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  1. Good second half. Really enjoyed that. Fulham are a decent side, draw was fair. Mitrovic's finish was ridiculously good. Max Bird stands out yet again for me. That number 8 shirt waiting for next season.
  2. BBC trying to cover it up is shocking. Really is. I understand them removing it, but to then edit and reupload. Wow.
  3. Either someone has given Max the wrong information or the BBC are covering it up. I didn't hear 'black lads' in this. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p083kwjs around 19 minutes.
  4. Unreal he said that. Well done to Max Lowe.
  5. Max Bird was enjoyable to watch again. Need to build the team around him. Didn't get bringing Shinnie on for Holmes. Playing it too safe in my opinion. Surely you get Knight on and move Lawrence central. Go for it a bit. Allows Rooney to stay deeper. Poor from Bogle. Can't be doing that.
  6. It's alright keeping the ball well, but when you've got a crap keeper and defence that's always likely to happen.
  7. I like that Bristol City team. Lots of quality in there. Wells and Diedhiou will be hard to handle.
  8. Amazing result and performance. Thompson and Brown in the middle of the park were exceptional.
  9. Very experienced side. No excuses for not going through tonight. Would have liked to see Sibley in there again though.
  10. Little magician, our Duane. What a player.
  11. No mention of a contract extension. Thankfully. Shame it didn't work out, whenever he actually played his way into the starting 11 he always got injured.
  12. Waiting all month long to sign him then miss out to Boro. Christ.
  13. Worst game of football I've seen for a while that. Dire stuff.
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