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  1. Really good watch this. I enjoy a football doc at the best of times, when it's your own club it's even better.
  2. I thought that ended alright actually. The last scene with Arya, Jon and Sansa all going off in their different directions with the GoT music was pretty spine tingling for me. Bran was a curveball, Jon doing Danny wasn't so much. Poor Edmure, man. He's had a rough ride since the Red Wedding.
  3. Not sure if it’s just me but I would 100% take an FA Cup over promotion any day of the week.
  4. Absolutely glorious. That guy pitch side has made my day.
  5. What I was going to say pretty much. Not about performing, we know how QPR performed 5 years ago.... Smash and grab will do me.
  6. Would love a spin off series to try and explain this a bit more. Have we ever had a proper explanation of how they returned after the first men defeated them? I’ve read all the books but can’t remember anything in them either? (A long time ago mind).
  7. You go off the games you’ve seen I guess. Can you begrudge them after the two games we played against them this year? If they want to judge us off those games then that’s upto them, at their peril as Leeds now know!
  8. This pretty much. There seems to have been a measuring stick applied when people (me included at times) bang on about the McClaren days and how we long for them again, we’ve done this with every manager since he left. I don’t think we’ve reached those levels.. until now. This last month has been better than anything we’ve seen In years. This team and manager will be just as fondly remember as that team in 13/14. Luckily for us, it doesn’t stop here. Franks definitely a hero, he gets us up and keeps us up and he’ll be a legend a la bald eagle. Richard Keogh however....
  9. What a night. Up there with the best I've seen in the past couple of decades, a performance and result to be proud of. That took some real balls tonight, balls I didn't think this manager and side had, so thanks to Frank and the lads for that! See you all at Wembley.
  10. Come on then Derby, let’s do ‘em. 1-0 win. 10-9 on penalties. It won’t be easy, it never is.
  11. This is where it gets calamitous. Who knows. Do they even flag as much as they used to? I know they're told to keep their flags down when VAR is involved and let play go on but for this I don't know. Maybe he didn't think it was enough to be a foul but when the penalty was given he had to step in as it definitely wasn't a pen? Thats what I think. Ref messed up by giving it in the first place and they got away with one by calling it a foul.
  12. There was an obvious reason though wasn't there. The lino said it was a foul (Even though it wasn't). Agree the ref was a joke but he did the right thing in talking to his assistant who had the better of both terrible views.
  13. The ref was 30 yards away with about 5 players running across him, let's not start re-writing the story. The ref was in the wrong to give it in the first place. What happens after is just a calamity as the only 'potential' foul in the incident is the one on Bogle.
  14. Disagree me owd. Me and the missus crammed seasons 1-7 in the months leading up and it's by far the best thing we've watched up until about season 6. The timing, the writing and all the back stories to the characters we loved have all been abandoned. That's not down to hype that's been built up, just under-par writing/planning/directing. You can see the drop in quality from previous seasons, it's not got anything to do with expectations for me. It still is 'the greatest show in the world' to me, they've just not done it justice at the end and that's why I'm really disappointed.
  15. Well that was a let down. Episode 3 was decent but the rest has been gash. Should have sacked the whole kings landing stuff off (Obviously this isn't possible being called 'Game of Thrones' but that storyline has been crap for ages), the white walkers/north was always the better story line. Would have been better to end the series by defeating the dead, not the other way around.
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