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  1. Stowmarket Suffolk, (Someone has to). I know Norwich quite well though. Best mate lives in Cringleford and I work up in and around Norwich. Anywhere from Acle back towards Hingham
  2. Done. My son has to wear splints for his hypermobility. I'm also only down the road so like to help out a fellow Anglian Ram. Good luck!!!
  3. Also available with small logo on breast. https://www.mandmdirect.com/01/details/UM2202/Umbro-Mens-Active-Style-Small-Logo-T-Shirt-Cadet-Blue-White
  4. https://www.mandmdirect.com/01/details/UM2194/Umbro-Mens-Active-Style-Logo-T-Shirt-Cadet-Blue-White Saw these and thought they were similar colour to our away kit.
  5. Had both of those as a kid. I would love to have those in adult size now.
  6. Would like to see us try 3 at the back in pre season with what's Currently available. Wing backs providing the width high up the pitch. Carson Keogh Davies Evans Bogle Malone Holmes Shinnie Lawrence Waghorn Marriott Subs Roos, Wisdom, Lowe, Thorne, Bennett, Jozefzoon, Martin.
  7. https://www.footballbobbles.com/?s=Holland&post_type=product Saw this earlier. Mint kit that.
  8. Just seen a little clip on the official Facebook page where the home kit fizzles Orange a little bit. Not sure if that's for Cocu or a hint for possible away kit?
  9. Mo Diame been released by Newcastle. Played 28 games last season. Wages might be high though.
  10. Well we have to cut our cloth accordingly and 32 goals in league 2 isn't to be sniffed at on a free. Just because hes not high profile (like Nugent) doesn't mean he's awful or can't cut it at a higher level. He's 28, and could be just in his prime. Steve Howard was from lower leagues and no spring chicken and turned out to be a decent signing. P.s. I wanted to use 'the next Vardy' line, but that may have stirred more nests.😏
  11. As mentioned in the summer signing suggestions thread. James Norwood whos out of contract at Tranmere scored 32 goals to help them to promotion via the play offs is worth a shout. Ipswich may already have a deal in place (according to local media here in Suffolk). Looks a similar player to Marriott from what I've seen of him but could be a decent signing to replace Nugent.
  12. Out of contract Tranmere striker James Norwood aged 28 who scored 32 goals last season. Reports here in Suffolk he was signing for Ipswich but since Tranmeres Play off final win it's uncertain what he wants to do. Could be a good signing on a free.
  13. I saw that, ginger bloke. Not sure who he was aiming at but he soaked a load of Derby fans with p1ss warm lager. Think he was aiming for the Villa fans but in his drunken state miss judged it by about 30 seats. Not what you want when you've just gone 2 nil down.
  14. Will bare that in mind for next season in the Championship. 😥
  15. Not here to rub it in but I'll be at Wembley with my brother as was lucky enough to get tickets even though I only went to the Ipswich and Norwich away fixtures. Being from Stowmarket, watching at the Needham Swan would have been good. Thought someone (possibly you) once said the landlord at the Oak in Stowmarket was also a Ram?
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