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  1. Sean Hughes RIP

    Apparently used to be a big drinker but packed up a few years ago - perhaps the damage had already been done....
  2. Brexit or Eurin?

    But Juncker's at the wheel
  3. If we lose Sunday...

    If we lose Sunday then the week will only have six days and a shorter weekend - that would be very careless. I'd much rather lose Monday if we're throwing days away....
  4. Brexit or Eurin?

    I'm not sure if that last part was a dig or not - I'll assume not.... What you've stated is indeed the case, however the point is that we were never asked whether we wanted to be part of "the union" (or at least what the common market has evolved into). As soon as we were asked, we chose to leave - people should not be criticised because they object to their hard work/taxes being used to subsidise other countries - particularly when they have little/no say over how that is done - and specifically at a time when our country is undergoing an enormous financial squeeze. Perhaps if politicians (of all flavours) had been a little more honest with the people over the last 40 years, there wouldn't be such mistrust and there may have been greater buy-in to the European experiment.....
  5. Brexit or Eurin?

    Do I really need to explain? You stated that "You shouldn't be looking to join a club like this and be a cash beneficiary" - that's exactly the driver that's encouraged most of the Eastern European countries to join - they all get the supposed 'benefits' of free movement etc, plus they get back far more than they put in - if you need me to explain where the majority of that money comes from, then any further discussion is probably pointless, but it's worth pointing out that the 5 main contributors to the EU budget are Germany, France, Italy, the UK, and Spain - why do you think the EU are being so stubborn about the UK agreeing to pay before they'll talk trade? - if we did walk away or don't commit to honour the entire 5-year budget payments, there post-Brexit budgets would be in tatters... As far as looking to join 'the club' goes, well actually we didn't - we joined a common market to enable easier trade. The club that the common market turned into wasn't something we (the general public) ever wanted to join - and the first time we were actually asked about our membership (after more than 40 years) we decided we'd like to leave....
  6. Brexit or Eurin?

    You've just described most of the Eastern European countries.....
  7. The Tories

    So basically you're suggesting that we should hit them with a bigger tax bill because there's nowhere else for them to go? You are John McDonnell and I claim my £5......
  8. The Tories

    1) I'm not so sure that tax receipts etc are necessarily disappearing, but they're being eaten up by an increased welfare state, NHS demands due to a larger population and more old folk; public pensions, etc at a rate far higher than every before (one of the stories that pushed folk towards Brexit was the reports of EU people (particularly Romanian and Bulgarian) coming here and almost immediately being given tax credits and child benefit (some for kids that had never even set foot in the UK). The whole system is out of control - but fixing it is an almost impossible job. Housing Benefit cuts? Universal credit? the end of final salary pensions in the public sector? All people working longer until retirement? Police, teachers, nurses, firemen, etc working as long as folk in the private sector? All of those cause outrage when they're put forward, yet you could make a case to say they're essential if we want to get back on an even footing.... 2) Austerity would have worked if the 'bounce' in productivity they'd expected had happened as quickly as it was predicted - bu we had a double-dip recession that took us to a far lower place than had been anticipated,world markets remained volatile for longer and there were problems in the EU with the Eurozone (all reasons why Gideon had to keep revising his clearing the deficit target dates). Wealth redistribution is a nice idea as long as the people (I'm including large corporations in that) with the wealth (and remember that that are the folk that typically create the jobs for the ordinary people) don't up sticks and move somewhere that treats them better (one of my big issues with JC's plan to tax the rich and increase corporation tax). Once they've gone, it's hard to bring them back so it has to be done in a way that is considered 'fair' - remember the 70's when most wealthy Brits could only spend a month in the UK every year because they would be hit with 90% tax if they came back more often - it may start out hitting the wealthy, but it will soon spread to the rest of us if there are less wealthy people still hanging around to pay their taxes (and taxing them harder has the effect of actually encouraging them to find ways to avoid paying taxes - catch 22)...
  9. The Tories

