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  1. When football was worth the admisssion fee no matter what league we were in. All them headed goals cant remember the last time we scored a header lol
  2. Probably the reason we are 16th in the league
  3. hindsight is a beautiful thing but if cocu had left Bielik in midfield and played Evans in clarkes place we would have come away with the result our play deserved. You cant legislate for mistakes of the magnitude of Bogles though
  4. Your probably right but i think its not just Derby but football in general ive had enough of.
  5. im afraid i agree...my enthusiasm for Derby is at an all time low
  6. Thought we were very ordinary today which is better than we have been but still far from a decent side. People go on about us having a mish mash of other managers players,I wonder how many of the current squad cocu would keep if he could pick 11 of his own players.I suspect maybe only 1 or 2 would make that side.
  7. Alan Hintons Blaster against Arsenal in the 5-0 at the BBG. Bob Wilson never saw it lol
  8. wow cheapest adult ticket today £33
  9. You could at least got a picture of him in his QPR shirt lol
  10. My mrs could tell the result of the match as she opened the front door and saw my face...nowadays i cant remember the score as im leaving the ground lol shut down social media and bring back the green un i say lol
  11. I blame sky. The games are played when and where they like without a care to the supporter in the ground. Not enough money is shared around the EFL they are only interested in the big boys. But most of all its the lack of atmosphere in the sterile modern grounds. The BBG used to be absolutely jumping especially night matches. Oh and being one of those big boys certainly helped.
  12. Fit or not fit one things for certain Keogh is not worth 25 grand a week lol
  13. The priority should always be too win games at any cost. If that means playing a different style until he can get players through the door who can play in the way he wants ...so be it
  14. There is a lot of uncertainty around the club at the moment. Rumours of investment...does this mean with or without Mel. Rooneys arrival...will he be in the team whether hes playing well or not because of the amount of investment...Is Cocu the right man to get us through to the summer without us getting relegated...the obvious knock on effects on the squad from the accident of a few weeks ago...and there is probably a few things happening behind the scenes that we are not privvy too as well. It cant be coincidence that Bielik can play 90 mins for Poland and cant make it too half time at Derby. That all of a sudden Waggy cant trap a bag of cement.Yes there has been a lot of injuries ...yes we had a poor summer recruitment wise..but if we as supporters could see 11 players that play as a team with some resemblance of a pattern of play, instead of 11 nervy looking individuals who most of the time play as if they have never met each other before, there would be far less criticism of the manager who i think will get it right if we get off his back and give him time. I can remember a certain Jim Smith joining Derby and my first thought was here we go back to the 3rd division. The squad was terrible and it took to November and a certain Igor arrival before we started to look anything like a team and look how that turned out.
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