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  1. Pretty much all the reasons I wouldn't choose a purely electric one at present - I also (in normal times) have to occasionally work away from home for long periods staying 3-4 nights in a hotel - until there is the infrastructure in place to guarantee I could re-charge when I needed to (which the 3-4 charging points in your average 200 space hotel car park doesn't permit), then they're a non-starter. I could just about forsee running a hybrid in the short-term but Fuel Cells will be the key to getting people out of their petrol/diesel cars unless they find a way to really speed up the cha
  2. Gaspode

    Darren Moore

    To be fair, I'd expect nothing less from Keogh - whereas I expect more from Darren....
  3. Gaspode

    Darren Moore

    Well that didn't take long did it?
  4. Gaspode

    Darren Moore

    I always think it's disappointing when a manager walks out mid-season to move to a 'bigger' club - Doncaster gave him his chance and he's done well for them, but now he's stuck 2 fingers up to them and run off to Wednesday as fast as his (admittedly slow) legs will carry him. Leaves Doncaster in a hole and I'm sad because I thought he'd got more about him than to treat a club like that.... I'm sure someone will be on here lecturing me about how there's no loyalty in football anymore, but it still leaves a bad taste.....sorry Darren - you've gone down in my estimation....
  5. Passed away aged 82 - too young to remember him as a player, but loved Saint and Greavsie on the TV.....RIP
  6. Can't be doing with all that Irish dancing....
  7. I was actually quite impressed with Collymore's response to this - basically said that if it was Forest fans that were racially abusing CKR then they need to realise that were effectively abusing him as well - and also every black player that's ever pulled on a Forest shirt. Strong message though possibly not strong enough to get through the thick skulls of the neanderthals that do this sort of thing....
  8. As a slight aside to the performance, did anyone else notice how many incredibly ugly players Florest have? I thought the tv microphones picked up the sound of a banjo playing from their changing room before the match - now I know why.... bunch of inbreds....
  9. Radio Derby had fat Kenny Burns on yesterday morning and kept calling them Notts - fatty wasn’t having it and kept saying Nottingham. He explained that Florest were in the city so they were Nottingham. When he was asked why Notts County - who are also in the city- were called Notts, he said it was because they were there before Nottingham🤪
  10. Which bit don't you get about an accidental collision? - without intent it's not a foul, it's therefore not a freekick or a penalty - whether it's a goal-scoring opportunity is utterly irrelevant if a foul hasn't been committed..... Yes, there would be occassions when a player tried to look as if they'd accidentally run into another player to stop an attack (think David Luiz who does it fairly regularly) but it should be easily picked up by VAR. If we revert to actually applying the laws of the game which deem that a foul is an unfair act by a player, we'd get rid of the ridiculous 'I fel
  11. So you were that dodgy girl 20 years ago? 😮
  12. Even with the continual rooster-ups from the current government, Labour are still a long way from being re-elected, so we can probably rule out any likelyhood of Chinese style monitoring in the forseeable future. The bigger concern with any form of ID card is not really what is stored (governments already have vast amount of info about individuals) but the controls put in place around who can access the data. For instance the DVLA can probably put together a pretty convincing case to have access to a driver's medical records as it may help them keep medically unfit/unsafe drivers off the
  13. I long ago proposed a solution for that one - a damn big tattoo across the forehead - or alternatively indelible dye to turn their heads bright yellow....they can then proudly carry their ID card safe in the knowledge that it won't contain details of their offences....
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