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  1. Do we have any Guitar Players here?

    Yeah tina is awesome this is my fav Ive been playing for many years , just for my own amusement.
  2. Could be worse. Imagine waking, to find him emptying his sack into your wifes stocking.
  3. He does make them periodically.
  4. Shefield United

    Maybe they are sponsored by a new brand of femidom?
  5. Cheese

    Or loads of Cathedral city mature, grated in a bowl with a small finely chopped onion, then add in a spoon of mayonnaise, mix well and serve in a large cob with walkers cheese and onion crisps on side and a little branston to dunk into. and voila, the best snack youve ever had i guarantee, if you like cheese just try it.
  6. Cheese

    Asda's extra special Parmegiano Reggiano. grate a **** ton of that on your Bolognese , oh my goodness.
  7. Thorne/Huddlestone

    Rotate them.
  8. Are the flags comimg out for this one? we need a sea of great white and black
  9. Google v Amazon

    Most tv's have youtube apps anyway. My LG has got youtube 4k, amazon prime hdr and netflix dolby vision, and they all work really well, so i only use my fire tv box now for kodi streaming.
  10. Posters Crimbo Trees

    Ive got a 6 foooter with a bell at the top.
  11. Picture where you are now

    Youre going to drive me batty with all these puns.
  12. Water quality

    Is it just me or has the quality of the tap water in these parts declined? For the last couple of weeks ive noticed a slight smell and taste to the water (kind of sewagey) Its only very slight and is probably safe but annoying all the same.
  13. Barnsley (A) Tickets

    I'll never forget the Billie Krankie season, when we took 7k, awesome atmosphere, prob the last away game i went to. I can never work out why we always take a load up there, yet dont take that many to sheffield or leeds.
  14. Low attendance

    Optimism is down Prices are up.
  15. irrational hatreds

    Noel Fielding

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