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  1. Mr Tibbs

    The Hundred.

    So did I. But then I got deep into a Twitter/Wiki/Statista hole last night when I found out participation numbers in this country are down by a third in just over 10 years. Something needs to be done to re-ignite young peoples interest.
  2. To be fair we need blind betting on Derby to up our odds on the other side of the bet, it’s a necessity. Looking like another profitable year this season.
  3. Mr Tibbs

    The Hundred.

    Not if we make Mark Wood and Jofra bowl left arm..
  4. Mr Tibbs

    The Hundred.

    Peak audience at 1.6m last night... 100k short of Sundays international T20 vs Pakistan. A good start but the test of time will be the measurement of how successful it is. We don't have to love it, we've already bought in. But if it can attract audiences like that and breathe some new fans into the sport then it may just be worth it. I don't think The Hundred is ever going to be anyone's favourite form of the game but if it gets people through the cricket door and opens up the other forms of the game to them - happy days. There's so much wrong that needs nipping in the bud ASAP, mind.
  5. Mr Tibbs

    The Hundred.

    I quite liked it, not a bad opener. More cricket the better, generally more entertaining than two football teams trying not to lose.
  6. Have we done that since Mel arrived? Maybe now we're up poo creek. Religiously pushed the boundaries until they burst and we're now blaming everyone but ourselves.
  7. Same game just completely different perspectives, which is what this is all about. I saw the pressure and possession they were building but I also saw zero threatening moments bar the Chiesa chance which Pickford had well covered. No nail biting required until the penalties - in a Euro final! I think it’s in our mentality to expect more from English international teams but 2018 opened up a different view for me and I enjoyed that and this tournament so much more than previous ones. Probably the greatest, most enjoyable rides football has given me and I’ll be ever grateful to Southgate for that.
  8. I don't really get all the Captain Hindsight stuff. When you're leading 1-0 in a Euro Championship Final, very comfortably may I add, I can totally understand why a game-managing, cautious coach didn't go on the front foot and make wholesale changes. I think Chiesa created one decent chance for them all game and they grab a scrappy, 4th ricochet off a corner equaliser to get back into it - poo happens. Literally a couple of penalties being scored away from being knighted. Carry on Gareth, you're doing a brilliant job.
  9. Summed up nicely. We know it was a horrifically soft penalty and we'd all be sick to go out to a decision like that. We have done in previous tournaments. But what are people actually expecting us to say? Forfeit the game? Give Denmark the win? I''d rather Sterling not dive to win us games because I hate it. Just like I hate our fans boo'ing other nations anthems because I hate that too. Am I daft enough to think its just an English problem? Certainly not but because its us it gets blown out of proportion like everything else.
  10. Fantastic night. Biggest achievement from and England side in my lifetime. No golden generation frills needed. Just Loads of dodgy, written off players who don’t deserve to be playing for our country - I love it. Pickford, Stones, Phillips, Sterling.. keep it going boys.
  11. Maybe its just me but I can't sit here and cry about the EFL after the way we've been operating for the past few years. Rolled the dice, failed multiple promotion attempts and have tried loophole after loophole to try and straighten out since. How many non-parachute payment clubs were giving Darren Bent (and the rest) tens of thousands a week in this division? Sold their stadium to themselves? Signed a player through a sponsorship deal? Registered player amortisation different to the required standard? I just can't sit here and say we've tried our best to avoid this mess, its been coming. If that view makes me less of a Derby fan than the super supporters are, so be it. I'll support the club where ever it ends up but I'm not going to lie about its shady activity post 2014.
  12. Think there's more to come from us, a job well done. I've seen too many tournaments in my lifetime with superstars and 'golden generations' to know 7 points and 0 concede to top the group is not to be sniffed at. Massive test next, which I'm not quite convinced we can overcome but we've got to believe haven't we? It's coming home, until we're out. And if we go out next week then it's coming home next December anyway so strap in all you misery guts.
  13. Do we know he wouldn't make the Milan side given the opportunity? I think its easy to write him off by just comparing the two final club positions. There's a reason United, Arsenal and Dortmund are linked with him - he's had a great year. Two great years tbh. Tomori has had a great 6 months. He could have done without dipping last year and finding himself out the side. Either way, neither will be going to the Euro's this summer. They will be setting their sights on Qatar and the next campaign for sure though.
  14. This one has a few more circumstances I feel. Southgate going public, saying he doesn't want any off-field distractions, pretty much finished any hopes of Maddison making it. He's been an idiot and despite Jesse not being a favourite of mine, he's scored 9 PL goals in a third of a season. Thats a crazy amount for a midfielder at that level. He's bang in form and full of confidence at least.
  15. Its not that surprising really, despite my bias towards Fik. The only argument you can pitch him vs is the inclusion of Ben White who will probably miss out anyway with; Maguire, Stones, Coady and Mings (Walker cover) probably going to get the nod. Tomori has had a great couple of months but probably doesn't better the past two seasons White has had - starting every game for Leeds' promotion campaign and, probably more important, being a solid feature of Brightons back 3 this year in the Premier League. I hope Tomori gets a move and continues to succeed though, if he does he'll be in the frame.
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