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  1. We're 100 runs short of par at least. That pitch did almost nothing for 50 overs. Then there was a bit of extra turn and bounce, but we just played poorly. Crawley - completely gave it away, Sibley fell for the straight ball again, Bairstow - caught on the crease, Root - likewise (although was a good ball), Stokes - straight ball playing a lazy shot, Pope - extremely unlucky, Lawrence - moment of madness after playing nicely, Foakes - didn't get in, Ashwin had started to make it talk by then... Should have been 250-5 on that pitch at the close. They look demoralised and not in the
  2. How long do Electrics take to charge these days - I saw something with Richard Hammond in a Tesla and it took about 25 mins to give him a hundred or so more miles - can't remember exactly but it wasn't quick? Acceptable on a long journey so as to give the driver a rest but what about these scenarios? Real world scenario 1: It's Friday evening, you arrive home from work with a range of 1 mile left because you've done your 250 miles for the week. Your wife calls to tell you she's gone into labour and is at a hospital 30 miles away. Do you just sit there waiting an hour for the car to char
  3. Exactly - it's just saying what is best practice. But we still struggle to get everyone to wear any mask at all so I don't think the advice is getting through. People just don't care enough about other people. But who can blame them, most people are twits.
  4. Nah he's a mere bell boy.
  5. Re-live: Saints play-off semi final. Probably the best ever Pride Park atmosphere. Brighton play off semi runs it close, but went for the Saints game as I was younger and more excitable. One I missed: FA Cup final 1946. Given the state of the world at the time, that win probably made us the best team in Europe. I don't think we'll ever win the league again, and if we do unless you do a Man City 2012 there's not really a definitive moment of when it was won, but every year could be ours in the FA Cup and that one day out would be incredible. Kills me when we play weakened sides. My Grandfa
  6. The horses for courses approach is definitely one I'd go with, so much as he was amazing today, I'd rest Anderson for the next one and give him the pink ball game. On sub-continent pitches you have to have 2 spinners so Bess has to play. 5 wickets and scoring 59 runs in the match can't be sniffed at either. Unless Bess has a shocker in the next couple, I wouldn't consider Moeen Ali at all. Stokes can be a workhorse if you need someone to bowl 10 overs in a row and then go with Archer as your strike bowler and rotate the new ball legends on a fitness/pitch basis. I'd go: Burns
  7. All wrapped up. Terrific performance from England, won probably 12/14 sessions in the match. Think India might have had a bit of a hangover from their Australia tour as they were off colour throughout. Potentially fans are allowed for the next test so maybe that will wake them up. Magnificient win from England.
  8. Kohli will take most of the strike and has looked untroubled so far. Edit: Or Stokes will blow him away! Even England can't stuff it up now.
  9. Incredible stuff from Anderson this morning. Kohli and Ashwin look well set though now. Think this is going to the wire and I hope we don't regret the non-declaration. Edit: Or maybe not... Ashwin's just snicked off to Buttler.
  10. So basically no point having the jab then. All those millions of jabs done for nothing if that variant is in the UK in any great number.
  11. Most mortgages will say something in their T&C's which prevent them dropping below 0% I.E it will be 0% plus 1%, even on a tracker. So even when you win, you lose. Personally, as a saver, if it did go negative I'd withdraw all my cash and stick it under the floorboards. Absolute scandal if it happens. Don't think it will though.
  12. WHAT A CATCH! Bess bowls an absolute pie and Rahane drills it wide of Root at cover who dives to his left and takes it one handed.
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