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  1. Bristol City v Derby County

    Absolutely pasted. Lucky to be 4. Hope you're a quick learner Gary because you're serving up some utter crap!
  2. Bristol City v Derby County

    They are but can't help but think we shouldn't be crumbling every time we take a lead on the road.
  3. Bristol City v Derby County

    I don't really care at RB, either option isn't a bad one. Wisdom hasn't done anything to justify waltzing straight back in IMO.
  4. Chants.

    You won't have any problems with that at Pride Park youth.
  5. Chants.

    I guess we should make another original chant to go with our collection then...
  6. Chants.

    We should nick the welshies Bowie rendition of Starman, aimed at Ben Woodburn, for Tom Lawrence.. "We've got a staaaaarman, playing on the right His name is Tommy Lawrence And he's f*****ing dynamite". Short n sweet.
  7. German fans kicking off at arsenal.

    We're all different Gritters, I can completely see where these Arsenal fans are coming from. We're not talking about lads aged 16-60 being intimidated, I haven't heard one complaint from that side of their support, it's families taking kids not even 10 years old who probably didn't deserve the bother they had. If I went to a game at PP and all the regulars had stayed away but there were thousands of away fans in with me I wouldn't feel comfortable taking my kids either tbh. Especially if I saw some of them donning balaclava's trying to jump the turnstiles.
  8. German fans kicking off at arsenal.

    The reason UEFA would have probably thrown the book at us if English fans would have gone en masse like that to Cologne would be because we'd have caused an absolute scene and trashed the place. Our German friends didn't do anything of note, 5 arrests out of 20k aint bad going. I imagine there's similar numbers on match days at a lot of grounds up and down the country. The blame lies at Arsenal and the Met Police's door IMO. Both were aware of the numbers coming and yet hardly any measurements put in place to deal with them/stop them buying tickets in the home ends. Looks like it ruined the experience for a great number of families who were intimidated/put off by the KO time which is the biggest shame.
  9. Barnsley v Derby County

    Each to their own like, I wouldn't say I'm distraught about tonight but just another opportunity pissed away. Nobody cares in round 2. One day we'll have a little run in one of these cup competiitions and get close to a decent day out and you'll all be out the woodwork, no doubt.
  10. Barnsley v Derby County

    The bottom bit is the main thing really, we win Saturday and nobody will care about tonights result. Just has a feeling of a missed opportunity (again). Macca did it last year away at Leicester to literally no avail, smacks of that again.
  11. Barnsley v Derby County

    Fair play Barnsley, sounds like they got everything right in the end, dragged themselves level and their sub has won them the game. Barnsley's and Frecklington's night, no issues being beaten by a better team.
  12. Barnsley v Derby County

    Inevitable. You can just sense it with this football club.
  13. Live Game Thread 16/17

    Some Sunderland defender just played an absolute corker of a through ball behind his own defence for Forest to capitalise on. Fair play to 'um, they made it count.
  14. NFL Fantasy Leagues 2017-18

    Solid start, taken bottom place already.

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