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  1. Ive been his biggest critic this year but MOTM by a long way
  2. Im still shaking now, my nerves are shot
  3. Amazing stuff in your Bolognese/Pasta type dishes
  4. Just received my cheque today out of the blue, never had any emails.
  5. Sting early 00's Manchester Arena , was a free ticket and still wished i hadnt gone, spent nearly an hour in the bar it was so awful boring self indulgent rubbish.
  6. Was that the bark at the moon tour at Assembly rooms? if so i was there dont really remember much about it one way or another.
  7. Best pun of the year 🤣
  8. Im in the club. Content Count 1,087 Community Reputation 1,358
  9. Dangerously moorish at 5.5%
  10. That place near the spot replaced the screen on my phone dont know if they do tabs or not but they are very good
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