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  1. Come to think on it @David I have-ner. I will consult my physician forthwith...{reaches for stethoscope & makes mental note to not to drink Guinness at Wembley Championship play-off Final next year..*} * assuming we make it} .
  2. Your sausage proclivities are entirely a matter for your own conscience @David...but I was desperate at the time. 😲
  3. This is an own goal. It stinks of corporate bullying. Football is nothing without the fans. Derby County’s own strapline: “ Nothing without u”. I see families of Rams’ fans attending games, all with shirts & season tickets and as a father of 3 grown up children who I now no longer have to pay for, who are now off the family payroll, I wonder “how do they {young parents with young children} afford the match day?”. I paid £12 for 2 sausage rolls at Wembley...let’s not go there. This needs revising...& quickly.
  4. That said...Burton have been a real problem for us last 3 seasons and have usually made us look frumpy & ordinary.
  5. Not available @B4ev6is due to personal reasons.
  6. No...Mrs E’fellas Birthday tomorrow so present buying hence not at the game.
  7. Great stuff chaps. Sat at The Tap in Sheffield and feel like I’m at the game. Great snippets of reporting...I’m going to buy you all a pint 🍺...and then drink it for you.
  8. Great report backs lads...@@Andicis @Ghost of Clough @RamLad1884...et alia. Keep them coming.
  9. Used to be famous for the best pint of Pedi in Burton.
  10. Starting XI will get 75 mins today so I think that’ll give an insight into Cocu’s current assessment of what he wants to do; it will not be the final position; I’m hoping to see Martin linking with Marriott or Mansion Bennett. I’d like to see Thorne too and Holmes threading balls through and a proactive attacking style. I fully expect our Nige’ to soak up and beat us 2-0. He will have his team on rocket fuel. Hope Jake B gets a rousing reception from the Derby fans.
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