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  1. No one mentioned Jesse Lingard yet, then?
  2. I knew that wasn't really our players...
  3. Roos- maybe. The confidence with which he was claiming crosses on Friday night was about the only plus for me. There's still a player there. Of course, if Wayne can have a word with Hart... then that's another matter entirely! Davies - understand the preference, but if the other CB we get in is good enough/fast enough, then we could benefit from his cool head. Lawrence/Knight. - I disagree. I understand its popular to dislike Lawrence, but I think we have to persist with him. As for Knight... after the impact he's had, I don't think we'd want to drop him. HOWEVER... a good quality attacking midfielder to rotate in those 3 positions would be very nice and give us options. Bare minimum: 1. Could do with: 3- 4 For the right players: 5, maybe 6. Anything more would be massive overkill.
  4. I see your point. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, though. I'd be more than happy to see the back of Josefzoon and Mitchell- Josh barnes is 22 so he can be third choice keeper for now if necessary! Not sure on Evans, though. He's not played badly (when he's played!), but has clearly had injury issues. If we lined up for the first game of next season with Roos, Bogle, Davies, (New CB/Clarke), Lowe, Rooney, Bielik, Lawrence, Holmes, Knight, Marriott With a bench of Ravas, Wisdom, Malone, Shinnie, Sibley, Sibley, Waghorn... I wouldn't be too disappointed, though! ...of course, the above assumes we've not been promoted, and/or won the FA Cup and have Europe to worry about.... Might need extra bodies for that 😉
  5. I disagree. I always like to look at a squad as being 20 outfield players plus 3 keepers. Going with the 4-2-3-1 that seems to be Cocu's preference: GK: Roos, Ravas, Mitchell, Barnes - agree we probably could do with a new first choice keeper, but Roos is *not* as bad as some make out. RB: Bogle, Wisdom - fine. Yes, we could lose Bogle, but when you're talking about "bare minimum that we need", you can't start talking about players who are theoretically meant to be here next season. LB: Lowe, Malone - Fine with this. CB: Evans, Davies, Buchanan, *maybe* Wassall (he's 22 today) - If Evans is going to be CB long term, then we need one first choice to play alongside him. If he's not, I think we could do with 2- whether thats one quick one to play alongside Davies and a backup, or 2 new first choice... well that's up to Cocu. DM: Bielik, Shinnie, Rooney, Bird - Fine here. Think this is where Rooney should play in the current system. *maybe* in the middle of the 3... but I think that position needs more mobility. AM: Knight, Lawrence, Holmes, Sibley, Whittaker, Mitchell-Lawson, Jozefzoon, Babos? (too old for U23s next year). Wouldn't say no to an extra player here, but a 3 of Knight, Lawrence and Holmes is fine to me. UNLESS, we are going to start playing more of a 4-3-3, in which case we need at least one *proper* winger. ST- Waghorn, Marriott, Hector Ingram. Depends how we want to play... but if we can have the first two fully fit, I think they are a fine pairing for this league! So if we're talking about the *bare* minimum... 1-2 CBs, 0-2 AM (depending whether we want wingers) Next on the "nice to haves", is a keeper, followed by a striker possibly.
  6. Roos Bogle Davies Clarke Lowe Rooney Shinnie Knight Holmes Lawrence Marriott
  7. Luton Town 0 - 2 Derby County Lawrence
  8. Home v Portsmouth. That'll make Northampton uninterested in winning the replay, if anything would.
  9. It was a poor game. Positive points: Roos- best he's looked in a while Clearly been practising crosses as kept coming and claiming confidently. One minor scare with that pass in the first half, but even on the replay that didn't look so bad. Knight - looked alright, but had *ZERO* protection from the ref (and indeed, the same could be said of Bird, Marriott, Sibley) We didn't lose We get to give the kids more match practise in the return leg. We will know our prospective opponents, so will know whether it's worth winning or not.
  10. Are the EFL injured yet? (works for any player linked to us...)
  11. Has he got injured yet?
  12. Roos Bogle Davies Forsyth Malone Bird Shinnie Sibley Holmes Lawrence Martin
  13. Is he good at backtriackin?
  14. He scored in my daughter's first ever game (she's 5) at Pride Park. Since the other goal went in before we'd found our seats, that'll always be special to me 🙂
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