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  1. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    I enjoy the Radio Derby commentary - certainly enjoy it a lot more than the insipid commentary the club had on the pre-season friendly games.
  2. Bad summer window

    Thanks. Well that makes it sound like we have no scouting network abroad whatsoever if all we have is a couple of contacts that Rowett brought with him. It takes time to build a good scouting network, but from the sounds of that it doesn't even sound like we have laid the foundations.
  3. Bad summer window

    Rush only had contacts with Wasserman represented players though - hence why most of the players bought under his tenure were Wasserman players - most of them turned out to not be very good. I also don't think that sitting on the bench for a year would have significantly increased Hughes value to us. Didn't watch it myself - did they say they had been scouting abroad then?
  4. Bristol City v Derby County

    Shackell, Bent, Thorne, Russell, Forsyth, Pearce, Baird, Bennett, Hanson, Roos apparently have expiring contracts next year. Of those the only one I am really bothered about keeping is Thorne (as long as his legs don't shatter into a thousand pieces again). Imagine the wages we are going to free up if those guys all leave at the end of the season - should allow Rowett a bit more room to maneuver in the transfer market.
  5. Bristol City v Derby County

    You assume that he had all the funds from the Ince and Hughes sales as part of his transfer budget. Whilst I don't know the intricacies of the situation my understanding is we had to sell due to FFP constraints - if that was the case then Rowett certainly wouldn't have had all that money for transfers. Let's be honest though money isn't everything - Cardiff spent roughly £4 mill this year and still look miles ahead of us at the moment. Shef utd only spent a couple of million and still battered us.
  6. Bristol City v Derby County

    To be honest Mel's offer makes me think he knows that Rowett needs time and knows we have no chance of going up this year. Hopefully means he won't just decide to get rid of another manager.
  7. Bristol City v Derby County

    Good to see Baird keep his place. Did a great job in the last game.
  8. Barnsley v Derby County

    Well the second bit is a matter of opinion, but based on their performance tonight and the first team performance against Hull the players tonight aren't going to force their way into the first team anytime soon. I would say we are ok in defence and to a lesser extent up front, but we are certainly light in midfield - although Bird shows signs of promise and Thorne will hopefully get back to his best.
  9. Barnsley v Derby County

    Christ - it is our second string team. None of those players other than Wisdom are currently anywhere near the starting 11.
  10. Sheffield United v Derby County

    I know club size isn't purely based on attendances, but so far this season Shef Utd have a higher average attendance than us.
  11. 17/18 Third Kit Revealed

    Well i thought the away kit would be the worse i would see this season. Looks like i was wrong. With the way the rumours were going i expected something that looked similar to Arsenals pink and black kit. We instead get a man utd reject with a pink stripe on it.
  12. Grimsby Town v Derby County

    Never heard of him.
  13. Black and white obviously. Everyone else should change to them as a mark of respect.
  14. Who will make way?

    None of them deserved to be dropped - same team as Bolton.
  15. Love or hate cyclists?

    There are idiots on both sides, but I personally think everyone who uses the road should be required to take some kind of test on highway code or similar. Helmets should also be mandatory if you are riding on the road - why they aren't already I have no idea. The problem in the UK is that councils are told they need to install a certain amount of cycle paths in their area. That then leads to them putting cycle paths wherever they can fit them, so you end up with 100 meters of cycle path and then it just disappears into nothing.

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