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  1. And we didn't score any of those chances. We're creating enough, but its the last step we're struggling with.
  2. I won't lie - I was unhappy with him at the end of last season and when he played for us, but his actions on and off the pitch (for the most part) in this season have been exemplary and I would like to thank him for his significant efforts to help the club through this difficult period when nobody else would.
  3. I like all these club owners and businessman trying to defend the incompetent running of our club. That Notts County guy who got his nob out keeps doing the same. They are so out of touch with the fanbase who dont want to risk their entire club for a quick reward
  4. Also still need to be careful that those prospective owners aren't someone like Alonso or Fawaz
  5. Yeh i've been reading some other forums as well and a lot of them seem to genuinely want to see our club cease to exist. Not something id wish on anyone, but i guess not everybody will have the same level of empathy. Shef Wed fans are probably the best i've seen online. Mostly positive towards us even after last season.
  6. Was it Doncaster who had to get rid of their stadium cos it kept sending them into administration? We probably couldnt afford pride park if we go too far down the pyramid (although we dont own it anyway)
  7. I don't know how old you are or the state of your health, but you only have to get to level 4 for league football - it wouldnt take that long. Wimbledon started at tier 9 and it took them 9 seasons to get back to league football. Derby would have significantly more support and more funds - i'd expect them to knock a couple of years off that.
  8. Our academy has so far produced some ok players for us, but anyone who was even remotely good got sold for pennies to one of the big six and theres not really anything we can do about it. We might produce a Bellingham or a Grealish, but its pretty pointless if they disappear basically for free without playing for us... May as well stop wasting money on an academy as far as i'm concerned and just have a reserve team who can fill slots in the first team as required
  9. Depends what point of time your assessing Boltons squad. They played a team with an average of 19 at one and were basically almost asking for volunteers to play. They've had much, much thinner squads than us at various points in the last few years
  10. We're not going to survive without a new owner. Said owner is going to have to be pretty rich to save us. Either we are liquidated and start again with nothing in which case we'll need a new stadium or we get bought outby another billionaire who would be able to afford a new stadium if mel doesnt play ball. Either way the lack of money that the current incarnation of Derby county has is temporary
  11. Cant believe Stoke will avoid a punishment, but might not be this season. They dont need to go out of business though. If they've breached ffp they should be punished accordingly. Same as us. I have no problem being punished for our own breaches. My problem is with the person who ran us so poorly.
  12. This every step you take would be a suitable punishment i think
  13. Could it? The cost of land will not be as significant for us as it would be for somewhere in London, but i dont think you'd get much change out of £60 mill to build a 30,000 seater stadium. Thats if you could even do it for that. There aren't many stadiums of that size even built outside of London, so hard to even compare costs.
  14. Mel did have a board, but they kept resigning. Probably a red flag in hindsight, but we are where we are
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