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  1. He was excellent against stoke to be honest, however good players consistency play well and Lawrence doesn't. He also needs to work on his tracking back, loses his man every single time. I think he lacks concentration at times and his football brain is non existent when making the right decisions.
  2. I wouldnt give Bradley another contract, he hasn't done enough imo to warrant one. He will obviously get interest but not from a side better than us. I think he is a mid table championship player, we can find better and we probably will.
  3. Villa will not win every game, will probably win 6 though.
  4. Watched the game back this morning, mainly to focus on Wilson. I dont think we will miss him next season, our attacks break down more often than not with him. He also gives it away cheaply, he is a luxury player with a bit more work rate. His left foot, we might miss though.
  5. Scouts must be watching him in big numbers. He Is going generate us millions, providing he doesn't turn into Ravel Morrison and mess it up.
  6. Jayden bogle will not be at derby For long if we don't get promotion. He is destined for big things, Reminds me of Kyle walker.
  7. Excellent night for villa, they will comfortably get in the playoffs I reckon.
  8. Stoke had 47% possession according to the stats. Stoke comfortably the worse side I have watched at pride park this season.
  9. He can't defend, we all know that
  10. I will be so disappointed if we fail to win this game.
  11. Just you, Waghorn one of our best players so far
  12. Lawrence needs to work on tracking his man
  13. Need a goal before half time, stoke surely can't be this bad in the second half.
  14. I agree, he needs to improve on this if he wants to break into Liverpools side.
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