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  1. Thats why they hated it. Stokies are just waiting for their next Pulis and wont be happy until they get him.
  2. I do not believe the Lib Dem support will be concentrated enough to make any significant impact other than taking a few seats from the Tories (which of course may cause another hung parliament), but I do believe if he actually sorts Brexit out and Labour don't change their leader the Tories will be heading for a landslide. I would rather prefer the Lib Dems to take over as number 2, but I don't think it will happen - could be wrong though and they may very well benefit enormously from Labours tepid campaigns of late. I would also expect the SNP to improve their performance in another GE. I don't think it is possible for Labour to form a majority on their own as long as Corbyn is in charge. His policies are old fashioned and will not resonate with most voters. The only areas of support that the Labour party managed to cling on to in the last election correspond closely to the old coal mining areas primarily in the north midlands/South Yorkshire/North East/North West/South Wales plus London who will never vote for anyone else. Now his party are pushing him to take a more pro-EU stance I don't think it will go down well in any of those areas bar London, but best of luck to them. Many traditional labour voters hated New Labour, but I genuinely think the only way they will ever form a government without a coalition will be if another Tony Blair type MP becomes party leader and takes them back in that direction.
  3. If you do appoint Gary then its a guaranteed 6 points you will take from us. We will give you all our plastic snakes just in case you ever play Newcastle. Gary did well at Burton, Birmingham and with us and I'd expect him to do well with you if you give him a bit of time, but he won't be particularly entertaining for you. I genuinely couldn't make it through some of the games we played under him - very boring, very dull and baffingly bad at times. He did get us in the playoffs though, so deserves some credit for that even if he didn't really follow up on any of his promises regarding youth, etc. Glad he has gone, but wish him the best with Wednesday if they do appoint him. If its promotion at nay cost for you he may well succeed with your lot.
  4. GenBr

    Gareth Bale

    He would still be getting paid handsomely to play in Europe though. Not as much as China, but not small change either. I would imagine it is far above 10% playing just for the money. Most people have very little or no ambition and not just in football either. You are goddamn right i will question his decision if he chooses to go to China just for money. I do not agree he has reached the pinnacle of his career, but then i do not understand why people are happy with wasting their skills or talents either. I very much doubt he knows what to do with even $100 million nevermind a few mill more than that. I will wait and see if he can prove me wrong, but i very much doubt his imagination can stretch far enough to be able to do anything more than buy and sell a few houses like virtually everyone else.
  5. GenBr

    Gareth Bale

    Has your career to this point earned you tens of millions of pounds? Are you on of the very best in the world in whatever your chosen field is? China is a retirement home when you dont want to compete anymore - much like the USA, but Bale is nowhere near that point yet. (He is also not being offered 1 billion per week) Gareth Bale does not need money - he has already earned well over $100 million in his life so far. He could be paid millions a year in Europe and still be winning trophies that are actually worth a damn. If he's lost the passion to compete he may as well retire.
  6. GenBr

    Gareth Bale

    I hopehe doesnt acceptthat. Effectively giving up on his career if he does that. Would still walk into most of the top sides in Europe.
  7. The womens teams are a lot more open about this kind of thing, so perhaps their example have encouraged him to open up about it. Good for him, but i cant see him avoiding abuse from some of the neanderthals that go to football games. If hes good enough to play internationally (or Champions League, etc) abuse is guaranteed in the time warp that is Eastern Europe. Personally I dont care at all what he does with his personal life. If it helps other players that is fantastic, but i dont even remotely care about how he wants to live his life.
  8. Agreed. As I said previous Marriott is my favourite player, but I think it would be unfair to drop Bennett for that reason alone. The players who came on at the end today are going to get 75 mins in the next game, so if Marriott is fit by then perhaps he can prove he should be playing in the first 11 ahead of Bennett.
  9. Its the third friendly of pre-season that we won 5-2 - missing a couple of chances here means jack ****. Bennett had some great interplay with the rest of our front line and so far Marriott has barely played in pre season to be able to show if he can do the same. If Marriott plays a bit more in the remaining games and impresses more than Bennett then maybe I will change my mind, but until that point I will be sticking with Bennett.
  10. Not for me. Bennett's played well so far even if he did miss a couple of open goals. Jack Marriott is probably my favourite player, but I don't think I would immediately drop Bennett for him on this occasion.
  11. The 11 that played in the first half. Maybe Knight and Lowe staking claims as well.
  12. What are we looking like defensively? Sounds great from an attacking perspective atm.
  13. Forest are the reigning Champions though. Thats the only thing they have to play for usually, so they go all out for it.
  14. This is probably our best chance for some silverware this season and we've won this Bass Vase thing more times than anyone else, so if we don't win its Cocu out.
  15. Everyone would love unbranded football kits, but i dont think most companies would do the same as PaddyPower and pay for the sponsorship and not use it. Huddersfield dont exactly need the money though - they could have had no sponsor without PaddyPower paying for the privelege and still have no issues financially.
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