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The Championship 19/20

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29 minutes ago, G STAR RAM said:

That's overlooking the facts a little.

I know we are only 3 games into this season but they have won 1 game in 7 months.

As we found with Jewell when you get into a downward spiral it's hard to get out of.

Think it's a bold decisive move but one thet probably should have made in the summer.

They are damning stats, but the owners should have made that call in the summer when they could give a new manager a chance to change things in the transfer window? - once they'd let him carry on, it's crazy to sack him after so few games (particularly when arguably their best player has been allowed to go out on loan)

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30 minutes ago, RadioactiveWaste said:

Na, He'll be fine once Gibson sues us for our points.

Forest will probably sack the manager soon.

I had a read of the Boro forums to see what they think and they seem to think the players are struggling to adapt from Pulis ball - such a shame - maybe they should just bring him back.

Forest get rid of managers every 3 months like clockwork, so I don't think they will be next (unless we beat them 10-0 in the cup) 

52 minutes ago, Tyler Durden said:

Villa manager must be worth a punt

I think he will get a bit more time - they've looked alright so far. They definitely look better than Newcastle, but Mike Ashley likes to stick with his managers even if they are bottom of the league with zero points at Christmas.

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I think Leeds will get it right this season. They're far too dominant in games to let it slip twice, I mean they average above 60% possession. As for the rest, I don't think it's easy to call. West Brom look alright, plus the signing of Austin is a very shrewd one. Swansea have started the season really strong, especially considering their preseason. Reading looked the real deal today but have lost their last two games - it was very similar to when we played Norwich last season early on, you could easily tell they had quality in the side despite us not knowing many of the players. Fulham had an opening day shock but aside from that look a sound bet. We look steady, if not spectacular. 

I'd back Leeds, Baggies & Fulham at this point.

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20 minutes ago, Mr Tibbs said:

Great goal by Charlton to be fair. Everyone’s moving and showing for the ball, delivery was quality and the run and finish from Taylor superb. Enjoying watching them, even better it’s at Forest’s expense. 

Charlton have been superb. My friend who's a Charlton fan was bricking it before the season started saying they barely had a squad of 16. From what I've seen I'm impressed. Their intensity and general play has been quick and skillfull. Should be more than one up. 

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