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  1. They probably fancy their chances after seeing our attempts to defend unfair dismissal claims against two of our staff
  2. Freddie Starr. Though I was about ten at the time so didn't understand the adult gags.
  3. Was Morris asked why he didn't have the courtesy to tell his manager that the club was going into administration and let him find out that fact on Sky Sports (assuming that it true)?
  4. 200 Hail Mary's 100 Our Fathers and self flagellation outside Pride Park wouldn't be enough
  5. Mel Morris. Cocking it up since 2015.
  6. That's such a poor and ill thought out observation. Morris was the custodian of the club, it was his responsibility to ensure that whatever expenditure was being outlayed it was within his gift to cover it. Something which he patently failed to do. I guess it was the peer pressure from the fans to also sack Clement when we were 5th in the league? And I guess it was also the fans who forced Mel to sack Rush and Keogh then have to fork out massive compensation settlements for both afterwards. Your support of Morris is to be applauded however it is totally misguided.
  7. Yes but it's because the supporters egged him on to do it don't you know. All our fault.
  8. Haha I can provide an educated guess to whom at least 2 of the stooges are on here.....
  9. Thought this was like one of those competitions on the back of a cornflake packet. What do you win if you get the same phrase as the judges? A Championship club going into administration but sorry no ground to go with it.
  10. Too young to have seen him play but used to love watching the Saint and Greavsie, RIP. John Challis has passed away too, really sad day indeed.
  11. That's like saying I went to my company owner for a payrise and 6 months down the line the company folds....then the owner says well everyone else asked for a pay rise too and I gave it to them, couldn't afford it but thought it was the best thing, sorry about your job.
  12. I remember CharlotteRam starting a thread a few weeks back with virtually the same content, think it was entitled something like the fans are to blame for all of this.... It either got shut down or it was subject to so much ridicule that it got locked.
  13. Yes it did have a effect it was probably the straw that broke the camel's back. Am not saying Morris or anyone else should have predicted that just saying that to have the club's finances that much on a knife edge that they're totally susceptible to any external influence is a really poor place to be.
  14. Yes let's throw in Covid again. It wasn't mentioned nearly enough in the press statement circulated on Friday night. Covid. There's one free from me.
  15. I've heard this line of defense before so not having a pop at you in my reply....as the steward and custodian of our football club I'd have expected at least a plan B to have been formulated if the reckless spending didn't bear the fruits it was meant to. The only plan B I can see is lets put the club in administration.
  16. I think the majority of people are turning to that opinion now. Skim reading this thread sadly there's still people on here who will think the sun shines out of Morris' posterior whatever happens and can do no wrong. Nowt as queer as folk as they say.
  17. Michael Dell's motto apparently is be crazy and don't seek too much advice. Can see why he chose Morris as a partner. Fits right in.
  18. Have got nothing for admiration for the guy for the way he's conducted himself throughout all of this debacle. Speaks with dignity and integrity. Compare and contrast with the odious coward whose landed Rooney and the club in this massive steaming pile of manure.
  19. Well done Wayne and the team. Showed everyone the proper way to run a football club
  20. Incidentally, in case anyone had forgot Morris did make some charity donations once. Am sure all of the staff potentially losing their jobs will be heartened to hear that.
  21. If I were Rooney I'd walk away now and my pride and honour and professional reputation would still be in tact. No one could blame him with the mess that's being handed down from our so called chairman. At least he could go with some personal dignity rather then the gutless way Morris has abdicated total responsibility for the mismanagement of the football club.
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