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  1. Bravo. It’s a tough job. Let’s not start conspiracies. Cocu will succeed I’m pretty certain of that. It’s a slow construction job but am sure Cocu has a good blueprint.
  2. Cheers everyone for the updates. 1. Warnock praises the ref post-match; a clear indication that the official was worked on by Colin pre-Ko. 2. Malone from zero to hero. Madame football once again shows she’s a fickle mistress. 3. A huge roar for Chris Martin. That would’ve been goose-bumpery for me too. 4. Signs that Derby are showing some green shoots. I suspect that Waghorn will notch 15-20 goals this season. We just need to find some rhythm and perhaps a decent addition in midfield. Surely Cocu can conjure up a maestro from somewhere. 5. So all in all a good night. I ate a pizza the size of a car wheel for 3 Euros whilst keeping tabs on the Rams. 6. Keep the faith. Ciao!
  3. I’ll be landing in Naples around Ko time - real Naples not VPN Naples so will be reliant on you all to keep me posted. The minimum we need to see from the players is a reaction. Hopefully we’ll give Colin something to rant about to the Sky cameras. Ciao Bella!
  4. True. And they lost zillions in the process apparently.
  5. https://www.redandwhitekop.com/forum/index.php?topic=206253.0
  6. Foster Gillet esq. {below}. Mel has had plenty of interest in the past; he is very meticulous about who he allows in and of course he had his fingers burned in the past so doubt we’ll be saying “awesome! welcome aboard!” anytime soon.
  7. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/edge-glory-brink-administration-liverpools-16900099.amp Unless I’m mistaken, the advice from Liverpool is that this guy couldn’t organise a party in a fans’ park and would rack up £Ms in loans to fund the failure. Cant see Mel shaking hands with a chap with that record.
  8. Absolutely ^ that. We are in transition. That means giving youngsters games when the opportunity arises. I salute a Cocu for doing it. Believe me, losing to Florist and listening to Stuart “Physcho” {ha!} turns my stomach rancid, but it’s necessary to proceed to the longer term. Next year, when we start with a couple of Will Hughes-esque players that have developed over this season, and Bielik and a couple of others have seasoned, we’ll start to click and go forward again. However the quid pro quo is that: 1. We’ll see team selections that we don’t agree with 2. We’ll lose more games than we’re used to 3. Crowds will dip as the sunshine fans dwindle away. 4. We will see Clubs like Florist above us in the League. Some of that is not palatable but listen to Mel Morris {the darling of Talksport} on EFL revenue and Bury and Bolton’s demise... We will re-emerge stronger believe me. Have faith!
  9. @SaintRam should start his own YouTube channel. His reports are pretty much ball-by-ball. Apparently he used to produce the Pink ‘Un which used to hit the streets at 17:10 every Saturday with ball-by-ball from the Bbg with photos of Vic Moreland et al complete with 80s perms and Scouse tashes having lost at home to Leicester 3-1 😮
  10. https://www.the42.ie/jason-knight-Derby-county-feature-4781257-Aug2019/
  11. Goooo Rams! Awesome man! What you did at Durby was real good. So, hey we lost a few million but that’s bizniss. Wanna git a root beer next time I’m in town? Call me on my cell phone.
  12. Absolutely right @angieram. We are fans and supporters and whilst we support we still have a right to point out the short-comings and air our views and disappointments, albeit in a balanced fashion. Being unhappy with things is possible whilst simultaneously being behind the direction of the Club. Healthy agreement and disagreements are the essence of being part of an organisation; it provides the grist and energy that drive things forward. And as a body us fans have an abundance of experience and knowledge about Derby County that nobody else...not even the Lampards of this World can top. Imagine if we counted the years of experience of the fans that contribute just to this forum; it would run into thousands. I’m not saying we always or even usually know better than the people running the Club as often we don’t have the full facts behind tactics, selection and transfer dealings; but we have a view that is worth understanding. Mel Morris knows that. Brian Clough knew that. Derby County fans are knowledgeable and experienced discerners of players and teams down the years...Derby is a football town as somebody rightly pointed out. We know what the potential is and we know the sort of football that brings success. Let’s keep the faith. There are so many positives at the Club right now and things will move onwards and upwards. Cocu et al have the potential to form a dynasty here with a fair wind and we’ll continue to embrace it and point out the gaps along the way.
  13. Absolutely Cocu needs time; not blind faith but we have to put some faith that his team and his staff know what they are trying to achieve. Cocu’s record strongly suggests that he does know what he wants. His comments about Shinnie are revealing...he wants Shinnie to play in a certain way and Shinnie needs to take it on board and adapt. We’ve seen signs in some spells that we can compete this year but it will be work in progress. We simply must get Jack Marriott in the team though..and consistently fit. And Holmes too. Fans can help by being constructively critical whilst continuing to support. It will come good. But we need to be patient and not let our frustrations boil over because that will have the effect of diminishing players.
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