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  1. JoetheRam

    Derby County Flags

    Somewhere near Marseille 2016. R.I.P.
  2. JoetheRam

    Declining attendances

    Time spent at the ground is about 2 hours. Minimum wage is £7.83. Cost of a ticket should be in line with what you'd earn in two hours - £15.66, let's round down to £15. You should not have to work a full day on minimum wage to take yourself and your son to watch your local 2nd division football team, which is what it is now. In my opinion.
  3. JoetheRam

    Declining attendances

    75% prices, 25% lack of time. Used to go pretty much every game 18-22, then it tailed off when I had to start paying more than £20 on a regular basis, then tailed off further when you get things like a house and mates move away. I don't have Sky, and never will, so not a factor for me for home games, might influence the decision on whether or not to go away, but more because of changes to kick off time than because I could watch for free in a pub. Sometimes I've fancied popping along on a Tuesday night after work, but then I look at the price (particularly if it's on the day) and think "£30?", sod that. Quality of football is not a factor at all in that decision. Going to Crawley Town away on a rainy January Monday night under Nigel Clough hardens you to that kind of thing.
  4. JoetheRam

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    If you can't win, make sure you don't lose.
  5. JoetheRam

    Premier League Fantasy Football

    What's everyone's ranking so far? I'm 76k which is by a way the best start I can remember having. Usually about half a million at this point.
  6. JoetheRam

    Away Days

    I note your point on the Europeans and that is certainly true. But rather than look at that restraint as being the way forward, or a quality to be admired, we pass it off as being soft, or lacking in the balls department, something to be ridiculed. It's ingrained isn't it? He who can drink the most or fight the most, or **** the most is the most worthy of being called a man. Maybe it's just a consequence of being a small island - we're bred with a collective sense of needing to prove we pack more of a punch than our size would indicate. I don't know what I put it down to, I mean you can go all the way back to the Victorians - supposedly the most buttoned up, stuffed shirted, law and order mad period of English society. Yet where does the word hooligan come from? Irish family responsible for causing a few tear ups in South London of an August bank holiday at the tail end of the 1800's. I'm guilty of drinking for the sake of it with the lads (a lot less so now, because once you realise what you're doing, it becomes a lot less appealing) and I guess my simple answer is because it's what you do as a working class boy with nothing else to do on a Friday and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Or nothing else presented to you as an acceptable alternative. It's what my mates did and it's what the men in my family have done for at least 50 years. Do you ever really know why you do what you do? You fall into it. Fortunately I've got at least one brain cell that occasionally works and I was too lightweight to do too much damage, so I think I was able to do it without ever really harming anyone but myself, but until you understand that this isn't the best way to spend your wages, or spend your nights, you just keep on doing it, because it's all you know. I think positive male role models, better standards of living, better education, change to the culture of needing to be the biggest, hardest bloke in the pub/ground/town/city and more opportunities for men in particular to have an outlet for their frustrations in a more positive/less destructive way are the ways out of it, because at it's heart is a need to escape from whatever unhappy situation it is that person finds themselves in.
  7. JoetheRam

    Away Days

    And it will be forever thus because Britain has an alcohol problem, except, ironically, amongst the 18 - 24's. But other things might be at play there.
  8. JoetheRam

    Away Days

    This does sound a bit like a "Youth of today" thread in waiting. It's no better or worse than before, just slightly different.
  9. JoetheRam

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Gangs of New York Too long, and somehow too many stars. Feels like you're watching actors, rather than the characters. Seems like a stage show. Ambitious, but not as good as it should be given the gaffer in charge and the players at his disposal. Nigel Pearson/100
  10. JoetheRam

    Premier League Fantasy Football

    Odd week so far. Took Firmino out for Vardy - error. Bottled captaining Hazard for Aguero at half 11 this morning - error. Benched Wan-Bissaka for Cedric - on paper this is an error as Wan-Biss done the biz today. However, Mendy didn't play so I'll get 9 anyway. Only downside is Mkhitaryan seems well out of favour, but keeps coming on for small amounts of minutes - cost me 6 for Tomkins off the bench. Oh well, 61 points with Foster, Sigurdsson and Cedric to play, can't really grumble.
  11. JoetheRam

