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  1. As your on the front row make sure you dont wear a high hat, or else people behind wont be able to see.
  2. If it was a pun he needs a stern telling off.
  3. Breaking news. Philip Schofield is set to leave ITV as he prefers the BBC.
  4. At least..more like 30 Its usually about 5.45 before the last cars get to leave, ive never left before 5.30.
  5. Technology is better, everything else has gone to poo.
  6. Kay, a red nude, pooped under a yak.
  7. I've just seen the new Batman shampoo in Tesco. I believe they are missing a key market by not producing a conditioner Gordon.
  8. Might be slightly over the Ryanair allowance.
  9. 15 year olds drinking in pubs Green Shield stamps Dodgy geezers with an escort van full of VHS tapes of films he'd copied, who always had a "special collection" hidden away for the gentlemen. Whooping cough Little bottles of milk with a straw for infant school kids Sixth Form girls getting their jubblies out on page 3 Spondon smelling like rotting puke
  10. Once fully fit and given a run in the side he is as good as anyone in this league.
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