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  1. Some people have 20+, not sure how they even start to manage them. 6 losses in 7 leagues this weekend for me, although I survived the chop in the guillotine league so I'm happy.
  2. We're rolling. 😁
  3. I don't begrudge him his pay day win as he obviously had grounds to appeal it but another article from him without an ounce of responsibility taken from the, at the time, club captain. Dress it up as a quiet bowling night all you want, you were out ya bloody tree mate.
  4. Always an exception to the rule 👀😂
  5. Hoping to get to the Bengals vs Browns game next month when I'm stateside, as long as there's no issues with COVID passport proof. Last few years they haven't been as attractive but like all teams they go through cycles. Burrow, Chase, Higgins, Boyd, Mixon.. they've got some good skill players now. As they did when Dalton and AJ Green were young whipper snappers.
  6. Some good games in the early window. Chiefs/Chargers full of drama!
  7. We've never given it the time of day until now, when we're in the mire, despite it being broken for many years. We didn't moan or blame academy products 3 or 4 years ago when the money was being thrown around so don't see what good finding excuses are now. You're literally scapegoating children. Not having it tbh.
  8. Our third choice QB almost beat you last year... real scary! 👀
  9. Think it's the continuation of 8k camera End Zone shots they started last season. Bit of a wow moment when they first started it but haven't noticed it so far this year.
  10. A point more than I expected, lovely.
  11. Vydra was pretty good, got us into the play offs. We also made a profit on a hefty transfer fee too, up there for most successful transfer in this time frame surely.
  12. Thought the same whilst watching Buchanan tonight too. Have any of our players progressed in this timeframe actually?
  13. Not quite panic stations after one abysmal performance but if Curtis Davies building attacks and long diagonal balls to our miniature wingbacks is the best this management team can conjure up then god help us.
  14. Not sure what Tom Lawrence is trying to achieve but we need a better captain than this.
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