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  1. Ellafella

    Craig Forsyth

    I twisted my ankle the other day. There’s definitely something funny going on. 😮
  2. Ellafella

    Craig Forsyth

    The links that other posters above have provided flag up a multi-factorial causation with increased intensity of the game and fatigue effects being upper-most. I think there is a need for proper research to be carried out; as this is a potentially career-ending issue you’d think the PFA would be taking a lead on this and maybe they are.
  3. Ellafella

    Craig Forsyth

    No. As @86 points posits, it’s the blades. Never used to be so frequent with proper studs. I think some FAs have barred blades for young players.
  4. Ellafella

    In a Nutshell: Rams V Aston Villa

  5. Ellafella

    Andre Wisdom

    I suspect we night see him in the near future; we need to stop allowing so many crosses from both flanks in to our box.
  6. 1. I’ve always had a soft spot for Aston Villa; William McGregor, Claret N Blue, lovely old stadium; good support, traditional old club, Sid Cowans!..marvellous…what a player! , oooh…jumpers for goal posts, that sort of thing. Oh! and I did have trials for them when I was 15. I marked Mark Walters in one of the games and guess what…yep he scored a hat-trick despite being in my back-pocket for the entire 90 minutes. Ok, so he got lucky. 2. Buoyed by the news of Edward’s goal for his Saturday team and his 2 assists {I made him give me a frame by frame account of his half-volley from the edge of the box} the Fans’ Park talk pre-match was a tad nervy with debate about FL’s team selection from a depleted squad and envious glances to the Villa team…Tammy Abrahams {who real name is Kevin apparently}, Adomah, Grealish et al…Oh we were in for a tough one. There was general agreement that we needed Tomori’s pace to counter said Kevin and many said they’d take a point now…. 3. A beautifully sombre pre-match minute’s silence with regimental presence along the touchline and Private Derby in a coat of scarlet before a 30,000 crowd and a tingling atmosphere as two middle-heavyweights went toe-to-toe. First half it was pretty much end-to-end: there was a thumping shot from Harry Wilson which stung the Villa stopper’s hands, and a medley of three shots in a pin-ball frenzy that Derby should really have scored from. Villa too had chances with Abrahams being denied from just a couple of yards by Carson’s instinctive reaction save but it was Tom Lawrence who was most profligate when clean through with a 1 on 1 he lobbed the ball clean over the bar in a sort of “miss-of-the-season”-Roger-Davies-type-scenario. Fact is though, we never had control of the midfield and it was clear that at half-time whoever took control on that area would win the game. 4. And second half it was Aston Villa whose grip gradually tightened. Huddlestone notably retreated 15 yards further back and there began to be wave after wave of Villa menace, notably down their left {our right} with an apparent targeting of Bogle being the main Villa tactic {think me versus Mark Walters back in 1980}; it seemed all too easy for Adomah and Bolasie to get crosses in from the left and so it was for McGinn to head in and Abrahams to flick home before Hourihane’s left-peg free-kick pearler. 3-0 to Villa in a 10 minute goal-fest. 5. To add injury to insult, Bennett tweaked a hamstring when stretching for a loose pass and worryingly a distressed-looking Forsyth was accompanied back to the dug-out after going down off the pitch. 6. FL hates losing. His post-match was all staccatissimo. Should we panic? No. Villa deserved the 3-0; they are a very good side who will be top 6 come January. The break for once has come at the right time. We need to get injured players back. Time will show that this was a strategic defeat. Sometimes you have to lose a battle to remind you what it takes to win a war.
  7. Ellafella

    Christmas Present

    ...and where is he now? 😮
  8. Ellafella

    Christmas Present

    Absolutely...a couple of slurps of that and you wouldn’t know which station to get off the train at. 😮
  9. Ellafella

    Christmas Present

    ...probably but @BurtonRam7 hasn’t been heard from since he was at Stoke railway station singing Derby songs to a throng of Stokies 😮
  10. Ellafella

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Absolutely. Proper football match. Abrahams* is very difficult to snuff out. I would put Tomori back in for this reason...we need speed at the back to keep him out. He’s the danger man. * Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham (born 2 October 1997), known as Tammy Abraham. Real name Kevin. Not many people know that. 😲
  11. Ellafella

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Come on @BurtonRam7 arms in the air and sing “Sheep Shag Army!” Right in front of the Stokies. 😉
  12. Ellafella

    Christmas Present

    They are really good. @loweman2; please let me know when details finalised.
  13. Ellafella

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Forsyth has 3 assists in the last 2 games @Chester40 do not sure why you’ve got Malone in, Sir?
  14. Ellafella

    Christmas Present

    Wow! @loweman2 love them! Are they available to buy? Really like them all - especially the Reservoir Dogs. I would definitely shell out the Juve one too. Can you tell me where to get them?
  15. Wasn’t he a character out of Only Fools and Horses? 😲

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