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  1. No problem with lorries in the outer lanes. If your options were drive 100 miles 5mph slower than you are capable of doing or take 2 minutes to overtake someone else you'd overtake too.
  2. I think the last time I saw us beat 'Wall was 2004 when Marco Reich and Adam Bolder scored to keep us in the division on the last home game of the season. Have missed the 3-0 last season and the 1-5 away win in recent years and only ever remember us drawing against them either at home or the Den, including a particularly bad, cold, shotless 0-0 in the NLN days. Hopefully that will change on Wednesday - first game since Saints in the FA Cup.
  3. 4.28 onwards for Motson's finest moment since Ronnie Radford, but the rest is worth watching anyway. "AND IT'S FOUR! That was sheer, delighful football".
  4. Malmo v Athletico Madrid in Champions League 2014 I think. Athletico won 2-0 (?) but Malmo were unlucky not to get at least a point. Superb atmosphere throughout the stadium, particularly liked the fans in "Hodgson's Corner" next to the main Ultra section - those boys were loving life. Roy made an appearance at half time and gave a speech in what sounded like good Swedish. Copenhagen v Club Brugge at Parken in Europa League. Brugge won 5-0, brought about 3k fans and their support was mad. Copenhagen fans behind the goal never stopped chanting and were of the wear uniform black t-shirts in minus 5 degrees variety. We stood in their second most boisterous area on the side of the pitch and there was a very relaxed attitude towards smoking weed, drinking beer etc those guys were having a good time regardless of the score. Ended up reminiscing about Junior with one of them. Lazio v Inter, Lazio needed to win their last two games to get into the Champions League. Went a man down after about 10 minutes, then a goal up, then another man down, then conceded two in the last 5 minutes. Mad game. We were right next to the Ultras and there was a crazily hostile atmosphere, bottles, flares, racist abuse the lot. Not a good idea to speak English very loudly in that stand.
  5. Head out the station towards the town centre, walk 2 minutes on the same road and there's a pub on the corner which was alright 3 or 4 years ago (whenever we played them on a weekday night), further along the same road as the station about 3 minutes walk is another pub on the right which Google tells me is called the Royal Oak which is good for a few quiet ones and food. There's loads in the town centre but not sure what they are like. Friendly place though for down South as long as you're not arriving mob handed.
  6. Been part of the South West upper mafia for most games I've attended since about 2005, had a ST there for about 6 years. Great view, always an atmosphere of some sort, although I do think it was better up there when the away fans were in the South Stand, although on the whole Pride Park is better for having the away fans in the South East corner. Generally a better class of village idiot up there, mainly ex-C standers and the like who ain't up for bouncing the whole game but who aren't afraid to give the ref and opposition left backs some gyp either. Sometimes go in the East upper next to the segregation, but only if I think we'll win... Went in the South Stand for the experiment vs Forest and the Brighton play-off game and it was unreal. Went back in a couple of times since and it's not been great, with the exception of the blocks nearest the away fans, so with the compromised view (compared to SW - or should I say Gordon Guthrie) it's generally not worth it. Would definitely go back for a big game or if they made it a standing area though.
  7. JoetheRam

    UK Pun Day

    Surely this should have been yesterday?
  8. Can hardly say it's horrible, it's plain and inoffensive but it ain't beautiful either.
  9. Before Noel ruined it with his dad rock.
  10. Take a point away all day, especially considering injuries. If you can't win, don't lose. Nice clean sheet. Not good 2nd half though.
  11. Think I'm the only person who rates Lawrence. Standard inconsistent winger. Bit of a mard arse. Great when he's on it, not the end of the world if he's not as long as the rest of the team are.
  12. Central midfield is anonymous. Who'd have thought it with Bryson in the side? Other than that we're tidy enough without doing much, Wilson screamer aside.
  13. Are we gonna sell Rasiak as well?
  14. I said anybody good, not anybody.
  15. Maybe when they said "Roof over Pride Park", they meant "Roofe over Pride Park" and had just spotted him in a heli about to enter contract talks with Chairman Melvin.
  16. Makes no sense. You don't need a roof to hold a gig. Plus it would cost us a fair bit, that we don't have. And nobody any good will play in Derby anyway.
  17. Still not as cold as Swad High Street.
  18. Exactly. Only gonna get to your destination at the same time.
  19. You lot must be a bit slow. 15 mins maximum that took.
  20. VAR over-use continues and still gets it wrong. The implementation of it from afar by some faceless official is a complete joke.
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