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  1. Bwash_Ram

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    I hope you take the batteries out first.
  2. Bwash_Ram

    Derby taxis

    Chads are usually the cheapest
  3. Bwash_Ram

    Funny Pics Thread

  4. Bwash_Ram

    Funny Pics Thread

  5. Bwash_Ram


  6. Bwash_Ram

    New joke thread

    Burnt my Hawaiian pizza last night. Should have put it on aloha setting.
  7. Bwash_Ram

    George Evans injury, out for 4-6 weeks

    Any updates? it seems to have gone quiet about him.
  8. Bwash_Ram

    New joke thread

    I've only got three records in my collection. Two by Meatloaf and one by Michael Jackson. So two out of three ain't Bad.
  9. Bwash_Ram

    New joke thread

    My last girlfriend left me because of my obsession of touching pasta. Feeling cannelloni right now
  10. Bwash_Ram

    Cannabis on the NHS?

    All doctors should be free to prescribe whatever they think will work best for their patients, end of.
  11. Bwash_Ram


    If youre on a budget then Hisense offer the best bang for buck, if money no object then any oled tv they are all awesome, whichever make.
  12. Bwash_Ram

    New joke thread

    Hickory Dickory Dock
  13. Bwash_Ram

    Funny Pics Thread

  14. Bwash_Ram


    Get Sky Q its awesome (once you get used to it)

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