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  1. Exactly what I would go with. We need to just scrap using wingers. Simply do not have enough quality out there. Marriott and Waggy together would cause some damage.
  2. He's a new player settling in. The team isn't even sorted yet. At least give him 10 games.
  3. Take the point in the end, probably didn't deserve it. Some really odd decisions from Cocu today. Needs to get his team sorted for Tuesday. Bielik in midfield and Marriott from the start, please.
  4. Some very, very odd decisions by Cocu today.
  5. Clearly likes the two holding mids away from home which is fair enough. I do struggle to see where the goals are coming from with that side though unless Lawrence or Dowell can score a few worldies.
  6. Roos; Lowe, Keogh, Clarke, Malone; Bielik, Knight, Dowell; Waghorn, Marriott, Lawrence. Stoke aren't in the best of shape at the minute. Maybe the win in the cup will give them a little boost. I wouldn't be too upset with a point and a good performance. Get an early goal, they'll crumble and the fans will turn.
  7. Bielik and Knight fantastic. Great strike from Buchanan. Job done.
  8. Right call to change it. Even if we end up losing. Getting minutes in for Bielik, Marrott, Paterson etc will be worth it in the long run.
  9. Really will be interesting to see how long the Frank Lampard love in will last with the Chelsea fans. Away fans still singing "Super Frank" despite being 4-0 down.
  10. Quality that. He deserves the chance. Fair play to Lampard. Would love him to grab the winner.
  11. Hamer; Bateman, Keogh, Clarke, Lowe; Bielik, Knight, Sibley; Bennett, Marriott, Paterson. Give the kids a crack and get minutes in for Bielik.
  12. Real lack of quality all over the pitch. Malone and Waghorn had shockers. We miss Holmes so much. Need Bielik getting some minutes against Scunthorpe.
  13. The replies on twitter are embarrassing. Can't wait for the boos when he makes misplaces a pass. Judge him in a Derby shirt not what he jokingly said in the past. It's an upgrade on FloJo in my opinion and gives us more options, so ultimately we've improved the squad.
  14. 2 signings still expected says Chris Coles at Radio Derby.
  15. He's better than FloJo but my god, I really hoped we'd have someone better lined up than Paterson.
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