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  1. Should pass 10 seconds earlier. To who? The corner flag? Get him in a team with footballers and we’ll see a better player. Saving judgement for next year when we’re hopefully not playing 8 defensive players every game. A bit like how Will Hughes looked lost in a Nigel Pearson team. Joz isn’t the problem IMO.
  2. I think thats the first proper reg flag from Wayne Rooney as a manager. Just awful from start to finish. Not sure about the whole intent tonight and doesn't sit right with me. Doesn't sit right in a league where every game is up for grabs (as we've seen with our good results vs top sides). Goal difference taken a battering. Need to get a result on Saturday or this will look diabolical. I thought Beni looked handy though - put some players who move either side of him and he'll be good to go at CDM on that showing, let Bird play a bit further forward where's he's impressed previously
  3. How can we play a team of defenders and be this poor at defending?
  4. Well I don't think we've got many games as wrong as this one so far. 4 CB's and 2 CDM's. Painful. The irony being our cloggers can't even defend like they've been put in to do! Shake it up Wazza, I can't be arsed with another half like that.
  5. I was scratching my head over this. We've broke 2 or 3 times now and our players have not supported the counter yet one long ball over from Cardiff and they're in acres of space carving out goalscoring opportunities. Not sure whats going on.
  6. Every time I think he's had a stinker he redeems himself one way or another. Hard to argue with a player that has that effect, only 7 goals but feels like he's won us many more games and points than that.
  7. Wrong. Last year you were a lot better and the game was a lot more one sided.
  8. A handy underserved point but we'll take it. Hope we can shake these hideous performances we seem to be putting in every other game. Every time a team puts up a bit of fight we crumble, shades of Chorley vs our 18s at some points in that second half. Think the young lads need to buck up a bit, I'm sure Wayne will handle them well but he's also pretty ruthless. We can't afford performances like that from Knight and Bird, they've got to hold their nerve better than that. In a sink or swim league we seem to be sinking every time we have to dig in and win a battle, not every game is going to
  9. Shinnie just got sent to the Station Fish Bar by Knockaert.
  10. Played ok for the first 30. Been way off it since. Young lads all having a bit of stage fright, zero quality on the ball. Be nice to see them grow a bit in the second half and make a name for themselves ala Hendrick 10 men. Perfect away performance from Forest so far, playing like a mature, well drilled side and a lovely couple of slices of luck to boot.
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