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  1. 4 down now. Come on Derbyshire, wipe away our sporting gloom!
  2. A cheeky wicket before tea. Good stuff. Enjoyed the YouTube coverage but not conducive to getting work done!
  3. They knew I had turned on so the wickets were inevitably going to tumble? Otherwise, who knows.
  4. Just turned on to see us lose 2 wickets in 2 balls. 🙄 So, Anuj Dal, batting at 7 today and doesn’t bowl. What is the point? Surely it is a waste of a batsman. Anyway, Critchley, what a wonderful start to the season! Well played Sir!
  5. Credit where it is due - we should have got something out of that and deserved to. We just lack quality and make some incredibly poor decisions in the final third. Did Marshall have a safe to make? Play like that against the likes of Preston and Wednesday and we will be fine. Probably won’t though!
  6. We have played well this half, just a lack of quality when it has mattered.
  7. Do you think Man City will be wanting Roberts back for their Champions League campaign?
  8. Have I missed something -if a player is on the ground does the ref now stop play regardless of whether it is a head injury or not? Has there been a rule change?
  9. He’s not very good, sadly. There is maybe a player in there somewhere but I imagine that he will only appear on eve is playing for someone else.
  10. Losing 3 wickets in an over wasn’t what I had in mind!
  11. Decent effort this morning. Warwickshire bowled out for 221. Still in the game if we can bat to a decent standard.
  12. I can’t really envisage any possible way that this takeover can go wrong. It’s bound to end really well for us. Inevitably a success you might say. It will go pretty much exactly like that interview with a man form Sky. What could possibly go wrong? The good times are here. Yay!
  13. Ikechi Anya has really let himself go hasn’t he.
  14. The big question though surely has to be whether Freddie Eastwood is going to sign or not.
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