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  1. Words are too complex for our fans to remember I fear.
  2. I have no doubt that the Steve Gibson independent review and arbitration service will come to a fair decision.
  3. I’m not going to mention Steve Biggins though, you are safe on that front.
  4. Hooksy- hammer of a left foot. He was no Paul Bancroft though was he.
  5. The fact that we paid a club record fee for Barry Powell shows that at least our scouting and transfer dealings are consistent.
  6. Yes, if only we had sold our best players over the last few years. What a shame we didn’t think of that. Making Hendrick, Hughes, Ince and Vydra work in the club shop was a big mistake in hindsight.
  7. None of them held a candle to Steve Carter though did they. This is why, ultimately, none of this matters. It’s all just memories. Today’s news, tomorrow’s chip paper and there is no love like the first love and watching Ian Dalziel and thinking, well he’s not totally useless and definitely an improvement, puts it all into perspective. And one day the new Bobby Davison will arrive and everything will be ok again. so let’s all relax and pray that Sibley turns out to be better than Tony Reid, who let’s face it, we all thought and hoped, just might be ok. But he wasn’t.
  8. Yes he was. But setting the bar that low is no great barometer of quality. Bragstad and Blatsis, Jesus wept.
  9. I think your standards might have slipped at the time. He was no Glenn Skivington was he. Him Frank Gamble, Frank Sheridan...the golden generation.
  10. Unfortunately, having just had a check, Leeds fans are claiming that this is an efl conspiracy against them as Derby are mid table and therefore any points deduction would have a less meaningful impact. I think they would prefer a retrospective 2 goal punishment being taken back to May last year. Yet again the true victims here are Leeds. It’s shocking really and will only galvanise their fan base rather than our own.
  11. Need to sign him up quickly. Injury prone drunks are highly sought after.
  12. Great news. Has demonstrated a willingness to run that extra mile. unfortunately the extra mile was between burley hill and Duffield but nevertheless...
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