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  1. With the 2019/20 season fast approaching, Derby County has revised its Membership packages for the upcoming campaign. Continuing under the DNA mantle (Derby. Now. Always.), the club has simplified Memberships into two different options, DNA Home Membership and DNA Away Membership, with the latter being the highest priority for away match tickets. The club has also introduced new price levels for Young Adult: Age 18-21 and Senior: Age 65+. DNA Home Membership £40 – Adult: Age 22-64 £35 – Young Adult: Age 18-21 & Senior: Age 65+ £30 – Youth: Age 13-17 £25 – Child: Age 2-12 Benefits include: 20% off your own home league match ticket Zero booking fees on your own home league match ticket when purchasing online FREE ticket to a club-determined home match Early access to buy home match tickets DNA Away Membership Season Ticket Holders * £40 – Adult: Age 22-64 £35 – Young Adult: Age 18-21 & Senior: Age 65+ £20 – Youth: Age 13-17 £15 – Child: Age 2-12 Non-Season Ticket Holders (includes mandatory DNA Home Membership) £90 – Adult: Age 22-64 £75 – Young Adult: Age 18-21 & Senior: Age 65+ £60 – Youth: Age 13-17 £45 – Child: Age 2-12 https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2019/06/secure-your-201920-membership-now
  2. So reports were wrong and the club media was correct? The irony here is delicious!
  3. Man will leave football club in his lifetime because Curtains says so.
  4. The description sounds like Tracy Island to me!
  5. If Chelsea wanted Frank they would have identified him way before Sarri finally left. There is just no common sense behind Chelsea waiting to appoint him at this stage. They're dragging their heels for Rafa I think.
  6. 7pm tomorrow at a Morrisons in Barnet with John Barnes!
  7. It’s for three seasons. Pearce replaces Cliff Crown of Brentford from 2016.
  8. They’re already kicking off about it on Twitter
  9. Probably just lifted it out the statement BBC Derby Sport posted earlier.
  10. Exactly. This is why he said “he expects to be here next season” after the play off final. People interpreted that as he expects Chelsea to come calling!
  11. I’d like to think because Derby have a good relationship with BBC Radio Derby
  12. Only if you believe the bull poo in the Sun/Express/DM or written on club opinion websites.
  13. How is that time delay between you and yesterday?
  14. They do not! They’re pretty cold when transported via trucks overnight. Foil sealed for freshness!
  15. Can’t wait to laugh at this in a few weeks when he’s shaking hands with our new signings.
  16. I remember Derby did one of these about a year or so ago and it was so badly received and never done again!
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