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  1. Gaspode


    Cheered me up no end - fingers crossed for 5.....
  2. The way this thread (like many others recently) has deteriorated into a petty slanging match, I suspect my ignore list will soon contain most of the posters on the board - perhaps David could bring in a feature where everyone is ignored until users choose to see their posts - or maybe the mods could just start dishing out some yellow cards to those who only want an argument rather than adding anything useful to the threads....
  3. I heard that Bolton players hadn't been paid earlier this month as the owner was trying to sell, but as that wasn't happening (or at least not to the original timeframes) he'd stumped up the cash. Maybe there's a buyer in the wings hoping to pick the club up on the cheap if they' go into administration....
  4. The problem he's had over the past few seasons is that for all the "haring round like a headless chicken", a headless chicken is exactly what he's looked like - and the majority of the time, he's arriving a yard after the ball has moved on - I remember commenting after one particularly bad game that the closest he got top the ball in the whole match was when an opposition player accidently hit him with a pass..... Bryson will go down in our history as a good (at times great) player who gave his all for the team - unfortunately, he simply doesn't seem able to deliver the level of performance he once could (and that's not just occassionally, but the majority of the time) - so that says it's time for him to move on with our thanks and best wishes...
  5. It's a hell of a lot of (very) well paid players to try and shift off the books in the summer if they don't get promoted - seems they really gambled the house on Steve Bruce and his suppoosed expertise at getting promotion....they could be in the Championship (or worse) for many years to come...
  6. I quite like to check the scores at half-time rather than wait for the club to eventually get round to displaying them in a fairly unreadable font on the big screen - not sure why you phone Nazis should have such a big issue with that?
  7. Has Allardyce announced his interest yet?
  8. Network capacity - too many folk wanting access at the same time.....
  9. Good luck to them - once the current excitement of a new manager and a rare win fades away their fans will be able to have 2 seats each....(or in Kenny's case, 3 seats as he has at present....)
  10. Cardiff have not made the first payment that they'd committed to pay - Nantes now asking FIFA to get involved...
  11. I could tell you, but then I'd get a lifetime ban from the forum - though I'm thinking of banning myself after sifting through the mountains of negativity on display today....I really have got better things to do....
  12. Sky reporting that Rogers has 'verbally agreed' to be the next Leicester manager.....
  13. Before the start of the season, I'd have said a top half finish was good for a rookie manager doing a major rebuilding job (particularly one whose hands are tied by FFP and the ridiculous excesses of previous managers) - I'll stand by that now. The fact is that we've overachieved to be around the top 6 for most of the season - we've had some very good performances, we've had some o.k. ones, we've had some attrocuious ones - that's what you get with someone new to the job, a number of injuries to our better players, and a fair sprinkling of young inexperienced players. Part of the reason we have the annual struggles is the constant swapping and changing of managers - PL clubs can get away with it because they tend to have the finances to quickly corrrect mistakes made by previous mangement - it's not like that in the Football League and anyone calling for the manager's head at this stage (or suggesting he has X number of games to save himself) needs to give their head a wobble - or preferably go back to playing Football Manager and leave real life to the rest of us....
  14. No composure and no quality - got what we deserved....
  15. League have threatened to expel Coventry if they are unable to confirm where they will play their home games next season - they have until 5th March: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11710/11644515/coventry-get-final-efl-warning-over-home-match-decision-or-could-face-expulsion
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