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  1. I wish she'd take him on a nice long holiday - seriously getting to the point where I stop listtening to his inane ballcocks.....
  2. The NDA will involve not disclosing details of the club that have been shared with him - nothing to do with him stating whether he's interested or not.....
  3. Conservative MP Sir David Amess stabbed multiple times during a coinstituency surgery..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58929453 What the hell is happening in this country in recent years? Whatever political leaning he has, what possesses someone to stab a bloke sitting in a church trying to offer his help to his constituents? We need a wholesale reset in this country where the hatred is reigned in, the constant attempts to create division are called out and the vile verbal attacks are stopped before it's too late and yet another MP dies while doing their job....
  4. Our entire back four looking over-casual and shaky…..
  5. The dodgy games stood out because they were rare (Everton away - kicking the ball straight to one of their players and (I think Gillingham) at home in a cup game when he went to catch the ball in his midrift and the ball went under his arm - both cost us goals against - but he was still a very good goaalkeeper for the majority of his time with us.....
  6. You can only sell a player if there is genuine interest in the player at a price that makes it worthwhile - he's hardly pulled up any trees while he's been here and he's also shown the world that he has off-field issues that he struggles to cope with. Maybe the bid (if there really was a bid) was so low that the club decided it made more sense to hang onto him (particularly as we were already under an embargo that may have made replacing him almost impossible.....)
  7. Hadn’t the EFL been demanding assurances from Mel that he would be able to fund the club through till the end of the season? Suggests they thought he may have been struggling to pay rather than just getting bored of paying…..
  8. The thing is that it's not really a loophole - the clause is there to make allowances for unprecedented things impacting a club's ability to operate - they don't come much more unprecedented than a global pandemic that has killed millions and caused football matches to be played witthout crowds for over 12 months.....
  9. Not at all - my view is that the appeal will be saying that we were impacted by covid to an extent that we were unable to continue to operate as a going concern - they will say the loan would have allowed us to continue to operate and that ALL of the other Chamionship clubs got that money (hence why we're in admin and no-one else is....). The fact that we couldn't get the loan because the EFL laid down rules that we couldn't meet (potentally because of the protracted appeals process that the EFL oversaw) is a minor part of the argument. The key part is that the loan would have allowed us to trade through the covid storm - without it we were tipped over the edge and therefore can legitimately claim that we were excessively impacted by covid. All we need to do is prove that covid was the reason we went under - the underlying reasons why we were sailing so close to the edge are irrelevant if we could have continued to trade without covid impacting us (or alternatively if we'd had the extra fiunding that the other clubs had to help keep us afloat)
  10. Which is almost certainly why the statement released when we went into admin pointed out that we were the ONLY Championship club not to be granted the £8M+ loan to help deal with the impact of covid (thereby meaning we were more susceptible to the effects) - and also explains why the EFL are now back-tracking on their original statement that we didn't qualify for the money (due to the criteria that they set out) but rather that we didn't apply for it (more than likely because they told us in advance that we wouldn't get it). The hows and why's of the loan are actually irrelevant though - the fact that we didn't get the money makes us an exceptional case and gives us grounds to appeal....
  11. I think they should only sell internal fireworks - and yes that was a suggestion of where you can stick your rockets.....
  12. Actually there’s one thing that the majority who have voted for Ashley want and that’s a future for Derby County- all the other things you mention are ‘nice to haves’ for a club in a far better position than we find ourselves…..
  13. Oi!! - stop being so baldist you.....
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