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  1. Not sure I want to go anymore - Pawson refereeing........
  2. Gaspode


    The whole implementation seems to be wrong - when a goal is scored they'll trawl through all the build up play looking for a fractional offside so they can disallow the goal, yet in the Man City/West Ham game the other night, Aguero was quite clearly fouled in the box but no penalty given because the linesman had flagged for offside - replays showed there was no offside but the VAR team decided not to review the incident - completely inconsistent. I also don't see how the game can be allowed to continue while a VAR review is ongoing - what if a team scores a goal during the time a review is taking place? Will that goal stand if play should be taken back to award a previous penalty or send a player off? VAR reviews should take place while play is suspended and should take no more than 30 seconds - if the review can't decide in that time, then the original Ref's decision should stand. Or better still (as I've previously advocated) leave the decision for a VAR review to the Ref's discretion - only review if he's not 100% sure or if it's an off the ball incident that has been missed by the on-field officials.....
  3. They've never really replaced Carrick so who knows.?.....
  4. As I've said previously, we don't know how things work at RD - but almost certainly, one of Dawes or Coles is responsible for the output on match days. In this case, whoever should have picked up on the remark missed it at the time it was originally broadcast and then compounded the issue by uploading the recording without initially removing the offensive part. That has damaged the BBC's reputation and I'd be very surprised if someone doesn't pay the price alongside Ramage - it's called accountability and in the current climate, whether the penalty for the offence is fair or not doesn't tend to matter......
  5. I’m not sure what the hierarchy on Radio Derby is at the moment, but one of the other (or both) will no doubt be held accountable for not picking up the issue when it was originally said and also for uploading the recording unedited in the first instance. Dawes has also not been heard of and is also silent on Twitter (unusual as he’s normally sporting drivel about trains day and night). Guess they’ve both been put on gardening leave until the investigation is complete - which will make Friday’s broadcast interesting to say the least....
  6. erm - don't mean to be a killjoy here, but it was a joke........
  7. I think it's a shame he didn't accept the offer - Mel could then have banned him from club premises and they'd have had to present the programme from a couple of deckchairs on the pavement outside the ground....
  8. They start at bang-on 3pm and each game has 1 minute each (in alphabetical order)?
  9. The problem with Ramage retaining his job is that he will still have to work alongside the players and other employees of the club - whether he apologises or not, he’s probably made his position untenable as they may struggle to accept that he wasn’t showing his true colours with his crass comment. Radio Derby has to have a close relationship with the club in order to do an effective job - they can’t do that if there isn’t trust. I’m afraid Ramage has done serious damage to the relationship and it’s hard to see how he can continue in his role.....
  10. So you’re not in favour of a public stoning then?
  11. Gaspode

    Hull City

    Rugby League town and they're no longer in the Premier League so just the hardcore support left.....
  12. Are you sure you’re not getting confused with transvestites?
  13. That's assuming that we're dealing with a professional organistaion who have guidelines and procedures that are followed to the letter - unfortunately this is the EFL, which seems to be run by a bunch of executives most of whom couldn't find their own arse with both hands and a 1 to 1 scale map......
  14. Credit may well go to Cocu for showing faith in him and finding a formation that gives Tom freedom, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the Rooney effect as well - his on pitch guidance is helping a lot of the players to make better decisions and we’re setting the benefit in the results.....
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