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  1. Remember when football used to be about 22 blokes kicking a ball about? Whatever any of this actually means, it's so sad that the actual football seems secondary these days.
  2. Let's hope this pitch is as dry as England thought it was when they decided to bat first. Windies have bowled well this morning.
  3. When it comes to goalkeepers in general, but especially in this division, you don't need one who can make the odd unbelievable save. They're all capable of doing that. What you need is a goalkeeper who doesn't make mistakes often. Our current two are both extremely error prone for this level - not just obvious howlers but both certainly are guilty of more than the odd "the keeper should be saving that" moment. Unfortunately safe hands aren't ten-a-penny. Carson was good for a time but perhaps got a bit long in the tooth, I never had full confidence in Grant despite Eric Steeles obvio
  4. Hearing Soul Limbo for the first time this summer... Only for it to be raining.
  5. Would be mid/late September - Covid permitting. Thinking of staying around Caen or Le Mans overnight day 1, depending how far I can bear to drive in a day, which would just be in a Premier Inn equivalent. Would head south slightly inland after that, probably using the Tolls, stop in/around Bordeaux a couple of days then head further south after that on the small roads and stay in a B&B somewhere between there and Biarritz and just day trip around there.
  6. Has anyone been to Biarritz/Aquitaine/Pays Basque? What's it like down that way, any recommendations? Only previously been to France for the Euros and we did it all on trains and never ventured out west. Thinking of driving through France with a couple (?) of stops on the way, end up in Biarritz for a few days and then back. Never driven abroad before. Anything I should know about driving in France other than the obvious? Are the tolls worth paying? Where best to stop over on the way?
  7. In the final scene of the remake of The Bourne Identity with Matt Damon, the red bag that he takes from the embassy in Switzerland that he fills with money and gives to his girlfriend before she goes into hiding is on the wall of her shop holding flowers.
  8. Finished series 1 of the Fargo anthology having got about 4 episodes in 3 or 4 years ago. Don't know why I abandoned it. Superb. Billy Bob Thornton is absolutely captivating as a psycho hitman and the supporting cast are all great once you get past Martin Freeman's accent. I don't know who directed the episodes, but they've got the Coen Brothers touches nailed. Series 2 took an episode and a half to get adjusted to but well into that now.
  9. People who pronounce the word paracetamol "para-set-amol".
  10. I actually did end up having one in the pub this weekend. Hadn't planned on it, but we were out walking and got a bit thirsty. This particular pub was very quiet for a Sunday afternoon - maybe 10 people on the benches outside. The good: The pub was operating a one way system and had hand sanitiser outside the door to the bar. Everyone was sat outside and stayed distant from each other. The bad: The door wasn't kept open so you had to touch the handle after applying hand sanitiser - which kind of defeats the point if there are some non-compliant patrons. It w
  11. There's a very interesting Twitter thread about this here: If what is said on there is the truth, then this goes deep.
  12. Had my regulation NHS staff COVID antibody test yesterday. Got the results back today - negative. So either: What I had before was flu or something else which knocked me for 6 for about 8 weeks (I had other blood tests done to rule out anything serious) or the antibodies don't last very long. Hopefully it's the former.
  13. Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga The worst film I've ever had the misfortune of spending 2hrs and 3 minutes of my life watching. Only made it through as the remote was just out of reach and was too hot to move. Laughably bad acting throughout, terrible dialogue and sound mixing, terrible lighting, stupid 'plot', poorly directed camera work... just crap in every single way. On a scale of Gianfranco Labarthe Tome to Benny Feilhaber this was a Bob Malcolm.
  14. Thought most of you lot would have been old enough for the Locarno to be your venue of choice.
  15. I very rarely watch live football on the TV but watched 4 games of the opening round of fixtures this weekend as the missus has been working and there's been no sport for so long. Deary me - do people really pay that much money to have access to this kind of stuff? The football itself has been so slow paced. It's cagey, negative and there's extremely limited opportunities for any individual expression outside of the rigid, over-rehearsed structures seemingly every team employs. Feels like team shape and organisation has been perfected and it really stifles any ideas of attacking play
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