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  1. Derby-Southampton playoff semi 2007 Derby-Forest at BBG 2-1 Deano header game Derby-Forest 5-0 game Derby-Norwich 2-2 1977 (because it was my first ever game, under floodlights normanton end, just 11 yo) Derby-Brighton playoff semi at PP Derby-WBA playoff final Wembley Derby-Forest 4-2 March 04 (coffee cup game)
  2. When I was in school I got asked, "What is 3000 converted into Roman Numerals ?" I replied, "Mmm...."
  3. Curse of Skinwalker Ranch on History channel is quite interesting.
  4. Now thats something to clap about.
  5. I can do it, but it takes some concentration.
  6. Must have had to shell out a few quid for those ingredients.
  7. Bwash_Ram

    Max Bird

    Its "The Derby Way" i guess. If he was at any other club in the championship he'd be valued at £15M
  8. Got a pizza from ZaZa's in the end, PK order got cancelled. No chippies in the Derby area?
  9. Sorry couldnt edit the above post in time, Accepted order on just eat for 17.45 but their website says closed until after easter weekend. not sure what the crack is anyone know?
  10. Just found Pizza kitchen is open in Chadd 01332280282 Also found some places open in Derby on justeat but most seem dodgy with really bad reviews or charge ludicrous delivery fees or minimum order price.
  11. It seems like most takeaways are now shut or only open shorter hours. Thought it would be good if we could all share details of which ones that are still delivering and what time to. At times like these when all pubs and restaurants are closed and things are pretty miserable any bit of a treat is welcome. In the Spon Chad Bwash Draycott area the only place that seems to be delivering as normal is Chad Kebabs 01332 203400 The chinese in Borrowash is open for deliveries upto 10pm 01332 668700 If you know of places that are open for delivery or whatever can you add them to this thread. Particularly would like pizza delivery places or chinese, indian whatever and i cant find any chippies open anywhere anyone know one?
  12. Ewood Park away end, playoff semi 1st leg (91-92) You had to be there man.
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