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  1. That would be prettayyyy pretty good.
  2. Can we go into admin every week?
  3. I suspects he’s no longer a director so he can stay on at the club in a coaching capacity. If he’s still a director when we approach administration, he’s gone.
  4. Knowing Mel he’ll sit in the south stand. One of our own and all that.
  5. Perhaps a change of name for @Steve Buckley’s Dog?
  6. Who wouldn’t go to Forest or anywhere for that matter? Lucrative business getting sacked!
  7. So nothing confirmed yet at all.
  8. Based on Forest's past sackings, the new manager will be announced in the next 15 minutes.
  9. Good save from Roos there.
  10. Maybe he actually added up our defenders combined age and divided by 4.
  11. Missing this one on as I’m in Manchester for New Order at Heaton Park. Thankfully the first half ends just as they’re due on stage. Thanks Sky Go!
  12. ZanFish is great in Littleover. The Spondon one isn’t so
  13. The Admiral in Overseal is top drawer. One of the best.
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