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  1. Sheffield Wed 2-2 Rams FRGS Waghorn
  2. I would expect us to get top 2 in league 1, even with the squad we have now. I would obviously prefer us to stay up, relegation Would set us back 2-3 years. We just need to focus on playing like we did against QPR, the wins will come and we can get this torrid season over with.
  3. Our fixtures are difficult, our home form is going to be vital. I would rather we get the deduction now, then we can see how our players deal with the pressure of a relegation battle. It would also give cocu the perfect opportunity to see who he wants to keep next season.
  4. We should be as well, the points deduction could drop us right in it.
  5. Lack of composure, that’s the difference between quality strikers and average strikers.
  6. That’s it, season over. Roll on next season, with a better goalkeeper and a few wingers.
  7. Very poor game, two bang average sides.
  8. Hamer should save that, poor from Rooney also.
  9. We have been the better team, qpr are awful.
  10. Chopping and changing the team doesn’t help.
  11. Bringing back Lowe makes sense, Samuel is rapid.
  12. So they edit the original, sack Ramage, then cancel sport-scene talk-in. Bizarre way to go about things.
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