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  1. The older generation are the problem.* Tom Lawrence agrees. So does Malone. The guy ruining everyones RamsTV audio when we're at home also proves this point. Oh but do tell us how many years you've had a season ticket as if it backs any point up in the world. *Just to counter the younger generation self entitlement post. Purely tongue in cheek post. Kind of.
  2. Chiefs fan for the next two weeks. Glad the niners beat Green Bay but can't lend them my backing for the SB. Fly out to the states tomorrow for a few weeks so will be nice to not get up at daft o'clock for the game.
  3. Well that’s cheered me up. Let’s ave it.
  4. Yeah, not down with the Keogh bashing here.
  5. Chiefs next for you? 👀
  6. Based on what? Jamie Vardy was in the Northern Prem at 23. Now I'm not saying he's going to follow the same path but that's just a nonsense statement. Bennett showed last year he has his uses. More assists than our 5 million pound current winger.
  7. Seconded. He's not going to be first choice and I'm guessing he won't be on a whack either. We're probably in a pretty good position to offer him a very standard contract for this level considering his mishap and his current injury problems. I don't see too much of a problem as long as he's taken his mistakes onboard. The squad is threadbare as it is, if (big if) we can keep him fit he's a decent squad player to have - one that always gives his all on the pitch regardless of his level of ability. Not a big deal at all.
  8. As opposed to loads of other crap teams in the Championship....
  9. I'm still massively on the fence and will be until he's had a proper summer to stamp his authority on the squad but I just don't get people calling him out for not having a philosophy yet moaning that playing out from the back just isn't working so why are we bothering. To me he clearly has a philosophy and credit to him he's not abandoned it yet. Maybe he's not got it across to his players yet. Maybe some players can't adapt to it. (Possibly why he's sent two loan players packing). I can see what he's trying to do even if it's not yet coming off. If it means watching half our team be absolute bomb scares on the ball for another 5 months so be it, let's give it time. We aren't blessed with Pep (who it took a year) or a Bielsa (who's got Luke Ayling looking like Alessandro Costacurta). Stick to your guns Phil, hopefully the recruitment team do well for you because looking at previous that's going to be one of the main deciding factors. We ballsed up the last time we had a proper identity under Macca by bringing in the wrong type of players. The blueprint was abandoned after that. Let's get it right this time please.
  10. Just choked on my weetabix seeing that scoreline. Bloody hell jesus christ.
  11. The two I mentioned excited me. Doesn’t even seem like we entertained either. Liked the sound of Riley but then his team got an absolute pasting in their biggest game of the season. It was LSU of course but to concede 63 points is pretty eye opening. Meyers record speaks for itself but like Riley they both have no NFL experience. By appointing McCarthy it appears that’s exactly what we were going for. League know how. A pretty good record to boot too. Maybe he will I’ll be the guy we need to get the best out of these players but there’s a bit of doubt after how it ended at GB and comments for certain players. I think he’ll be better than Garrett but could we have gone one better? We shall see.
  12. They do - you've got to say they look superb when on top, a class above at our level. If you can wrestle back some of that control though you can have performances like this second half or like we had back in May. They don't like it up 'em.
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