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  1. https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/jeremy-vine-metropolitan-police-make-arrest-after-presenters-terrifying-road-rage-video_uk_57cd6e76e4b01e35922bd22f#:~:text=A 22-year-old woman has been arrested after Radio,to “knock him out” and kicking at him.
  2. I'd liken Case to a "hard man" a loose term, McGrath was just a dirty player, He once said "when they outlawed the tackle from behind my game was finished"
  3. Spot on Bris, Even in the 1st half united had 2 banks of 5 defending what they had, A miserable Cup final...imo, City are/were so used to having the game and game plan go their way that teams were beaten before they turned up, 1st goal a c*** up, 2nd goal well worked, That Mainoo kid if he progresses is going to be some player. Pep has admitted he got the 1st half wrong, But giving a team a 2 goal lead at which they can defend with ease, Pack the 18 yard area, Have a wall in front and it becomes very difficult, City's goal was courtesy of Nana. The great Alan Shearer 🙄 in the media this morning...where has this united been all season...I'll tell ya...floundering in the middle on the EPL. Nope City were bang average and united took advantage of this 👍
  4. Was Mauricio Pochettino happy with what he had to deal with?...2 sporting directors, Were the 2 sporting Directors happy with Pochettino employing his Son as sports science director? It's all very strange in todays world of football, I wouldn't be surprised to see Wayne Rooney given the job at Plymouth with his connections with Neil Dewsnip another sporting director 😁
  5. I've done Shrewsbury a couple of times we stopped in the Olde Bucks Head Inn across the river...nice place...as I used to deliver there after my RR days then onto Oswestry and Wrexham, The Castle, The Park, The River...nice quiet streets for shopping, At night it wakes up and gets a bit lively especially at the Shrewsbury Hotel a Weatherspoon's back in the day. Agree with your sentiments regarding Shrewsbury 👌...lots of Tudor buildings on every street, And plenty of pubs to rest a weary body in 😊
  6. Masterminds on Netflix, The biggest armoured car robbery in the USA...With Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis Based on a true event, Lots of giggles in a slapstick movie 😊 one to cheer you up on a gloomy day 👍 7/10
  7. There was a fella on YouTube who had it in for Vine, Some serious sh!t was being aimed at Vine, This went on for a couple of years, You Tube bloke ended up in court...got 5.5 years https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/alex-belfield-latest-jeremy-vine-sentence-b2168752.html
  8. I bet he'd love a Big Mac now... https://news.sky.com/story/morgan-spurlock-super-size-me-documentary-maker-who-ate-only-mcdonalds-for-a-month-dies-aged-53-13142515
  9. I think I understand "bitcoin" and I say that loosely, So how the feck did this Women get to spend so much before being caught? https://news.sky.com/story/chinese-takeaway-worker-jian-wen-jailed-for-money-laundering-after-3bn-bitcoin-seizure-13132666
  10. Is there anything wrong with the Gloucester scoreboard...it's been stuck on 3 wickets for a while now 😁
  11. That's after they've sold their ill gotten cars, And once the ladies of the night have finished their night shift they'll start on their needle work 👍 Not forgetting a couple of houses that purloin bags of clothes that are left out for the charities to collect... Next 😁
  12. A1 still active...I believe, Involved in the drug trade, BCT(Browning Circle Terrorists)were the older males who lived in and around B.Circle were disbanded when the Authoritys put a Police station near by, The YBCT(Yunga Browning Circle Terrorists) were formed by the teens to follow in their Seniors footsteps. Police get the former old uns together to "mentor" the younger ones, Slowly they moved on or morphed into other criminal activities. Now Browning Circle has a large population of East Europeans who have their own agenda
  13. Nottingham Forest to play Glapwell Town ladies...at the Meadows Eastwood Town under 14s...at St Annes allotments Nottingham over 60s at walking football on the tennis courts...at the back of Hyson Green old peoples home And to finish their friendly season a charity game for the Pyromania fanatics sponsored by Evangelos Marinakis...at Hayley and Weller Draycot
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