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  1. You need to be at the Players’ entrance for 11:00 am these days. FL gets them there earlier than any of our previous 5 managers.
  2. He’s come a long way in a very short time. If he can improve his crossing and shooting, and score a few goals he will be a Premiership player. I expect him to regress a bit before improving again. But destined at the moment for the very top.
  3. ...although he failed for the Red dogs’ Goal he does seem to shout/speak to his defenders far more than Carso.
  4. Actually a very good point which presumably will be addressed by the integral Fans’ Park extension. But it’s a problem of space really...the answer may be mezzanines.
  5. @jono we created 5 gilt-edged chances v Wednesday last Saturday in the last 15 minutes...Johnson, Holmes, Josephine, Bogel, Marriott. That’s given me hope for tonight.
  6. Remember it well @Carl Sagan; would be great to reprise that one as a medley....It’s a shame the GR is no longer their manager as that would’ve naturally revved up the atmosphere like v Cardiff last year as Warnock’s “its a bloody disgrace...”rant gave us the 3 points effectively.
  7. Not everybody wants to wade through pages and pages of “as it happens” @Inverurie Ram. Some people want a short version.
  8. Thank you @cheron85. I debated with myself who it was and I did think originally it was Nugent...
  9. Yes; I thought so too. Statistically, a disproportionately larger than expected sample assuming that the Club are using a random sampling methodology to ensure a representative set of Derby County supporters generally.
  10. True. But, at the end of the day, don't you just love football cliches.
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