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  1. 12:30pm Saturday 21st September Elland Road whatever
  2. One of my favourite indulgences, but you forgot the beans
  3. Derby County v Norwich City, 06 April 1977 2-2 Wed night under the floodlights at the BBG This was the night my obsession started, so 42 years for me
  4. Bwash_Ram

    How long

    I used to need a good 9 hours when i was younger now more like 6-7
  5. Bwash_Ram

    Watchable telly

    Der Pass is excellent if you dont mind subtitles.
  6. Bwash_Ram

    Haircut, sir?

    Done my own for the last 10 years. Bought some Wahl clippers for £20 its saved me a fortune. Its easy enough once you get the hang of it. Obviously if you have something more fancy than a number 3 all over you, will need a proper hairdresser.
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