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  1. Tom Lawrence

    I think there needs to be a bit of middle ground really. With our fans it seems to be one extreme or the other. Over rated or under rated. Why can't we just rate them correctly as to what they are. Decent Championship players. We're a decent Championship team so I don't see a massive issue? Every team that's ever gone up has had them in the starting XI and considering where we're at there's no harm in having them. Of course we want/need better but we can't have a whole team of PL quality players unfortunately. It's down to the managers and the coaches to get an improved consistency out of them for that one season because really, any player which performs to a very high level consistently in this league gets snapped up by teams in the PL. Russell and Bryson are where they belong IMO but they have shown previously they have the ability to perform above their normal levels in the right circumstances. We just need another year from them like that to go that extra step.
  2. v TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Match Thread

    I don't think he's just using last night as a benchmark, Baird's been better overall IMO too. Which is absolutely daft, really. I'm sure it'll come with time/games for Andre and he looked much improved on Saturday. I think he'll get the call against these lot so hopefully we'll see even more good stuff from him.
  3. Ross McCormack

    Praying it's bullshit.
  4. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    I don't think it's quite clear cut like that, there's only 4 years between them! JR was banging in goals on a regular basis for the years that TL is currently being judged on, for a bit of contrast. TL aint a kid anymore, 24 this season and he's had one good year in his career, the few people that have mentioned that just want it considered before others discard a decent player with a decent scoring record for what is currently a one season wonder. Regardless, I agree with the Lawrence to be better than Johnny eventually bit, looks to have plenty of potential still.
  5. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    Last season I totally agree, the three before that (9,6 and 9 goals) I can't really agree with. It's in black and white print. I'm not his biggest fan but we can't ignore facts just to suit an argument.
  6. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    He probably meant on average over the last 3 years. Lawrence had a good season last term but doesn't seem to have ever done anything of note previously which is a bit odd for someone who is raved about as much as he is, especially at 23.
  7. v Northampton Town Match Thread

    He can't be chuffed with that ranking.
  8. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    First half we were very good. Tired in the second and didn't think the subs were upto much. Hard to come straight into a game and get in the flow. They were very poor IMO. Not as bigger test as GR would have wanted I'd imagine. Donny looked twice the side!
  9. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    Great finish from Johnson. Madness how he can't trap a bag of sand at times yet pulls things like that out the bag.
  10. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    I love the fact Huddlestone doesn't run for anybody. His own pace in his own time, quality. Championship's Pirlo.
  11. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    Now he's running the bloody channels. Lazy!
  12. Tom Lawrence

    Totally agree. Has done a couple of good things which caught the eye but just as many ill thought bits of play. He's leaving Simpson totally exposed and 2v1 too frequently too.
  13. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    God save the queen. Cringe.
  14. Bent out until end of Dec

    Might make Gary's match squad decisions a little easier until Xmas then. Shame for Bent, top bloke but would like to have seen him leave this summer.
  15. Manager Sacking Sweepstake

    PL - Mauricio Pellegrino (So'ton) Champ - Lee Johnson (Bristol City) Surprised there's not many Gary Rowett nominations given the circumstances.

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