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  1. Paper bantz. Nearly as bad as our version, we didn't go with "global brand" or whatever they said though.
  2. Like Dav said in another thread, hope it's similar to Everton's, love the sleeves in that design.
  3. Does anyone know what our ticketing turnover is compared to Forest's? I'd guess ours is better, even with these "free tickets" that bulk up our attendance. They had 15k for one game this year, debate over. Free tickets or not.
  4. That was a painful first half for a cup final. Void of any sort of quality. United's performance reminiscent of watching a Nigel Clough side play.
  5. I keep seeing people knock our security forces which is a bit baffling, unless you obviously work within them and actually know our shortcomings (if any). Despite the recent tragic events, we still live in one of the safest countries in the world and will continue to do so. I'm not going to say our security forces are doing a brilliant job because I haven't got a clue (as I imagine the people knocking them haven't) as to what they do for this country. Not quite sure how you can 100% eradicate this sort of thing from our society. Opinions are great but there's a few ill thought, knee jerk ones knocking around at the moment which are causing me a lot of head scratching.
  6. In comparison with some, he hasn't hardly had a kick, yet he's the one deemed the problem? Madness IMO. As with the Chris Martin/goals argument I don't think it's as black and white as you're a rubbish striker because you've not scored. Sure, he's had chances he could have done better with but who hasn't. He didn't hit the ground running but I don't think you can expect that of players sometimes, especially moving half way through a season and the manager he signed for leaving a month later. Not the best circumstances really. As I've said before, I don't think he's the best thing since sliced bread, nor do I go overboard on wanting him out. If GR manages to offload him and raise some funds for players he wants, great. If not then let's see what he can do.
  7. It's a financial problem (That we only have ourselves to blame for). Is it a financial problem if we actually play him and he takes his chance though? Probably not. No hiding from the fact we overpaid in both transfer fee and contract but that's down to our own ridiculous doings. I don't really mind either way if he stays or goes, I've no connection with him at all. I could say that about most players here though, players who have been given chance after chance and have once again fallen short of the mark. I just don't get the "get him out ASAP" mentality as if he's some bad influence wrecking the good work whats going on both on and off the pitch.
  8. I find the vitriol towards him quite odd. We can keep pretending he's the problem though! Boooo.
  9. Forgot to mention anything about Terry's achievements in my last post, thanks for the reminder. Whilst maybe not the most likeable guy for opposing fans you can't knock his career. He's been a catalyst for Chelsea's recent successes. One of the best CB's I've ever seen and a beast of a goalscorer too.
  10. According to Moyesy they were yeah. Another tedious, cringeworthy moment in our modern game. I wouldn't have minded the 26th minute sub if they'd had just left it at that but to then stop the game for minutes and do a guard of honour.. nah, you're alright. What's with every man and his dog having a go on the mic nowadays too?! Just had SSN on and it went from Terry to Conte to Cahill having their own superstar diva moment on the mic. Haven't moved for the remote that fast in my life. What has Cahill actually got to say? Jeeeeeesus. Shut up already. We're approaching NFL levels of "live performance" rather than live sport. I don't even think I'm being old fashioned, I'm 26 ffs but it's all starting to do my head in.
  11. Nope. Both teams are better than the one we assembled for that season.
  12. Bit over the top nowadays Angie, you say that as if they're banging down the cages when we drive and walk in. Obviously there's been issues in the past, that's why it's like that but the home fans of today definitely aren't gagging to attack us. One of the safest grounds I've been to in the past 10 years. The first time I went was on a coach, it broke down about half a mile away from the ground in some **** hole estate. All passengers walked to the ground, some wearing colours, with no bother at all. No kids attacked. The elderly not traumatised. There's probably still incidents, as there are at all football grounds. Plenty of trouble at ours over the course of the season, the walk from PP to the train station has seen it's fair share.
  13. Cringeworthy and embarrassing of course but I don't have a massive issue with it. I quite enjoyed watching Neil Harris telling fans running in for a hug to f**k off. Whilst not very nice for the Bradford boys I think people have gone a little over the top but then again it's Millwall so that's what happens.
  14. This is what I do (bar the dresses...) after every winter. I'm a bit lazy in the fact that I drop my diet after the summer has finished but every year I pick it back up February/March time for the next 6 months or so. I don't track exercise mind, just what I eat/drink. My calorie intake is worked out by some fancy calculators made for "tracking macros" and it works every year for me. There are also options to maintain or gain weight if you want to put a bit of size on. After 5 weeks in Vegas this Jan/Feb I'm certainly looking to shed a bit! Not too fussed with anything else as far as eating portions, times and the amount of meals go. I hit my daily value, go to the gym and the weight comes off. Holiday in 4 weeks time so I might become a bit stricter in these next few weeks to lose a little more, either way I'm in better shape than I was 3 months ago that's for sure.
  15. Obviously not, just putting the other side of the spectacles across to you.