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  1. Obviously lets just get the points on the board to stay up this year first but I agree with what you say to a point. I think recent results have shown how fine the margins are in this league though, in that we have gone on an excellent run that has hauled us out what was an increasingly large hole. That said, we have a lot of loanees again so even if we have a competitive team now, we have a lot of work to do in the summer to either sign some of those loanees permanently or replace them with as good or better and that is just to be where we are now. Clearly, that looks quite bright on recent f
  2. There just haven't been enough goals across this whole team. CKR's return is actually reasonably respectable (if unremarkable) but apart from the freak result at Birmingham where several players chipped in, the goals return has been very poor. We badly need goals spreading around and it's not just a lack of any serious contribution from wingers or midfield either. As far as I can see we have had zero goals from defenders all season. In the normal run of things you'd expect at least the odd goal from central defenders at set pieces surely ? Both our fullbacks are quite attack minded too.
  3. Lose it and we're 2 points off the relegation places having played more than any of the teams behind us. One step at a time. Let's see if we can pull away first. We still struggling for goals and creativity and haven't done well against relegation rivals and/or direct teams. Rotherham are both.
  4. For months it's been about staying up. Yes we've improved a lot but there is a lot of work to do still, we've had a major injury blow and teams around us are winning. Let's just worry about getting to safety first and the rest is pure bonus.
  5. Apparently we'll find out if that's true in the next 48 hours.
  6. Breathless stuff! It sure is a white knuckle roller-coaster of a ride this window ain't it ?
  7. Villa was annoying because we just didn't get into it until we were chasing the game and had a mountain to climb. In contrast we were so brave and positive at Leeds in the semi but Villa was a damp squib until we belatedly woke up and actually had a go. Strange team selections etc. QPR however was just sickening. We absolutely should have won that.
  8. Certainly I can't see how we'd be signing anyone until such time as any increasingly doubtful looking takeover is either concluded or ruled out. Even if that happens (which I am increasingly dubious about) we don't even know if there is any kind of budget available because FFP has been hugely muddied by the current financial calamity due to Covid. Do we need a striker ? yes, without a doubt IMHO but they usually cost money so I'd expect a loan at best. CKR is surely no going to be able to play and be effective in every game. Will we sell ? I think this is inevitable if anyone wants any of
  9. Yeah, sadly, it's not going to happen. They are losing by the odd goal in games that they are otherwise competitive in. In that god-awful season we were just rubbish and constantly comprehensively outplayed. The only surprise and the only record that we didn't take I think, was the lack of heaviest ever PL defeat. I'm absolutely confident that the Blades will squeak a few wins to get past our total with some ease. Like the rest of you oddballs, somewhere deep down I am slightly proud somehow of what we as fans put up with and still came out smiling (grimacing) ! As someone who is sur
  10. I think there are a number of problems with waiting to appoint a manager until the summer. If Rooney keeps us up by the skin of our teeth in unconvincing style then (given where we are) he will feel that he deserves a transfer window and another season. If however we get rid of him anyway or we go down and get rid then we start the manager recruitment process in the summer then we will squander the summer transfer window and the new manager will have a squad of complete strangers to pick from in pre-season so will not be clear in their priorities. I want to see whoever is in charge brough
  11. Normally I am a member of the 'However bad we are, cheer em til you're hoarse' brigade because I have watched and supported some really poor Derby sides but as long as I felt that they were giving a good go then I could live with it. Even allowing for a lack of a certain striker (whose appearances were sporadic anyway) this squad has shown far better than it is currently showing though and didn't suddenly become easily the worst team in the Championship. The clear suspicion amongst fans is that they are not giving their all for the cause and fans can forgive many things but not that. I would n
  12. Wow, just wow. This man is utterly obsessed. Can we get a restraining order ? I wonder if he has a secret underground lair with hundreds of photos of Mel Morris pinned to the wall and the words "Must!... Sue!.." written in dribbly writing in his own blood ?
  13. Ah but you are forgetting that it is now a League 1 stadium in waiting not a wannabe Premier League Stadium 😉
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