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  1. Must Win? Must not lose? Vital 3 points? Winner takes all? ... 0-0 written all over it
  2. How far down the leagues until the rule stops? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45385162
  3. Villa will win their next 2 (Bolton away and Millwall home) to effectively seal 5th (maybe even nicking 4th but that's irrelevant) - Leeds Away and Norwich to follow is more likely to impact the race for 2nd. Hull and Sheff Wed have too much to do considering their remaining fixtures - Hull have West Brom, Sheff Utd, Swansea and Bristol, whilst the latter have Norwich and Preston away, with Bristol in between. As has been mentioned, that leaves 3 (Bristol, Boro and us). I think we will all win this Friday (Reading H, Stoke H, Brum A), though it would be very Pulis to draw 0-0 with Stoke. The Monday is trickier, Bristol have to go to Wednesday where they will get a draw I think, as will Boro at Forest. We should beat QPR. That would leave us and Bristol a point clear of Boro with a game in hand and very similar goal difference. The next Saturday is (obviously) massive. Beat Bristol, and we're one win (from 2 games) from 6th (or vice versa!). But I think it'll be a rubbish game and finish as a cagey draw, which will allow Boro to overtake us both by beating Reading. Then the "games in hand", which I reckon will both be draws, probably. Millwall likely to still need a point or two to stay up, and I just don't fancy us against Swansea. This leaves us in the delightful position of all being on 71 points with one game left. Bristol will lose to Hull, whilst us and Boro will win - West Brom will likely rest some players for playoffs, whilst Boro will consign Rotherham to relegation. We will make it on goal difference. I think and hope that United finish 3rd, in this situation, as I don't think we've got a chance against Leeds over 2 legs unfortunately. West Brom v Villa will be interesting, and I'd be hoping for West Brom to prevail (as we haven't got a great record against Villa this season...) But then, all of this is complete guesswork, so feel free to ignore me entirely.
  4. Typical wrist-slasher response 😉 Though yes, it was tongue in cheek. Mostly.
  5. Juan Mata, if he leaves United? Go on Frank, you can make it happen
  6. Target? 24 points, obviously. Why "target" anything less? 😉
  7. So.... what result do we want tonight? I'm actually going to say draw. I know it would put us down in 8th, but only on goal difference, and only (thanks to Saturday) by a single goal. We'd have a game in hand on Boro and Villa, and we'd have played the same games as BC. Some tough fixtures across the board this weekend, so yes, I'm saying I'd like a draw.
  8. ...The gauntlet has been laid down, punsters...
  9. That's about as happy I can be with a performance in a game we didn't win!
  10. Any idea who will be providing commentary on the red button?
  11. Forest. Before I get slaughtered, please note that 4 weeks ago I was predicting Derby to finish 2nd, 2 points behind Norwich, and Leeds to finish outside the top 6. This is a tactical prediction.
  12. Big question... what result do we want in Forest v Villa?
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