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  1. Surprised. Embarrassed. Frustrated.

    FFP doesn't matter if you get promoted to the Prem ala Bournemouth. The rewards far outweigh the cost in that case. Wolves decided to blow everything on one season to try and get up and so far it is working, but their is no guarantee it would work the same for anyone else.
  2. Bloody Villa

    Steve Bruce gets teams promoted from the championship - it is his specialty. Not surprised they are doing so well - they still have a lot of money coming in from the parachute payments after all. Think we will still get playoffs, but who wants to go up as third place runner up. Champions or nothing - wait until next season.
  3. Carillon

    That isn't what it means at all. They may "own" a lot of the US and European debt, but without China there will always be someone else to fill the gap for stable countries like the UK and US even if it is the central bank of the country in question. They don't keep us on life support and it isn't as selfless as you imply - they extend credit to us to keep their own export economy running, keep their goods cheap and keep their own businesses from collapsing - if they don't do it they will experience enormous internal economic problems. Both the West and China benefit enormously from this arrangement. And productivity is a very vague term, but I think on whichever metric you choose to measure it by I think you will find that is dominated by western nations and in a lot of cases you won't find China anywhere near the top.
  4. Carillon

    The western world has run the world for the past 300 years and still does. And "Bigger stronger fish" such as who exactly? China is the the only nation that would even remotely match that description and only from an economic perspective and even then most of their citizens are still dirt poor. I don't really think we want things we can't afford either - the budget deficit isn't all that large. A couple of minor tax changes and close some of the loop holes to reduce the amount of tax evasion/avoidance and it should be pretty easy to eliminate.
  5. a great big thank you

    I think the bigger question is why he is using a phone when he doesn't have any ears.
  6. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    No need to worry. They have quite a bit of experience of relegation battles in recent years, so shouldn't be too difficult for them.
  7. Derby County v Brentford F.C.

    Under Mclaren new signings used to automatically get into the first team. I think it sends the wrong message to the rest of the squad who have been competing for a place in the team if somebody joins and automatically gets to start. His opportunity will come when someone else is dropped for and judging from our wingers recent performances he wont have to wait long for it.
  8. Carillon

    I'll be honest I can't believe AMEY haven't gone already. All they seem to do is take government and council contracts that nobody else wants or bid way too low just to win the contract. A couple of years ago a fairly large contract was up for renewal and a few companies were bidding - the usual's like Balfours, Morrisons, Morgan Sindall, etc and were all roughly the same price and then AMEY came in at roughly half the price and won the contract. Turns out they couldn't actually do the work for the price they bid for and unless they renegotiated since then I assume are still losing a lot of money on it. Barhale are the same - bid really low and hope they can make the rest up on compensation events. I'd have money on Interserve going next year as well. They decided to take all the energy to waste projects which virtually every other construction company refused to touch, because virtually every single one has been a loss maker so far. Unsurprisingly it is causing some major issues for them from a financial perspective.
  9. Gaming

    In a number of games you receive a "loot box" for winning a game or you can purchase loot boxes either with real or ingame money. You then open this loot box ingame and receive a random "reward" such as new character skins, new weapons, new abilities, etc - its kind of like a slot machine except you win something everytime (even if the prize is crap). In games such as Star Wars Battlefront 2 you would have to grind for hours and hours to be able to get these rewards legit without putting real world money in. Esports gambling is just the same as for football, etc I imagine - placing bets on winners and whatnot.
  10. 6pm live announcement with Mel

    In summary - season tickets for next year are on sale. Some random fan just got given a free season ticket and a signed shirt.
  11. 6pm live announcement with Mel

    Christ - I went in with low expectations and was still disappointed.
  12. 6pm live announcement with Mel

    link here https://www.facebook.com/DerbyCountyOfficial/videos/vb.9595625796/10156024263330797/?type=3&theater
  13. 6pm live announcement with Mel

    I think we can watch facebook live without an account. Otherwise I will have to wait and hear what it is from second hand sources.
  14. Hope he can join Bryson and Bucco if they come to watch us play Forest again.
  15. 6pm live announcement with Mel

    You can watch a lot of the goals and highlights on Youtube already. Will be a bit disappointing if this is the big announcement, but then again a stadium name change would be even more underwhelming.

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