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  1. There's no news. We may hurriedly sign players by 12 noon tomorrow if they're happy to sign contracts with no salary figures in (I doubt they will!). So, we need all the fans to turn up on saturday, support WR & the players and get an unexpected bright victory. Through the lens of 3 points, things may seem a lot better, but there's a lot of people on Twitter who "support" the Rams who are wanting to protest about it all. No point.
  2. We need every fan so hopefully you’ll get there soon.
  3. This weekend the eyes of the football world will be on the Rams. Absolutely no point in turning up to protest - that would just be a huge shot in the foot. The situation is what it is. Let's turn up, cheer and support WR and the players. 3 points from a win will give the players a huge boost; siege mentality, fans behind them, nothing to lose. We're in this together. If you can keep your head when all about are losing theirs and blaming it on you...
  4. Mmm…At least if WR walked nobody would blame him or be surprised. Just think though if we beat HTFC 3-0 on Sat with another energetic performance things might just click. #blindoptimism
  5. Are you referring to the aftermath of the Meeting with MM? If so, I’d say all optimism has drained and realism has replaced it. I don’t believe there’s any good news. We need to get behind the players and WR because they’re going to need our support more than ever. #carcrashincoming
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xT2ZOZhn5yQ
  7. Health & Safety haven’t had chance to write their report as the last season ended only 3 months ago. 😲
  8. Lovely kit indeed. With gold shorts 🩳 and chocolate socks would be lush. May need the rampant ram 🐏 but otherwise outstanding. Will the kit committee go for it? Doubt it.
  9. Ehh? Can you explain more please @TomBustler1884
  10. Just the one @David mind; don’t want you doing an Ian Rush when it comes to your turn:
  11. Yes: 1. Pints Buy in the fans’ park from 1pm or in the ground from 1:30. Buy in the concourse at ht. 2. Rules: when you buy your tickets you’ll have to agree to terms of reference by ticking the box on the website. Best give them a thorough read. But no proof of jabs required. Enjoy the game.
  12. Apologies @kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong. I of course should’ve typed @Charlotte Ram. Sorry to confuse.
  13. Absolutely. There are several others who are so much more obvious choices: Curtis D, Shinnie, CKR. Sometimes giving somebody an aspirational challenge can be just the tonic they need to "flick" the psychological switch and become a leader. I'm pretty certain that others in the camp will be offering TL the advice that he needs. As Mckram says, it prompts a few observational questions of TL: 1. Will he be a vocal and demonstrative leader on the pitch? I think he needs to show that. 2. Will his self-discipline and attitude towards being "baited" by opposition "wums" improve. That needs to happen. 3. Will his personal contribution to our attacking dept increase? It needs to. He tends to be a "1 in 4" player ie 1 good performance, and 3 very mediocre ones {he was virtually invisible v Notts Co at the weekend, gave 2 very sloppy balls away} and then scored the penalty {which some criticised him for, given its style}. He certainly needs media training. His tone of voice, eye-contact, speech pattern and speech volume need work; and his body language on and of the pitch suggest a young man who keeps his problems inside and they weigh his shoulders down. So, he really ought to get some help with this. Also, it is a gamble by Wazza. If 2 (above) doesn't happen, then Wazza must be prepared to re-think. But reversing the decision at some point in the future could be very counter-productive...egg on face, doubts about Wazza's judgement underlined, impact on TL himself. Myself, I would not have done this, but if it comes off and TL thrives, scores more and inspires the Team to unexpected glory, Wazza will look like a very astute motivator. Very interested to see how this develops then...
  14. You do rather strike me as somebody who’d be a supporter of Theresa May. Was it the ABBA dancing that did it @i-Ram. Is that when you became a firm admirer? 👀
  15. What’s Conor Sammon doing these days?
  16. Thanks for flagging it up. Let’s not get into a flap about it though. 😲
  17. One for @loweman2? I love the fact that we have a life-long fan named Notty Hornblower. 😃 https://www.pressreader.com/uk/burton-mail/20210728/281883006373900
  18. Or would he have been Syd the Sexist who fell asleep just when the opportunity finally arose (again?!)
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