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  1. Me and you both. My QB and WR's are on their arse currently. Brees and Gallup having surgery, Shepard and DeShaun Jackson both still concussed/injured. Big week on waivers.
  2. No, Padres for me. Fingers in pies though, I know what you're saying. I think it's his company that's just negotiated the new sponsorship deal for your stadium too, the largest to date after ours with AT&T.
  3. I don't mind a super over for the shorter format world cup's but we should try and keep traditional 5 day test match series as they are IMO. It's the best form and I actually like the process that's currently in place. It's hard to win a series away from home so any victory is held in great regard. That memorable win down under in 10/11 would be lost in the rabble if there was a winner every time!
  4. I don't think Brees being in the game would have made much difference the way this game has gone!
  5. Gone Gallup over Deshaun Jacko. Could be costly after is game last week.
  6. Got a big W on the board already though mate. Think I went 0-6 until my first last year.
  7. Lasted a whole 25 minutes this morning. Even Warner has avoided the duck. Could be a long day in the field this!
  8. Slow start for Mike Evans too, seems like Godwin took all the glory.
  9. Personally thought a back four of Eddie Lewis, Darren Moore, Andy Todd and Andy Griffin were more solid than Kosovo's defence. Should have been 10 in reality, sloppy game all round.
  10. We're going to win the Super Bowl.
  11. I've been out since Friday pretty much so didn't have chance to check status'! Didn't think Gallup would get anywhere near that but happy he did.
  12. I lasted until the national anthem. Looks like I didn't miss much.
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