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  1. Should be building the team around Shinnie and Bielik. I like them as a two. Bit too deep at times though, feel like Davies and Clarke should have pushed them up a bit. Luton played well and probably deserved something out the game.
  2. Lawrence missing again. Shock. 😏 Fair play to Mason for apologising at least.
  3. Hamer; Bogle, Davies, Clarke, Lowe; Bielik, Holmes, Knight; Whittaker, Martin, Paterson. Big game in our fight against relegation.
  4. Waghorn needs dropping after that. Stopping to pull his socks up instead of blocking the cross then goes and gives free kick after free kick away. Honestly terrible.
  5. Woeful. Set plays costing us time and time again. Never learn.
  6. Huddlestone 😂 How the hell did that happen?
  7. Richard Keogh out for 15 months with two ruptured knee ligament. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11696/11823723/derbys-richard-keogh-out-for-15-months-with-two-ruptured-knee-ligaments
  8. Paterson with the best individual performance of the season so far. Absolutely fantastic. It's never easy being a Derby fan. We needed that win. Delighted for Cocu.
  9. Unbelievable. 'Professional' footballer. Just terminate his contract now. Huddlestone is a prat for filming and posting on snapchat as well. What a mess.
  10. Roos; Bogle (please be back fit), Bielik, Clarke, Lowe; Huddlestone, Knight, Holmes; Waghorn, Martin, Paterson. So come on Chrissy Martin..
  11. What a way to end a very good Derby career. Got what he deserved though.
  12. Back to back 3-0 defeats without having a single shot on target. International break has come at a very good time. Cocu needs to sort this sharpish.
  13. Feel for young Buchanan. The lad is nowhere near ready. I understand giving the young lads a chance but you have to drip feed them in. Hope this doesn't ruin him.
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