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  1. Ive got a new ST for next year but didnt have one for last year? I should still qualify 🙂 hahaha
  2. Mine is east midlands from kirkby in ashfield to nottingham to london kings cross Usually they are lenient, I have trains for specific times, but might go one hour earlier or later depending on times (going and coming back) 99% of the times, they are alright with that tbh
  3. Why do people think its acceptable to throw milkshake over people they dont like ?Sad state of affairs I dont like TR or Sargon of Akkhad but baffles me how many people are condoning this or just letting this slide?
  4. Train from Kirkby in Ashfield to london Kings cross Tube from Kings cross to wembley for me
  5. I didnt have ST last season but got an 18/19 one before March, would I get a refund?
  6. play vs better teams vs best players in the world?
  7. wtf? why would we get a ST for free? surely that wont happen, dont expect that too. If anything I expected him to ask us to pay more, because we would be in the prem?
  8. Why would you want a refund if we go up ?
  9. love him being pushed to the fans right near the end too
  10. what happens with the other 7k of tickets ? confused if wembley holds 80k
  11. What a Bamford I get turned down all the time, not once did I ever think to act in such a way Back to more pressing matters, my brother cant wait to come and see us at Wembley. Heres to a good day !
  12. I brought an under 22 one, as he is 21, told him to bring his I,D and driving liscence
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