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  1. Derby Snow - Game called off

    ******** down now, here in Borrowash
  2. First pubs visited

    At the BBG me and my mate (both about 14-15) used to get served at the little beer kiosk at the back of the popside. The pubs near the ground always used to be heaving and a bit scary for us young lads. First pub i ever got served in was the Cliff Inn in crich age 13 (them were the days) and from then on regularly at the west hallam white hart, through my school years, didnt really go there much after 16 or 17. When older we used to regularly frequent your namesake the holly bush in makeney, back in the eighties it was awesome, amazing pint of ruddles county served from a metal jug.
  3. Mea Culpa, I was wrong.

    I suspect its all going to be academic anyway, as we are going to get tonked by Forest and GR will be sacked on monday.
  4. Mea Culpa, I was wrong.

    With hindsight we should have never gotten rid of Cloughie, if he'd had the kind of money available, that the last few managers have had, we'd be in europe now, not scrattling around in the championship.
  5. White Privilege

    Privilege and opportunities, really have nothing to do with race/ethnicity. Upbringing and cicumstances are far more important. A black boy growing up in a good area, with 2 loving parents and going to a good school will outperform and achieve more in life than a white boy from a deprived background. It is the poverty of aspiration (of the parents and the child) that is ultimately the determining factor.
  6. Season tickets for next year, whose renewed

    Yes im in for another season with the ES block i ultras
  7. What are you eating tonight

    Also known as a "Ratclimber"
  8. A bit of mild weather on the way...

    Local kids making a snowman always reminds me of this little ditty
  9. Derby County vs Fulham

    Looking down at a good 6 inches here in Borrowash village Woman in the post office is furious
  10. Derby County vs Fulham

    Sky Bet Championship Pride Park Stadium Saturday 3rd March Kick-Off: 3pm Fulham are arguably the best team in the league right now, and we are looking dodgy at the back, so on paper we should get given an extra orifice. But football is a funny game and we might see a reaction or a change of system / tactics/players, who knows, but whatever itll be an evenful afternoon. COYR
  11. Reading v Derby County

    Sky Bet Championship Sat 24 February 15:00 Madejski Stadium Palmer keeps my matchday thread going for a second game, hopefully a much needed win on sat. COYR
  12. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Carson Keogh Thorne Davis Wisdom Hudds Ledley Olson Vyds Jerome Nuge 3-5-2 with Thorney playing as a sweeper
  13. Extra money for Maddy

  14. Extra money for Maddy

    You cant sue someone for telling the truth
  15. Pancake Day

    I think we all had egg on our faces last night.

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