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  1. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    That was stupid from Nuge. No complaints.
  2. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    Yeah pretty turd.
  3. England Squad for Germany and Brazil

    I’m pretty sure they want to play for England but we don’t know what advice or even instructions they’re being given from Spurs management/medical team. I just don’t see a problem if they’re injured or not fully fit, which they weren’t last week. The fact they are a week later doesn’t really matter.
  4. England Squad for Germany and Brazil

    I don’t get this argument Ted. Why would you risk unfit players in friendly matches? Makes no sense at all. If a Derby player had been out injured and was still a precaution I wouldnt want them playing pointless internationals. Sensible move all round IMO. The fewer matches our big players play the better, they might not be burned out come the World Cup next summer.
  5. Sheffield Pub Grub

    Love that place, haven't been in a while though. We tried to drop in a month or so ago mid afternoon and couldn't get a table, seems to have took off. That meat sharing platter with the giant turkey leg on it is brilliant.
  6. Sheffield Pub Grub

    Plenty of decent snap houses round Sheff. Bungalows and Bears/Frog and Parrot are ok pubby places on Division street, Head of Steam near the Crucible was good when we dropped by a couple of weeks ago too, that's a bit nicer than the other two mentioned. Forum has always been good when me and the missus have been but pricey. If they're all a bit meh then there's a s*** load of upper end restaurants around the town hall too. But yeah, Coney is a proper local so his word might be better to take than mine.
  7. England Squad for Germany and Brazil

    Solanke? Just won a World Cup with the under 20’s, scoring 4 and winning player of the tournament in the process. Has scored goals for England at most youth levels. If that doesn’t justify your inclusion into a senior squad I don’t know what would.
  8. International Rams

    Has this potential thing for 23 year olds always been the case or are we just making excuses for players nowadays? Or is it purely because there’s less opportunity for these players in the top leagues when they’re younger? A couple of decades ago players hit the ground running at 18/19, not a decade into their careers. Not a dig at Lawrence inperticular, just a thought. My minds clouded by the likes of Owen, Shearer, Beckham etc who were PL class at a very young age.
  9. NFL Fantasy Leagues 2017-18

    Bringing in Goff looks a good shout for the rest of the season Leicester... he’s on fire at the moment.
  10. NFL thread

    Can’t remember his name but the geezer who sacked Prescott about 87 times last night was a man on a mission. OL didn’t have their best of evenings. Lee was a big loss. As if we didn’t know already but Zeke’s ban will finish any chances of us sneaking a wild card spot. Eagles will tear us a new one next week.
  11. England v Germany

    20 years too late with the last bit mate!
  12. Top 6

    Whilst I wouldn’t write us off for a top 6 spot, it’s not the first instance this year. There’s been 3 or 4 of those already this season and we’re only a quarter of the way in! It wont matter much if we keep winning the previous 4 games but that’s not very realistic.
  13. Chris Martin

    Which literally nobody is disagreeing with. Just a few people trying to point out flaws in peoples logics when they bang on about 20 goals a season strikers and previous achievements. I haven't seen one person say Martin is a 20 goals a season striker at this current moment in time. In this set up, he definitely isn't.
  14. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    That god damned Derby County promoting themselves in the community and ensuring another generation of fans are exposed at an early age that will benefit the club the long term. No wonder their gates haven’t fallen below 20k in over a decade.

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