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  1. van der graf generator...budgie...steve gibbons band..boomtown rats
  2. we have our Bobby davison (Marriott) now we need our Archie Gemmill ( Barry Bannan)
  3. So who has renewed their season ticket and who is keeping their powder dry in case we sneak in through the play offs. I suspect this season the early bird will have no bearing who is there come August.
  4. well we are playing shellfish wednesday so its ok
  5. Theres nothing like the chance of a new contract to get a player playing his best footy. Johnno was brilliant tuesday night.
  6. my dad took me too the baseball ground once to show where it was...i think it was 1970 or 71...it was against newcastle...it was pouring with rain and we lost 1-0.... nothing new there then...but after that i went on my own...he used to drop me off at the train station and id catch the ramaway all over the country.Can you imagine letting a 12/13 year old go to London on there own to watch a football match nowadays lol
  7. If we had lost the last 4 games 4-3 would people be so upset about the results. Its lack of goals and entertainment thats the downer. Mind you poor old Richard would have been crucified lol
  8. Franks got his eye on the next 4 home games...if we win today brilliant
  9. Im happy with that team, only one not ours...gotta be a lot nearer the team that starts next season...depending which league we are in
  10. If we go up this season... great..if not ive a feeling next season we will be a definate force in this league. All the out of contract players gone...a plethora of young talent waiting in the wings for their chance...and combined with a couple of astute Frank buys pre season we will be the team to watch. So instead of the negativity towards season ticket renewal get down that ticket office and renew. COYR
  11. Just need to find our new super Kevin Hector and get our hands on Englands back 4 lol
  12. when Brian Clough took over in the late 60's that first season was awful and we finished 18th. But we won the 2nd division in his next season and we all know where that team went onto finish in the 1st division a few seasons later.
  13. The game is about scoring goals. We have played 3 very bad teams in Ipswich...Millwall ..and Forest and we have mustered 2 shots on target...thats not entertainment
  14. i feel sorry for Mel...
  15. I dont go with the lampard hype....brilliant players very really make good managers. At the end of this season all deadwood is out of contract...so a perfect opportunity for frank to return to his beloved chelsea and for us to start afresh on all levels.
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