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  1. Gaspode

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    Same here - new levels of ridiculousness being reached on a daily basis being....
  2. Gaspode

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Thought he started out quietly, was very good during the 30 minutes before half-time when we were battering them and the faded away in the 2nd half - no dreadful, not excellent, but overall, more positives than negatives....
  3. Gaspode

    Bolton face Administration

    Suggestion was that their chairman was playing hardball - guess BluMarble blinked first....
  4. Gaspode

    Johnny Russell in the MLS

    Well that's 45 minutes of my life I'll never get back - what a shockingly bad game. Johnny hasn't been great, but Naismith had been embarrassingly bad - think I'll give Portugal versus Italy a go in the 2nd half.....
  5. Gaspode


    My point was not about your opinion (or anyone elses) - I was criticising the behavior that you repeatedly exhibit which is to try and beat people senseless by posting your opinions over and over again whilst refusing to acknowledge that anyone else may have a valid view on the subject - it simply causes conflict and is very much (whether consciously or not) in the wind up merchant category. Knock yourself out replying if you feel the need, but this is that last I have to say in this part of the forum - footy or nowt from now on as I really do have better things to spend my time on......I can't even be bothered to point out the inaccuracies (or indeed the irony) in 86 points reply....
  6. Gaspode


    I really don't want to get into one of these pointless debates, but any chance you could give it a rest for once? By continually repeating your view with the conviction that you are right and anyone who disagrees is an idiot, you're exhibiting the very behaviour that prompted the new rules. David's forum, David's rules - if he's in danger of getting sued or else losing advertisers and so not able to keep the site going, he has every right to impose whatever regulations he wants - follow them and keep posting or else move on to somewhere that people will better appreciate your pearls of wisdom - but keep pushing your own agenda and you'll find this a lonely place as the rest of us follow Pete out of the door.....
  7. Gaspode

    Birmingham City face points deduction

    This is to do with them agreeing not to spend because they'd breached FFP and then spending anyway - reports at the time said the league were seriously naffed of with them - looks as if this is the result....
  8. Gaspode


    Some folk just can't resist ruining it for others 😡
  9. Gaspode


    Shooter is worth a watch - far fetched, indestructible hero, conspiracies everywhere - but normally entertaining (in a 'switch your brain off and enjoy' sort of way)..... Also, if you don't mind the more adult Marvel series, Jessica Jones is good and the Punisher is excellent (though again, indestructible hero and large dollops of OTT violence) - Daredevil is pretty good as well - Luke Cage is cheesy and has some atrocious acting and Iron Fist is a bit crap (but that may just be that I have an urge to punch the lead character....) Designated Survivor was a great idea, but as it moves on, it seems they want to combine a Homeland style conspiracy programme with a soap opera (also, has some of the worst examples of 'British' characters, with awful plummy accents - do Yanks really think we all talk like that?) If you can stomach watching Spacey after the recent revelations, the US version of House of Cards was well done (though they should have quit before the last series) Recently started on Travelers - only 3 episodes in, but seems promising....
  10. Gaspode

    Reading suggestions

    Stuart MacBride and Mark Billingham both worth reading if you like British police fiction - Stella Rimington (former Director of MI5) and Mick Herron (Slough House series) for spy novels - all highly recommended....
  11. Gaspode

    watches....to dream on for

    Last homage/replica/copy/fake that came into my possession (a supposed Omega in a bundle of other watches) was 'repaired' by placing it on the floor and stamping on it - sorry but not a fan of fake watches......
  12. Gaspode

    watches....to dream on for

    Has he got some of these? - we'd all better be a bit more respectful in future......
  13. Gaspode


    I'm not sure you can put that much blame on the folk that signed him. I (and a lot of others) was pleased when he signed - he was their player of the year and most people thought he was just the type of player we needed - unfortunately, reality was that he was nowhere near the standard we were expecting - and he got worse as time went on (and as the crowd got more and more on his back). Whether that was 'big fish/small pond' to 'small fish/lot bigger pond' syndrome meaning he couldn't hack it with the extra pressure of playing for us or whether he just figured he'd made it when he got his big move is impossible to know - I'm just surprised he's still here after the end of the window if he can't get anywhere near the matchday squad....
  14. Gaspode


    So we're banned from having intercourse about intercourse, or we're banned from having intercourse - I'm more confused than ever....
  15. Gaspode


    I think the question is not whether there's a place in the team for him if we need him, but whether the bloke actually wants to get back into the team - whereas Thorne seems to be working hard to prove his worth, the odd glimpses I've seen of Buttocks for the U23s, he looked lazy and disinterested - he's way down the pecking order, yet hadn't managed to engineer a loan to get himself game time - perhaps as the OP suggests, he's happy to cruise through the rest of his contract and pick up his nice fat pay cheque.....to be fair, there could be fitness issues we aren't aware of that mean he's out of the picture, but if not, you have to question his character....

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