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  1. Roos Wisdom. Edmundson. Clarke. Byrne. Bird. Buchanan. Knight Shinnie Sibley CKR/Waggie (if CKR not fit)
  2. Is this available on red button? Serious question.
  3. Marshall Byrne. Wisdom. Clarke. Buchanan. Knight Shinnie Bird Waghorn. Roberts. C.KR. Subs to be used: Gregory, Jozwaik, Sibley.
  4. Rooneys..... At the wheel. Tell me how good does it feel!!! To wake up to a decent win at last. Onwards and upwards on this roller-coaster ride. COYR. 🐏🐏🐏
  5. Agree. Where was Sibley tonight? He wasn't even on the bench.
  6. Marshall Byrne Davies. Clarke. Buchanan Knight Bird Shinnie Waghorn. Sibley. Rooney
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