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  1. Ok. So Anya, Butterfield, Blackman, all have not travelled with the squad. Pretty safe to assume they'll all be gone on frees or released within the next week or two. Two injured players (Holmes/Wisdom) not gone, but it's been made clear why, so they'll be "under consideration". Sibley seems to be headed over today/tomorrow, but no McAllister word - probably got his foot stuck on one of the airport conveyer belts and picked up an injury (I jest). Not sure what that means for him - probably won't be under serious consideration for the first team squad, is what I'd guess? Most interesting one for me is the inclusion of Thorne. Obviously, the decision of who goes on the training camp would have been made before Cocu was appointed, so it's not him, but he'll be running the rule over them. Only other player with a squad number (from last season) who didn't travel is Tyree Wilson - hence I'll put him in the same boat is McAllister. Going by all this, the current squad: Keepers: Carson, Roos, Ravas, Mitchell. 4 seems like overkill - I suspect Carson or Roos are in a race for #1, and the loser may well look to leave. *If* neither does, then I'd hope one of the other 2 go out on loan. Defenders: Lowe, Malone, Forsyth, Keogh, Davies, Buchanan, Bogle, Wisdom, Mcdonald. I think we need Tomori back (or similar), as the main thing that set of defenders lacks is a pacey centre back *that is already ready for the first team*. There's also 4 left backs in that list (if you include Fozzy), so wouldn't be surprised to see one go... probably Forsyth or Lowe, with McDonald maybe going out on loan until January. Midfielders: Shinnie, Huddlestone, Holmes, Evans (also CB), Bird, Sibley, Thorne, Knight, Mitchell-Lawson. Only 3/4 with real experience at this level, which is a concern, of course. But there's some bright futures for Sibley/Bird etc. Depending on how we end up playing, I suspect we'll usually be utilising 3 midfielders. Probably, at first, Shinnie, Hudds, Holmes... but the real wild card here is if Thorne can get a full pre-season and impress Cocu... because if he could.... I'd be pleased, lets just say that. If not, though, I think he'll leave before the end of July. Reckon Sibley and Bird probably need to be loaned out to get some league 1 level experience, too. Also, as much as I like him.... I think we could potentially do better than Holmes as our creative outlet. Forwards: Lawrence, Waghorn, Marriott, Bennett, Josefzoon, Martin. I see no reason to get rid of Martin. He's different to the rest of what we have, and having him available to call on is not a bad thing. Yes, he's had a bad couple of years, but he can't be any worse than Nuge was last season. More than happy for him to have that role this season. Waghorn, Marriott, Lawrence will all be around the first team most weeks. It's just who plays where. Particularly the right side of a 3/right wing - Marriott and Waghorn have tried it previously, but it's not either's natural position, and I haven't seen enough from FloJo to impress me - I reckon we should sell him. This leaves Mr Bennett.... and I'm afraid, for me, he's better as a sub, and frankly, we should be looking for better options. Going along these rough lines: Release: Anya, Butterfield, Blackman Sell: Zoon, Lowe!, Carson Loan out: Bird, Sibley, Knight, Mitchell-Lawson, Macdonald, Wilson First team squad: Roos, Malone, SIGNING(Davies for now), Keogh, Bogle, Shinnie, Huddlestone/Marriott (depending on formation), SIGNING (Holmes for now), Lawrence, SIGNING (Bennett for now), Waghorn. Backup squad: Mitchell/Ravas (keep both), Forsyth, Davies, Buchanan, Wisdom, Evans, Thorne, Holmes, McAllister, Bennett, Martin (bold are the ones I'd have on the bench)
  2. If anyone has been reading today's bbc sport live text updates.... my name is Ben, and I'm originally from Derby... But I'm not that Ben, Derby. But I do agree with Ben, Derby.
  3. So... reading between the lines... We get Shinnie, they get Bryson. No transfer fees paid Bryson probably on a lower wage up there, Shinnie probably on a higher one down here. ... I didn't know that football clubs did "swapsies"...
  4. Interesting aside- if these players are now on "vastly reduced sums", then other clubs may be more willing to purchase them (even if it's on a free) or cover a larger portion of wages. Take Butterfield. I have no idea what he was on 2 years ago. Let's say it was £20k. With 3 months left of this season, he's offered a contract extension which requires him to be paid, let's say, £7k, for 15 months. Makes sense for him, as rather than get £260k for 3 months, he get's just under £500k for 15 months. Yes, it's a lower wage, but it's more money. Now, lets say a team like Wigan thinks he could do a job for them, but only at ~£5k a week. At £20k a week, he was never going to be sold to them and take a £15k pay cut. A loan would have also cost us a lot more money. If he get's loaned to them, and they pay £5k a week, we pay £2k a week for the last year of his contract. Not great, but a lot less than what we would have spent. Other option is they say "we'll have him for free, and offer him £5k a week for 3 seasons. He might think that's a better option than rotting in reserves for another season and then maybe only being offered £3k a week in League 1. Either way, everybody wins.
  5. Currently 6/4 favourites to sign for Derby before the start of next season... (loans count). I mean, I know it's lazy, but it's still nice.
  6. You mean how like we all fondly remember a Mr Pearson? I'd say Lawrence. He's the pinnacle of a confidence player. If he scores the winner in a playoff final, he would go into pre season absolutely buzzing. I'd prefer Keogh to make a goalline clearance bicycle kick in the 94th minute. I'd also prefer us to be 2-0 up at the time so I don't have a heart attack. Waghorn, maybe. Then in his post match interview he can mention how surely, scoring a £180m+ goal means that, at £5m, he's an absolute snip 😉
  7. Also, worth mentioning. Obviously it was a great result Obviously it was a great performance Obviously I enjoyed it. But it was an absolutely cracking game of football, too. My FB feed last night was full of people with no interest in Derby talking about how good the game was. There were also 3 Forest fans who stopped posting at approximately 8:29pm As a mate of mine said- can someone turn the internet back on in Nottingham and Leeds? It's gone a bit quiet over there.
  8. In the post match celebrations, there was an exceptionally tall chap celebrating with us. Blonde, taller (by far) than most of the team. Any idea who that was?
  9. Now... could anyone do us a favour and get Tammy Abraham and Jack Grealish to injure each other in training, please?
  10. Holy macaroni I got one (half) right.
  11. Leeds 2 - 4 Derby Lawrence FGS (Leeds to score twice by half time, Derby to pull off heist of the century second half.
  12. It's weird. I have a similar situation, except I'm in Lincolnshire whenever anything big happens. I mean, admittedly, I live there, but still!
  13. Must Win? Must not lose? Vital 3 points? Winner takes all? ... 0-0 written all over it
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