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  1. Roos Bogle Davies <Whoever isnt injured> Lowe Bielik Shinnie Sibley (would be Holmes, but he hasnt impressed last couple of games) Lawrence Marriott Martin Will take anything we can get here. Even a point would be fantastic. We have a pretty good record at home, so hopefully give us a better chance. Need to try and pick up points here since 3 of the next 6 games are in London where we may as well not even bother turning up given our recent record in the hellhole that is the capital.
  2. Before these 3 games you've just won you'd only won one more of these games than us - not exactly much to brag about is it. When was the last time you finished above us - King Billy days was it? We'll see if it stays the same, but any old team can make the playoffs as we have shown in 3 of the last 4 seasons. Actually winning them is a different matter entirely. Before this run you only scored against us in one game out of 6. Come back when you are approaching that kind of run.
  3. Until the start of this year Derby had held the Brian Clough Trophy for over 1000 days in a row (you failed to win a Derby match for almost 3 years.) The second and third longest runs of both over 700 days are both also Rams. You might get close to your record run of 400 at this rate though.
  4. GenBr


    I thought he was retiring at the end of the season. Seems a bit harsh - could have given him the season after he got them promoted to the Prem.
  5. When Fulham got promoted in 17/18 they were 8 points off the playoffs when they lost to Sunderland on the 16th December. They then proceeded to win 16 of their remaining games losing only once on the final day of the season. It often happens that a team that isn't particularly close to the playoffs makes a late run and manages to sneak in. I don't think its inconceivable that we could strengthen some of our weak spots in Jan (only if we have a new scouting team though) and go on our own late playoff run. Realistically I don't expect us to challenge for promotion this year though.
  6. Without the stadium sale we breach FFP, no?
  7. We should go out and get a new striker in Jan. Maybe someone with natural finishing ability. If they are the top scorer for Man Utd and England that would also be a bonus. We could make threads about all areas of the team if we want. (Which we usually do) Defence makes numerous mistakes and cant defend anything coming from the wings. When we play wingers they cant cross. Midfield often plays too deep or disappears completely. Goalkeeper cant catch.
  8. I see your edit, so good to see you recognise the formation did change. It definitely did - Lawrence moved away from the wing into a more central position.
  9. Why did the formation have to change though? Evans is like for like replacement for Clarke and Bielik just stay in midfield. Absolutely no reason to go to the flat 4-4-2. We don't have the personnel to play a flat 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 really. W should be playing to our strengths and not the strengths of an opponent.
  10. We looked good again when we switched back to the diamond towards the end. If we are going to play the two up top we need Lawrence in the 10 role as the link to midfield. It is pointless playing him on the wing - may as well not play him at all. It didnt help with the bafflign decision to move Bielik into defence as well. Evans would have done more than an adequate job in defence, but he cant play the same role as Bielik in midfield.
  11. I agree. As i said previously it should have been the other wsy round. Bielik stay where he was and evans into defence.
  12. Obviously i am. We had no chances at all after the first 20 minutes. The ball didnt even get to the strikers. We did well in the first half in that we didnt concede and managed to keep forest relatively quiet - defensively we looked alright, but attacking we were abysmal. Its been the Alamo second half.
  13. I thought we looked alright for the first 20 minutes and have done nothing good since then. At the moment were just wsiting for them to score again. We either need a sub or a formation change.
  14. I think im watching a diffferent game to everyone else. Other than maybe the first 15 - 20 mins i think weve been pretty poor today. Bogles having a nightmare. Marriott and Martin may as well not be on the pitch with no service from midfield. Lawrence back to his pointless position on the wing - barely involved for most of the match. Evans should have been put at cb and kept bielik in midfield - not the other way round.
  15. Yes and all of our best play came as part of the diamond. We only changed to the flat midfield after we made our substitutions.
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