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  1. We were pretty poor today and didn’t really deserve anything. oh dear, never mind. We out Billy Daviesed them.
  2. Has anyone else got any good pictures of Mick Coop watching on whilst doing absolutely nothing? I think it is a thread in itself. It shouldn’t be too hard you wouldn’t have thought. The follow up thread could be Barry Powell looking incompetent. I hated Barry Powell. What a complete waste of space he was.
  3. Hate to sound like Sheffield Wednesday but I have been in touch with Wigan fans with a song they might like to borrow. duck the EFL Modern football is rubbish. Loads better when owners were shady haulage Company owners made good who wanted to impress their mates.
  4. The ref has apparently brought them out again - he missed the 8th and 9th minutes off the extra 6
  5. Has anyone been struck by lightning, tripped over a cardboard fan or been suffocated in a giant flag yet?
  6. For those interested, I have just had an email from Derbyshire CCC to say this match is on ‘live’ from 11am With some of the players. Thought I would mention.
  7. I am greatly concerned by the fact that this is the line up I would choose.
  8. 200 appearances. Thought it was worth a thread. I love Fozzy and the way he has come back from serious injury time and time again. Still the best left back we have and a couple of lovely crosses again today. For the sake of balance, I thought he could have done better with the first goal, but he has been a great servant and appears to be a good bloke too. And I know all about good left backs having fetched sticks for one for many years!
  9. Laptop-HDMI cable - Smart TV. Very good and very impressed. Well done to all. Sure I could have found something wrong if we hadn’t won though, although not sure what.
  10. Imagine if Sibley is the new Andy Garner? Dare to dream everybody.
  11. Totally agree. Great quality and worked flawlessly. If it hadn’t worked then we would have been all over it so credit where it is due. Up the Rams!!
  12. Your effects pedals need better organisation. At least show willing by putting them parallel to each other! I am finding it a bit distressing! Would be curious as to your home recording software and hardware set up though. I have an old 4-track in the garage still which might need some upgrading!
  13. Neither did Con Blatsis who I think was even worse. A feat I thought not ever possible for a full back. Anyway, perhaps something for a different thread.
  14. What the FA did to the FA cup is scandalous. I generally don’t know when the match kicks off now. It seems to have moved to Sunday late afternoons in order to ensure that people can’t travel back on public transport. Personally I still dream of a Wembley FA cup final but maybe that is just a misty eyed dream of an ageing generation.
  15. I think what you have done is read a comment on Twitter and decided that is representative of an extremely large number of people. I don’t really understand how any random individual’s comment can be unhelpful to such a cogent, well-thought out concern. If the teaching profession follows government instruction then there will be at least 16 people in one room where Social distancing is impossible. Government advice is currently full of contradiction - either we need to socially distance or we don’t. It is such a highly complex issue. You have physical well-being intertwined with
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