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  1. Wolves have been after Sibley for quite some time. There was talk of a £1 million bid a couple of years ago I believe. Wouldn’t be a surprise. I think with all the sales and potential sales, Mel is responding to us unhappy season ticket holders owed hundreds by rewarding a couple of us with a guaranteed place on the bench to make up numbers. Very thoughtful to be fair.
  2. He’s already better than Lowe in my opinion.
  3. Roos has done brilliantly-very pleased for him. All keepers are prone to mistakes. Marshall has been very good but he has made 2 or 3 mistakes this season that have cost us goals. Whilst we don’t score many, credit has to be given for how tight we are at the back. Onwards and upwards and well done goalkeeper.
  4. Really pleased with that. Fine margins this season. If their multi-million pound donkey up front had put their early chance away we could have crumbled. We could have scored 4 in 5 minutes in the second half and let 3 in in the last 10 minutes. The majority of teams in this league are bang average at best and points can be won in every single game. Today we missed chances but rode our luck at the other end when at other times we seem to let a late goal in totally against the run of play. Fine margins between football genius and not fit to wear the shirt. The truth
  5. In the first half I am pretty sure I saw us do one of those kick it between the sticks things.
  6. A superb team to make Tom Lawrence, in his absence, look like the creative messiah. No wonder we don't score goals. Couldn’t we have put Sibley in there? I am finding absolutely everything more depressing by the day. 3-0 FRGS Evans it is then
  7. Noticed C.Doyle in the City line up. Always nice to see a former fans favourite showing us what we are missing.
  8. I have to say, I quite like the honest assessment after a bad performance, however Paul Jewell did this on a regular basis and I am not entirely sure that ended too well.
  9. I think management, players and board members can count themselves very fortunate that this fiasco of a season is being played out behind closed doors.
  10. He completely lost the man he was marking for the goal. Just wandered away from him. Does that count?
  11. Derby poorly, lost to Chorley, Leeds feel sorely, lost at Crawley, lovely story!
  12. I think I might have misinterpreted that in a Brookside/Trevor Jordache kind of way.
  13. Great performance. Great result. I thought we had problems but they look a right shambles. Happy days.
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