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  1. Will Hughes Watch

    He would be wasted in a Rowett team - we would just be lumping it over his head in every attack. Sounds like he is involved in some nice intricate one touch stuff with his Watford teammates though - he would have to pass to himself in our team. His goal was posted in the other thread "Will Hughes Watch" in football talk. (page 34)
  2. Will Hughes Watch

    Two quotes from the BBC feed - sounds like he is having a good game. So happy to see him doing well in the Prem - hopefully nails down a starting place now.
  3. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    I wish we could play more hoofball - really love it. At least Fulham are playing some nice stuff i suppose.
  4. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    Fulhams attack looks pretty good and their defense looks terrible. Unfortunately our attack also looks crap atm, so cant take advantage.
  5. Live games 2017/18

    What's wrong with Egypt? Will be interesting to see what they can do.
  6. Blackpool & the Oystons

    Blackpool up for sale now - really happy for the fans and just hope they get some owners who don't make me think the three amigos weren't so bad after all.
  7. England v Germany

    We usually do pretty well in friendlies against the big teams. It's competitive games where things actually matter that the likes of Germany breeze past us. Having said that it appears all of our players who are even remotely any good (and by that I mean Alli and Kane) are both out of the squad, so 1-6 to Germany I suppose. I gave us one since Neuer is injured.
  8. West Ham appoint Moyes

    Got to be West Ham. Nothing against Moyes, but would just love to see that big shiny stadium fall into the Championship. I think he will struggle at West Ham. Personally i think he needs to take a Championship team and build from there, but I find he gives the impression he thinks he is too good for this league.
  9. McClaren to Rangers?

    Still think we got rid of him unfairly twice, so even if it is Rangers I wish him the best of the luck. Hope he is successful there.
  10. Derby County V Reading

  11. Leeds United V Derby County

    *Until Christmas.
  12. Leeds United V Derby County

    Ok fair point. If it stays like this we are only 6 points off autos with a game in hand.
  13. Leeds United V Derby County

    I am just so used to Derby collapsing after conceding that I never expect us to turn the game around. Well done to Gary and the team I say.
  14. Leeds United V Derby County

    Well he is the reason they scored and he hasn't redeemed himself yet, so I say he is fair game for criticism.
  15. Leeds United V Derby County

    Dunno whats wrong then - mine is working ok. Definitely using the correct email address to log in with? Can't really think of anything else - I assume there are some contact details on the site somewhere to speak to them.

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