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  1. Sky sports highlights are on youtube.
  2. Thats good news i suppose. Will they actually give meaningful fines to prem clubs now then? Not like the £6 mill or whatever it was Bournemouth paid.
  3. The only thing they can do to a promoted teams is a fine and even then they have no way of actually collecting the fine as the Prem wont enforce it. I think they can only implement a pojnts deduction in the current season - dont think they can save it for when they come back down. The EFL can also demote from Autos to playoffs or from playoffs to the rest of the league if FFP is breached, so us and Villa will have to be careful.
  4. It just says our accounts will be under increased scrutiny along with Villa and Wednesday. Villa have almost certainly breached FFP and Wednesday seem to be in a similar position to us. Its not as if we are miles away from the FFP limit - not really a stretch to suggest we could be one of the next teams to be punished.
  5. The EFL would never touch Man City, because they have no jurisdiction on the Premier League. FFP completely different in the Prem. Birmingham knew the rules and decided to run the risk and break them anyway. Gamble didnt pay off and now they are being punished. Quite frankly i think the EFL is being rather lenient.
  6. They only got a fine which they get to pay over 10 years plus a transfer embargo for Jan 19. Bournemouth also got fined, but it was worthless amount. Fines don't work. If the EFL want their stupid system to work they need harsher punishments and points deductions may just convince other clubs that there may actually be consequences to breaching the rules.
  7. Whilst i love Frank and hope he stays here i cant see what he has done to be considered for the Chelsea job other than that he used to play for them. If he goes i suppose the replacement will be more of a Nigel Clough type replacement trying to cut costs. Its going to have to be a manager who can work on a tight budget. To be honest i think we need to consider someone from abroad this time - there is no-one in this country in our price range who really stands out to me.
  8. Wouldn't he have just left for free at the end of this season if we didn't extend it? Maybe just a way of getting some kind of transfer fee for him? Not complaining though - like him as a player. Will still be useful especially if we arent going to be buying many players in the near future.
  9. Yes i did mention Accrington arent the same Accrington., but thanks for that Stoke info. I knew not all the founders had played every season, but seems hard to find a definitive list.
  10. A founding member of the football league as well. One of only a handful of teams to have competed in every season of the football league. The list grows of those teams that have played in every season grows ever shorter - Notts County might be gone from it next year as well, Accrington arent the same Accrington. Fingers crossed Bolton don't go the same way - even if they have to sell everything not nailed down and drop down the leagues, as long as they can keep the name and the history alive there is always a chance they can come back much like Portsmouth are trying to do currently.
  11. The three amigos bought us for £3. I assume price of purchase is proportional to level of competence, so whoever we sell it to for £1 will be 3 times worse than them. I reckon the forum should just chip in - we could probably get a tenner together between us for the initial purchase, David covers Mels debts with his forum millions, then we all make a nice profit when we are back in the Prem.
  12. Good, hope the points deduction is used. If we are going to have to use FFP (even if I don't like the system) then there should be some real consequences for breaching it. QPR and Bournemouth might have thought twice about cheating if it was points deductions rather than just money. And if we breach it as well then we deserve everything coming our way - even if that means a points deduction. The rules are clear (for the most part) and if we've failed to meet those rules it is our fault.
  13. Bolton will lose points as well won't they if they go into administration? It won't really matter since they are already 8 points from safety and they may just go completely bankrupt anyway if they can't find new owners, but Ipswich might not finish bottom I suppose.
  14. The Times say Keith Wyness is looking for potential buyers/investors for us and that the club is "attracting interest from the American Market", which is very vague. Not seen anything anymore concrete than that.
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