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  1. dcfcfan1

    Geriatric Floresta

    Havent boro made some shrewd signings though? Stoke's manager plays boring football, but he is great at squeezing every ounce of his players. Rowett will keep them solid, then moments of magic by ince and clinical afobe will get them up
  2. dcfcfan1

    Geriatric Floresta

    I actually think if we can get a 20 goal plus striker (Cant see Vydra hacking a 4-3-3), both us and forest can finish play offs. Davies Im hoping will keep us his good form from last season, I think he will be key (for some reason Im worried he might have a bad season with Lampards emphasis on playing out from the back). Stoke and Boro are front runners for the league title, but with WBA and Swansea not doing much in the market, this league is wide open
  3. dcfcfan1

    Things you wish you were good at?

    Hahaha tbh I avoid stuff because I know I will fail and get angry And you know what? Theres nothing wrong with living within your means
  4. dcfcfan1

    Things you wish you were good at?

    Lets have an online game hahaha
  5. dcfcfan1

    Things you wish you were good at?

    Its wierd, as the things that Im rubbish at , I either try and improve (and then sack it off after a while if I continue to fail) or I accept it, put it in a box , close it (in my mind) and get on with my life I dont let things play on my mind, and consume me, I think its a healthy way of dealing with problems/ difficulties in life Yes, you want to improve, but sometimes, its good to take a step back, be content, and appreciate what you do have in life, rather than obssess over things you dont have/cant do
  6. dcfcfan1

    Things you wish you were good at?

    Im decent at chess, wanna game 😛
  7. dcfcfan1

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    We need 4 wingers if we are playing 4_3_3, surprised by how many people didn't realise we need another winger.
  8. dcfcfan1

    Snake City watch

    Fulham were too good, they were unlucky not to go up tbh. Injuries ducked them for most of the season
  9. dcfcfan1

    Snake City watch

    Stoke signing Afobe and Ince, they look favourites for first place along with Middlesborough
  10. dcfcfan1

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    I went to the game and I thought he were good first half. We could have been 2 or 3 up by the time they scored the first
  11. dcfcfan1

    Bloated Squad?

    We need blackman, Nugent, butterfield, martin gone tbh I know it sounds cold and disloyal but I just want all our deadwood sold so we can jump at opportunities such as marriot
  12. dcfcfan1

    A Trip to Trump-ton

    Back to Trump, the protest is really pathetic tbh Obama deported more people than trump (3 million) and killed many more due to his disasterous foreign policy, didnt see any protests for him?
  13. Ledley- Huddelstone - Mount is a good midfield 3 (maybe swapping huddestone and ledley around). Ledley sits deeper, huddelstone sprays the passes, and mount chips in with a few goals with his runs into the box (aka bryson under McClaren)
  14. Until you produce a player who can dictate the pace of the game and pick out a pass like a kroos, isco, pirlo, iniesta then not a chance you can win the world cup. Defensive solidarity, organisation, pace and power can only get you so far. The lack of ability in technical ability in englands squad was there to see this world cup
  15. dcfcfan1

    Is this season a write-off already?

    Write off in terms of top 6 finish- Yes, as we dont seem to be doing much activity to improve our team But this season can be one of the most important seasons in a decade, in terms of improving the style of play, bringing in youngsters ect

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