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  1. Ellafella

    Were Leeds That Good Or ,,,,

    Yes @angieram I saw that too. Yet he still managed to evade them and deliver his pass. Johnson rightly gets the credit for the pass to Nuge for the 2nd goal but who is the midfielder who steals the ball off Brentford....Bryson of course.
  2. Ellafella

    Brentford at home 22 September

    It’s not a terminal problem so let’s not fret about it.
  3. Ellafella

    Brentford at home 22 September

    That does actually look like me although friends tell me I’m not quite as interesting as that sillhouette. 😲
  4. Ellafella

    Brentford at home 22 September

    Myself and Edward sometimes do the Brunswick pre-match @Carl Sagan...if ever you fancy a pre-match pint ...👍
  5. Ellafella

    Were Leeds That Good Or ,,,,

    There’s a long way to go. We need to just keep playing for consistency. There’s a good feel to the Club. FL exudes leadership in a nicely under-stated way. I love the brand of football. We have every reason to feel confident of a good season without getting carried away. We will lose players to injury - we have already - but I’m sure others will step in and take their opportunity. I don’t mind if we don’t go up this year - just beat quite a few teams and of course the Red Dogs and have a good cup run. Teams will start to target Mount and try and stop him. So let’s just enjoy the season...attendances have dropped a bit but let’s hope they come back as we string some results together. But I’m very happy with how things are panning out with the Ram-Pards in charge.
  6. Ellafella

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Great post; and I agree about Tomori...seems a tad wasted at Centre Half.
  7. Ellafella

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    Get out now!
  8. Ellafella

    Lampards Permanent Signings

    ...and that’s the point...rising but never quite reach the value. 😉. Unless he cements the promise with a match winner.
  9. Ellafella

    Lampards Permanent Signings

    Sorry @RamNut Sir...it’s my statistical bull again... I just mean his stock is rising but he’s about to fizzle out unless he makes a telling impact now.
  10. Ellafella

    Lampards Permanent Signings

    For “but” do you mean “buy”? Or do you have other “inklings”? 🤭
  11. Ellafella

    Lampards Permanent Signings

    Definitely. Mason needs to score a goal today. His trajectory is on the asymptote at the moment so he needs to score a winner or a 20 yarder to take it to the next level.
  12. Ellafella

    The sum of our parts

    The midfield is the problem. The side is disjointed; it’s about trying different permutations. FL will know this and will be figuring it out. The tempo isn’t right...a bit like an engine that isn’t quite tuned correctly...is it about changing the parts around or do we need a replacement part? When Davis is fit, who makes way? When is Evans back? Still quite a few permutations to go at...I trust Frank will get it right just might take a few weeks yet.
  13. Ellafella

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    I’m in the Lake District; lots of sheep; which is nice.🐑
  14. Ellafella

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    Old granny’s what?! 😲
  15. Ellafella

    He doesn't look a thing like Jesus

    Clever seg-waying there @Boycie redolent of Central News Sport in its heyday; you saw a link and delivered it right up...😲

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