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  1. World Cup Draw

    Honestly cant wait though, first time Iran have made two consecutive world cups. With our under 17 team making the world cup quater finals in india and beating germany 4-0 on the way, future is bright and we are set to stay top of asian football for a long time
  2. World Cup Draw

    Iranian ram here. Iran are very well drilled under Carlos Querioz, top team in asia, unbeaten in the qualification campaign, havent lost a competitive game in normal time since the last world cup, I think we can shock a few people here. A lot of you guys see Iran as an easy win for england, Id bet against it
  3. Derby County V Reading

    No way is our midfield even top half quality tbh, ;ledley has saved us. We need a top class CM
  4. Top 6

    forgot about boro- they came from nowhere haha
  5. Live games 2017/18

    ffs we are 7th now
  6. Huddlestone

    Not sure thorne will ever get back to were he was under Steve McLaren.. hope he does though
  7. Top 6

    Leeds lose Rams 6th with game in hand going into the break Happy days Keogh and Ledley to come back Martin got the goal he needs Vydra will be fully fit for Fulham Id imagine Cheer up have a pint I expected 12th-9th start of this season, especially after the transfer market debacle- so have a pint and cheer the f*** up
  8. Is Rowett up to the job

    Would people be happy with top half this season? Genuine question
  9. Derby County V Reading

    Lets be honest, after losing hughes and ince, no one expected promotion. Top half would be a good season for me
  10. Derby County V Reading

    Good indication of were we are, a solid upperhalf team but short of play offs I think next season will be the time to push, with the prem teams coming down not looking great
  11. Martin Interview

    Vydra- Winnall will lack height tbh, dont like that, maybe for away games when we try and counter teams
  12. Our biggest strength

    Point being, we arent thinking "if X or Y gets injured we are screwed" like in the past seasons we were reliant on ince and martin too much for my liking
  13. Our biggest strength

    We arent reliant on one player..like 2013-2014 (we needed thorne for a 4-3-3 to work). We can lose a cm, a striker and even a winger and we will still be hard to beat as a team. Arguably Carson and keogh the only two players that would be a huge loss for us We hopefully be the team that will be less affected by injuries during the season
  14. Sexual Harassment

    As my dad would say No means yes and yes means anal
  15. Now pick the team!

    I like Winall as an impact sub, Id start Vydra- Nugent

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