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  1. Villa are one that annoy me. They had to sell their stadium to remain compliant (as we did), but they've had to do that even with parachute payments. The villa fans i worked with at the time really wouldnt shut up about them battering us multiple times, but it would have been embarrasing if we'd been able to compete with them after the money they spent.
  2. Mel already tried the same thing as Leicester and Wolves - i.e spend loads of money, break ffp and hope you go up before the EFL can touch you. It just hasnt worked in our case Or are you referring to that time Leicester went into administration and shafted all the local businesses around them, because we might be able to do that soon as well if you want.
  3. £10k fine to make the efl happy, but we start the season with + 15 points to make up for all of our transfer embargoes over the last year or so.
  4. Ive just turned 30 and i've just had the text to book my jab in with the pfizer vaccine. Don't know why they've skipped down to my age group since plenty of people i know in mid to late 30s who havent had one yet, but i suppose rollout is different in each area.
  5. If that is the case would they just be rented back to us (if we still exist)? I don't know what loans we currently have, if any, but wouldnt that make us even less attractive to potential investors?
  6. So if the club did hypothetically go into administration would that mean we lose the stadium, training ground, etc to the likes of Dell if they've been used as security for the loans we've had to take on?
  7. Not everything the Daily Mail writes is false. But I agree Mel couldn't possibly have chosen another chancer to take over the club. I refuse to believe such an outlandish story and I'm sure our Spanish friend has already passed the fit and proper persons test. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us." Stephen King
  8. Why not? Gadsby cant fund the club on his own, but one of the two other rumoured bids on the table was apparently a local consortium. The other was Americans presumably led by Sam Rush, which is presumably also the dream deal as mentioned by John Percy
  9. Leeds has Bradford and Huddersfield right on its doorstep - Bradford might be in a lower league now, but they still have a massive fanbase and big attendances. Other than a non league side in the north of the county Derby County has no competition at all in our region. Leeds do have more fans than us, more people watch their televised games and in the last couple of years they've been getting more fans through the gates than us. I don't know why a lot of Derby fans have such a bee in their bonnet about Leeds having a bigger fanbase than us, but arguing about it isn't going to change the reali
  10. Roos McDonald Edmundson Clarke Buchanan Shinnie Bird Sibley Roberts Lawrence Joswiak Because he is currently playing with several injections to get through the match. He wasn't quick even before that, but he's made Chris Martin look dynamic in the last few games. If he isn't fit don't play him.
  11. We're Derby County. We aren't Derby City. Comparing city sizes is completely irrelevant to size of support when most of our support doesn't live in the city and I would also suggest Leeds are the same. Leeds have fans all over Yorkshire and whilst they might be the only team in Leeds they have a lot of other rival clubs in very close proximity. They have more fans than us - nothing to be ashamed of, but they've got a bigger population - simple as that. If we drop into League 1 or we have a few seasons with the same tripe as we are watching now or we have a Fawaz type owner you will soon
  12. Brian Clough finishing 18th in his first season with us would have been a better choice than Alex Ferguson who had success domestically and in Europe prior to going to Man Utd. I have no idea what Derby fans were saying about Brian at that time since I wasn't alive, but I have so far seen nothing from Rooney that suggests to me he will be a good manager. Perhaps fans said the same things about Brian back then and I'm happy to be proven wrong with Rooney, but personally I can't see him achieving anything with us.
  13. He made £100 million prior to that with his dating site though did he not?
  14. If you were looking purely at how he has run Derby County you would be mad to have him run any of your businesses. However looking at everything prior to this you would be mad if you didn't want him running one of your businesses. If it was some kind of tech/web based company he is probably one of the first people you'd go to.
  15. I'd imagine it will be closer to the below, but without the ball going into the net.
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