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  1. Bwash_Ram

    Phone Screen Time

    Yes i watch a lot of "entertainment"
  2. Bwash_Ram

    New joke thread

    A reminder from Dianne Abbott that the clocks go sideways on March 31st.
  3. I seem to have managed a batch of results
  4. Bwash_Ram

    New joke thread

    Glasgow university evacuated as police investigate suspicious package. Turns out it was a salad.
  5. Thunderbird and Metaxa, breakfast of champions.
  6. Bwash_Ram

    Beer Thread

    If you like your beers, this guy is the best reviewer on the internet love his catchphrase "stone the crows" when he really likes something https://www.youtube.com/user/realaleguide
  7. Lets keep it going from now until the end of the season
  8. Bwash_Ram


    Sod pancakes get yer senn dahn to PP
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