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  1. Its not criticism of just one player. Any player who plays poorly for a number of games in a row is criticised and rightfully so. People aren't criticising him because he loses the ball - they are criticising him for the manner in which he loses the ball and his petulance when he loses it. You can try and police what people say about players be a happy clapper all you like, but if someone has a poor game the fans can and will criticise him as much as they like. Lawrence has been poor in every game since Huddersfield and for me that is partly down to him being played in the wrong position, but it is mostly down to his own failings especially his decision making at times and his petulant nature whenever he loses the ball. The only reason he hasn't been dropped like Dowell is because we have no wingers in the team at all. A spell on the bench will do him good and hopefully he comes back playing better. Marriott very nearly scored the winner for us and did not lose the ball anywhere near as much Lawrence - primarily because the attacks usually broke down before they got anywhere near him, but I'm sure you can pick any player and try and spin it to make your point.
  2. The EFL's rules originally had a clause that specifically stated that the sale of assets such as stadiums, etc could not be included in FFP calculations. This was only removed from the rules in 2017, which is well after our big spending season when we brought the likes of Johnson and Butterfield in. The only season since then that we haven't made a profit on transfers is this year and that was virtually entirely offset by the money we got from Frank. We've become a lot more financially prudent since certain people left the club (not saying it is that persons fault entirely, but they aren't blameless either). We sold the stadium for £80 million and only recorded a profit of £15 mill even with this. I'm not an accountant, so maybe I'm misreading the figures, but surely this means we would have been miles out from an FFP perspective.
  3. Its not levelling anything though. We have 7 teams in the league this year who can spend far more than any other Championship team due to parachute payments if they so desired. Thanks to FFP smaller teams like Burton will have very little resources to compete with even if their owner wanted to pump millions into the team. It just secures the positions of the bigger teams. I don't even understand why parachute payments are needed in the first place. You already get £100 mill prize money even if you finish bottom of the league. There are also at least half a dozen clubs who wrote relegation clauses into Prem players contracts which stated they would either take pay cuts or be allowed to leave in the event of relegation. It doesn't matter whether we accept them or not. Any changes have to be voted on by all the EFL clubs. The rules are currently being reviewed, but our opinion is irrelevant if every other club votes them down. We didn't circumnavigate any rules. We followed the rules precisely as laid down by the EFL, which allows sales of assets such as stadiums to be counted towards FFP. They changed the rules to allow this.
  4. No point playing wingers. If Cardiff proved anything it showed we don't have any wingers other than maybe Zoon. Lawrence and Waghorn both drift into the middle constantly - 90% of the time there is no outlet on the wing. At least the spying probably won't work this time though since it isn't often we play the same team two games in a row - gotta keep em guessing. Hamer Bogle Keogh Davis Lowe Bielik Hudds Holmes Martin Waghorn Marriott
  5. GenBr

    Ex Rams

    Good goals for Mount and Tomori today. Also a nice assist from Vydra to set up a screamer for Hendrick.
  6. Indeed. In theory nothing stopping us doing the same. Its not breaking any rules as far as i am aware. Much like our stadium purchase. And our recruitment team has been abysmal for a while.
  7. Step 1: Use super agent to buy players below market value. Step 2: Sell the expensive players you bought to the owners other club, so they don't impact FFP. They are using a mix of the Watford and Wolves approach to getting promoted, but I wouldn't say it really has anything to do with good scouting.
  8. Attendances are always lower when its on TV and on a Friday night.
  9. Keogh gave the penalty away so it was his fault on this occasion. Its been a while since we had something to blame on him, so you have to give us this one.
  10. Lowe, Malone, Holmes and Bielik all had good games. Waggers a lot better second half and Zoon caused some problems when he came on. Usually i don't mind Roos, but today he was so poor. Couldnt catch it at all and was all over the place with his positioning. It just felt like the defence weren't confident in what was behind them. The defence are also not blameless though - there were a lot of occassions where two or more players would just leave the ball for each other and then scramble frantically to lump it away. A lot of risky passes across the back line as well. The play as usual broke down with Lawrence a lot. I would say im surprised hes managed 5 yellows in 7 games, but its sort of his trademark to petulantly hack down opposition players when he loses the ball. There was a spell in the second half where we were pointlessly lumping the ball to Marriott, but overall i think we were the better team. Defence needs to work on commumication, but attack looked fine.
  11. I hope bringing Dowell on doesnt mean Holmes is going to right back....
  12. Dont think this is as bad as half of you are making out. We've looked alright going forward at times, but Clarke and Roos have both been poor so far. Waghorn is also providing very little in terms of width on the right. Holmes, Bielik, Lowe and Malone have looked great though.
  13. What formation are we playing? We dont seem to have anyone playing right wing. Are we playing two up top?
  14. Waghorn and Lawrence are both going to move into the centre. No idea why we persist with wingers when we dont have any. Width is always going to be provided by the fullbacks with this squad.
  15. We already have Bielik as the defensive mid. I dont really we see why we need 2 defensive mids at home. I'd be happier if Hudds was playing further forward.
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