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  1. You felt compelled to comment but, convienently, completely forgot about the January game and first leg antics which sparked everything you're moaning about. We acted how an underdog, who hadn't laid a glove on Leeds in three games, naturally would do after having the binocs, the songs, the arrogance and the results rammed down our throats from your lot in the games previous. We repaid the favour after an unbelievable result in a play-off semi final in your own backyard but we're the bad guys? Nothing against Leeds, looking forward to you mixing it up in the PL if I'm honest but you'll lo
  2. Tried and failed me owd.
  3. NFL UK quiz tonight on Twitter... Anyone in?
  4. 16. Row nail din ho ? Ronaldinho.
  5. 10. Wilfrid Bony 23. Herman Heridasson
  6. Some mad moves so far. Tagged Dak and Coop looks to have agreed a 5 year deal despite the redskins offering loads more so I'm kinda happy in the end. Shame we didn't keep Bryon Jones but looking at the deal he's getting in Miami who can blame him.
  7. Pretty embarrassing stuff in the end. Man City will have had a better season come May I tell thee.
  8. Screamer from Sibbers and a real strikers goal from Martin. The definition of "alive in the box"!
  9. All you need is a bit of luck in a game like that. If Sibley's early shot nestles in the bottom corner it's game on. It's the cup, it happens. It happened to us last year at Old Trafford. It happened at Elland Road in a similar type game. Are those not the two best games from last season? Of course they are. We just gave a potential opportunity lip service and went out all smiling, cheering, clapping Rooney and saying 'awww kids did well didn't they'. Balls to that. Love the cup. I don't expect to beat United, it's just annoying when we're not giving ourselves the best chance to. T
  10. Just wanted a CB tbh. Love the cup. Have been annoyed every time we’ve disrespected the competition, regardless of the manager. Nobody is asking for Cocu to get the sack, think 95% of us are more than happy with the direction we’re headed. But if you can’t understand people having a moan when we field a centre back pairing like last night against United in the FA cup then I think your heads lodged up your arris.
  11. Have to agree to disagree mate. Too many examples of the back 4 being at sea for me to ignore. For everything positive up top we’ve shot ourselves in the foot at the back.
  12. I reckon if Curtis was playing that second goal doesn’t happen. It gets cleared, no nonsense. Not that mess we saw. First goal was pin-ball central so will give them the benefit of the doubt, there’s not one United player picked up properly though. Organisation starts from the back. It is what it is now. I’d fancy us at 0-0, think we’ve given ourselves too much to do.
  13. What I expect is a centre half of some description to be playing against a united side that are all that you’ve listed there! Probably my main frustration, both goals easily avoidable with a bit better defending and shape. We were all over the place. Not sure about unlucky. Probably had more luck than not so far with the penalty and Sibley kick. This Sibley vs McTominay is a good watch mind.
  14. Nah, definitely United. A United side missing some key players too. Fully backed Cocu’s chopping and changing but this one has me scratching my head. Where has a Fozzy and Evans CB partnership come from? Why try all three young lads in a midfield against the toughest opposition we’ll play all year? Just a bit bemused. Love the FA cup and hate when we throw it. If you’re not arsed fair doo’s. Let’s hope they sit off and we can get back in the game.
  15. Looks like we’ve wasted a couple of good opportunities this week if things stay as they are. Men vs boys and the men are unsurprisingly better. The boys should have been in Austria. Oh well, everyone got a nice Rooney program at least. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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