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  1. 13 months is long enough as it is - what the **** are they actually doing there. How long has this project been going on now - over a year? And all we have to show for it is a new lane on the other side of the road and a new road through Toys R Us which is now closed forever. I have faith in the council though - they seem to know what they are doing - no problems on any of their other construction projects, so I imagine they will be finished early and on budget.
  2. Good news lads - they're closing the slip roads this time https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/Derby-news/a52-slip-road-wyvern-shut-2905284 13 weeks for westbound a52 into Wyvern and 13 MONTHS for the Wyvern to a52 westbound. Can't see this having much impact on traffic in the area... It was bad enough when they closed the A52 completely - I was stuck in traffic in Derby at 10pm when they did that. This is essentially going to do the same thing by pushing all the traffic to alternative routes. Wouldn't want to be parking anywhere near the Wyvern on a matchday next season.
  3. Sweet! How much money do you reckon we will get from Boro when we counter sue them for defamation of our good name. Should do us some good for financial fair play or pay Tomoris wages when we sign him in the Prem next year. Can't wait for this to backfire in his face and make his FFP situation even worse. He refused our offer to review the accounts, which by the way have been signed off by the EFL. There is also nothing stopping him doing the same thing if he wishes to do so. There is nothing in the EFL rules that precludes us form doing what we did. I hardly think it is our problem that he has spunked away his Prem millions on the anti football of Tony Pulis. Not sure the judge is going to take too kindly to such a waste of his time.
  4. Its not like they are doing anything else at the moment. Got to fill the time somehow.
  5. Dont forget they are holding the Europa League final in a country who has often been described as the worst in Europe for gay rights. They have absolutely zero legal protection for LGBT groups in that country even if they are technically allowed to get married. And to be worse than Russia or some of the other Eastern European countries on these issues takes some doing. Apart from the discrimination against LGBT groups, imprisonment of political opponents, corruption, the ongoing conflict against Armenia and human rights abuses Azerbaijan is a good choice for a final......
  6. I agree that the diamond might serve us well again against Villa, but bear in mind that last time we played Villa we started with flojo, bird, evans and Bennett. Of those only bennett is in with a chance of starting and the rest will be replaced with any of Mount, Wilson, Lawrence, Johnson or Huddlestone. If we did play 433 it would have our most effective personnel playing this time.
  7. I disagree. One player not wanting to go there because there is a strong chance he may be killed or assaulted is a very valid reason not to host it in said country. Same reason why they shouldnt hold any events in Turkey or any of the former yugoslavia countries either.
  8. UEFA chose a stadium in a country that is still officially at war with its neighbour with extreme hostility on both sides. Next year i think it should go to Syria - less distance to fly there as well. The cynic in me would say Azerbaijans vast oil wealth has something to do with them getting to host it, but it is an absolutely awful decision by UEFA to host it their in the first place.
  9. Well that was ******* weird. The entire Jon killing Dany scene was ******* weird. The entire scene with them making Bran King was ******* weird (thank god they didnt take Sams democracy idea though.) and Tyrion becoming hand was ******* weird. Thought they might take the opportunity to explain some stuff about the Night King and whatnot, but nope we're saving that for the spinoffs. Pretty boring episode other than that. Pretty much the only part I liked was the small council meeting near the end - not sure who Tyrion needs to feed though what with the major population centre in the area not existing anymore. They have hundreds of spinoff series planned. I assume this is the reason why they couldn't be bothered to actually explain anything in the main series. Nobody wanted a Disney ending, but they only had to kill Dany and everyone else's favourite characters get to liver happily ever after. Its only one character death away from being the perfect Disney ending. The dragon loves Jon to much to kill him and the Unsullied let him go just because. Jon even gets to reunite with his pet direwolf at the end. The whole purpose of Game of Thrones was to move away from the tropes and cliches used in most fantasy stories and that's all we get now.
  10. Not the whole match, but its the radio Derby commentary over the goals.
  11. Its only wrong in this country. Its a cultural thing - its more common on the continent
  12. Imagine if a team scored 9 goals against us in one season and it meant absolutely nothing. 🤣
  13. If we're going for games hes played in rather than started weve won at Hull, Rorheram and Bolton plus leeds if you want to count the playoffs. He also played in the draws at Brum and Brentford.
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