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  1. Ive a feeling March is going to be quite a challenge where the win column is concerned.
  2. Rams 5- 0 Arsenal 0...oh that Gladys strike against flapping Bob still one of my fav goals ever..
  3. March looks a bit of a struggle...one home game and thats Brentford lol
  4. Seen them 5 times live..the Wembley concert with biffy Clyro and my chemical romance was brilliant.
  5. Sibley reminds me of Phillip Gee so I'm sure he will come good.
  6. Not this season...but next season by the grace of God we will all see The mighty Rams into the prem either via the play offs or autos I don't care...
  7. There must be 1000 people on this forum but the same 20 odd posters on this forum who think they should be at Moor Farm Monday to Friday to tell Wayne Rooney where he is going wrong makes me laugh.
  8. Every game is a 3 pointer from now on as i cant see us winning many of them
  9. What to do on a Saturday for the rest of February...bet we've never had such a run of tuesday/ Friday games
  10. Just thought of another game id wished id been at but missed because we was on holiday in wales was the Watney cup final against Man Utd...would have loved to see Dave lift that cup aloft...
  11. Games i wished id been at 1946 cup final and the 4 all draw with man utd Boxing day 1970...best games attended Benfica and Real Madrid...although if i can add the man u Fa cup semi final we lost 2-0 was also a game i attended that will live long in the memory for a variety of reasons lol oh yes and the 2-0 win over West Ham in the charity shield was a great day out...oooh i could go on for ages lol
  12. Rather have Jody than Frank as assistant
  13. We might make the first division playoffs next season lol
  14. I think we are going to have to get used to this being a season of just trying to stay above the bottom 3. I have my doubts we will succeed.
  15. What team wouldn't miss bielik in this league. Unfortunately he won't be back this season so by your reckoning we are getting relegated.
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