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  1. 42 off 8. We're screwed.
  2. 63 from 10 overs needed. Getting scary.
  3. Not going to do this are they?
  4. Archer v Smith is fascinating. Hit twice at 95ish mph, but still there.
  5. Can't see how England win from here at Lunch. Just got to hope our 2nd innings lasts longer than 50 overs and we can take a draw and regroup.
  6. In all fairness to Clough, which isn't easy for me to say, Bueno went completely off the boil after he got a kicking at Burnley on a freezing cold January day. That said that brief period when that front 4 combined was brilliant.
  7. Don't pay it if you're not happy with it. I used to go to 35 games + per season, but that was when it cost me £20 or less to get in. Not gone regularly since Mac 1, not because of the quality (watching a shoestring Nigel Clough team away from home with a left back as the sole striker builds character), solely because £30 and more is too expensive to justify to myself. And this is someone who lives less than 10 miles from the ground, has no kids, an average paying job and is free most Saturday's (but not enough to get a Season Ticket). The club runs as a business unfortunately and I don't expect them to be morally ashamed of the prices they charge, but as a business they should probably be (and probably are) looking at the prices they charge and wondering where the missing 5,000 fans are. Whether or not they want to address that is up to them.
  8. Probably kept on to keep the fridges and the ovens running. It's a waste though.
  9. Most recent was Riga FC v FK Ventspils in the footballing outpost of Latvia. €3 entry on the day following a solid hour long trek from the city centre. 2nd va 3rd in the Latvian Premier League. Terracing would be considered a bourgeois luxury - grass banks are all the rage over there. About 200 attendance, no segregation, 5 stewards, 50 or so "Ultras" who were a complete oddball mix of people chanted and banged a drum the whole game. Referees and players shared a dressing room and entered the pitch through a car park. Slightly incongruous to see 22 players and officials line up infront of an almost empty side of a ground before the kick off. Away fans appeared to travel on the team coach which was by far the most decadent, modern item for about 20km. Spoke to a Danish scout about Jacob Laursen who was involved with the same club, who estimated the quality was equal to roughly the 4th tier of Denmark, and about 10th tier in England. I'd suggest he may have been an optimist. 2-0 victory for the home team and a terrible advert for football, Brian.
  10. Quality gritty batting from Burns today. No more wickets tonight and we're in a very good position.
  11. Found guilty, served his punishment. Give him stick when he walks out or is fielding by all means but he deserved universal applause for his innings yesterday. I think the punishment should have been harsher yes, but the blame for that lies at the feet of the authorities. England would kill for a batsman of his quality. Decent start from England in this innings so far.
  12. Superb innings from Steve Smith - we just don't know how to get him out do we? The booing from the crowd when he's just got 144 and turned the game around was pathetic. I know he was in and firing but Root putting every man back on the boundary to him was negative in the extreme. Overall I'd say it's just about Australia's day and England need to bat well to get ahead of that score. Losing Anderson is a massive blow (obviously) and whomever signed him off to play has dropped a clanger. Broad bowled well and deserves his 100th Aussie wicket and a fivefer. Good all round test cricket.
  13. Derbados flag at Edgbaston today. Get on it @Inverurie Ram
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