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  1. Your wife must have been very great in helping you on your recovery- credit to her too Well done mate
  2. What a complete scumbag Just seen this too How on earth are we raising our men here? Complete disaster, Lack of values and respect We could do with more religion in our western society, men have truely lost their way here, especially when it comes to treating and respecting women
  3. Agree with you on everything bar being in the mix, I would doubt we will be anywhere near top 6 this season with our team
  4. Think Forest doing well makes a transition season harder to swallow for a lot of fans- including me
  5. Its the team. Looks balanced, strength in all areas bar attack (only way I can see them missing top 6 is if grabban gets injured). Nice recruitment, getting lots of players for small amounts, rather than spunking 80k wages on a past it england player when we needed a winger, keeper and cm so badly Very smart
  6. Forest an example of what good scouting and recruitment can do Fair play to them
  7. Its because our squad is so so poor in the midfield area tbf to him
  8. One good winger and one good cm away from a top 2 side next season Cocu can experiment this season, just a respectable middtableish season and plan on summer already Work out Rooneys best position for next season Work out who he wants to keep and who he wants to get rid Find a few youth players who could be of use (e.g squad players like knight cant see us unearthing another bogle or hughes tbh) Finishing 8th is the same as 20th in my book, please please to god dont sack cocu mel if we have a "poor" season pointswise
  9. Two middtable teams Fully expect forest to challenge for top 6, recruited smarter than us and have more midfield options IF grabban stays fit. If grabban gets injured- you can join us in middtable this season HOWEVER, Id say our club is in safer hands and we have a brighter future (fully expect a promotion charge next season IF and again IF cocu stays).
  10. Our market was a disaster Cocu can't do much with this squad
  11. Can kiss top 6 goodbye This squad is bang average
  12. Your lads girlfriend is a hero! Very luck to have her and she probably saved your lads life! All the best x
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