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  1. The guy in the beige trousers is @Davidso @Boycietold me. 👀
  2. This is indeed erudite stuff. Are you sure you've logged onto the right site? You're taking this Board to a too high a level and @David will start to worry. 🤓
  3. Yes; Also had connections with Burton-on-Trent...Peel House, Peel Croft (former home of Burton Rugby Club) and Steve Bloomer is known to have played football there on at least 3 occasions.
  4. …you mean aside from our future players all having a slight Brummay accent and saying “tarrarabit” at the end of training 👀
  5. Got my 2 tickets; and on a/l on the Thursday so some drink might be consumed. 🤪
  6. The eagle-eyed amongst you will compare the 2 pictures and see that Peter Seddon's original photograph shows the Team in front of the magnificent pavilion. @angieramwill be delighted to hear that there was a separate "cordoned off" area for the ladies on the top of the pavilion.
  7. Probably the best book ever written about Derby County.
  8. No; it's my understanding that the ground was owned by Derby Recreation Company who ran the racecourse and it was friction caused by football having to be cancelled due to clashes with horse-racing that led eventually to the exodus to the BBG.
  9. ...yes indeed. It's next door to Stephen Pearce's office and is marked "Do Not Enter".
  10. As long as there's somebody else worse off than us, you can only laugh...😆 https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2021/jul/20/david-squires-on-the-sorry-state-of-swindon-town ps wonder if Wazza knows that Willie Carson could be available on a free 🤣
  11. I asked Nico to explain the situation and he said “ Derby County is a football club that was formed in 1884 as an offshoot of Derbyshire County Cricket Club when the latter needed funds to build a new cricket pavilion. William Morley, a railway clerk from Nottingham proposed the formation …”
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