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  1. Please tell me thats not a thing
  2. The Mighty Boosh Ozark Mrs Browns Boys Seafood Anything with Avocado in it Any of those trendy types of food that seem popular to Waitrose types like Haloumi,Houmous,Quark and Gnocchi etc.
  3. That made me roll with laughing
  4. Had a couple of Erdinger Weisse biers from sainsbos the other night, i liked the taste (as it wasnt too spicy) but it was very "heavy going" not very quaffable it was also extremely gassy. Any recommendations for Wheat beers that are smooth and sinkable and also not too "clovey" ?
  5. Glad i renewed last week. For me the discount was automatically applied only charged me £380 for my Cat B seat. Though as of yesterday they still havnt taken the money out the bank.
  6. All that confusion must have caused some high tension.
  7. It seems to vary anywhere in £1-1.50 range
  8. Lidl's Patronus Weisse beer is an absolute steal at the price it currently is.
  9. Before the Forest game i looked at the fixture list and reckoned we'd get 4-5 points out of the last 6 games and im still of that opinion. This would give us 64-65 points which i dont think has ever been enough to get into the top 6.
  10. Im too Lazy to think.
  11. Anyone who uses the phrase "new normal" should be disembowelled
  12. I bet little Ern will be devastated.
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