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  1. superzak

    The missing 78 seconds incident

    Brings back terrible memories
  2. superzak

    First school report of the season...score ?

    5/10 Same as last season in terms of points only more interesting acquiring them. Must do better.
  3. superzak

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    Glad i missed this one ...i probably would have been taken to task again for exaggerating and saying i was bored lol
  4. superzak

    Ones That Got Away

    Ian storey moore
  5. superzak

    Same old story

    Lets all agree the football is better the results are not. Goals scored is the problem not goals conceded. Right then what should we discuss now...they say its going to be a cold winter this year, has everybody got their cars kitted out ready for the ice and snow.
  6. superzak

    Wakey wakey

    I just thought it was boring and not entertaining at all. Even the guy behind me who usually balls and screams at every decision by the ref just sat there quietly lol
  7. superzak

    Wakey wakey

    Yes i did and although i dont like rowettball that was utter tripe tonight. Win or lose it should be entertaining ...
  8. superzak

    Wakey wakey

    worst game ive had to suffer in years...and ive seen some utter carp in my time.
  9. superzak

    Man Utd (A) Carabao Cup Tickets

    Manure can keep their overpriced tickets even if MM has subsidized them.
  10. superzak

    Declining attendances

    I thought the F.L effect would have added a couple of thousand onto attendance. I wonder what the attendance would have been if G.R was still here . I suspect the F.L effect did sell a few extra season tickets but not as many as M.M was expecting.
  11. superzak

    Declining attendances

    My season ticket cost £600 but thats because of were i choose to sit. I think £20 for a mid week game is plenty and i wouldnt object either if it got more bums on seats instead of fans staying in front of the telly.
  12. superzak

    Curtis Davies injury

    Tomori could play in front of Curtis and Richard he has the passing ability and physical presence also quite nippy when he needs to be
  13. superzak

    Declining attendances

    I really enjoyed last nights game....the only downside is If mason mount doesnt score then who will...
  14. superzak

    Declining attendances

    23000 there last night. Is it Rams Tv or sky screening all EFL games to blame. Is it too expensive for a championship game or is it just down to a general decline in interest in football. It isnt just Derby playing to half empty stadiums.
  15. superzak

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    I thought defensively we looked strong....but midfield onwards was a shambles at times...when frank decided way to late to make changes it made us less effective. Entertaining but poor would be my assessment of the game.

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