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  1. That's a shame - they deserve to suffer him for another couple of seasons....
  2. Gaspode


    Officially in administration - 12 point deduction at the beginning of next season (if they survive that long).... https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11672/11719212/bolton-wanderers-placed-in-administration
  3. At least you won't feel so lonely when you've got yours on.....😉
  4. Brighton & Hove Albion have confirmed that Chris Hughton has left the club with immediate effect....
  5. Exactly the same when we played Leicester a couple of years ago - away fans escorted along the path and then let loose at the point where there are the most home fans - and not surprisingly, trouble near the Audi Garage - Derbyshire police are hopeless when it comes to keeping the fans segregated.....yesterday they stood and watched a large group winding people up and showed no inclination to "keep the peace" - in fact, it seemed that most were simply waiting for trouble to start so they could wade in with the batons....
  6. Gaspode


    Apart from Tony Pullis - but then again, he's a miserable $%*!£? most of the time, so no change there.....
  7. Gaspode


    This is just so wrong - how can one club be given 3 points because they (by chance) were due to play Bolton on the day their players refused to turn out? - either all the fixtures need to be played, or all the results chalked off - the League have left themselves wide open to finding themselves in court trying to explain why Hull, Preston and Blackburn have potentially got less prize money than they were due because of an arbritrary decision to award Brentford points they didn't earn.....
  8. Gaspode


    Bolton have issued a statement that the proposed takeover is off - who knows where that leaves them...
  9. Gaspode


    Porto's former Real Madrid goalkeeper was rushed to hospital during Wednesday morning's training session after suffering a heart attack - reportedly 'stable and well'....
  10. Doh! possibly because the previous poster had made a comment about him? - good god this board is hard work at times..... Feel free to reply to your heart's content - you've reminded me why I hardly ever post on here nowadays so I won't be enagaging in a any further meaningless discussions with you.....(and just to give you some more ammunition - sublime brilliance my a$*%)
  11. Were you there on Monday? - he didn't manage a pass to a white shirt in the first 20 minutes - and he almost put QPR straight in on goal by trying to be 'clever'... He has the ability to play decent passes as you've shown with your one example - and on his day he's a pretty decent team player - but throughout his Derby City career, he's played a couple of good games followed nortmally by an awful performance and then a number of poor games - his average 'out of 10' is well below what we need for someone playing such a key role in the team....and that's why people say this 'krap'
  12. The councillor originally "project managing" the debacle stated that he wasn't aware that there were scope or budgetary issues as 'noboby told him' - now I've lost count of the number of project managers I've worked with over the past 30 odd years, but I'm pretty sure that every one of them would consider that it's part of a project manager's key responsibilities to ask those sort of questions rather than sit back and wait to be told..... With only 2 games to go, we now have a major footbridge being out of service, they're still dicking about at the end of Ascot Drive and the gas folk have started work on the ring road near the Oast House - all of which contribute to the traffic chaos and cause people to leave early - the level of incompetence when planning such high-impact schemes is quite staggering.....
  13. I still don't see what is so wrong with the stadium sale and why that's seen as bending the rules - we had an asset which we sold to help balance the books - that's common sense and something Forest (for example) would love to be able to do if they weren't renting their ground in the first place. The only question is whether the stadium was over-valued - well it's subjective as the club was unlikely to sell to anyone other than Mel so how do you give a fair valuation to a unique building? - it's value is what was paid - end of.... The alternative is to insist that independent valuations are used for the sales of assets (including players) as far as the budget sheet goes - which is farcical.....
  14. Apparently if players didn't put enough effort in during training, he'd leave them out of the matchday squad - thank goodness those days are over....😉
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