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  1. Chris Martin

    Seemed to figure for the third goal on Saturday.
  2. Boring Sports

    Hmm, depends if you do it right or not. Set your rod up, get the BBQ on and crack the tinnies. If you're rod is flying around the pond when you wake up the next morning you've done it correctly I think.
  3. NFL 17/18

    Hopefully they wake the up and make this a bit of a ball game. Case Keenum showing up Brees... who'd have thought it!
  4. Russell’s tackle on Maghoma

    Got half way down and had to pack it in, whiniest bunch of fans I've ever heard. Oh this elbow, that stud rake... As for Russell's rugby tackle, very cynical but a professional foul which is a yellow according to the laws of the game? Until they're changed there's no point crying about it like they are. What a precious set of adults.
  5. Loan watch

    Sounds like Vernam did alright on his debut;
  6. England Cricket 2018

    That was enjoyable. 180 for Roy and 91 N.O for Rooty, sweet work.
  7. We need a chant for Vydra!

    Have you seen him have you heard, The way he plays there are no words, To describe our Matej Vydraaaaa (Bonus verse: Why should he ever even pass Scoring goals on Pride Park's grass He's our super Matej Vydraaa) The Stone Roses: She Bangs the Drum. Should be more SR on the terraces, get this shoehorned lyrical rap going boys and girls.
  8. NFL 17/18

    Nah neither do I but I kinda hope the Eagles win today, they deserve a bit more PO action after their season. Don't think I'll be staying up for the Titans/Pats game but that should be straightforward enough. I'd love to wake up to Mariota, Murray and Matthews having done a job on them though.
  9. NFL 17/18

    Yeah I don't disagree with any of that SaintRam, more that if the Eagles were to win this and then get past the NO/MIN hurdle then I think they'd be easy pickings for the pats. More so than the Falcons and the other two NFC teams.
  10. You've just got to laugh

    They actually think that losing 3-0 to a team who also missed 2/3 guilt edge chances is down to luck.
  11. NFL 17/18

    I like the Eagles despite my allegiances but I can't help think that the Falcons would be a much better match for the Pats if they reached the SB.
  12. Red dogs dilemma

    It probably is in our best interests for Forest to get something but to see the City Ground full of apoplectic red dogs is very satisfying indeed.
  13. We're coming after you Wolves

    To be fair to Wolves they're 12 games unbeaten...
  14. 19 to go...

    Agreed. (Always a first time for everything).

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