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  1. Well it was meant as a joke, but as you evidently need it explaining: Less people with the app means less people being pinged - which means less people isolating or having tests - which would potentially mean less identified cases as a larger number will be carrying on regardless and not be aware they've got it (so actual cases may be be higher if less people are having tests). The stats you quoted look positive, but without supporting explanation are meaningless.....
  2. unless of course: People with the app Last Week: 30M This Week: 2M
  3. Could’ve been worse - they could have insisted you wore clothes as well….
  4. Gaspode

    The Hundred.

    The old codgers will have had to sign it off, but it's got marketing 'executive' fingerprints all over it.....Tacky, style over substance, and completely unnecessary is your marketing man's bread and butter.......
  5. Gaspode

    The Hundred.

    Spot on - I'm refusing to watch it. You can just imagine the 'brain storming session' where some 20-something muppet came up with this idea. Seems that there are very few sporting bodies in this country that are fit for purpose.....
  6. I used to sit in the Ossie paddock near the halfway line in those days - very low view of the pitch so didn’t always see the bigger picture of what was going on in the game. I seem to remember that the ball had been cleared towards our goal so pretty much everyone was looking towards the Ossie end and I must have noticed Mick heading towards one of their players rather than tracking back and wondered what he was up to 🤔
  7. Initially there was a report that a 31 year old PL player had been arrested - Everton (no doubt following pressure from the media who will know full well who is involved) then released a statement that a member of their 1st team squad was 'helping the police with their inquires'. I don't believe Everton did anything wrong or could really do anything else as the story developed....people on Twitter looked at their squad list and came to the conclusion it was one of two 31 year old players involved....if you want to get angry, blame the twitterati for their speculation....
  8. I don't read the Mail and have no intention of starting now, but I suspect the reforms are more to do with the flagrant disregard that a large number of people seem to currently have for the Official Secrets act. Cummings for example - to work in the position he did, he must have signed the OSA, yet is more than happy to appear on prime time news channels telling the world things that should be confidential. I've worked with numerous government departments and have signed the OSA - in addition to the mandatory Security clearance required, pretty much every department will insist on security training to remind everyone of their responsibilities and what they are allowed to say or do. They all include a written commitment to not disclose any information that could be considered confidential. The rules are so strict that I'm not even allowed to tell people in my own organisation about the work I'm doing. Quite how Cummings and numerous ex-MPS are allowed to sing like canaries is astonishing and if a review of the OSA means they can lock someone like Cummings up for 14 years, then bring it on....
  9. You spent too much time in the sun?
  10. My abiding memory of Mick was him wiping out a defender in the middle of the opposition half with an uppercut and being back in our half of the pitch trying his best to look innocent before the ref spotted the player lying on the ground.....keep fighting big man!
  11. I worked with someone who lived next door to Stephen Ireland (Man City) - not the sharpest pencil in the box. He apparently had a great big fountain installed in the driveway outside his house - so big that it blocked part of the drive and he couldn't get one of his cars out of the garage....
  12. Possibly dodgy even posting this as it will no doubt trigger some of the more vociferous memebers but it's a big story and I don't think the forum should ignore it....and obviosuly folk need to be very careful what they post (i.e. don't speculate on who or what you may think they've possibly done).... Everton have reported that they've suspended a First-Team player pending a police investigation - there were also reports earlier this morning that a 31 year old PL player has been arrested in connection to child sex offences......
  13. Gaspode

    F1 2021

    I'm sure George doesn't have too much trouble scoring - good looking lad armed with the phrase "Hi, I'm a racing driver" should just about nail it....😉
  14. Gaspode

    F1 2021

    Just after the incident, Sky showed the view from Verstapen's car where you could quite clearly see his steering wheel - he began to turn into the corner, realised Hamilton was there and starightened - and then turned in anyway. Effectively he decided that rather than back off or run wide he'd force Hamilton to yield - Hamilton had already committed to the move so to my mind Verstapen paid the price for being over agressive. Should have been called a racing Incident but it seems to me that the stewards have become a bit power crazy this season - way too many penalties being applied which is actually having a negative effect on the races.... As for Red Bull - Horner, their chief engineer, and their owner all bleating like a bunch of 5 year olds (including demands that Hamilton should be suspended for a race) - ironic that when Max had previously carried out a similar move to Hamilton's, Horner had taken to social media to crow about what a great bit of driving it was....utterly classless team and will have lost a lot of public support with their constant whinging.....
  15. I think hazard lights are a bit like fog lights - everyone knows how to turn them on, but very few know how to turn them off.....
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