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  1. if he keeps playing Roos in goal ...he gets what he deserves...and probably before the next transfer window as well lol
  2. I dont understand what these managers see in Kelle Roos....he is an awful keeper. When Carson was dropped for having a few dodgy moments between the sticks he was still far and away better than Roos has ever produced. If Cocu isnt going to play Hamer , a goalkeeper is a priority for January. Im sure Roos lack of command of anything coming into our box is the reason Clarke and Co look so nervous at the back.
  3. Young people today are to quick to call us oldies dinosaurs. Warnock has experience, achieved a lot in this game of football we all love and should be afforded more respect.
  4. Cocu needs time...lots of it with this squad. Unfortunately the games are boring...if they were exciting high scoring games but the same results as have happened i think people would be a lot happier with the football. The Cardiff match being on the telly on a friday night i think is a recipe for a poor attendance.
  5. Maybe play huddlestone centre half and play bielik in midfield if clarkes out of the picture
  6. superzak


    Cocu just stop playing huddlestone and that everton reject and play bielik holmes and shinnie in midfield ..put clark back in defence ..max at left back and bogle at right back (when fit) . No problem lol
  7. Not pulis i agree...but i bet gary never suffered back to back 3-0s
  8. Sorry if ive over egged my criticism of the performances this week. Its not that im disappointed with the playing staff... my disappointment is firmly at cocus feet. His team selection has been nothing short of rediculous and as such his tenure as manager must surely be under threat already.
  9. Did he i dont remember that then..he was absolute gash lol
  10. ROOS is the worst keeper ive seen at Derby since yakka banovic... and as for dowell ..well the sooner he goes back to scouse land the better
  11. Not at all ..who thought we would be this bad..that staying in this league would come into the equation..
  12. We are relegation fodder no matter who the manager is. Its time to regroup..get rid of roos.. huddlestone..and that clown from everton and start again. Remit stay in this league and go again next season.
  13. Dowell should never pull on a Derby shirt again...hes had his chance and blown it
  14. Sacked in the morning...your gonna get sacked in the morning ...no idea what rosenior must be advising him
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