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  1. After the 2-0 victory against forest in the FA cup I saw David Swindlehurst in the Carrington Club. He was on the phone to his wife, clearly having an argument because she wanted to go out in Nottingham. He didn’t think it was a good idea. A very vivid memory for some reason. When Benito Carbone was playing for Bradford I was living in Leeds. I was in Moortown Sainsbury’s on a Sunday (10:15am approximately) when someone ran their trolley into the back of my leg. It was the aforementioned Italian. No he wasn’t sat in the trolley before anyone says/thinks it. Vague recollection that his wife was nice though.
  2. Thick he might be but he gives lovely tummy rubs and sometimes tickles me behind my ear just right.
  3. Mine too. Now I can just wait for sky sports to move them all, disrupting all plans. Do you think the Leeds and Forest games will be on?🤔
  4. Any Leeds fans had a tattoo to celebrate winning it yet?
  5. Not just me then. Whose fault is it? Keogh’s? Leeds would have had loads more who it didn’t work for though. Disappointing.
  6. Anyone else having difficulties syncing to their calendar on an iPhone? Did the usual download thing following the link, says it is synced but not showing the fixtures in the calendar. Says that I am subscribed to it though???? Any suggestions let me know, never had trouble before. personally preferred a little fixture list card and actually talking to people but I suppose I have to try and live in the modern world if I have to.
  7. Yes but only because of the interest in Alan Pardew’s Rams taking on the champions elect Leeds Utd so I have already now left the game early and am heading home. I’m winning at life.
  8. Come on, I think we all know that these new members were all actually Leeds fans infiltrating our home forum. (And selling their unwanted London hotel rooms)
  9. To be pedantic the definition of unique doesn’t always refer to being one of a kind but can refer to the more generalised ‘special in some way’. If you want we can debate over numerous messages then decide I am right but I have the feeling that life is too short and neither of us cares that greatly. Although the fact that I am replying probably indicates otherwise. I think we can all agree however that they can take their scarves and proceed rapidly in a homewards direction.
  10. Leeds fans are certainly ‘special in some way’.
  11. Ha ha see what you mean but the word unique generally refers to ‘special in some way’ rather than one of a kind. 👌
  12. It’s going to be that bad, I’ve just left the first game of the season early to beat the traffic.
  13. Having lived in’t Leeds for twenty year I, like others here, have a unique perspective. They really are a fair weather bunch - great numbers and atmosphere when they are doing well but utter silence during the drab seasons. The number of sterile 0-0 Tuesday night games I saw at eland road during the 90s (the Marino Rahmberg year/s) played to a backdrop of pin dropping with not a single scarf twirl in sight. During these periods you see more rhinos shirts to be honest. I know some really good Leeds fans but even they seem to have this bizarre Lampard hatred which I don’t really understand. All this crying frank lampard nonsense is a tad bizarre. Leeds fans always claimed that we hated them but we weren’t really on their radar. We certainly are now aren’t we! Now Bielsa has committed to stay and they’ve won the title next year, it’s their games against us that are their most important. i think, despite having some decent fans, they have a far higher rate of total, self entitled, violent, arrogant, deluded **** **** as I think we saw in the play offs this year. It made that victory ever so sweet. Compare the behaviour of the villa fans after the final - respectful and generally pleasant - to what Leeds would have been like. Utterly insufferable. I’m not keen.
  14. Ha ha, Lee Bowyer. The poor Leeds fans wouldn’t know what to do with themselves would they if he were in charge of us. Paper talk, daily mail so probably nothing to worry about it but I remember what he did the nasty little thug and I wouldn’t want him anywhere near. Asan aside, the way the courts magically kept adjourning the case prior to important champions league games was farcical. Probably an FA conspiracy that one as well.
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