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  1. With so few goals scored last year and so few forward options, we really do need Lawrence to be scoring regularly this year. Will captaincy weigh on his shoulders or will it bring the best out in him ? I'm just a little worried that if it's a real struggle as a team then his head might go down because I think we've seen that as a player. You know what you're going to get with CKR and he chipped in OK last year in spells but he's never going to be prolific. We were desperately short of goals in the team in general so goalscoring contributions from the likes of Lawrence, Jozwiak, Knight and even Sibley are surely going to be crucial if we are going to give ourselves any chance this year. Anyway, good luck Tom.
  2. Love that. Are you sure that was actually about Swindon ?...... DCFC definitely has one of those 'Swirling Financial Vortex' rooms deep in the bowels of PP...
  3. You'd think... but this being Man City, he's probably on 50 grand a week and driving round in a Bentley...😞
  4. I live in Trafford but am a Derby native. There has only ever been one team on my radar and I always think that a '2nd Team' sounds like they have been nudged into 2nd place by your favourite which isn't really the case for me because I'm not really bothered about anyone else. I do get that it is a more complex equation for some than it is for me though with mixed family loyalties and such. In fairness I do keep an eye out for my local team Altrincham (Alty) but that's a curiosity rather than an avid interest and a general admiration for their fans who have Manchester United and City on their doorstep.
  5. He can probably car share to Derby with Kevin De Bruyne. Ideal.
  6. Tall... central defence... job done 😉
  7. Celtic never seem to pay that much in fees but no doubt they can offer wages that will turn his head. I'd be surprised if they offered more than a million for him though. Byrne was arguably our player of the season last year and one of very few senior players left. If we let him go for anything other than a decent fee (that we are then allowed to reinvest free of the EFL restrictions) then we've already given up. Our playing squad is beyond threadbare and I find myself looking around for what the record lowest points total is for the Championship.
  8. Glad to hear it B4. You may have to make a bit extra noise on behalf of those who are aren't at the stadium because they are still worried about large gatherings. If we do start to come to terms with living with Covid as a country then I think people will gradually draft back to doing normal things but I don't think numbers will be fully back to normal for a little while yet. Hopefully it'll all still feel a lot more normal though so I hope you enjoy being back at the ground and showing the lads your support.
  9. Do we need to rename this the 'Of Professional Standing Thread' ? 😉
  10. If those accounts put us in the clear and we can resolve the EFL 'naughty list' issues then maybe that'll trigger something but those are surely a minimum requirement for anyone to want to get involved? The trouble is that the season is upon us and even if we get those issues dealt with, we will have run out of time to do much on the playing side and we'll go into the season with surely one of the weakest squads in recent memory. If the playing side looks to be heading for the trapdoor then it isn't much of an incentive for a potential buyer unless at the very least they get a real bargain.
  11. I wonder what Roos' best outfield position is ? Perhaps our central defender solution is staring us in the face! 😉 ! ... Although regularly giving penalties away by trying to catch the ball might be an issue... Perhaps a Bielik-esque midfield powerhouse in midfield ? Or a 2nd target man up front ?! 😮
  12. I think if we can develop a bit of a collective 'nobody likes us' siege mentality then then crowd can be a big positive. To do that though we need to be braced for a real struggle and then we can leap on any positives and not expect a weak squad to suddenly be a force in the division. No point being despondent at being thumped by the better sides because it will happen. Our squad is what it is but the crowd can lift the team in tight moments and we will need to win a respectable proportion of the games that could go either way.
  13. It's a tricky one and not one with a single answer really because it depends on the game and the kid really. One thing I will say is that 90 mins is a long time to expect football (as a spectator anyway) to amuse someone of that age. You will definitely need some distractions and as others have said, food, drinks and even a backstop of a phone game if you need to. Key thing is, if it isn't a total roaring success first time at that age then don't be either too surprised or too downhearted. If you need to fall back on alternative entertainment plans during phases of a game then don't feel that you've failed. The entertainment nuances of a 0-0 draw with Luton in front of a flat crowd is hard to sell to a youngster. If you can get him to engage for a reasonable chunk of the game then take that. If the goals are flying in then it's easier to keep them entertained so basically with Derby you're screwed 😉 I first took my lad when he was 7 for a Boxing Day game and he was swept up with the whole occasion and big crowd with plenty of noise. He has never been that fussed about a season ticket but he still comes to odd games with me and likes away games in particular.
  14. Rooney was probably shouting at them to "Pick up the runners!"
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