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  1. Oh really. When I checked by clicking to buy tickets earlier today it said 160 odd left from a 1330 allocation so I was assuming we'd sold 1100 odd?
  2. Got mine today for my family as it's a home game for us. COYR.
  3. I'd go with 4-2-3-1 Roos Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone Evans Huddlestone Holmes Waghorn Wilson Marriott Subs to be used Lawrence Bennett King
  4. Will be getting my family of Suffolk Rams x 4 tickets if they get to general sale next week. Twenty minutes up the road for me. COYR
  5. Perhaps he's Frank's undercover spy.
  6. I know it's on your doorstep but no need to turn up a day early. 😉
  7. Texted my mate who's a season ticket holder at Ipswich about the cheap tickets for the Rotherham game last week. He reckons they were same price for the away fans as far as he knows so hopefully be the same for us.
  8. Was always left back at Ipswich. Not followed him much at Bournemouth but been mainly injured I think.
  9. Are you a Suffolk based Ram or is that knowledge from experience? I used to watch Ipswich (living locally, not as a fan) Back in the late 90s and their stand with the main rabble used to be known as the North Stand but might be the Bobby Robson or something like that nowadays. I've played local club football cup finals at Portman Road on two occasions (ten years ago). Won one, lost one.
  10. Here's hoping.🤞. Its £8 For seniors too so will try taking my old man as he was unwell for the Norwich away game the other week.
  11. Don't think they'll do cheap away tickets as it makes no difference to them wether we bring 800 odd fans @ £25 Or 1600 odd @£12. Do I be tight and pretend to be a tractor boy for the day or pay over the odds to be in the away end?
  12. I've seen this too as I live in Stowmarket but have a feeling it's for home areas only (the cheeky bar stewards). They did cheap tickets last week vs Rotherham and got 20k where as they only normally get 13 or 14k. It actually created a better atmosphere from what I've been told and spurred them on to a much needed win! They're doing all they can to get them going. I did click on to Ipswich ticket office to find out more and it looks like you need ticket purchasing history with ITFC which I don't but know a few friends or colleagues that do. 12 quid is plenty......Marcus Evans is an a$$hole! I guess we'll find out soon.
  13. I agree he's better through the middle. Being a Suffolk based Ram I got to see a few of his games for Ipswich last year and he played in a Role between the midfield and striker (between the lines as they all it nowadays). Joe Garner was the battler/runner up top similar to Jack Marriott for us. The only problem is that is the area that Mount currently plays his best stuff so hard to get them both in the same side in their best positions. Thinking ahead to next year if we were without Mount and Wilson and still in the Championship ☹. Carson/Roos Bogle Keogh Tomori? Malone Evans Huddlestone? Holmes Waghorn Lawrence Marriott
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