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  1. Great goal by Charlton to be fair. Everyone’s moving and showing for the ball, delivery was quality and the run and finish from Taylor superb. Enjoying watching them, even better it’s at Forest’s expense.
  2. Hope Archer is at it tomorrow morning. Massive spell that first one, if they get through that unscathed I’ll be worried.
  3. Voted. In all honesty I don't really care between NFL/ESPN so either or. Sunday is better for me.
  4. Huddersfield manager absolutely rattled, love to see it.
  5. Top win, Lawrence MOTM. Clarke very good too.
  6. Didn't want to mention that in fear of getting lynched.. glad you took the plunge you bloody wrist slasher. Seriously though it's why I'm so love/hate with him. Frustratingly brilliant tonight.
  7. Timing. Smith out, bowled by Woakes and caught behind.
  8. All one way. Aussie bowlers really made our batsman work for the runs, this second innings has been too straight forward for their batsman. In a way I'm glad it's going right down to the wire on the 5th day but we've been very disappointing today, not enough pressure applied at times. Smith is a cheating tit and probably shouldn't be playing but you can't argue with his quality. Best in the world.
  9. I think it's the reaction from the Aussies that has rubbed people up the wrong way, hence the retalliation from the crowd literally all day. There's obviously the "if you don't ask you don't get" saying in sport but it's a bit OTT from this Aussie team at times, first time I've noticed it in cricket. Paine is annoying as duck. Hopefully Burns and Stokes pick up from where they left off. Still plenty of bat left in our lower order too.
  10. St Pauli or Hamburg in April/May for me...
  11. Some serious dosh that, fair play to him. Now for Zeek please, sign him up.
  12. Ireland still massive favourites to get to 180 but 1 wicket down for 11... interesting if we can get a couple more soon.
  13. I've only ever done official NFL but I've seen the ESPN so wouldn't be against that. Standard format (again, never done PPR so maybe fear of the unknown) but in all honestly I just want to play a DCFCFANS league as we had a decent group last year, especially with the chat on here.
  14. So when do we start? What league(s) are we doing? How many are participating? Itching to start tbh. Buzzing to finish second to last again.
  15. Imagine playing hoof ball to a front three of Sterling, Kane and Sancho. No brainer.
  16. Their starting 11 was loads better, I'd have Sterling, Rashford and Pickford but the rest would be their team. Our midfield was average. Defenders are average. We had a world class striker to bring on who'd be a shoe in (albeit not at it recently) for either team. De Beek would walk into ours. They had the three best players on the pitch, one currently the best player in the PL and the other two look like joining the two biggest clubs in the world for mega fee's. Each to their own but they were much better on paper IMO and played like it too.
  17. Why should we be? We're not a top team. Holland have much better players and needed a couple of clangers to get past us tonight. They were a clinical finish or 1 cm of Lingard's toe away from going home. We messed tonight up no doubt but there's plenty to be positive about on the whole when we're talking England.
  18. ducking hell Roy, cheer up. I can kinda see why you're miserable about everything Derby County wise as we've seen some poo but let's not pretend this team and manager aren't putting us in the right direction.
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