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  1. Fer is exactly what we need, it's a shame he is injury prone. He came on for Swansea last season and absolutely bossed the game at pride park, very good player.
  2. Maybe "much better" was pushing it, swap it with "a bit".
  3. Lampard owes us nothing imo, however I think he will trust us to look after his players.
  4. Roos bogle Keogh Davies/CB Forsyth Dowell Huddz/MF Shinnie Bennett/RW Marriott Joflo/LW We look much weaker than last season with that team as it stands.
  5. He can play anywhere, probably not CB or GK though.
  6. One thing is for certain, Anya is much better than Lawrence out wide. Anya is a good player at this level, our recent managers just haven't shown any faith in him.
  7. Not ideal preparations for a big season, a week behind showed in that first half.
  8. Bristol much much better, we look More than a week behind them.
  9. Thorne looked well off the pace to me, Davies was playing ahead of him at times and he's jus come back from a serious injury. Good workout for the team, hopefully Marriott keeps on scoring.
  10. Anya was one of our best players against a very good Fulham side in the playoffs. I see it as a positive, he cant to be any worse than Lawrence on the wing that's for sure. I think a clause in his contract may be why he hasn't played as much, he is a good versatile player.
  11. We will miss his physicality in the middle for sure, for such a big Unit Huddlestone get outmuscled a lot. If we are going 433 we will need a player that has energy, awareness and strength. I think we can safely rule Huddlestone out of 433, hopefully shinnie can be this man.
  12. Confidence player, a confident Jacob Butterfield is a good player at this level. Fair play to him for trying to find a club, Anya should do the same.
  13. It's Looking that way, back up in case Cocu has a nightmare and we need someone to steady the ship. Good planing from Mel, if true.
  14. Getting Mount back would be a huge favour from Frank and could happen. I do think he will want to challenge himself at a mid table Premier League side, or go to the Bundesliga or equivalent. He has Proven himself in the Eredivisie and the Championship, he will see his next challenge higher.
  15. Not a bad player but I am glad he is moving on.
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