    1. Man City - I think they have the best squad. Guardiola should know a bit more about England now. 2. Man Utd. - Have the best manager and a slightly better squad than last year. 3. Chelsea - weaker than last year and now with European commitments won't enjoy the advantage they had last season. 4. Arsenal - it's just what they do. 5. Spurs - Wembley will be a factor and so far are slightly weaker than last season. 6. Liverpool - can't defend and losing Coutinho is a massive blow for them. 7. Everton - Will be closer to the top 6 than before, but just can't compete financially. Which is hilarious given their part as useful idiots in forming the Premier League to try and ensure their place at the top table forever. 8 - 17 A bunch of teams no one cares about. 18. Huddersfield 19. Watford 20. Brighton
  7. Why only 27,000 today

    I used to go every week home and away, then I started reducing the away games, then I got rid of the season ticket, then I reduced the home games. In 2010/11 I went to 46 matches in all competitions. I saw us win I think only 3 times on the road. Last year I went to 6 matches. This year I'll be surprised if I manage more than half that. Why? Simply lost connection with the club. When it stops becoming a habit, it's very easy to not go once the standard on the pitch falls. It's not so much outright cost as value for money. £30 to watch us sweep almost any team aside is expensive but there's at least some reward for it, and you know it will only last a short amount of time, but paying £30 to watch us labour is just not good value and it makes it harder to break the cycle of not attending.
  8. World Athletics Championships

    Sport summed up in the space of 40 seconds. Despair and elation.
  9. Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Had a marathon recently. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - 10/10 hands down one of the best films I've ever seen. Bought the book as well. Apocalypse Now - 8/10 - Weird. Epic. Feels like too much film to take in in a single viewing. American Beauty - 8/10 - A bit pretentious, but love me some Kevin Spacey and a great dark comedy. Inception - 5/10 - Just plain stupid with zero character depth. Great special effects.
  10. Things that went out of fashion and shouldn't have

    Wearing hats and suits to the football.
  11. Smoking Ban

    Should still be allowed in certain pub rooms/clubs if those premises so wish. Now all you can smell in most nightclubs is other people's sweat. All the current 'ban' does is mean that outside areas are a total no go if you want to be able to breathe the beautiful clean city air. Glad it's gone from restaurants though.
  12. Should clubs pay for matchday policing?

    No. But nor should they be in the ground.
  13. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Lad culture. Eating challenges.
  14. Confess your unpopular opinions

    Star Wars is rubbish. Adele is vastly overrated.
  15. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Spinach tooth.

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