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  1. dcfcfan1

    New parents

    All the best today There's one thing not being able to have kids (my case ECT), but to have your baby taken away from you . ..dont want to even begin to imagine Hope it's just a scare
  2. dcfcfan1

    New parents

    So sorry to hear that mate .
  3. dcfcfan1

    New parents

    What the duck is there to enjoy about that lol
  4. both yellows tbh game got oversensitive with challenges
  5. Utterly refreshing Nowadays you have this "nice guys finish last" ******** that gets branded around, which just turns the world into a bunch of people who want to be manipulative twits
  6. More pissed with the players involved tbh As annoying as it is to be getting stick from all my mates (who support either forest or leeds), I prefer that than walking around nottingham with a 1000 souless manchester united or arsenal fans We will be back next season, let them have their fun now
  7. tbh we would be doing the same if it was the other way round
  8. Next season we will Grabban and lolley will leave, and by then rooneys best position would be identified after experimenting in the late season Just hope they dont go up this season, because next season confident we will wipe the floor with them
  9. dcfcfan1


    If britt has scored past us vs boro we would be panicking about relegation...luckily clarke made a fantastic block I just think this passing out the back is barmy without keogh, who is a decent passer of the ball
  10. One of my pet hates tbh If you dont like soemthing, dont watch it For example, FI dont like love island, its poo, always has been poo, always will be poo, always will continue to be poo But theres only one thing that pissess me off more than love island. People who complain about love island. So pointless
  11. dcfcfan1


    We do need one tbh, our spine keogh, huddlestone ect are done
  12. Last time I bummed over villa they beat us in the play off finals haha Hope we dont suffer the same fate
  13. Exactly what Im saying tbh, your just articulating it better
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