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  1. Just because they have lots of money doesnt mean they would be good for the club. Mel already turned down a couple of offers for Derby. I dont think the list of billionaires who would actually run the club well is as large as you think.
  2. The wait for a Man Utd season ticket is even longer than 10 years now. The only difference between now and the Ferguson years is that the wait time has increased. I get that you are exaggerating for comedic affect, but virtually every club in the land including ours has fans leaving early in droves. If the team isnt playing well its even worse - the fans dont even turn up at Derby if the football is poor. Despite what the OP says this is not a rare occurence st old trafford.
  3. Jesus Christ. I wouldnt call 73,198 in a stadium that can only hold 74,879 a bad attendance. Our stadium is half empty even at kick off. Whats our excuse? Most of the people supporting Derby could equally be supporting Heanor Town or Ilkeston, etc.
  4. That is interesting - didnt know that. I sometimes wonder if all these teams throwing accusations at us are just doing to deflect attention away from their own dodgy dealings - Leeds Boro, etc.
  5. Interesting that Leeds have managed to sort their finances out. They were a basket case for a long time and they should really have the highest non parachute payments revenues whenever a club like Villa or Newcastle doesn't come down to join us. This is Wigans 7th season outside the Prem though - they don't receive any parachute payments. If we had latest figures for all clubs it would be even worse with Fulham, Cardiff, West Brom, Hull, Boro, Swansea, Stoke, Huddersfield and Sunderland (even if they aren't even in our league anymore) all receiving parachute payments at the moment. Only 3 of the current top 11 are parachute payment teams though, so thats something at least.
  6. lol - I can do that too - WRONG! I think you will find that Wolves were within the FFP limits - the cost you mistakenly quote was vastly inflated by promotion bonuses as well as additional transfer fee payments due to promotion. Promotion doesn't stop the EFL chasing them if they did breach FFP, as we have seen on numerous occasions. We were only talking about breaching FFP, but if you want to bring up other ways to get around FFP I fail to see why anything they have done is any dodgier than anything we have done - we just aren't as good at it. Is that your issue here - jealousy?!?!?!?!? Boro and Brighton both spent big like us, btu they actually managed to get promoted. Shef Utd and Huddersfield managed to do it on relatively modest spends. Three of the teams in the top 6 are non parachute teams who are still within FFP and 2 of them have also used alternative methods to beat FFP.
  7. We can't compete with any of the parachute payment clubs. If they want a player we want they will win that particular race every single time. However of the 12 teams promoted in the last 4 seasons and the 5 that were non parachute payment teams - Shef Utd, Wolves, Brighton, Huddersfield, Boro none of them breached FFP. Brentford are doing well without spending big as well. There is no reason why you have to overspend to get promoted from this league.
  8. We are going to knock Leeds out of the playoffs for the second year running. To quote @Sean "We're going to win this one. Quote me, screenshot me, @ me."
  9. Ive googled it and all i see are rumours and hearsay. Mel Morris has also stated he doesnt think championship teams should abandon league 1 and 2 teams which is exactly what theyd be doing in any potential breakaway.
  10. Bournemouth started a league 2 season not too long ago with a 17 point deduction. Clearly the EFLs efforts to save them from financial ruin worked exactly as planned as they have now spent several years in the Prem. In regards to the OP i dont really like the idea of just abandoning the League 1 and League 2 teams to oblivion. I dont really think you would have enough Championship votes to make it happen anyway - only a handful of teams are would consider it and even then i dont ghink we'd even be one of them.
  11. We did check with the EFL if everything we did was within the rules. They said it was, so we proceeded. Who else are we supposed to check with if not the organisation who wrote the rules in the first place?
  12. Four out of top 5 record transfer sales have been under Mel Morris's tenure... The only one that wasn't is Seth Johnson.
  13. "The EFL don't want clubs to get into debt.. apart from the £40 million loss they are allowed every year - that bit of debt is totally fine". That is the exact opposite of what you've just claimed. The assumed intentions of the EFL are not signs of anything - they certainly dont give us any indication of what is and isnt allowed. Derby havent used any loopholes - everything they have done is within the rules and their is nothing in them to prohibit anything we have done. The analogy does not hold up at all. You need to add a corrupt policeman who thinks he can make up laws as he goes along.
  14. What are the clear signs in our case then? The EFL rules don't contain anything to inform us. If anything the signs on the parking space are telling us the opposite and that is totally fine to park where we want.
  15. Acting in good faith could mean absolutely anything. We haven't broken any rules and the EFL have signed off all of our accounts. The club have been very transparent when submitting their accounts. And we are tackling our spiralling costs - we are reducing our wage bill and squad size - it doesn't happen overnight unless you just want to pay everyone's contracts off in one big expense.
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