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  1. Fair doo's Angry, I'm not gonna change your mind so not going to bother and try. I think the footballs been just as good at times but each to their own.
  2. I don't really get the 'we're not sustainable' bit. Which club is? Brentford? We weren't 'sustainable' under GSE. https://www.insidermedia.com/insider/midlands/83792-us-owner-pumps-further-millions-derby-county It's not new. We've got an owner who's willing to put more in than the previous one. How is that a bad thing? As long as he doesn't leave without either reducing it or handing over to someone who can cover it, who really cares?
  3. Has it been all downhill though? The season after that we competed for the title until the last 5 weeks of the season. Playing just as well as the season before, better at times. Was that Mel? As much as I love Mac, that was his doing, not the owners. We haven't had a perfect season under him but as far as competing at the right end of the table... it's been the best it's been, consistently, for years.
  4. Initially, totally agree. But considering he's not been here for 2 out of those 4 seasons (ironically the ones we made the play offs) Mel has certainly carried it on.
  5. We were crap though. Like proper crap. Conor Doyle upfront crap. Dean Moxey upfront crap. Scraping for 12th and being really happy with the season crap. Tip my hat to Nige but we did our whole treading water bit being a run of the mill team. We're better than that. At least Mel's ambitions have taken us to a better place than that, albeit still in the same league. He's woken the club up completely.
  6. No problem with your opinion, I just wanted to know why you thought the two bits in bold. I don't think he's covered himself in glory with some of the managerial sackings but he may have other reasons not known to us, who knows. A few of those and the dressing room stuff will always be criticised. The financial stuff doesn't hold much weight in an against argument IMO, if we fail FFP this year then it will but until that happens we're playing inside the rulebook so I can't have a pop at him for that. He's backed his managers financially to the hilt, more than any owner we've had in years so he should be applauded for that. The issue being the managers appointed in the first place were probably the issue, not his financial backing. The issue will be if we've failed FFP this season for me, it'll make the fact he made 15 million available for Frank to splash pretty reckless knowing how close we were. 4 top half finishes. Winning more games than we lose. 2 appearances out of 4 attempts in the play offs. Top players come and gone. Academy looks the best it has whilst I've been a fan. It's not been a bad 4 years at all for me. He's far from perfect but I'm not quite sure there's anyone remotely close to him in terms of affection and dedication to the club out there waiting to lose tons of dosh. There's plenty of ambition, season tickets are reasonable, there's a connect with the fans... loads of good stuff that wasn't said when GSE were here previously.
  7. I don't think the Czech's are poor opposition, they're obviously not a top team but certainly in the bracket of 'they'll give you a game' sort of team. I don't think we're brilliant either but I really like watching this group play under Southgate. It's a matter of time before Sterling starts producing on the international scene which could be scary stuff looking at the players around him also in that attack. It's coming home.
  8. Johnny Russell to Derby's number 9. 2-1 win away at PNE in 2015, 30 secs in. 10/10 for the cross, touch and finish. Bliss.
  9. Randall Cobb visiting The Star, I know we're short but...
  10. For I am here with you.
  11. His actual performances have been suspect all year for me but goals can paper over flaws at this level for sure. Teams don't need a complete player if he's going to score you 15 a year from midfield. The problem we have is we've got too many players like that, in it for themselves rather than the team. Golden opportunity to square it to Tom Lawrence, which is irony at it's best, in the first half after lil Duane went through. Got no problem with him trying the shot even though it was never on, it's the fact he doesn't lift his head up to see if anyone's in a better position. Tom would have done the same so not quite sure how he could moan but there you go. Just not a fan of it, haven't been all year. That and the diving. It's my gripe with Lawrence too. I get that we all like different types of players though so no issue with the praise he gets. You can't take those goals away from him. I'm sure he'll become a very good player but he's not one yet.
  12. Maybe a rest is what he needs but I wouldn't say 1 goal in 10 is carrying our attacking threat. He's been pants for a while now, it's not like it's come out of the blue and people are looking to lay the blame. World class direct free kick taker but everything else is a bit meh. His goal tally is really impressive and it's what people will look at first so can't argue with that. I just can't seem to warm to him, might be the diving that does it for me. No scapegoating just calling a cat a cat, sure he'll have a good career somewhere but we'll be a better team without him next year IMO.
  13. First half was really good, loads of movement = some good chances. Holmes outstanding, defence was solid and really unlucky to go in not ahead by a goal or two. Second half was a bit pedestrian again. Didn't lay a glove on them but the performances are a certain step in the right direction, long may it continue. Screw the play offs. Deserved MOTM from Tomori but that just highlights where we're lacking. How does a CB get MOTM when you've had all the ball and all those shots?! Someone needs to step up and start scoring for us. Couple of niggles; obviously I jinxed BJ at half time, thought he lacked any sort of quality in the second half. Getting a bit pointless playing Wilson now too IMO, he ain't ours, let's blood some youth. Marriott offers nothing the way we play + when teams sit back, not his fault but the opposition must be relieved when he comes on. Need a big man. Someone who can win a header and mix things up. We're crossing balls to 5 ft attackers who are lost in-between the x4 6ft defenders, might as well not bother. I think we'll smash Rotherham. We're a bit toothless at times but a good break with hopefully a healthy Mason Mount thrown in and we'll be ready to rock for the last few games.
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