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  1. Prevented chants of ‘Cox out’ as well which would have been both heartbreaking and funny at the same time. Cox’s team will always be my Derby County, travelling all over the country watching his bunch of warriors. What a great time that was. Phil Gee through Burridge’s legs, George Williams scrapping on the goal line at Stoke, Bobby…always Bobby. They were the days when new signings actually improved the team. Chandler to Callaghan, McClaren to Gregory, Davison to Saunders, Hindmarch to Wright, Wallington to Shilton… you could go on. I agree. Let’s have more Cox. Something this forum manages to do on a daily basis so why not @Owen87ITK. A 5 part series is definitely called for. Didn’t Radio Derby do a big feature with him a couple for years ago? Sure they did. Remember his Wallington playing at Ipswich with a broken finger/hand story. Great days.
  2. I like the Hungarian number 7, the right wing back. Looks like the ideal replacement for Jacob Laursen to me.
  3. I don’t think the EFL would accept that the COVID pandemic actually happened if it was us that said so, so I can’t see any appeal working. The EFL want their pound of flesh and from their point of view relegate us at all costs. If they fail to do that then I am sure Gibson will sue them, or us or anyone. However I don’t think we have been treated fairly at all by the EFL and think that I could put a pretty coherent ams cogent case as to why, so am sure a top solicitor/barrister could make a fairly compelling argument, when it comes to future points deductions. We just need new owners and to reset ourselves in all honesty but like Keegan, I would love it, love it if we beat them (again) in a (kangaroo) court of law.
  4. Sorry for your loss and to hear about your ongoing frustrations, which don't exactly help matters. Unfortunately, I can't say I am wholly surprised to hear this as this lack of communication and ability to deal with matters rationally and simply seems to be engrained. I have now given up on ever receiving anything from the club with regards to my matte, which has been going on for months now with no proper response at all. Hopefully someone will get a grip on this sort of thing soon when new pople are in place and hopefully common sense will prevail in your case. Best of luck with it.
  5. A pint of Przemysław Kaźmierczak. I would insist it was asked for by name.
  6. To be fair to Boro they really wanted Waghorn, which was why when he was available on a free over summer they rushed in to get him. They rated him that highly! If they were successful on this then the can of worms would be well and truly opened and we could sue QPR, Villa and Bournemouth and the like. I think it is petty and ridiculous. Is Gibson suing Assombolonga for not scoring enough goals?
  7. That’s right Dave. There is no better man than you to stick up for these poor officials berated by partisan fans 🤣
  8. Allsop 7 Byrne 6.5 Forsyth 8 Stearman 6 Davies 7.5 Shinnie 7.5 Bird 6 Morrison 6 Knight 7 Lawrence 6 Stretton 6 Buchanan 7 Williams 7 Ebosele 5.5
  9. Sky tv is ducked poo Two more Saturday games lost. Do you think many will come from Bournemouth for a 12 o’clock kick off? Same old argument I know but Ray Davies didn’t sing ‘I like my football on a Monday night’. Kids can’t go. Those who live away can’t go. Meh.
  10. I would have replied with a picture of Steve Biggins.
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