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  1. It is a worry of mine to be honest, I wouldn't be if he wasn't injured beforehand. I remember elmohamady giving him a lot of problems when he was at Chelsea. I believe in him, he will be desperate to go out with a win.
  2. We deserved that, can we keep this press up though?
  3. Bennett obviously works harder in training, simples.
  4. Quite happy with the team, i would of been tempted to start Cole, I feel malone will be targeted a lot. Wish I was there, COYR
  5. Michael smith at Rotherham, would be an excellent hold up player for us. Watched him against villa and was impressed with his hold up play and work rate.
  6. 50/50, the resulting penalty would of papered over the cracks. Leeds did another job on us, i watched it again and i regret it. Lampard needs to reavaluate how to counter bielsa, 3 times now and the same outcome.
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