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    Not is isn't. You have posted nothing to dispute anything I said other than your own opinions and anecdotes which are quite frankly useless in this debate. If you aren't over 80 and don't have any pre-existing medical conditions you have nothing to worry about. If you have elderly relatives or know people with compromised immune systems you can take effective measures to minimise the risk to them. To be honest I don't really care if you want to panic - there is probably some toilet paper still left in the supermarket if you want to go and prep for the end of the world.
  2. GenBr


    @Bob The Badger All over the news this morning. Still early days, but positive signs. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/18/coronavirus-japanese-flu-drug-could-be-effective-in-treating-pandemic.html Jesus Bob a simple google search can find the stats you need - I haven't made them up - they are straight from a report conducted by the national health authority in Italy. If you can speak Italian feel free to go and have a read. I'm sure your anecdotal evidence trumps it though. Young people are not immune from catching it either - nor did I claim they were. What in the hell are you talking about - Civilisation has collapsed several times in history in various parts of the world and several times because of pandemics. Civilisation won't collapse because based on virtually every model based on the data from China and the rest of the world nowhere near enough people are going to die to cause it to happen. Unless the virus mutates as i said previously it will not happen. If you are afraid of death I suppose you could worry, but if you are going to go into meltdown about everything with such a small chance of death you may as well lock yourself away in a tiny room just to make certain there is absolutely zero risk of death.
  3. GenBr


    Yes - that is correct.
  4. GenBr


    Where is here? There have been a few cases of people testing positive again, but that is the exception not the rule currently. Of course there is no effective way to prevent infection yet - its a new disease - its going to take time to develop a vaccine. Having said that Japan have had success using a flu vaccine to decrease the time people spend infected. Doctors aren't magically immune to the virus just because they are doctors - of course they are going to get sick - some of them will also be high risk. In Italy the percentage of people who have died whilst suffering from no other disease or health problem is 0.8% - everyone else had serious pre-existing health conditions. The average age of deaths in Italy is 80 years old and the only people to die under the age of 40 again had serious pre-existing health conditions. So far nothing to worry about - civilisation isn't going to collapse and unless the virus mutates into a more lethal strain it's not going to be killing millions. Certainly no reason to panic as all the idiots in the supermarkets are doing.
  5. On the BBC it says that the clubs in League 1 and 2 have told the EFL they face a combined loss in revenue of £50mill if the season isn't completed. May not sound a lot spread over almost 50 clubs, but it could be catastrophic for a lot of them. The EFL is currently "collecting data" and will advise if they can do anything to help in due time - probably just give them all points deductions and fines to help them stay afloat.
  6. Not just fall foul of FFP - a lot of EFL clubs very existence will be at risk if they miss out on too much revenue - especially in L1 and L2. I expect the EFL to do nothing to help any of them though
  7. GenBr


    Again it's about delaying the spread of the disease and it's impact. Currently there are enough teachers left to look after them. If at a future point in time it becomes necessary to close schools then they will be closed. These measures don't all need to be enacted at the same time. It's far better than half the NHS taking days off to babysit. This will likely have to happen eventually, but the longer we can delay it the better.
  8. GenBr


    They are trying to slow the spread to buy time - not stop it completely. I imagine it's only a matter of time before schools are closed, but it's going to have far greater effects than not going to the pub. If schools close all the parents including emergency workers are either going to have to be off work as well or arrange childcare. It's going to have a massive impact on critical workers. It also won't stop people gathering in big crowds as we've already seen in places like Portugal where they all just go to the beach instead.
  9. We don't really have any vital players out of contract. Anya (who cares), Hudd's (out injured for virtually the entire season), Forsyth and Martin (would miss them, but they must a couple of the highest earners at the club) and then it's Carson and Bennett who are on loan elsewhere. Might be some others, but nobody vital.
  10. Technically speaking we can still achieve equal to or more than the points we've achieved to qualify for our last 3 playoff campaigns, but we are going to have to win every single game until the end of the season to do it. Nothing wrong with Eric Steele being realistic, but equally nothing wrong with being optimistic like B4. We all believe its possible until it mathematically isn't. I still believe it can be done, but it isn't a very strong belief. Good news - we are actually only the 4th worst team away from home. If we only had home games left we might actually do it - we're in automatic promotion places at home. We have Forest at home though - at the very least we can content ourselves with derailing their season.
  11. Hull have only have 2 points from the last 33. I think Wednesday have enough points on the board to stay up, but Hull are in serious danger ATM.
  12. Bit defensive aren't we? Your name was never mentioned, but if you want something else to moan about - crack on.
  13. In that run they managed to beat Chelsea and City away from home, scored 19 goals and conceded only 2. Should be a piece of piss to beat them though - can't believe we've thrown this away. Come on - lets not live in the past like Forest fans - Ferguson isn't Man Utd manager anymore. Their last 6 finishes in the Prem have been 6th, 2nd, 6th, 5th, 4th, 7th. This is a good season for them considering they are still within touching distance of top 4.
  14. Judging by the reactions on here I thought we'd just decided to get 11 volunteers from the crowd to start today. Nothing wrong with that team selection. Didn't even know Evans was fit again, but still think we'll be alright.
  15. GenBr

    Ex Rams

    He will still be one of the lowest paid at £30k. Only one or two of the younger players in the first team squad will be on less than him, but thats the same in every industry.
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