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  1. I wish super Kev would just give us NHS workers and all key workers a quick hello... i know it would boost my morale a little.
  2. Jim Smith and Paulo wanchope unfortunately im a hca at the royal so i dont get too lock down lol
  3. Not brilliant replys if im honest . Hes an injured sportsman and however that injury occurred he was an top player for this club. I hope his rehabilitation goes well and he goes on to have a few more seasons at the top. shame its not with us.
  4. i suspect It will be many months before we witness another game with spectators anywhere in europe
  5. season off to 30th april at the earliest
  6. i think it will be a long time before any of us see another match live
  7. Because the priminister just said they expect the virus to peak in about 10 weeks . Thats around the end of the season.
  8. i will be suprised if there are any play offs this season. i think the top 3 will go up this season.
  9. Sibley so reminds me of the great Phillip Gee...what a player
  10. My dad took me too the BBG to show me where the ground was once..i was 11. After that it was me and my mates. I missed out on the Dad takes son to football as soon as he can walk ,so i never saw a game in the 1960s, but i remedied that by taking both my lads at a very young age and they are both Rams Fans. Sadly none of the 4 grand kids have the slightest interest in football so it looks like the end of an era. I too have mostly lost interest in going now for a lot of reasons other people have stated above.
  11. Im 60 years old pal i dont do mardy right. I do respect...and i think cocus team last night did not show any respect to the fans. Yes the kids played well...but a full house against Man Utd when we could have stood a chance of making it to the next round by playing our strongest team was unforgivable. Sunday we could have played all the kids and given the first team a rest and everyone would have understood that decision. I will still be going as usual next season but i will be picking and choosing my games. Thank you
  12. Tonights team selection has finally made my mind up for next season...im not renewing...
  13. we have done well to get this far...come on its man utd...now if we could play this on the baseball ground pitch after all the rain we have had we might stand a chance lol
  14. i wonder if Bielik would have shown his obvious quality if he had stayed fit and got to play with the Rooney effect.
  15. If we have any ambition of getting near the play offs next season neither Hamer or Roos will be the goalkeeper
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