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  1. Shall we just have a crowd fund for Wycombe. They are the real victims here aren’t they and the ones I really sorry for. #prayforwycombe
  2. This is a wonderful opportunity for all those clamouring for Wembley tickets a couple of years ago to show that they are true fans are not just glory hunters who wanted to watch Mason Bennett running around a big pitch aimlessly. It is also cheaper than Wembley, nearer and beer in the local pubs doesn't cost £10 a pint. It's win win.
  3. Yes, actually selling tickets might be key here!
  4. If we listen to it are we allowed to talk about if afterwards or is there a NDA online that listeners have to sign?
  5. Genuine football fans realise what this means to ordinary people and it brings a certain unity. Leeds fans seem very pleased by the whole thing. I draw solace from the fact that that night still hurts them and it always will. You would have thought they would know better having had local people lose their livelihoods when it happened to them but obviously not.
  6. Yes. Very soon our playing squad will be so poor we will be looking back on Mick Coop and Alan Ramage and thinking that perhaps they weren’t that bad. That’s the situation we will soon be finding ourselves in. I believe the optimists will describe it as character building.
  7. Great sentiments in your original post - not sure why anyone would be abusive to you or the moderators though. With regards to not seeing this coming, I think the writing has certainly been on the wall. The whole not selling season ticket thing rather set alarm bells ringing in my head as to possible administration. Coupled with the bizarre lack of communication from the club and concerns being raised elsewhere it was certainly discussed in my circles. Had hoped things weren’t really that bad but clearly they were. At least I know why they haven’t been answering my emails now.
  8. I lived in Leeds when they went into administration. People with small businesses who had very little lost everything. Same in Leicester I imagine. Look at those clubs now, both paying wages of over £100k a week and sod the little people. It’s these people I feel sorry for and those decent people who work within the club who won’t know if they will be paying their mortgages in the next few months. Meanwhile the likes of Sam Rush, bang average players like Ikechi Anya and so many agents we probably couldn’t count them will all be sitting in their mansions no doubt not giving a poo. Football is completely broken and I am sick of it. Thanks Mel, thanks Steven, thanks Keogh- super work.
  9. Cheer up everyone. I have been talking to a mate who is a Leicester fan who speaks very highly about going into administration. Champions in 4 years!
  10. Well, this is all a bit of a shame isn’t it. I wonder if Billy is looking for his old club tie? #unfinishedbusiness
  11. Very reasonable - helping bring the next generation of supporters through, who no doubt they are going to need! Good on them.
  12. Good for you! No hidden messages or emails to bizarre folders for me I am afraid but good to know they reply to somebody. 30 minutes for you - well over 30 days for me now. I shall send another one tomorrow and look forward to a swift response!
  13. It does, on reflection, just seem to be a re-hash of Percy’s tweet from a few days ago.
  14. Maybe Harry Redknapp left a few quid down the back of the sofa when he left. His emergency transfer deadline day brown envelopes. The system is broken. We all know it.
  15. What are these alleged points deductions actually for, does anyone know? Is it going to remain a secret? I don’t really understand. 9 points would relegate us unfortunately, in my opinion. How could we get more than Wednesday who deliberately put the sale of their stadium in the wrong year and thus failed FFP. Maybe we have failed FFP. Maybe they are holding our chief scouts hostage and we think 9’points is worth paying to release them. Who knows. Another reason to make god only knows our new club anthem.
  16. Things have got so bad that Anuj Dal has become our best player. What a terrible season. The odds are completely stacked against us though aren’t they. I fear cricket has gone the same way as football.
  17. At least it’s not just me then! I was beginning to take it personally. I wonder what will come first, our replies or an outcome to the EFLs investigation/embargo/vendetta, call it what you will.
  18. £37 for bang average championship football. Wow. Even if they were wheeling out their all time greats like Tony Currie and er … Tony Agana and Rob Kozluk, I wouldn’t be paying that. Football without the fans is nothing my arse. Thankfully I am sure the EFL are right on top of this, looking after the best interests of both sets of supporters, rather then being embroiled in a bitter vendetta against one of their own members.
  19. Considering all the circumstances, I think that is a great point. Whether it was profligate finishing, luck or tactical genius no longer matters. All credit to the goalkeeper for making some good saves and the whole team for standing strong. I like this team far more than the ones we have had in recent years - they have character and togetherness and are giving everything. The manager has to take some credit for that. Long may it continue. Up the Rams!
  20. I totally agree. They will probably have them marking their tallest players like Byrne was on Friday night.
  21. Well, that is an interesting team. Are Lawrence and Morrison on the naughty step?
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