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  1. I agree it could be a good cm trio but I dont see holmes playing a lot of games, too injury prone. Very good player but we shouldnt rely on him
  2. Sounds great but not getting carried away. Evans playing well (according to you guys is a huge plus as we are weak in CB)
  3. TBH Omar and AOC are just as american as Trump or anyone else "Send them back" is an appalling chant
  4. And lost bryon and johnson who played reasonably often for us thats 5 players we are down
  5. Wouldnt say its half empty as I think if cocu finishes his contract here we will be in the prem. Just think after the way Frank screwed us this season will be rough, with a threadbare squad, relying on youngsters/players who have been out of favour with us for the last few years (martin ect)
  6. I just doubt they would be able to replace wilsons goals
  7. They arent top 6 quality. Both good sub players, valuable to have, but we do need at least one winger in before the season starts
  8. Dowell ans holmes only two decent CMs Thorne is a crock, huddlestone is past it Sibley Bird knight just youngsters cant be playing week in week out, unproven
  9. Its mid table standard , dont like the midfield and Bennett and flo-Jo shouldnt be starting. A few injuries and we could struggle in season
  10. Wonder how many, must be 3 minimum? As he said "most"..
  11. Trumps Rally was trash AOC and Omar's are trash candidates My take
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