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  1. Gaspode

    Rooney 120th Cap

    I was only joking - there are a few missing that were in the last squad as others come back in after injury....
  2. Gaspode

    Rooney 120th Cap

    Mount doesn't make the squad - maybe Rooney has got his place?
  3. Gaspode

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    That seems strange as it had already been arranged for 13.00 to avoid too many drunks turning up at the ground - you'd think a move to Monday evening would make it far harder to police.....
  4. Gaspode

    Snake City watch

    Matic has taken up the 'no poppy' cause as well - though it seems that no-one knows why (or even if it was intentional or just a rooster-up with his shirt - the state of Man Utd this season, the latter is probably most likely)
  5. Gaspode

    Derby County v Birmingham City Match Thread.

    We were watching him and counting (sad eh?) - normally 9 mincing little steps and then repeatedly ignored the Brum players encroaching over the line that he'd sprayed - also annoyingly ignored the Brum players wasting time in the first half yet was on our players backs as soon as there was the slightest delay in the last 30 mins - to his credit he did try to let the game flow (could quite easily have stopped play for a foul in the run up to our first goal), but it was a strange performance at times (seemed even the players were confused when he stopped play for Davies's injury)
  6. Gaspode

    Could we upgrade on Carson ?

    Which would have been fine if he didn't have a habit of flapping like a huge flappy thing whenever the ball dropped into the six-yard box - good with his feet, great shot stopper, but scary when the crosses were coming in....and consequently we always looked vulnerable when Grant was in goal. Grant was good for Stoke because of the 'kick nd head everything' defenders in front of him - we'd be shipping a lot more goals if Grant was in the current Rams team... As far as he original question goes, yes there are better keepers than Carson - but not many in the Championship and we'd have to pay a lot to get someone better if we get promoted....
  7. Gaspode

    The Loanee Update Thread 18/19

    2 goals for Timi last night....
  8. Gaspode

    Burton v Notts Forest

    Ideally Forest down to 8 men by half-time + 0-0 at full-time so a nice exhausting period of extra time and then Burton to go through 16-15 on penalties.....
  9. Gaspode

    Leicester City owners helicopter crash

    You'd think that would get him sacked - but the modern BBC will probably promote him....
  10. Gaspode

    Real Madrid to sack Lopetegui

    And he's gone....
  11. Gaspode

    Leicester City owners helicopter crash

    Saw a report that 2 police officers were the first on the scene but couldn't get near due to the intensity of the flames ....
  12. Gaspode

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    If they're from West Brom, they had a head start in the miserable stakes....
  13. Gaspode

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    Having worked in Chesterfield for a quite a few years with a number of Wednesday and United (and even Barnsley) fans, I came to two clear conclusions regarding the majority of them: Yorkshire folk are naturally miserable sods with an in-built grudge against the rest of the country and a sour outlook on life (not so much a 'pint half empty' attitude, but more a 'pint smashed in the gutter and beer pouring down the drain') They're all a bit thick when it comes to football (if not other things as well....) It does make beating any of the Yorkie teams that little bit sweeter though...
  14. Gaspode

    If Carlsberg did weekends

    I think you're o.k. to use the phrase if it involves tipping a bucket full of hot tar over his nether regions.....
  15. Gaspode

    U23s v Liverpool

    If he carries on like this, we may be able to play him in the 1st team! (and I say that as one of his biggest critics) - really hope he comes good and forces his way back into Frank's plans....

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