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  1. If we have any ambition of getting near the play offs next season neither Hamer or Roos will be the goalkeeper
  2. superzak


    Hopefully neither Hamer or Roos will be in goal next season
  3. What a player absolutely brilliant today playing along side a static Rooney
  4. Lets just get this straight i could have saved that huddersfield goal and im 61.The angle was that tight he only had a small area between the sticks to aim at, stand tall and the ball had got to hit the keeper. What did our useless keeper do...sit on his ass ...
  5. Saw my first Derby game in 70\71 season so i had a good 25 years at the BBG. P.P is alright i just dont get that hair standing on the back of yer neck feeling i used to get at the BBG.
  6. I agree with most of your assessment of the squad with the exception of curtis davies who i think will be off to Luton or somewhere like that.
  7. 0-0 as i dont think this game will go ahead....high winds heavy rain
  8. we are nearly in the north stand so they dont fall in the area allocated to man u. The ticket office said they have a system problem for half season ticket holders and they would ring me monday
  9. Been to try and get my tickets for the Man u game. As we are half season ticket holders they say theres a system problem and they will ring me monday. Bit worried now my tickets have gone to a man u fan as they have most of the east stand allocated to them.
  10. Might as well have a Justin Walker poll.... in or out
  11. every time the football managers on here have a collective moan we score....go on keep moaning lol
  12. free to those who went to the Northampton game ...35 quid to those who stayed at home lol
  13. I see not much input from squid on this subject..but then he probably aint got the foggiest who we are on about lol
  14. Ive got a signed copy of colins testimonial programme..one of my heroes too
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