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  1. Build a wall - keep the buggers in Notts.....
  2. I assume that's because they have to ask Gibson if he's happy with the punishement first.....
  3. I know what's actually happening, but I'm not going to tell you in case it upsets the bloke down the chip shop that told me to keep it a secret.....
  4. So when I got a text from the bank saying I'd had a deposit of £35M into my current account you're suggesting it's probably not really my money?
  5. (Making It Up.......)
  6. Where's the bloke from the other day who reckoned he knew everything but didn't want to betray any confidences by making it public? Perhaps he could tell us what's happening?
  7. Can we have a vote to decide whether we should have a vote?
  8. I don’t know - I asked earlier in the thread if there is actually going to be a vote this year - normally it’s all sorted by now….
  9. throughout his Ram’s career he’s played half a dozen good solid games and then had a mare - recently he’s having far more poor games than good ones - though whether that is a symptom of playing in a really poor team is open to discussion….
  10. No, you said they didn’t cheat by selling their asset - the fact that they misrepresented the sale was most definitely cheating…..
  11. It’s the fact that he has the ability to play like that that has turned so many against him - how often have we seen that level of involvement in a game since he came to the club? If he’d played like that every time he pulled the shirt on we’d have got a bargain and the PL clubs would have been after him…
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