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Scunthorpe Chairman


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I have no idea what the history of this one is to be fair so I'm only have this comment and single response to go on, but wow, if that's genuine then it sounds like they have a huge problem. It's not just someone who isn't capable of sorting out whatever they are going through, it's someone who would seemingly take vindictive pleasure in seeing the club buried. I hope for the fans sake it was just a mardy bit of lashing out after a few beers or something or getting triggered by a few idiots who had a pop at wider family or whatever.

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16 hours ago, uttoxram75 said:


The above from texts undated.  Posted to twittex on 25th Sept.


Below, an extract of his official club chairman statement, dated 19th Sept... 


I would like to apologise if I have upset individuals or supporters at any point by comments that I have made. At times I have been defensive and naive, and I really hope our supporters can be unified, regardless of opinion. We all have to be one.

... I will apologise to you all again, and request that we no longer make this about me.

which, whether read in isolation, or as part of the entire statement...


It appears he remains naïve, and it continues to be all about him.   👀


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