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  1. I can name better left backs, such as my owner. Hammer of a left foot and supplier of endless pedigree chum. Beautiful.
  2. Loved Billy Hughes. Greenwood was truly shocking like Billy Caskey.
  3. Since the sad death of Hughes I don’t believe that Australians have the mentality to cope with a barrage of short balls peppered at their throats, so that is exactly what we should do. Superb bowling from Archer. First genuine quick since Devon Malcolm?
  4. Great days. Wright and Kirsten all over again.
  5. Is the question, who isn’t rated at all by friends of mine who have season tickets at Forest and Sheff Utd?
  6. No. The original post is correct. Our wingers aren’t quite good enough. Paterson will prove to be a poor loan signing and has 5th choice written all over him. Sadly Lawrence isn’t quite consistent enough, despite having ability, and FloJo plays like the kid from Argentina, in that we bought the wrong Brentford winger. Mervyn Wallace and Paco Diaz would have been a couple of great additions. Super players. Couldn’t afford their wages.
  7. He’s not a great penalty taker. Reminds me of Chris Martin who also wasn’t a great penalty taker. To be fair we have never been that great at penalties, until Wilson last year. The great Dean Saunders couldn’t put one past Niall Quinn ffs and Stefan Schnoor proved to be the only German capable of missing a penalty when he scuffed one at Watford. I just presume we will miss them which makes things less stressful. In a similar way I presume every corner we get will fail to beat the man at the near post and every corner we concede will result in a goal. Such a fine line between pessimism and realism.
  8. With Leeds and Forest having assured promotion this weekend who do you all fancy for the third promotion spot? I think maybe Fulham.
  9. Yes good point. What about Oxfam...mmm perhaps not... Who sponsors Forest Green Rovers? They are a more ethical than most football club so would be interested to know, although not so interested as to bother googling it.
  10. That sadly isn’t true. Page 28 of today’s Scottish Daily Mail- not the sports pages. Anyway, I can’t say I care, just don’t remember the furore when Bradley Dack was given the 10 shirt for Blackburn, sponsored by Bet 10, for example. It’s all about Rooney and getting the knives out. As others have said, however would we cope with Rooney playing Stoke in the Bet 365 stadium in the Skybet championship. Still think it would be nice to be sponsored by Rolls Royce though!
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