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  1. Quite why anyone would pay £5 for a pint of CO2 is beyond me. Its the gassiest fizzy piswatter ive had the misfortune to drink
  2. Does anyone know if this offer is still on for this season if we go up?
  3. Bloody hell thats exactly what i do. One of my many ocd fetishes
  4. Loads of beans on ya breakfast and proper tomatoes out of a tin like nature intended Oh and lashings of ketchup none of that brown abomination
  5. Bwash_Ram

    New joke thread

    Bloke knocked on my door wanting to tell me the great news about our Lord. I said "eff off mate I'm watching the footy". As I tried to close the door in his face, he grabbed my arm and twisted it up my back slamming my face into the wall, then with a single rabbit punch broke 3 of my ribs, he then kung fu kicked my leg shattering the bone in three places. As I fell to the floor he karate chopped my windpipe and left me choking in agony on my own doorstep. Bloody Jason Bourne again Christian.
  6. Bit of a slow episode but on the bright side Aria finally got her T&A out (very briefly)
  7. Have you pricked out her clematis?
  8. Shame, loved UFO / Shencker stuff
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