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  1. Serie A title race

    It's quite a lot less controlled than England that's for sure. Had friends be told to "Leave the Ultras section or things will get very bad for you" at Lazio this year by some pretty threatening blokes, purely for being English. When we went Stadio Olimpico a couple of years back it was a bit of an eye opener. Monkey chants, glass bottles thrown at stewards throughout the game around the pitch, flares, no stewards or police in the stands, smoking and drinking in the stands... some good things, some bad. The whole thing is just so much less polished than English football, which is a large part of the charm but also highlights why a lot of the grounds sometimes barely reach 2/3rds capacity. As for the league, can't look past Atalanta at the moment for my favourite side. Great job for such a comparitively small club to make the Europa, playing some great stuff and then nearly knocking Dortmund out. And yes, I miss Football Italia, James Richardson, newspaper reviews in some piazza whilst supping an Espresso, Peter Brackley, Kenneth Wolstenholme, Gazza's diaries, San Siro fog, Elvis Costello making a guest appearance at half time of the Genovese derby, Vialli, Zola, Del Piero, Totti... best football show ever.
  2. Tony Pulis' Hat II

    He wore tights yesterday as well. Arse.
  3. Best TV Dramas

    American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. Guy who plays Andrew Cunanan, the murderer, is mega creepy.
  4. Beatles or Stones?

    Didn't realise music was a competition. Stones are cooler I guess, Beatles have more good songs, both released a hell of a lot of filler.
  5. Spurs

    I can't help but admire the ability of Mourinho to continue to play so negatively in the face of everyone wanting all football to be played the same way i.e short, quick, passes on the floor. I'm sure he's at the point where he's just trolling everyone and I love it when all the tika-taka & possession disciples lose their minds when a team playing 'dirty' football beats a team like Liverpool/Barca. It's a nice reminder that football is about winning first, entertaining second. In any case, some things have to be ugly for the beautiful to stand out.
  6. Spurs

    Fair post, but I can't agree. Most of, if not all, the time in football, you win what you deserve. Spurs haven't been good enough, often enough or over a long enough period of time - particularly without Kane in the side. Threw it away against Juve through lack of street-smarts and you always sense a bad result to crop them up somewhere it shouldn't. They play some good stuff but wouldn't call their style breathtaking or particularly pretty. Just think they are overhyped and give it two years when Kane, Eriksson, Son, Dembele and Alderweireld leave they'll be back to battling it out with Everton for 6th and 7th.
  7. Spurs

    Hope they lose to Utd and end yet another season trophyless. Maybe then we'll stop hearing constantly how great their team is and how great a manager Pochettino is, when they've done nowt.
  8. Live games 2017/18

    Been an entertaining game, once I got past the pitch design. Can't believe I want Leicester to win.
  9. Tony Pulis' Hat II

    Leicester City's pitch.
  10. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Why was Halford even driving to the game? Don't they have a team coach?
  11. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Well, we know Wisdom would struggle to drive in these conditions.
  12. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Because I don't personally think it's that bad. If fans can't get, or don't feel able to drive, then they shouldn't try. No one is forcing them to. Was a bit late in the day for Cardiff fans as well given the snow situation hasn't changed for at least 3 hours. Obviously, if you live far away or are snowed in then it's the right decision in your eyes, I'd probably feel the same.
  13. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Cancelled? Are we not even gonna bother rescheduling?
  14. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Seems a bad decision.
  15. Live games 2017/18

    Agree, and not just confined to the Premier League either I think. See Salah's 4th (I think) yesterday... where the left centre half is going I have no idea, he just gave Salah an open route to goal because he followed Ings when there were two defenders covering him already. Britos fell over nearly every time he got taken on by Salah. Yes he's fast, so drop deep, decide whether you are going to show him down the line if you also have speed, or if you are going to pack the midfield and force him into traffic. Watford did neither. It's like teams, other than a Mourinho style 10 behind the ball, have no idea how to defend, or are unwilling to adapt tactically to different styles of play. Another example that stands out to me is anyone playing Leicester two seasons ago. Their entire success was built on a strong, compact two banks of 4 and a quick counter, usually with Kante winning it, and Mahrez picking out Vardy, or a long direct pass over the top. Nearly every team they played, even after everyone realised Leicester were good, continued to try and play possession football, with defenders pushing up to the halfway line, playing right into Leicester's hands. Then there's a lack of actually good individual defenders, which is probably just a cyclical thing. As annoying for me is that a full back who can actually defend is an endangered species, it's like none of them ever watched Maldini, Cafu, Zanetti, Lahm, Thuram...

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