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  1. You could legitimately argue that following the conclusion of the the original judgement, the stadium is legally no longer of interest to the authorities other than they record it as the place we play our fixtures. The valuation was only relevant at the point of sale and once the panel accepted that the sale was for a fair price, there's nowhere for the EFL (or thatt Bamford in Boro) to go with their arguments.... Now he owns it outright (subject to any 3rd party charge), Mel can stick a roof on it and convert it into a giant indooor soft play area if he wants to; he can sell it for £500M
  2. Can't see the value of a second-hand football stadium increasing much (if at all) in the current climate (and as more clubs go bust due to Covid, the value will shrink further) - PP probably only worth about £20M at present.....
  3. Because they didn't actually want to sack Cocu until the takeover had been completed. Unfortunately things on the pitch got so bad that their hand was forced in the (mistaken as it turns out) hope that a change would bring about an improvement.....
  4. It was a weird thing to appeal - the policy wasn’t considered to be against the rules, simply that we didn’t make it clear enough what we were doing. The EFL appealing that decision makes no sense unless they think they can change the rules retrospectively - which would be beyond ridiculous and leave them open to further litigation. Really can’t see what they hope to achieve.....
  5. They won't be lower league for much longer....
  6. It was a bit of a poisoned chalice until Bielsa (a bit like ourselves at present) - suspect the old commode sitter has only worked out because he can't speak Yorkshire....
  7. What's your excuse the rest of the time? 😉
  8. I know the EFL and FA want fans back asap, but it simply can't be right that some teams will have supporters while others are banned - makes a mockery of the whole competition.....wonder if Gibson is up for a legal challenge to the decision?.....
  9. You're absolutely right - and the recently introduced 'sustainability' rules are a disaster for the bigger clubs in the lower divisions - a firm salary cap rather than a percentage cap means that even with bigger gates than most, we'd struggle to attract better players than (for example) Burton. We'd also almost certainly lose the Academy status, have our advertising revenue decimated and (as we currently spend much more than we earn even ignoring covid) potentially go bust very quickly. We need an experienced head to grab hold of the team and get us up the league - any idea of giving th
  10. Rational is that they didn't have the balls to say that the current lockdown hasn't yet had the desired effect so they needed to extend it - instead they've moved back to the tier system where over 98% of England is in tier 2 or 3. The public are being treated as idiots who they consider are too stupid to see through the bull.....
  11. Not all bad news then - not sure I want to go to the trouble of watching the current shower in person....
  12. Think he switched off after about 60 minutes last night......
  13. According to the radio last night, Steve Mac did his masters degree on the role of the Technical Director - perhaps you should ask him?......
  14. We might get a few quid for Bielik - probably have to pay off the other 2 to get them out the door......whatever division we're in
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