    Random stuff that people do that annoy me

    "Live, Laugh, Love". If you need a written reminder of that on display in your house, I don't think I want to do any of those with you.
  12. JoetheRam

    Random stuff that people do that annoy me

    Agree with all except the Brioche.
  13. JoetheRam

    Away kit

    Could we not deduce that it is almost the same colour as the trim on the dirties kit? (Which i'd guess would be blue). Or is that not how it works?
  14. JoetheRam

    Random stuff that people do that annoy me

    That guy who used to be on the alleged comedy Royle Family. Not Tomlinson, the younger guy. Had a Paul Jewell haircut. He does the voice over for Gogglebox and his voice on the trailer for it goes right through me. I'm sure he's not as stupid as he sounds, but he sounds like he'd need to be continuously told to remember to breathe, else he'd pass out.
  15. JoetheRam

    Baked Beans

    As a leftie I sort of agree, but I was broken at a young age, so I can see the logic of the right wingers... It's to do with the serations on the knife normally being on the side that would aid cutting when held in the right hand. Plus if you were sat at a round table, being left handed would result in banging arms with fellow diners when cutting your food.
  16. JoetheRam

    Derby world cup style squad

    Sturridge I meant. Better than Marco Goalo, no?
  17. JoetheRam

    Third European Club Competition

    There's too much football. (copyright Clough, B, circa 1980) This is just going to further devalue the other European competitions (as if having non-Champions in the 'Champions' League doesn't already do that). There's now so many games going on in various things, that I watch less than if they just showed one European game per week like they used to. Don't think I even watch the finals last year. Not entirely sure who won. Probably one of the Spanish teams. The 'market', as it is, is saturated and unlike things which are normally not affected by market saturation i.e. Heroin, you can choose to not be addicted to what is on offer. It's all become more meaningless. It's a Starbucks frappe to take out. It's a £3 lunchtime meal deal from Tesco Express. It's two minutes with a Porno and The 5th Earl of St. Martins. What it should be, is espresso in a square in Milan, a meal for two at Marco Pierre White's, and all night with your wife/Margot Robbie. Go back to straight knockout in the European Cup, unseeded, champions of European leagues only. Maybe a UEFA Cup for teams that come 2nd, and then a Cup Winners Cup. Far better, less games (which the managers of the current elite should like), more trophies (which the ad men and promoters and suits at UEFA like, but at least these one's will be good), more equal distribution of wealth to teams outside the big 5 leagues (which the Communists should like), different teams playing each other in the latter stages (which the fans should like), more interest. It'll never happen. Instead they'll sell it to us that now everyone in the top 10 in the Premier League is a winner, a potential giant of European football, and we really want to watch Everton start their 'European adventure' in the first match of a year-long competition, against some un-financially doped side from Kazakhstan. It used to be good, didn't it?
  18. JoetheRam

    Derby world cup style squad

    Simmo and T Johnson over Deano?
  19. JoetheRam

    Derby world cup style squad

    He was a centre forward wasn't he? Well, Nigel seemed to think so anyway.
  20. JoetheRam

    Derby world cup style squad

    Maybe Zinedine Kilbane? Also, Mo Camara was obviously not a world beater, but he was good in the promotion season - seem to remember something silly like 9 clean sheets in a row. Then Billy Davies tinkered about with it and bought in the Scottish/Scouse third of the three Everley brothers, Jay, and we nearly messed it up.
  21. JoetheRam

    Beer Thread

    Can of Budweiser after lunch today. Miles better than most of the soil and wood flavoured stuff posted in here.
  22. JoetheRam

    Baked Beans

    Heinz loyalist here. Much like actual Loyalist's I'll never surrender, when actually, the competition might have some better points.
  23. JoetheRam

    Sellebrity Soccer

    If you've got the DVD of '90, amongst the extras, there are loads of unused scenes of his time in prison - Paddy Considine also features. Really good stuff. Might be on Youtube.
  24. JoetheRam

    What are you eating tonight

    Roast chicken and leeks, wrapped in pancetta with a poncey white wine to accompany.
  25. JoetheRam

    England Cricket 2018

    Jimmy!!! Memorable test match.

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