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  1. I'm not arguing the stats, but the 'must prove' comment is clearly gibberish....
  2. You do know that people also die from other things such as road traffic accidents, etc?....
  3. I thought that was the Piranha Brothers (Doug and Dinsdale)?
  4. Just noticed that BBC2 repeated Marvellous on Wednesday - well worth a watch for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Tells the true story of Neil Baldwin - a man tagged at school with “learning difficulties” who then went on to become a Circus Clown, Lay Preacher, unofficial student greeter at Keele University and Stoke City kit man. It’s a strange mix of fantasy, musical and biopic with a tremendous performance from Toby Jones playing Neil. On iPlayer for the next month....
  5. A rule change brought in due to the number of pundits previously calling for handball whenever the ball hit a players arm - the same pundits that now are moaning about the decision. They should revert back to the 'deliberate/accidental' element where common sense was applied, but that would be too simple.....
  6. Is it wrong to admit that I’ve been imagining that for many years?
  7. It's all a bit 'bright' on PC (Firefox) - find I'm having to squint when reading the messages (and no that wasn't an issue with the previous version) - certainly not as easy on the eye as it was.....
  8. Because they are fine upstanding law-abiding folk of course who have laready shown that they will abide by the guidelines to the letter - oh wait....
  9. Government thretening to bring in local lockdown measures in Leicester due to a spike in cases....
  10. York council have an interesting approach:
  11. I'm lucky enough to live close to several nice places to walk - it's always been a problem, but since lockdown began, local dog owners have delighted in decorating the trees and bushes with little black bags - despite there being numerous doggy doo-doo bins. Obviously they don't want to suffer the indignity of carrying their animals faeces a few hunderd feet so 'dispose' of it as soon as possible - in bags that aren't biodegradable and therefore can (literally) hang around for years. I love dogs but detest most dog owners.....
  12. Just started watching 'The Woods' on Netflix - pretty good so far, though anyone thinking of watching it should switch on subtitles and use the original Polish audio - the American over-dubbed audio is dreadful and really distracts from the story....
  13. Suggests that he's linked the extension to his requirements for a new contract (i.e. I'll stay but only if you give me X more years). If that is the case, then he's welcome to pack his things next week....we've been held to ransom too many times over the years to allow a squad player (and that's all he'll be) to dictate terms.
  14. But if you do have the mental age of a 12 year old, then there are some very funny bits.....
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