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  1. Watching loads of it at the moment. How do you pick a college team though? It's hard to just randomly associate yourself with a sports team. Oregon looking good at the mo.
  2. Obviously you can't go smashing people in the head like that with helmets but Rudolph initiated the whole thing. Not sure he should be exempt from a decent ban just because he lost the fight.
  3. What a class game of football that was.
  4. My tie with Ramdale all lies with the Seattle Seahawks. He has Russ to play, I have Carson, Lockett, Myers and the Hawks DEF. Can see it being one of those annoying match ups where every time Lockett gains points Wilson will obviously too... 🙄 Bit too much to do. Brees and Zeke my floppers this week.
  5. Good game that, shame we couldn't make anything of that drive during the 2 min warning but two run play calls in the RZ when the run hasn't worked all night is no longer surprising. Should have both been targeted at Amari who's unstoppable at the mo. Cook dominated the run, thought both QB's had good games too. Vikings were assured on offense but we looked a bit random at times. Still the same problems for us. Completely in games against the better teams but just not quite good enough when it matters. Hopefully we'll stutter our way into the play offs but I hold little hope of going much further than the divisional round if we make it. A pretty good prime time game though despite the loss, I've just spent a whole $9 on 9 beers in the last three hours watching it so it could be worse! Onto another toughy next week but hopefully no Matt Stafford.
  6. Big for both of us then. We've stumbled when we've played the better teams. The Philly win was quite convincing though so hopefully it's more of the same of that rather than what we saw in the defeats to the Saints and the Packers. Should be pretty competitive anyway!
  7. Back to back wins. I like it. I like it a lot.
  8. That was an enjoyable watch in the end, Giants are bad though so we've not learned anything new. The DEF are starting to get something going though which is only positive and Bennett looks a good addition. It was nice to watch it at a normal time too and to not be trying your hardest to keep your eyes open. The Cowboys coverage over here is brilliant (if your a Cowboys fan). ESPN have covered the post game stuff for 45 minutes now and haven't mentioned anything remotely positive about the Giants 😂 I can kinda get why people dislike us who were born post 1990. Vikings up next then the Lions, Pats, Bills, Bears and then the Rams so it's not getting any easier. Hoping that loss to the Jets, which I've just re-offended myself with by recalling that result, doesn't cost us.
  9. Jamal Adams close... 😎
  10. It was my birthday and my team scored 137 points but noooooooooooo it's all about you is it Rooney Rule. Cooper Kupp can suck a fat one. Watching him destroy the Bengals as well as my fantasy team live was a bitter-sweet to say the least.
  11. I’ve seen your trades Jimbo but out for my birthday so will get around to them in the morning!
  12. Up the Bengals. Hopefully there will be many, many Eagles fans in attendance.
  13. That's why you can't drop Chris Martin. Unbefuckinglievable touch.
  14. All that for that. 😂 Bring back Idiakez.
  15. Would have been an acceptable 45 away from home so Wigan will be really happy. The fact we're at home, got a proper licking on Saturday and there has been no response is disappointing. The saddest part about it all for me is how we don't look a team. I can get on board with a collective effort which is missing the quality but there's no teamwork in this side currently. I miss Keogh.
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