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  1. Derby Snow - Game called off

    In those days, it was most certainly a Welsh thing in North Wales - you could also walk into shops where people were chatting to each other in English and as soon as they realised you weren't local, they'd switch to Welsh - always struck me as a strange attitude for people whose livelihoods depended on tourism....They also had the groups who'd campaign to remove any use of the English language - they'd go round and spray over the English words on bi-lingual roadsigns....
  2. Derby Snow - Game called off

    I base my prejudices purely on personal experience (having worked with a number of Welsh people over the years and visited their lovely country on a large number of occasions) - in particular I still haven't forgiven the Landlord in a North Wales pub who refused to serve us when we arrived (after a nightmare journey) just before last orders - "Sorry lads we're closed" he smiled as he then proceeded to serve several of the locals - 36 years later and it still grates - what a bar-steward he was.....
  3. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Thought he might start crying by the end of the interview - what a mardy *#!*#*** he was - afraid he confirmed all my prejudices about the Welsh...
  4. A new Cold War

    So how far does your conspiracy theory go? just blaming them to make them look bad? or that the UK government actually engineered the whole thing (including nearly killing a policeman and putting numerous civilians at risk)....I think some folk (in fact quite a lot of folk on here) have read too many spy stories and spend too much time reading bull posted online...
  5. Clough and Burton

    Is Nige now resigned to them going down? Heard him interviewed a few weeks ago and he sounded really stressed and under pressure - this morning on RD, he sounded so different - incredibly relaxed - almost serene - most un-Nige like.....
  6. A new Cold War

    They are passing it onto the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) to get confirmation that the Porton Down conclusion is correct - will that be enough to convince you it originated in the USSR or do you and Ramit want a sample to test in your shed?
  7. A new Cold War

    Would you like them to post you a vial of the nerve agent so that you'll believe it? They have publicly stated that the folk at Porton Down have confirmed the type of nerve agent involved - one that was created and manufactured by Russia. Yes it's possible that someone else has acquired this, but it's not the sort of stuff that's available on ebay or something you can knock-up in a lab at home, so the first port of call is the people with the easiest access - which is the Russian state. If Russia is not behind the attack, then they need to explain where the transgressors got the nerve agent from (has Russia 'lost' some?; have they 'shared' it with other people?, etc). I'd be interested to know how you propose this should have been dealt with - and how loudly you'd have complained if they'd refused to comment at all. The conspiracy theories are just those at present - and just maybe by publicly naming Russia, they can flush out the individuals responsible for the actual act....
  8. A new Cold War

    "it's really an internal matter" is not saying that though - we and our allies need to make it clear to Putin that this cannot be allowed to happen. He's been flying bombers close to our airspace and warships as close to UK waters as he can - now this attack which seems to be an escalation of his dick waving exercises - I suspect purely to make himself look 'big' to the Russian people. We of course have to be careful how we respond, but it has to be meaningful and send a message - we can't afford a Corbynesque "let's all sit down and talk about it over tea and biscuits" approach unless we want this to become a regular occurrence....
  9. A new Cold War

    So we should be o.k. with them attacking people on UK soil (including nearly killing one of our Police Officers.....)?
  10. Jamie Carragher

    He's apparently said that he regrets there was a 14 year-old girl in the car - which suggests that the thinks it would have been o.k. if he'd spat at a bloke. Whether he resigns or is sacked or stays on at Sky, he certainly needs some anger management therapy....
  11. Rowett

    Is that a Norwich supporter waving?
  12. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Ref needs to take account of the fact that Tomlin is sometimes being pulled to the ground by the weight of his belly rather than being fouled - it's like the return of Andy Reid..
  13. Porn to Run

    Jeff Hendrick one of the Burnley players that looked after the kids caught up in the trouble - just seen someone on Twitter thanking him and for giving the kid his boots - nice one Jeff....
  14. First pubs visited

    Pre-match we used to go to the Sherwood Foresters - then the Chestnut for a few years and eventually switched to the Pear Tree Tavern. First regular 'boozer' was the Crest Hotel in Littleover - as a 16 year-old there was never a problem getting served and the BrewXI (ugh!) was 40p a pint....
  15. West Ham - bunch of dopes....

    Dr Noble doing an on pitch prostate examination....

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