    That's (literally) the Billion dollar question - there can be no excuses for companies dodging tax if they want to be seen as being ethically responsible, but it's a really hard one to fix via legislation with the growth of enormous multi-national companies - and it requires international co-operation to fix it properly. Unfortunately, there will always be countries willing to circumvent the rules if they think it will help them make a quick buck - look at Luxembourg (home of Mr Juncker!) where there was an office above a laundrette (if I remember correctly) that was listed as the head office of a dozen or so major companies - all happy to pass their profits through that country to avoid paying a fair amount of tax in the countries they operate. Ireland also, are happy to let Microsoft route their profits their way even though they know most of the money comes from the UK and should be paid in UK taxes. I suspect the only way it actually gets fixed is for Joe Public to look at these companies and say 'no more' - if we all stop using Amazon, buying coffee at Starbucks, logging onto Facebook, etc, they'd pretty much be forced to sort their affairs out - loss of business would hit them far harder than the amount they'd loose if tax - but the vast majority of folk really can't be bothered (especially if it will cost them more money to shop elsewhere), so it continues.....
  10. The Tories

    Don't take this the wrong way, but do you understand the basics of the deficit and the debt? We are running a deficit which means we (as a country) are spending more than we earn so have to borrow money to pay our day to day bills. While we run a deficit, the overall debt increases as we continue borrow more but also have to pay interest on the money owed (again adding to the overall debt). After 7 years, the deficit has decreased but it's still there, so the debt keeps increasing. It's simply cause and effect. The idea of austerity was to reduce the amount we spend while at the same time getting a boost from both the UK and the worldwide economy improving over time - thereby reducing the deficit quicker and eventually clearing it completely - at which point we can begin to pay off the debt via the surplus. The austerity element has certainly reduced the amount we spend, but our growth and worldwide growth has been slower than expected so the deficit is still there. As far as Labour go, no they didn't cause the crash - and by the time it hit, the only answer was to chuck money in to prevent banks collapsing and millions of people losing their homes, savings and pensions. However, in the 'good years' pre-2008, Brown was chucking money around as if it was going out of fashion - including PFI deals we couldn't (and still can't) afford to service and vastly increasing the number of people working in the public sector (it could be suggested as a way of keeping unemployment figures down). He also oversaw a deregulation of the banks which allowed them to take excessive risks and played a significant part in the size of the impact that the crash had on the UK - so no they didn't cause it, but they are certainly culpable for being negligent with the public purse and the economy.... By the way, you mention the way the debt has increased under the Tories - McDonnell wants to add another 0.5 trillion to the debt to pay for some of the bribes promises they made in the manifesto - as there is absolutely no guarantee that this extra money will bring the necessary growth to move us towards running a surplus, I'd suggest that's a bit of a risky strategy.....
  11. The Tories

    So would you rule out anyone who has religious beliefs from holding power - or just if they are Tories?
  12. The Tories

    I'm not so sure - as things stand, I don't know whether he wants to be in or out - but more worryingly, I'm not sure whether he's only stating his position because he's been told what to say. I'm sure he came into the job with a pocket full of principles (probably as most politicians do), but since he became leader, he seems to be guided by grey figures behind the scenes who are telling him what they think the electorate want to hear (in much the same way May allowed herself to be pushed into stupid policy/manifesto decisions by her 'special advisers') - it's been noticeable that a number of times he's been asked direct questions to which the answers have been 'clarified' a few hours later. That (correctly or otherwise) gives the impression of someone not following his 'gut' feeling - or if he is, being quickly over-ridden by the party machine. I find the whole political landscape utterly depressing at the moment....
  13. The Tories

    Not defending Rees-Mogg (who I suspect would be an absolute disaster), but given Corbyn's flip-flopping on Europe, terrorism, nuclear weapons, etc and the utter hypocrisy of him refusing to tow the party line for years and then demanding everyone does when he's in charge, I hardly think judging a potential Prime Minister on ethics and principles is a great idea.....
  14. Formula One Championship - 2017 Season

    Footage release from Stroll's car which shows that he didn't change direction and that the post-race crash looks to be entirely Vettel's fault - unfortunately (though not surprisingly!) the race stewards had already decided that no-one was to blame based purely on the footage from Vettel's car so he won't be penalised..... Vettel being a dick
  15. The Tories

    What, even worse than Diane Abbott setting her sights on him (again) for a bit of jiggy jiggy?

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