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  1. Mr Tibbs

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    Well, that third goal was absolute quality from Mansfield.
  2. Mr Tibbs

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    Can't really pull Mansfield down for one trip when I make 23 trips to Derby a season too. It's not a pretty place at times but where is in the East Midlands/South Yorkshire? All much of a muchness.
  3. Mr Tibbs

    NFL 18/19

    @r4derby ran it last year if I remember rightly. Still got a fair few weeks for the season to start so it won’t be anytime soon, just keep your eyes peeled in here and the inevitable thread for it when it gets going. There will be plenty of notice.
  4. Mr Tibbs

    FAO: Gareth Southgate

    I'm all for him Alpha. If we accept who we are and where we deserve to be we'll be fine. We know Southgate has flaws. Just like Henderson does, just like Kyle Walker is erratic, John Stones a liability, Sterling wasteful... If we accept all that and they can still go out and give 100% for the country whilst winning games I'll be happy.
  5. Mr Tibbs

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Normally we'd be saying this two weeks previous too.. not with one game left to go!
  6. Mr Tibbs

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Dunno like... Iceland was an 'ass blasting'. Finishing bottom in 2014 was too. 2012 and 2010 so forgettable. I'll take tournaments like this over most we've experienced in the last 50 years!
  7. Mr Tibbs

    World Cup 2018 thread

    They're not 'SO' much worse than theirs, literally nobody has said that. We've said they've got some real quality compared to our young and developing team. Ironically the best player for Croatia made his name in the PL, the majority of the Belgium team play in which division do you think? Doesn't do much for our youngsters surely. I don't really see much into the population debate. Why aren't China, India and the USA dominating world football? 1.3 BILLION people in China. Germany have 82 million people in their country, do you think they'll be scrapping their footballing system because Croatia and Belgium are currently better than them? I don't.
  8. Mr Tibbs

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Ignorance is bliss! What do we have? 1 quality player? A right back at CB. A RM at LWB. A brand new young keeper, a new young centre back pairing, Jordan Henderson to run the midfield, half fit Alli, a PL non starter in Lingard, a knackered Kane, a media scapegoat Sterling.... Southgate's done brilliant to shoehorn that team into a formation we seem comfortable with. Some better finishing on another day and we go through, turns out our one quality player isn't as quality as we thought when he's played 60+ games over the year and is struggling to run. Aye, no bother from me. Semi finals a great achievement, nobodies celebrating anything, just proud of a young team which has achieved more than any of the better quality teams we've had over the past three decades.
  9. Mr Tibbs

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Against pretty much the best midfield in the tournament? Behave. Each to their own like but for me we've had a cracking month and made it much further than I thought this squad under this manager was capable of. Look at the team from top to bottom, question marks over pretty much every player bar Kane since the end of the regular season and we've been treated to some brilliant tournament performances. No shame in losing to Croatia, they had so much more quality on the ball than us. With Modric, Rakatic, and Perisic in midfield I'm not going to complain, three of the best midfielders in Europe if not the world at the mo. We had Jordan ducking Henderson! (Who's had a quality tournament by all accounts). Came up short, no bother. Go again in two years. Well done Southgate and the boys.
  10. Mr Tibbs

    Rams or England ?

    Obviously not but there's idiots everywhere, including within your own fan base which you seemed to leave off of the script. 99% of England fans celebrated it without any harm done so no need to throw us in with the halfwits.
  11. Mr Tibbs

    Rams or England ?

    Doesn't this literally happen at every well attended Derby away game? Don't let that get in the way of tarring us all with the same brush though!
  12. Mr Tibbs

    Rams or England ?

    Still England for me. Our young lads have done us proud this summer.
  13. Mr Tibbs

    Matej Vydra

    I don't think it's that surprising. He's obviously a really good footballer on his day but not outstanding in anything, to me he seems like a technical niche of a striker. Good goalscorer when the circumstances are in his favour, very tidy on the ball but lacking in a lot of the area's you'd look at when looking for a striker. Or a certain type of striker. If he does go to Leeds we'll soon find out what they have signed him for and where they are going to deploy him. I think 11 million is fair purely because I think we paid too much for him at the time. If we'd had signed him for 5 or 6 we'd be a lot happier with the figure. Unfortunately for us there's not a ton of clubs looking to over pay for players. Looking at recent striker departures in this division they all have an outstanding attribute which will put them at the top of their field. Target man - Chris Wood(16m). Pace - Andre Gray(12m), Afobe(12m), Assombolonga(17m). Would 11 million really be a poor figure for us? I don't think so.
  14. Mr Tibbs

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Either that or you're just ignoring my point on purpose. He didn't send that team out to lose, no matter how many changes we made. Disjointed and under-performed for sure but we were still well in the game and trying to win. We created the best chance of the game which should have been converted and who knows how it might have panned out. He cared about giving his squad game time more than purposely losing the game like you're trying to make out. There's a massive difference between wanting to lose and being loyal to your squad when you're already qualified.
  15. Mr Tibbs

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Or obvious Southgate wanted to play his players which hadn't featured previously? Put your doom mongering look on it if you want, I'll go happy clappy. We didn't sit back, we had chances, we were poor in the final third. He didn't send his team out to lose though.

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