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  1. I paid the £10 sub to watch the 3 game bundle but couldnt watch the Burton game do to being at work, i thought i would watch it later. When i click on the Matchday live replay it says i need a subscription to watch when i have already paid. Is it because i didnt get to watch the original broadcast.
  2. Dave Mackay for me..unbelievable signing...Derek Hayles was a duffer
  3. All it takes is for everybody to give the concourse a wide berth for two or 3 matches
  4. I still think it will be a mistake going into the new season with Roos as NO 1. I hope theres something in the new keeper rumours.
  5. Whats the new rule im old school lol
  6. Your rubbish on the wing Flo, hows yer goalkeeping skills
  7. Still cant forgive him for starting the game with Villa with both Marriott and Waggers on the bench
  8. Malone Lawrence and Bennett were interviewed in the latest vid from the states...i will give you the other 4 or 5 though lol
  9. I saw him walk in on the first day then nothing , no interviews. Also Lampard wasnt going to play him unless Roos got injured.
  10. For me i dont trust Roos , Carson seems out the picture so do you think cocu will invest in a new senior keeper or go with what weve got?
  11. Whats the use of contracts nowadays....nobody in football sees them through ..worthless bits of paper...unless of course they fail and get sacked...then the mercenaries want there contracts paid up in full
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