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  1. He was crap on the way up and will no doubt be worse on the way down. No thanks.
  2. I wonder if the EFL will work out why I have the word Bubbles written on my calendar before every home game? And away game.
  3. Straight swap for Kris Commons?
  4. They’ll be back in ‘85! Lets face it, who hasn’t gone on an away day and 18 hours later ended up in the blue note with no trousers on. Happened most weeks back then. That was when football was football and belts were just a distant dream.
  5. I lost my trousers away at Cambridge in ‘84. Try telling that to the youngsters and they don’t believe you.
  6. I am really torn. Should I open the batting for Derbyshire in August or play centre half for Derby County? Now I know how Alan Ramage must have felt.
  7. Leave it a couple more weeks and he might get a game. #makingmemories
  8. To be fair the left wing berth will either belong to him, Gary Teale or Paul Emson, if he can shake off his arthritis. Is Eddie Lewis still available?
  9. I am beginning to wonder if it’s worth giving Nick Blackman and Leon Best a ring.
  10. COVID-19 covid becomes our top scorer and is given a new contract.
  11. The plastic pollution crisis shouldn’t be overlooked either.
  12. Well, it was a metaphor but let’s move on and concentrate on our impending relegation battle and financial obliteration. 👍
  13. Yes I have just heard. To be fair it was my birthday 2 weeks ago as well and I am pretty sure he missed it like I missed his. Anyway, I think the choice of penalty takers was woeful, which was my point, and you sort of agree or disagree, I can’t quite tell. Although to be fair, you do have a better grasp on when out squads birthdays are
  14. 👍 Ive been busy for the last two weeks and must have missed that 🤣
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