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  1. Best group of young English players in a generation...with the worst negative manager...
  2. Sorry if I got it wrong Roy ..nothing unusual in me getting my facts wrong now im an old un..lol..
  3. Because there is going to be a 3rd wave...if you have had one jab you are only 30% covered against some of the variants...is it worth the risk to watch a football match.
  4. If the government put back June 21st...and i suspect they will ...I think Pride Park will only be partially filled at best.
  5. No way will there be any away fans at Cup matches the 3rd wave is on its way I believe.
  6. Only ever missed 1 Rams game at Wembley...that was 1946 13 years before I was born lol...Kevin Phillips too this day must still be wondering how he didn't get a hat trick that day lol
  7. How did we win this one and lose to QPR lol
  8. RAMSTRUST you do not represent me as a Derby County supporter so please stop .
  9. Definitely needs next season to build...as for his hangers on..
  10. That is what sport is all about...a roller coaster of emotions...thats the Derby way ..
  11. What if the Cardiff v Rotherham games called off waterlogged and we only draw with sheff wed....
  12. win at all costs.. then buy Barry Bannan when wednesday are relegated lol
  13. All I can say is...no matter which league we are playing in next season..let's hope the world has got on top of the virus...and football fans worldwide can get back into stadiums and watch the football live...I know I can put up with 3rd division football if thats the case.
  14. Another 2 weeks till the end of our season...thank god I've more than had enough of football...if you can call it football.
  15. Archie Gemmill...colin Todd...Roy Mcfarland...David Nish...and a bloke from bradford...Hector i think his name is...also a goalie Colin Boulton looks a good prospect lol
  16. By the Sheffield wed game of course we could already be relegated...I always think we will escape by the skin of our teeth...this time I'm not so sure.
  17. Could be worse...Phil brown has been reappointed manager at Southend utd for a 2nd time...with Craig Fagan as first team coach lol
  18. Its not Rooney I want to see gone but his back room staff...too many cooks and all that...
  19. Its definitely going to be a struggle to stay in this division now...too many injuries and over rated youngsters.
  20. Not how many to stay up..but how many can you realistically see the Rams amassing in those last 7 games. I can only count 6 points ...wins against Brum and Sheffield wed...it could go down to the last day.
  21. I think the last game of the season is massive...I can't see to many more points coming our way in April.
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