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  1. Imagine playing hoof ball to a front three of Sterling, Kane and Sancho. No brainer.
  2. Their starting 11 was loads better, I'd have Sterling, Rashford and Pickford but the rest would be their team. Our midfield was average. Defenders are average. We had a world class striker to bring on who'd be a shoe in (albeit not at it recently) for either team. De Beek would walk into ours. They had the three best players on the pitch, one currently the best player in the PL and the other two look like joining the two biggest clubs in the world for mega fee's. Each to their own but they were much better on paper IMO and played like it too.
  3. Why should we be? We're not a top team. Holland have much better players and needed a couple of clangers to get past us tonight. They were a clinical finish or 1 cm of Lingard's toe away from going home. We messed tonight up no doubt but there's plenty to be positive about on the whole when we're talking England.
  4. ducking hell Roy, cheer up. I can kinda see why you're miserable about everything Derby County wise as we've seen some poo but let's not pretend this team and manager aren't putting us in the right direction.
  5. Who cares? Would have been nice but hardly the end of the world. They're bringing players like De Beek off the bench and we've got lads like Jesse Lingard! Bar two gifts we've done ok. One bad night in about 2 years is alright by me.
  6. Bar a couple of mistakes we've done ok here against a good young Dutch side. Sancho should have buried his chance and we're plain sailing at 2-0. We've just made a pigs ear of a few things, no dramas.
  7. Windies have been great value so far this tournament. Love watching them.
  8. Think Waggy is being under-rated in here. Same goals and assists as Marriott after playing a couple of 90 minutes more, yet how many of Waghorn's minutes were out stuck on the right wing? Marriott knows where the net is but Waghorn is a far better player currently IMO.
  9. I think it's alright, 9th visit and probably the best as far as getting use out of the ground went. Sat in club Wembley this year and it's way better inside than the other parts of the ground I've sat in. A decent pint and the Three Lions pub is pretty bang on. Just the right height for view too.
  10. I don't even know why we need a singing section tbf. I don't think it's too much to ask for people to give a little bit of vocal support on the day of the biggest game of the year. Hopefully won't be too long before we can put it right and go down and back our team, not just turn up and expect something shiny at the end. We should have absolutely cheered them off the pitch after the last month or so.
  11. Watching Richard Keogh once again put his doubters to bed with another great season.
  12. Nah not everyone. You might have been right in front of us. Got told to “sit down now” 4 minutes in when we broke into the villa half, kinda set the tone for the whole game. Too many Derby fans morbid throughout the game. Villa backed their boys, we didn’t. Not saying that was the deciding factor but we should have got behind them, I don’t think we did in our block. Everybody creaming over 38k and it sounded like 500. Shocking.
  13. I don’t think they were better than us but I can’t begrudge the the win. They did the job in a one off game, we didn’t. Hope they stay up, send some poo like Brighton back down.
  14. Correct. Embarrassed by block 212, no support whatsoever. Not down about the game but what a poor effort from our fans.
  15. Have a good one chaps and ladies, see you down there. Up The Rams.
  16. Really good watch this. I enjoy a football doc at the best of times, when it's your own club it's even better.
  17. I thought that ended alright actually. The last scene with Arya, Jon and Sansa all going off in their different directions with the GoT music was pretty spine tingling for me. Bran was a curveball, Jon doing Danny wasn't so much. Poor Edmure, man. He's had a rough ride since the Red Wedding.
  18. Not sure if it’s just me but I would 100% take an FA Cup over promotion any day of the week.
  19. Absolutely glorious. That guy pitch side has made my day.
  20. What I was going to say pretty much. Not about performing, we know how QPR performed 5 years ago.... Smash and grab will do me.
  21. Would love a spin off series to try and explain this a bit more. Have we ever had a proper explanation of how they returned after the first men defeated them? I’ve read all the books but can’t remember anything in them either? (A long time ago mind).
  22. You go off the games you’ve seen I guess. Can you begrudge them after the two games we played against them this year? If they want to judge us off those games then that’s upto them, at their peril as Leeds now know!
  23. What a night. Up there with the best I've seen in the past couple of decades, a performance and result to be proud of. That took some real balls tonight, balls I didn't think this manager and side had, so thanks to Frank and the lads for that! See you all at Wembley.
  24. Come on then Derby, let’s do ‘em. 1-0 win. 10-9 on penalties. It won’t be easy, it never is.
  25. This is where it gets calamitous. Who knows. Do they even flag as much as they used to? I know they're told to keep their flags down when VAR is involved and let play go on but for this I don't know. Maybe he didn't think it was enough to be a foul but when the penalty was given he had to step in as it definitely wasn't a pen? Thats what I think. Ref messed up by giving it in the first place and they got away with one by calling it a foul.
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