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  1. Mr Tibbs

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    I don’t think anyone’s that bothered about him going for career reasons, it’s all the ******** he’s fed the club and it’s fans which has caused unrest. High quality replacement for Ince, young hungry players not aging PL journeymen, dream job, love the area, kids a fan etc. All those impressive fan forums. All lies. I was annoyed with the first two he said back last summer because he went totally against his word. It seems they were a sign of things to come. I’m not fussed he’s leaving and don’t wish him that much bad luck but there’s a lot of fans that were sold a pretty good dream of a manager who’s connection and loyalty to the club sounded perfect. He’s completely conned them all. There is no loyalty in football so I wish he’d had just kept his mouth shut instead of feeding us all crap for 18 months.
  2. Mr Tibbs

    Next Manager Poll

    Do we not want someone to come in and actually challenge the right end of the table? Nige steadied our ship before, no doubt about that but he’s never shown he’s capable of assaulting the top 6 in this division. Didn’t get us top 6 in 5 years, didn’t get Sheffield United prompted, didn’t save Burton from relegation... not great reading really. Theres plenty more average managers out there to try before we crawl back to Nige IMO.
  3. Mr Tibbs

    Next Manager Poll

    Why would he?
  4. Mr Tibbs

    Next Manager Poll

    Dean Smith out of that list. Done well at Walsall and Brentford, this club is a different kettle of fish though.
  5. Mr Tibbs

    Manager revolving door will keep happening

    Ironic coming from a poster who’s been heavily critical of previous managers, no?
  6. Bit more to coaching than heading a ball...
  7. Mr Tibbs

    Chris Martin

    Not surprised really. This football club keeps getting taken to the cleaners with transfer fee’s in and out. Why would it change now. Happened with Hulse too. Laughable fee but we’ve made our own bed and need to get unwanted players out the door.
  8. Mr Tibbs

    Keogh and the culture of failure

    Don't mind if we keep or sell but I'd love to see him win promotion here, he deserves it. He's one player who picks himself back up time and time again and performs well for this football club in the main. He's at his level in this division and you're always going to get the odd mistake, it's just amplified more when it's Keogh.
  9. Mr Tibbs

    Is Rowett's style boring?

    It's mind blowing that people actually believe some fans want to see sideways passing for 90 minutes and use that as ammo as to knock those who don't like what we're getting at the moment. Are you for real? Nobody wants to see pointless, for the sake of it passing... literally nobody. Then there's the possession one that's thrown in too as if that has anything at all to do with how people want to watch their team. What GR sold at the start of the season I can get onboard with, he's not quite executed it all year and that's why I have issues. Will he get time from me to get it right? Of course, more than happy for him to have another season but I want to see our performances moving in the right direction. I wouldn't say it's boring, more frustrating. @Boycie Your comments another myth too pal, plenty of people bringing this subject up when we've won this year. The Hull 5-0 a great example. How does a result like that split the fan base? Because people have had issues with how we play since day 1. And whilst they've had "we won 5-0, are you a Forest fan", "we're second, how can you be a Derby fan", "we're in the top 6 you *******" rammed back down their throats all year it turns out in the end that actually there are a few issues come season end.
  10. Hamburg would be class, just been relegated too haven't they? Potential there. St Pauli away would be a bit naughty too.
  11. Mr Tibbs

    Can I say something about this forum?

    Two clubs who are sacking two of the most recently successful British managers because they don't play football the right way.... Can't see it myself. 👀
  12. Mr Tibbs

    World Cup Squad

    Neither's Danny Welbeck, might as well blood the younger lads in and give them a shot. Gray, Abraham, Wilson.. anyone but a tried and failed option like Welbeck. Solanke and Calvert-Lewin were red hot in the U20 WC.
  13. Mr Tibbs

    Seasonal reflections

    Yup great post, not in full agreement but appreciate what ticks other peoples boxes and what tick mine.
  14. Mr Tibbs

    World Cup Squad

    I know Welbeck has got a decent record for England but he's not the future, I don't see why we've gone with him over the likes of Solanke, Calvert-Lewin etc. They won't be any worse.
  15. Mr Tibbs

    Fitness levels

    I think that's where we disagree really, I can't just blank out the three guilt edge chances Fulham missed in the first half, I don't see the point in pretending they weren't all over us and missing big chances to put the game away a lot earlier than they actually did. We never looked likely to test their keeper properly and didn't.

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