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  1. No interest in it any more but I always "support" the team furthest away from Derby. Same in domestic games.
  2. Urgh more politicising of the pandemic. Tories are the party for the anti-mask, get on with it people and Labour are all terrified sheep. I see how it's gonna go.
  3. Terrible. I bet the attacker was out of their mind on Cake.
  4. I nearly went there but I was being careful not to sound anti-anything! I've actually just watched the first Superman episode (1941 I think it is) on YouTube for some nostalgia as I had the VHS back in the day and it actually seems quite progressive for it's time. Lois pilots a plane by herself and takes the lead in investigating the case alone (with some reluctance due to safety fears from the Newspaper chief). I was expecting foreign-sounding baddies, male chauvinism and casual racism. Compared to something like the James Bond's of 20 odd years later it's streets ahead in the inclusivity stakes. That's them bloody Commie 1940's Yanks for you.
  5. I don't really get why Superman even has to have a sexuality? When I watched Superman/read the comics (at the appropriate age of 10) I just wanted harmless fun like seeing him beat up robots or stopping a runaway train with one hand. I mean, it seemed to me that Lois Lane completely ruined the whole thing and just made his job more difficult because he couldn't be in two places at once. Kissing, interspecies, gay or otherwise was not what I wanted to see and adults introducing all their problems into things would have just ruined it for me.
  6. And they say London is 5 years ahead of the rest of the country...😄
  7. That's probably a very good observation and a better way of putting it than I did. It's definitely the style that I wasn't keen on. Probably due to never seeing anything Korean before I didn't really think it would have it's own style and just judged it as bad "Western" acting.
  8. Morality has not existed in football since...? Can't welcome worker exploiters, leveraged buyouts, gambling companies, property developers, investment bankers, oil men and newspaper owners but get all outraged by Sovereign Wealth funds taking over. Either they're all wrong or they're all acceptable. Personally, I find them all equally horrible and long for the day that it either all blows up or fans "seize the means of production" and run all the clubs themselves. I kind of pity the Newcastle fans - so desperate for success and so fed up of Mike Ashley (who I cannot believe people want here - I'd rather we were liquidated) that they're welcoming the Saudi's with open arms (pun intended). But then again, fair play to them for still being so invested in the shitshow that is top flight football that they care if they win trophies or not. Ducking Neoliberalism.
  9. Watched two episodes of Squid Game and gave up. Acting is comically bad and the premise is stupid. Why would I care if some degenerate gamblers get killed playing a game where they gamble their lives?
  10. Being into "alternative" ideas has always run the risk of being sidelined or marginalised by those who believe the same as the consensus. Whether that's science or art, or philosophy or whatever. It's not the same as censorship though, and I'd dispute that there's much in the way of that. Go on any social media site you like and you can chat away with fellow free thinkers until your heart's content. The BBC not reporting the mainstream cannot be a surprise - they're a state broadcaster, hardly the cutting edge of journalism and new thought. They rarely, if ever have been.
  11. JoetheRam


    Get rid of the pyramid and open up a 92 club league. One game per day until it's finished. Let the chaos unfold.
  12. The maths gets quite complicated, and it depends on the car as obviously extra weight has an effect, but factor in an extra trip to the petrol station (assuming it's not on your normal route) and you'd be just as well removing the spare tyre. Makes a difference but nothing to write home about, when weighed against the convenience/piece of mind/hassle of filling up a full tank offers
  13. There's the bones of a good show in there with the potential scope of it and the different impacts on different institutions and how that all ties together. And I thought the acting was generally good. But as said, there was so many WTF moments in the writing that didn't really make any sense that killed the believability of the whole thing. Felt like a show put together by a committee. Like the director was making a different show to scriptwriter A who was writing a different show to scriptwriter B. First 3 episodes it sort of holds up as you can suspend belief a bit because you don't know the full facts about each character, but then you see a doctor kiss a guy who she knows has inhaled sarin even though she doesn't love him and it starts to unravel.
  14. In a perfect world (maybe) we'd all join hands and sing Give Peace a Chance. But hey, it's a football match, horrible things happen. Is it healthy, no, but it will happen. I've shouted some horrible stuff myself when I was younger - put it down to beer, anonymity and pack mentality. Most of them chanting sick stuff grow up eventually. Unfortunately some don't. And no, we're not widely disliked - we're widely ignored and unknown.
  15. Other than Martin Tyler and that bloke who does ITV now I find the main commentators generally OK. Female wise, I don't like that one that puts on a fake shouty voice. Think she does Match of the Day. Then again that could be said for Jonathan Pearce. It's the dreaded co-commentator and sometimes even third commentator who generally manages to speak a lot without actually saying anything. Man or woman. None of the pundits are worth listening to on any channel. Go and get a beer or a cuppa during half-time. Alex Scott is equally as annoying as that Dan Walker bloke.
  16. Guessing now ain't the time to fill a jerry can for the lawn mower?
  17. Umm... petrol stations. Same ones as everyone else.
  18. My bad, only going from the comments on here and think I may have confused "significant interest" and the additional short term income people.
  19. Let's wait and see who the 4 prospective buyers are before dancing in the streets. If the list is Peter Gadsby, Mrs Morris, Fawaz, Reanimated Corpse of Robert Maxwell then it's still not great.
  20. Garage People Weird German made film/documentary observing Arctic Russians and what they do in their garages. Fascinating vignettes include a guy who started digging 30 years ago and now has a hole 5 stories deep which he's passing on to his grandson, there's a metal band, some guys who dress up as Nazi soldiers, a guy who keeps chickens, a welder with Parkinsons. They pretty much all drink vodka. Odd but original. Bit of a Morten Bisgaard.
  21. I'm one of these suckers on British Gas standard tariff, no direct debit, get charged an arm and a leg. Had been looking to switch recently and very nearly signed up to People's Energy last week but the website kept crashing on me. Think I'll give it a few months and wait for it to all die down.
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