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  1. Trivia: Floodlights

    Nope - advertising signs don't bother me at all as I sit higher up - which shows how out of line the floodlights are....
  2. Trivia: Floodlights

    Be nice if half the damn things weren't pointing at the crowd - need to wear a cap to see what's happening on the pitch....
  3. Giant Scoreboard

    Must say I preferred it before kick-off last night when they managed to chop the top of Gibson's head off.... One slight improvement with having the time displayed on the rams TV screen is that it shows added on time, which the old clock never did (though it's so small that it's a bugger to read). Also, why have they changed the South Stand clock to counting up? Used to count down which I quite liked - though it was never in sync with the main clock so probably fairly pointless....
  4. Jon Toral

    They were saying at the weekend that he has an ankle problem which is restricting him - hard to see that a run of games is likely to help with that - and can we afford to give him the time if the team not picking up results?
  5. Not sure if you know it, but you may be a poet.....
  6. Absolutely - never take the word of an illiterate footballer....
  7. David Miliband

    I think he would have made a good leader (particularly compared to his dopey brother) - however, as soon as he ran off to the US and abandoned his party and his country, I'd suggest he also gave up the right to tell the country what they should do......
  8. How very dare you - we didn't get where we are today (251 pages and counting) by people coming on here and talking sense you know!
  9. Che Adams

    That's my concern - was disappointed we didn't take a punt on him when he was banging them in for Ilkeston, but now it's hard to see where he's likely to fit - we've already got too many strikers being played out of position so we can fit them into the side. Think we should be concentrating on buying players that address the lack of creativity rather than going for another striker....
  10. Sheyi Ojo joined Fulham on loan

  11. Should Sam Rush be reinstated?

    Hold your mouse over the heart symbol (bottom right of someone's post) and there are options for you to react to the post - facepalm means you think it's a daft post (at least that's the polite version)
  12. Should Sam Rush be reinstated?

    Leave the thread open - the OP is going for the record of facepalm reactions......
  13. Ademola Lookman

    Coincidentally since Sam Rush left
  14. Favourite Seat at Pride Park?

    I've been sitting in the same seat for 20 years (East Stand Upper) - apart from one game about 5 years ago where I swapped with one of my mates and sat in the next seat along - really didn't like the view and so have refused to move every since.....

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