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  1. Think of all the dough when we get promoted.
  2. Alex Pearce just put Millwall 1-0 up in the Cup against Brighton.
  3. Alex Pearce just put Millwall 1-0 up against Brighton in the FA Cup
  4. Probably been mentioned but for saying he came back from an injury, Lawrence was brilliant last night. Didn’t always take the shot, passed to better options, hassled all their defenders and constantly tried to win the ball back. Probably would’ve took him off a little earlier due to evident tiredness but he really did look the best I’ve seen him last night.
  5. I think his form when Lampard started him in his first run this season and these last few games have really changed how we play. This is probably his best days in a Derby shirt. No qualms for me if they give him a year extension.
  6. Derby 2 - Stoke 1 FRGS Lawrence
  7. You should also be able to go on the ticket part of the website and see your season ticket and click renew.
  8. I’d tell you but it’s lengthy
  9. How do they police those who didn’t go to the game? Are they not allowed in until 4:45?
  10. I saw a lot of stuff from this after the game on players Twitter and Instagram. Why didn’t the club make a bigger deal of it before hand? Or did they? More exposure is surely a good thing
  11. Pull your finger out then!
  12. He said he wasn’t ready to get back into management yet. He’s turned a couple jobs down.
  13. This extension doesn’t increase capacity though.
  14. Everyone saying Johnson is playing for his contract. Maybe so, but I think since Lampard came in he’s been a much better player.
  15. Derby 3 - 1 Sheffield Weds FRGS Waghorn
  16. I really hope we don’t have a roof.
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