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  1. Fully expecting a midfield two of Bryson and Johnson with Nuge up top for this one. I'd take a point now.
  2. Absolutely shocking. First time you've got to question Lampard and his staff. Don't get the formation change at all. I was quite excited by the team when it came in, but did not expect them to set up like that. I'll be very surprised if we see that formation / set up again. By far the worst game I think I've ever seen Bryson have, and he's had some bad ones recently. I love him, but he's finished.
  3. Team should be very interesting. Really hoping Mount is back. Roos Bogle Keogh Tomori Cole Mount Huddlestone Wilson Waghorn Marriott Lawrence
  4. Roos, Keogh, Marriott and Cole were good. FloJo made an impact. Awful stuff for the majority of the game though, so disappointing as we've seen what we can do when we're on it. Brighton deserved the win. Team news on Wednesday should be interesting.
  5. Absolutely shocking. Every pass was scuffed into the air. Would take some doing to play as badly as that again.
  6. Every time I see a Derby line up without Huddlestone in it I look forward to the game less. Clearly gone there to scrap a bit with Johnson back in from the cold. Nice to see King start though. Big game needed from him to drive the midfield.
  7. Bogle was excellent today both attacking wise and defensively up against an in form Grosiki. Did really well for the second goal.
  8. Keogh was outstanding. Take the point, move on. Missed key players massively tonight.
  9. Absolutely baffled as to how Evans can get into the team ahead of Huddlestone.
  10. Deary me. I'd be delighted with a point looking at that side.
  11. No real surprises there for me. Fair play to him for not sitting on his wage for the next few months. Did a good job for us last season for saying it was a panic signing.
  12. Can that City lad come back out? Better against 11!
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