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  1. Franks Tanked

    Harry Wilson

    Totally agree. Derbys 3rd vs Norwich (Joozefzoons scuff) was assisted by Nugent, but in my eyes it was actually Holmes who was the catalyst in sparking the move which resulted in the equaliser.
  2. Franks Tanked

    Little Duane

    Couldn't agree more. See my post in the Jozefzoon thread.
  3. Franks Tanked


    Yes, might look more natural on his favoured foot. As would Waghorn on the/his left or more centrally. Wags looked frustrated when he came off.
  4. Franks Tanked


    Quoting myself here. But I again thought Holmes was very good in his time on the pitch today vs Boro. Lampard heaped praise on Nugent on Saturday for help in both goals??? For me it was Holmes' direct pacing run that carved them open. He slipped the ball out to Nugent who played the ball across which found it's way to Jozefzoon (rather than picking him out) who as we know scuffed in the finish much to everyone's delight. For me Jozefzoon is pretty average but with decent pace. where as Holmes looks so confident and clever on the ball. People say he's got raw talent, I think he's better than that and I'd like to see more of him. He's no kid anymore and even looks tasty in a tackle for a small lad. I wanted to post something similar after the Norwich game but didn't want to take the shine off what was a wonderful away day. But look at my post from Saturday where I even suggest he scuffed the through ball to Marriott for the winner, it was rather tongue in cheek. Well Jozefzoon was cheaper or similar price to what we got for Weiman, is he any better? It remains to be say. To cut a long story short. "Frank, get Holmes on from the start vs Southampton, I'm keen to see more".
  5. Franks Tanked

    Vs Middlesbrough (home). Matchday thread.

    Leeds losing 😁 Forest winning 😒 Kelvin Phillips sent off for Leeds so should miss game vs us? 😉.
  6. Franks Tanked


    I thought the home atmosphere at Carrow Road was quite good on Saturday. Their flags at the start helped bring colour and as a result good noise to their stand behind the goal which crept into the side/corner (Think they call it the snakepit) opposite where us away fans were sat. Almost in a C stand style. I liked that they had a variation of different shapes and style flags. One in particular caught my eye was a big one with material of their Asics kit from back in the Bryan Gunn and Chris Sutton days with the yellow background and green flecks. Could we do something similar with our old Bass shirts or other classic kits from over the years. I personally would love Umbro to bring back our old light blue squared/checkerboard kit from early 90s and a big flag of this would be class.
  7. Franks Tanked

    Vs Middlesbrough (home). Matchday thread.

    Fair point on the settled side but they'd only need to make up the 5 points on us to gain a place in the Play offs. With us having Boro then Leeds that 5 point difference could be eaten up in the blink of an eye. With the Squad they've got I expect them to be in the Play offs come May. On the plus side once our next two games have been played we'll only have West Brom (H) on the last day out of the current top six left to play.
  8. Franks Tanked

    Vs Middlesbrough (home). Matchday thread.

    Weren't Fulham 11th at Christmas last season then signed Mitrovic, flew up the league and went up via the play offs.
  9. Franks Tanked


    Scuffed goal, scuffed through ball to Marriott for the winner 😉. I'm always fairly impressed with Duane Holmes with the little bits I've seen of him so could put pressure on the likes of Jozefzoon, Waghorn, Lawrence, and mount to perform better. In fact it was Holmes who drove at their defence in the lead up to the Zoon goal.
  10. Franks Tanked

    v Norwich away (Matchday thread).

    Think it was I who tipped off about Coach and Horses going with my 72 year old man. Think Norfolk said it would be Rammed (no pun intended), he wasn't wrong, sardines in there!!! My old man had ear and throat infection so my mum came along instead for her first game in years, and what a game!!! My dad text me when I was on train home to Suffolk to say thanks for his Birthday present 😂🤣. My best mate (from Norwich) is Coach and Horses Cricket Captain and told me to text when I was 5 mins from pulling into Norwich Station. Off the train, walked up hill (for East Anglia) found pub, breathed in, squeezed through ques to find mate turning away from bar with four drinks in his hands. If Carlsberg did football days, today was it!!! COYR🐑🐑🐑
  11. Franks Tanked

    v Norwich away (Matchday thread).

    Because Because Marriots a short arse (my mistake really). 3 at the back to their one (Puki) up front. They have decent fullbacks and just feel we need Bogle and Wilson to pin them back. Holmes and Mount to get closer to Waghorn and more importantly Marriott. If our backs are against the wall, drop Waghorn into midfield and Bogle to RB and Wisdom to LB but would like us to try something slightly different. You could put Tomori CB but sure Pearce could do a job, we're not paying these players to sit on their backsides. Apart from Thorne, Butterfield, etc, (the list goes on.........).
  12. Franks Tanked

    v Norwich away (Matchday thread).

  13. Franks Tanked

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Whats Conner Wickham up to these days? Nugent is finished unfortunately. Although Imposing midfielder with engine in his mid to late twenties would be top of my shopping list.
  14. Franks Tanked

    Norwich Away

    Cheers for your advice Norfolk. I'm also meeting my best mate who lives in Cringleford/Eaton side of the City so he'll help. He's coming in the away end with us as he does at Portman Rd. He's Suffolk born but not a tractor boy or Budgie boy.
  15. Franks Tanked

    Norwich Away

    Is The Murderers walkable from station and back to the ground? I'm coming up from Stowmarket Suffolk with my brother and 72 year old dad. He's fairly fit for his age. If not other recommendations greatly received for quieter less busy/Chavvy pubs.

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