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  1. We haven’t got good enough players to go toe to toe with them, a Gary Rowett style away performance may get us a point. If we go to play, we will get played off the park, I don’t think Cocu will go to defend though. I expect them to be really up for it and a thrashing.
  2. Revenge on the cards. Leeds 4 Derby 0. We move on.
  3. Rooneys goal record is average when you compare it to Zlatans. I just checked and was surprised how average Rooneys was, you would expect him to get 20+ in the MLS.
  4. Arsenal looking like us at Brentford, no midfield and letting Watford have 31 shots. I would be fuming if I supported Arsenal after that, Crazy how open they looked.
  5. Going well for him today, Without Kante, Emerson, Hudson odoi and loftus cheek. Abraham is scoring goals for fun, you have to wonder how big the step up is in the premier league these days. The defending seems substandard, not much better than he championship.
  6. Yes, poor discipline to be on 5 yellows already.
  7. Draw a fair result, glad Lawrence is missing for the Leeds game.
  8. Time for plan B, we look pretty clueless at the moment.
  9. I watched the Poland game, it was a good game for a 0.0. Bielik was excellent, Poland were under the Cosh and bielik handled it well. Cocu needs to start him in midfield, I don’t want to hear this Nonsense about fitness after his performance tonight.
  10. Brentford took pity on us, they still created 3-4 good chances to win the 2nd half.
  11. No team spirit yesterday, the complete opposite. The players downed tools, why??
  12. He Walked back with his chest puffed out, that was the most effort he put in all game.
  13. It worked for Southampton, wolves, Sheffield united and Norwich.
  14. We are getting absolutely pummelled here, Hopefully they take pity on us 2nd half.
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