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  1. Ellafella

    Jim Smith

    Fantastic bloke Jim Smith who built such a brilliant side who beat the best in the business. Our thoughts and hearts are with you mate. 🐏
  2. Ellafella

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Bryson ran over 16 km during the game v Soton and of course had a perfectly good goal erased by incompetent VAR Personnel.
  3. Ellafella

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Mmm....FL starting to have an eye to the future when needs must. Exciting in one respect...who will be the next Will Hughes to emerge?
  4. In the 1980s, the club was mentioned in a British advert for milk, which briefly brought the club to the attention of the general public.[9][10]The advertisement featured two boys in Liverpool replica shirts played by young actors Carl Rice and Kevin Staine. It made reference to Accrington Stanley's obscurity in comparison to Liverpool's success at the time. Boy 1: "Milk! Urghh!" Boy 2: "It's what Ian Rush drinks." Boy 1: "Ian Rush?" Boy 2: "Yeah. And he said if I didn't drink lots of milk, when I grow up, I'll only be good enough to play for Accrington Stanley." Boy 1: "Accrington Stanley, who are they?" Boy 2: "Exactly." In the weekly football show, Soccer A.M., the phrase "Accrington Stanley, who are they?" is said every time a fixture is read out that has the club in it, referring to the milk advert.
  5. Ellafella


    Isn't that a sexual term? 🤓
  6. Ellafella

    Accrington Stanley away tickets

    🤣Fantastic @Angry Ram. The shandies are on me. 🍺
  7. ©️FrankLampard’sDerbyCounty.com allrightsreserved. #nospying! 🏴‍☠️
  8. Ellafella


    That’s what I suspect too. He did get game time early season up front but was very quiet. I think it took him a while to settle...sometimes it’s hard to “fit in” straight away...but that game v Soton will have helped him enormously.
  9. Ellafella


    I thought he was excellent last night; a powerful lad with a low centre of gravity and still wonder why he hasn’t featured so much. Hope we get to see more of him too.
  10. Do you employ any spies about the place? 👀🤭
  11. Ellafella

    Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

    Very likely to be on TV.

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