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  1. Something doesn't sit quite right with me signing Austin anyway. With Waghorn soon to return, Rooney no longer required in midfield (especially once Bielik is back), Marriott, Whittaker, Ingram, Lawrence and even Duncan on the books is there not a way we can play to their strengths? Can we play with a combination of 2 up top to get the best out of Marriott or even Rooney/Waghorn/Lawrence/in the hole behind the main striker?
  2. And Weimanns put Bristol City one up vs the Red dogs. The weekends just getting better. Might have a go on the lottery.
  3. I Keep changing my mind how I'd like to see us start but plumped for this. 3 at the back to nullify goal poacher Pukki getting space in the penalty box. Shinnie in for some bite and with Bird carrying a knock. Rooney further forward so he's not blowing out of his bum chasing back if he loses it. If its not working for him he's only got to look at our bench with Sibley, Holmes, and Whitaker chomping at the bit to take his place and change the game. Marshall Wisdom Evans Clarke Byrne Shinnie Forsyth Knig
  4. Marshall Wisdom. Davies. Clarke. Byrne. Bird. Shinnie. Buchanan Knight. Jozwaik. New??? Roos, Mike TW, Forsyth, Rooney, Holmes, Marriott.
  5. Marshall Evans. Davies. Clarke Byrne Buchanan Bird Knight. Sibley. Jozwaik. Rooney(c) Subs Roos, Forsyth, Wisdom, Shinnie, Whitaker, Marriott.
  6. Just looked at Macauley Bonnes stats. 11 goals from 33 apps isn't to be sniffed at for his dubut season in the championship and half of those games playing out on the right until Lyle Taylor got injured or went on strike post lock down. Only just realised Taylor has signed for the Red dogs. Not sure how much Bonne would cost but can play as a lone striker or out wide. I think he scored a cracker at the weekend as well as a goal vs Brentford in a recent friendly. Bowyer was raving about how well he did as a lone striker too.
  7. Sorry if I offended. 😒#dutchlivesmatter. Took me ages on my new phone to keep opening new tabs up to spell Kanchelskis, and Beckenbauer correctly.
  8. In view of potentially losing Lowe and Bogle to the Blades. Do we go 3 at the back with Bielik/Evans playing Beckenbauer role? Can Holmes be used as RWB (think he did a little bit at Scunthorpe). I'm not a fan of right foot players playing on the left and vice versa as its not natural and in my mind slows the play down or makes it awkward taking extra touches (unless your Robben or Kanchelskis 😂). Marshall Dutch. Bielik. Clarke. Holmes. Bird. Buchanan. Lawrence. Rooney. Sibley.
  9. Conner Wickham on loan from Crystal Palace as a CF? Not sure we could afford his prem wages though.
  10. Roos Mike. Evans. Carke. Bogle. Bird. Buchanan. Holmes. Sibley. Whitaker. Marriott.
  11. Or not costing £5m+ and put us in further financial bother.
  12. Just found this at my dad's house. Sorry, I know bugger all about it.
  13. I'm from Suffolk and a colleague and very good friend of mine has a good friendship with his mum (lives in Ipswich). He's supposed to be a bit of a home/mummies boy because of a bit of a tough up bringing. Moved to Charlton so he wasn't too far from home (Ipswich) apparently. Seems to be not too bothered who he plays for as long as he plays type attitude from what my colleagues said in the past. Has looked lively from the odd clip I've seen of him and has a half decent goal tally. Not sure why some people on here dismiss players so easily unless they've watched a few ga
  14. With more support from the trio behind him I'd like to see him given a chance at least. If not then Waghorn, Martin or young JHI.
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