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  1. Love lampard, but dont think he is up to it yet. Doesnt mean he cant learn and become better next season, Stick with him, but top 6 is over
  2. top 6 over Lets look forward to next season Still faith in Lamps, how we react to this is key
  3. JUST BROUGHT MINE- CANT WAIT Will it come via a card ?
  4. Looks like we will come 7th with bristol unbeatable TBH would have taken it start of season
  5. If Lampard can improve our away peformances and form next season- we will be a force
  6. duck me, they dont stop winning. Im gonna accept they are gonna finish ij top 6 Looking at taking boro's spot instead
  7. Glad I dont have to every worrying about this malarkey I will be buying a Derby ST though
  8. Great win and enjoyed the game today, sat in the corner today, fantastic
  9. Going to the game tomorrow- driving there so no drinking for me
  10. TBH if we kept GR we still would have progressed this season IMO. For me its not about GR or FL its about giving managers time and chance to get their style and own players to get us promotion
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