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  1. He has more character in his little tie than most of the current incumbents of the shirt. He also does community work because he is a decent human being rather than because he has to, but there you go.
  2. Are any of our youngsters any better though - I am not convinced. I have watched a few u23 games and I thought the standard of football was very poor. You get a lot of time on the ball to make decisions, which you simply don’t get in the championship. I think you need reserve team football really to judge these players; let them play against men and seasoned professionals. In the current system, send them on loan. I would say however that in one game I saw dowell was comfortably the worst player on the pitch and not once looked remotely interested. At least you can get behind youngsters though, rather than a bunch of lazy overpaid pissheads.
  3. They are indeed. Every signing seems to make us worse! Weimann was a terrible signing, an athlete not a footballer...he would walk into this team.
  4. I totally agree. Our players simply don’t look fit in comparison to those we play against. Out stupid pre-season didn’t help but nor does the drinking culture which undoubtedly exists within the club. The mentality of our players hasn’t been right this season and has looked decidedly dodgy for a few years now. However, surely the job of a manager is to manage these type of problems? I won’t start on defending and taking corners and how any team can be taught how to do these things because my head might explode.
  5. The problem with international breaks is it provides our players with more drinking time. We are not fit. We are not capable of doing the basics. We have the worst squad in probably 10 years but the mentality is very worrying. The manager has take responsibility for this.
  6. I think the problem is that our players are bang average and the manager is trying to play a possession based system that doesn’t suit them. Consequently the players look even worse than they are. Sadly we seem to have wasted an awful lot of money on yet another average player in Bielik when we would in all likelihood have been able to get 3 or 4 decent players abroad for the same money. We will lose some and we will win some but this season is a bit of car crash and we are a long way from being where we want to be. Hopefully cocu will be able to mould the kids into what he wants although the standard of u23 football is very poor and until we see them play against men we won’t know if they are any good or not! Onwards and upwards.
  7. Absolutely horrible tackle. I can still hear the chants of ‘animal, animal’ ringing round the BBG
  8. I keep saying it, if it wasn’t for Steve Cherry there wouldn’t have been a replay in the first place. He single handedly kept them at bay at Home Park. Let’s not forget how awful we were in both games! Peter Taylor subbing off Bobby though when we needed a goal-I am a tad bitter about that still! As for the thread, bitterness has been confused a lot with disappointment I think. However, I am with all those who are still bitter about Liverpool robbing me of the chance to see Derby in Europe. Who knows what might have happened. It still irritates me. And the semi final offside decision. Terrible. And Juventus. Cheating bunch of tossers. Why do so many parents allow their children to stroll around in Juventus tops? And Pat Van der Hauwe for his tackle on McMinn. At least Gerry Gow chose someone who wasn’t very good to maim. Now I have got started I don’t think I can stop!!
  9. In answer to the original question, whether to burn Barry Powell and mick coop at the stake or simply beat them to a pulp certainly divided opinion. I thought both was probably appropriate.
  10. The problem is that our players aren’t very good. I am not an expert but I would have thought having a goalkeeper who can catch a football would be enormously helpful. A decent shot stopper but we are being targeted with corners and long throws because everyone knows what we do. Also the lack of control at times and inability to play pretty simple passes is quite staggering. The lack of football intelligence is rather worrying as well-that corner, dear me, as well as Waghorn’s antics in the last 10. think we will have enough to stay up but I can’t say there’s many here, in the match day group, who have much of a future or who I particularly care about. A lack of fitness is also something I have noticed in pretty much every game. I had put it down to our amateurish pre-season but now wonder how much is due to our amateurish behaviour off the pitch, which is one thing this group will be forever tainted with in my eyes. As the stranglers put it, no more heroes anymore. Looking forward to Saturday and Jacob butterfield’s rather inevitable winner.
  11. Marriott missed more games for allegedly playing golf. Was he hitting the ball with Keogh’s head I wonder?
  12. Bit unfair to raise these cases after so long. It’s not like their players were going around town making racially motivated assaults on students is it! Every club has its cases of bamfords acting like bamfords. Ours just happen to have done it this week and hopefully I never have to see either again.
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