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  1. Did you mean to put that typo on the front of the shirt?
  2. I’d call ticket office - they’ll sort so you can pick them up at Wembley. Don’t worry. You’ll be there.
  3. I have a choice of 4*: 1. 1969 Div 2 Dave McKay no 4 shirt 2. 1975 Wembley Charity Shirld Roger Davies 3. 1976 Umbro away Argentina style away. presently no 1 is favourite but possibly no 2 might get the nod. We’ll see. #1stWorldproblem #notaFloristIssue * #4 AutoWindscreens 1990 shirt withdrawn .
  4. See the other thread “who didn’t get a tkt/ticket wanted”...there are a couple on there ...
  5. A Graham Richards quote after a Buckley pile-driver...v Arsenal at BBG?
  6. Just home after a hectic day and just wanted to say, you Rams Fans are brilliant! Special Thanks to @Charlie Dram for being a top bloke - my son Will is now going to Wembley with his brother and me and he filled up when I told him! Also @TomBustler1884, @Lincs Ram, and @Steve Buckley’s Dog all of whom took the trouble and time to give me other options. You're all brilliant! Also, @Boycie, @reveldevil and @Angry Ram who have advocated options and links. I'm going to Wembley with both of my sons and I'm welling up. 😥. As @ronnieronaldesays, at a time when the Country is divided, it's great how football brings people together. Sorry to those still without tickets...hope you get sorted. Keep trying.
  7. Still didn’t get one for my son Will who has been going to PP since he was 6...he’s 25 now. Was 4505th in queue 😟
  8. That is the $64,000 question....but it’s probably £164 m question really. How to avoid the “snakes” & “ladders” of the Prem game.
  9. True @BurtonRam7 I’m sure; but if things don’t go according to plan, we need to respond in the appropriate manner and accept our fate. It’ll help the Club as much as ourselves to cast a positive philosophy. There are a few potential negatives if we do win the game the biggest of which is the potential loss of Frank because the media will whip up such a hyperbolic frenzy that he will Be catapulted into the upper quartile of the Premiership management merry-go-round. Just sayin’ ...they need a new Cult hero.
  10. We’ve had a brilliant season. Loads of highs...great bond between Our Club and our fans. Let’s hope it ends on a high. But if it doesn’t, let’s ensure we stay to the very end and show out appreciation and take a leaf from Legia Warsaw’s book. “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two imposters just the same,...” ⚽️🐑
  11. You’re just too Paul Merton there @Boycie 🤪
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