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  1. GivE him tiMe! I suspect. . . Absolutely! ... Indeed!. . . Quote me. Screenshot me @ me. FTFY!
  2. I didn't realise I was supposed to.
  3. @RoyMac5 I have to say that I found that "explanation" absolutely jaw-dropping too and am surprised there hasn't been more discussion about it. Quite clearly, it demonstrated to me at best "fuzzy" judgement. I was actually surprised that Cocu was prepared to "explain" it. Quite clearly, Dutch Mike was going to get picked "come what may" and so to me the whole "explanation" about Clarke was a somewhat "rationalised" and a bit "ergo post hoc". It also massively exploded in Cocu's face given we lost so resoundingly. It reminded me a little of Cocu's explanation as to why Shinnie wasn't getting a
  4. I would actually find it difficult to watch. I would still be going but under sufferance. You know @i-Ram I am the most enthusiastic Derby County fan you could ever meet. I can speak for hours about the Club, its history, matches over the 45 years that I’ve been watching like many of the great supporters on this forum, and I know in my water just how poor the football is right now and how unsuited Cocu is sadly for our Club. I wish I was wrong.
  5. The football is terrible and the results are terrible. The players look worse than they are. Cocu and his crowd of coaches have had 12 months. It’s a results business. I have followed and supported Derby since I was 4 years old. I’m 55 now. Things will not get better under this regime. We are too easy to play against. Stability under this guy will lead us to League 1. We are going backwards and downwards. I don’t like this fact but it’s plain to see and has been for a good while. Cocu has called a few performances “unacceptable” yet nothing changes. What does that tell you?
  6. For me, that tells me that Cocu really hasn’t got a Scooby Doo!
  7. Good leadership is about recognising when the plan isn’t working. The plan isn’t working. What’s the next move?
  8. Can’t @David just turn the server off? 😮
  9. Absolutely odd. Haven’t seen anything in te Weirek to suggest he can add anything to English football.
  10. Yes it is. But sometimes, the impact of a traumatic experience can affect you so much that you aren't able to function as you previously could. . .and this trauma takes time to get over. Different people have different thresholds and some cope better than others. I'm sure though that Jordon will bounce back with us. He is in very good hands at Derby County . . .and he knows that.
  11. @Marriott Ram99 Have you read the Secret Footballer? https://www.theguardian.com/football/series/the-secret-footballerLots in there about the experience of chronic depression and anxiety. Also see: https://www.wsc.co.uk/reviews/64-Players/11583-tales-from-the-secret-footballer
  12. Absolutely @jono. The opposite - 24,000 voices in unison articulating a collective "downer" when a player mis-cues a shot can have a hugely detrimental impact so, as you'll also be fully aware, it's very key that we don't expect to see Jordon "on fire" from the get-go. He's got to re-claim his fitness and that will take a good while not having played for so long. Too soon and he'll get injured, or at worst suffer more "trauma" if he massively under-performs. Might be a good thing that he plays in empty stadia in the short- medium term - until he's back at his sharpest.
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