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  1. Tom Lawrence

    When betting gets suspended it usually means it's pretty close to being done. Hopefully get some news tomorrow. This signing would be a start, for sure.
  2. v Northampton Town Match Thread

    That was dreadful, some truly dire performances. Better sign some actual good wingers or we're in trouble. Huddlestone sticks out so much, class above everyone.
  3. v Northampton Town Match Thread

    and this is why these players are in the reserves. Shocking stuff. Anya, Hanson, Baird have been dire.
  4. RamsTV

    Cheaper than what Rams Player was isn't it? and will be better production quality. Very fair pricing.
  5.  Cameron Brannagan

    If we're going 433 I think we need another CM.
  6. Sheyi Ojo

    He's picked Fulham, according to the sun.
  7. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    Butterfield much better today. Weimann and Huddlestone very very good. Russell the only disappointment for me. 433 gives us much better balance.
  8. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    Very impressive half from Derby.
  9. Bent out until end of Dec

    No blow to the team, really. Best of luck to him though.
  10. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    Apart from Pearce, that's probably our strongest team imo. Really lacking flair and creativity though, which is worrying. Need a couple wingers badly.
  11. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    He got his age wrong though, he is 34. Might have got the length of contract wrong.
  12. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    They are giving Murphy a 3yr contract. Wow. Bet he's delighted with that.
  13. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Have bid £2m for 34yr old Daryl Murphy and also prepared to pay £6m for Cameron Jerome according to The Sun.
  14. Jon Toral

    Breaking news from DET as always.

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