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  1. Almost calmed down now. Can't add anything other than that was absolutely insane. On a par with the Ashes of 05 - but in a completely different way.
  2. Interesting what F1 have to say. British GP this weekend - C4's only live race. Come on England! This World Cup has been class - productivity is at an all time low. Headphones in, TMS on, office noise blanked out.
  3. Are these his new digs? Maybe Mel's not as flush as we all think?
  4. As an aside, just how good a place name is Sarasota? Rolls off the tongue.
  5. Also makes your semen taste nice. Apparently.
  6. Was recently witness to a chilli eating contest at some food festival. Guy who won had to eat a California Reaper, which I think is the 2nd hottest chilli in the world, to beat the competition. This was about the 15th chilli and sauce variety he'd imbibed in 10 minutes. Did not look a well boy afterwards. A Scotch Bonnet is about as hot as I could "enjoy" after that I'd start crying.
  7. Interesting. On Sportsmanship which is quite an abstract concept anyway... Most of our (English/ SI Games employees) sense of Sportsmanship is founded on the Corinthian spirit fostered through the amateur/Victorian era which stems from the Protestant Work Ethic. One of the differences this study perhaps highlights is between those from cultures in countries built on, for example, Catholic beliefs - South America, Southern Europe, their colonies (I.E darker skinned populations) and those based on this notion of "good Ol' English fair play". This can be highlighted in the role of the referee for example. In England and to a lesser extent the Germanic/Scandinavian countries, the referee is the absolute upholder of the law - he plays God, players await his judgement and accept it, he is the ultimate arbiter, he provides the Truth and is for all intents and purposes not intrinsically part of the game. In France, Spain, Italy and South America, the referees role is more similar to that of a jester. He is absolutely inside the game, he is a part of it and is open to influence and trickery just as a defender would be in the face of an attacker. Hence someone raised on the "English" version of sportsmanship/etiquette would perhaps see the minor indiscretions such as diving/shirt pulling etc - general deception of the referee - and generally accepted as being more prevalent amongst players of those nations - more readily and thus using those as markers with which to mark players from those nations with darker skin down in the Sportsmanship stats.
  8. Same expectations as for Lampard last season for me. 8th place or above and play some decent football. Got quite a rebuild on his hands and will be interested to see what his approach is. As a big critic of Mel previously for his handling of certain issues, full marks to him on this one. Has been dignified, professional and acted quickly to appoint a manager away from the normal template. Handled the Chelsea boys well. Let's see where we are at the end of next season. Forza Phillip Cocu's Oranje army.
  9. Get Wrighty in as gaffer. Only one to speak sense on this in the last month.
  10. Lyon is brilliant. Paris I didn't mind to be honest, but the nice parts are expensive and then it tails off quite sharply in the cheaper arrondissement's. The people are also generally rude and have that standard Parisian "up ones own arseishness" about them that major capital cities attract. Elsewhere the people I found to be very hospitable, despite what most English people say about the Frogs. If you find yourself on the south coast go to the smaller fishing villages and beaches rather than the major towns and absolutely do not go to Marseille. It's the khazi of Europe. Although if you find you're down that way smaller towns like Cassis and Bandol are worth staying. The further south you get, the amount of English speakers reduces. Lille and the towns closer to Belgium you get, the beer improves. Enjoy the food!
  11. "Can you send me that in an email?" No you daft cow I've just sat with you for 10 minutes explaining it in person so that I don't have to write War and Peace. If you can't grasp it, tell me now, if you won't remember everything, make notes and stop wasting my time.
  12. Mrs is a veggie, which, by extension, almost means I am. She is a great cook and can honestly say I don't miss eating meat on most days. Lots of pasta, risotto, curries, salads, tagines, fish and seafood... Indian/Mexican/Levant cookbooks are good for non-meat containing recipes. Emphasis on the veg as the main ingredient actually gives you a new appreciation of how good veg can be, rather than a sideshow to the main event to be fair. I was never a massive meat-eater before we met anyway, but I don't miss bacon, can live without burgers... but you can't replace beef gravy or a steak, which I still enjoy from time to time. Genuinely think it makes you a better cook as find you get a bit lazy when you've got the flavour of the meat to get you out of jail if you happen to have made a bland sauce. Will get some pictures up next time I've been at the stove.
  13. What's Larry Lamb doing at the back of our end?
  14. On the European side of the river.
  15. East Midlands Trains/BTP/St. Pancras Intl. need to take a long look in the mirror after their performance today.
  16. Better than it being on BT. Rather ITV got a few Champions League games off BT though.
  17. Blimey that was an angry reply! Of course it's a fair question. All questions are fair. The guy is a journalist - it's his job to report the news and ask questions of the people involved. There's been plenty of reports doing the rounds about City's behaviour, why shouldn't he try and get Pep's side of things? Better that than just write a load of stuff in an article without giving the subject a right of reply. No? I think that's the perfect time to ask a question like that. Why should he defer it just because it might taint what is a fantastic achievement? Should they only be allowed to ask questions that suit their interviewee? You're correct City players nor Pep are responsible for the UAE's horrendous government, I never said they were. I was criticising the government for being so horrible, and City for effectively not allowing difficult questions to be asked about it. That you are not bothered by City's owners and what they do outside of football is beside the point. Some people are bothered by having homophobic, sexist, misogynist, Royal's in charge of one of England's most famous and now successful clubs and some people want to know if they're doing something they shouldn't be doing. I can't believe I'm defending a journo but not sure why he shouldn't have been able to ask a question based on things that have been reported in the past 12 months to the person they were reportedly about.
  18. It's a completely fair question and if not in front of a packed media room in a filmed presser with maximum publicity, when should he ask it? City and I include Pep, don't seem to like anyone questioning anything they do that is not part of the whiter than white, Abu Dhabi-approved narrative they have tried to cultivate in an attempt to give their despicable regime the soft power they crave. Note Guardiola didn't deny it. Not saying that he has to, just that why wouldn't you if the answer is 'no'?
  19. There'll be a few near Wembley park tube station no doubt.
  20. Whatever the continual high pitched beeping is that seems to coming from the empty house next door that will keep me awake all night tonight which I thought stopped 3 weeks ago. Any idea who I call about it? Or do I just fight fire with fire and get the mates round for a Sunday night rave up to drown it out?
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