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  1. Mr Tibbs

    'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

    That’s why I can’t take their fans seriously on this, biggest bed wetters in the country.
  2. 2k at Sheffield Utd, 1400 at Norwich, 28k at home vs Boro, 1200 at Leeds on a Friday night at £40, 1k midweek at Saints... They've got that in abundance, Rams fans are literally travelling the length of the country in numbers to back their team. Time for the team to start performing in the league, simple really.
  3. Steady on. If we're still in this division I absolutely wouldn't mind him on loan for another year. Realistically I think that's quite possible, he's not PL class so another full season playing in the Championship seems likely. He's got some really good attributes and looks the bizz when he puts in a performance like tonight but there's a lot of work to do before he becomes the finished article. Plenty of potential there.
  4. We've been excellent from 25 onwards. I don't mind mistakes and the inevitable goals we concede when we play with freedom and create as many chances as we have, we'll just outscore you. Why is it only against the big boys we turn up though? Annoying.
  5. Cup comeback kings! Whats with the low key celebrations in the away end? Too cold?
  6. Offside for me but they need to grip the rules on this. Is clear and obvious even a thing? He was less offside than Harry Kane vs Chelsea last week and that stood so how are we still giving some and ruling others out?!
  7. Great goal. Had to br Bryson!
  8. Must have killed the Keogh haters that one. Great ball out from him. Nice move again, Bryson lol.
  9. What a move. Every touch starting from Roos was top class, Mount with a shocker.
  10. God knows how we're still level. Thank the lord for Shane Long.
  11. Worst and best of him in a 20 sec period then. Lost his man who thankfully spurned it over. 15 secs later in receives the ball in a tight position in the corner and comes out brilliantly to start an attack.
  12. Reporter asked about latest Bielsa press conference, Frank just said that he's focused on tonights massive game etc. He'll comment when he's watched it back at a later date.
  13. Good words from Frank. That's exactly what he should have said on Friday. Whether we fare any different or not we'll see. COYR.

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