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  1. Hello all. In these dark times there is still beauty to be found. As planes stop flying and factories shut down pollution is clearing. In the city the night sky is as clear as I can remember it. The stars provide wonder and hope. Tonight I saw the space station fly overhead, Orion can clearly be seen and above the moon you can see Venus shining brightly. Go outside, take a moment and reflect. Every cloud ...
  2. Perhaps they could have built and paid for their own stadium instead of expecting to pick one up for free, courtesy of the British taxpayer. How Conservative party donor Karen Brady managed to get that deal I will never know.
  3. If they have to they can just play the games behind closed doors and stream the matches. The rest of us are going to work so can’t see why footballers can’t. I think that is what will probably end up happening except at Middlesbrough where the ‘stay 2m away from other people’ rule is easily enforced.
  4. Up in Yorkshire there is a body of thought that the Coronavirus is nothing but an EFL conspiracy against Leeds.
  5. He is clearly a good manager but complaining about the tactics of other teams (or defending as I believe others call it) whenever he loses is laughable in my eyes. Congratulate the opposition and move on. Unless it’s Leeds. Obviously.
  6. I wonder what Derek Hales and Vic Moreland make of it all.
  7. Whatever happens I am sure Jurgen Klopp will take it with the good grace, humility and sportsmanship that he exudes after every, rare Liverpool defeat.
  8. Was this the game when we had George Williams playing. Seem to remember the ball being on the line of the goal and everyone steaming in. Who’s the fatty in the pink was the main song of the day to some guy on the right then it all kicked off in the seats in the upper tier. Seem to remember stoke fans were on one side up there and we were on the other. Possibly a 2-0 win. That’s how I remember it all anyway!
  9. Cancel the leagues. All fixtures null and void. The reaction to the news from Leeds and Liverpool fans could be broadcast on Saturday afternoons to fill the void. Liverpool would go to the European court of justice, so would Leeds, except they would take more and have fans incognito on the judge’s bench.
  10. It took 10 years for all the Leeds fans to get in the ground there were that many of them.
  11. The time Mick Coop did something vaguely acceptable. Footage might be hard to find however.
  12. Or was it Skivington, Reid, Sheridan and Devine?
  13. Harbey, Blades and Garner were the golden generation.
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