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  1. Surely we have to try to be energetic and positive for once. If we sit and wait for them to score then it is pretty much inevitable that it will happen and our record of chasing games if woeful. We can't seem to defend so keep the ball further up the pitch whenever possible. Front foot - positive but not suicidal. Lets try and play with some tempo and try to seize the day/game not desperately try to hang on for a point from the first kick and hope that Rotherham don't win. Wednesday are not in outstanding form either so lets not treat them like this is a Champions League away leg at Real
  2. Exactly.. let's also not forget that barely a month ago Sheffield Wednesday demolished Cardiff 5-0... worrying in terms of potential outcomes for both games.
  3. Even if Rotherham lose their game in hand, we would still find ourselves in the situation of needing someone to get something off Sheff Wednesday to be sure. Unfortunately we have run out of teams who might do that for us and as we have seen time and time again recently, we seem incapable of helping ourselves. Rotherham haven't had a great run recently but they are still scrapping and got a late point at the weekend by digging in. A disinterested Luton are definitely beatable for a team that is prepared to fight like their divisional status depends on it. I can definitely see them getting
  4. Cue 6 players suspended for Saturday after a mass brawl.. 😉
  5. I don't think it can be judged in such black and white terms as staying up = success. We looked to be cruising to safety a few weeks back but so spectacular has been our nosedive that we find ourselves needing snookers. With the body language on show with this team I honestly can't see us winning another game this season. If that is somehow enough due to a flukey run of maths then I don't see how you can call that success. I can't see many managers anywhere in football not having serious questions asked with one win in 15. Good managers will always get the best out of what they have got,
  6. Staying up was a minimum requirement so even if we somehow dig ourselves out of this hole in the last 3 games and stay up, it's not time for an open top bus tour of the city. If somehow we do escape then it will be by the skin of our teeth because I cant see where any points are coming from. I would also point to the spectacular slide in form and attitude in recent times which doesn't bode well for the future or for the players strength of character or the managers influence over them, so it's not just about finishing position it's about the catastrophic decline in form that landed us in
  7. I wonder if it'll be 15-20 mins of attempted keep-ball barely crossing the halfway line, one half chance for us spooned over followed by conceding a soft goal from a set piece due to a total lack of discipline and concentration. Half time 1-0 down. Marginal improvement 2nd half, 1 more half chance which we don't take just before they get their second with a routine ball in from wide. Final 5 mins a defender to draw a routine save without really testing the their keeper. Cue post-match interview from WR talking about the quality in the squad and how we need to show 'character'...zzzzzz
  8. I'm worried about my reaction to this one... I'm not feeling any of the nervous excitement that I feel even when we're a bit rubbish. I just have a slight nausea and a general feeling of dread 😞
  9. I've watched DCFC for long enough to have experienced all manner of highs and lows although none of the massive highs of our golden era. I started watching Derby when we were in seemingly terminal decline and have seen us nearly go bust and be utterly embarrassingly bad on the field of play and achieve a record as the worst team in top flight history that is unlikely to ever be broken. To offset that I've seen us win at Wembley and go toe-to-toe with the best in the top flight with Igor and co. I've stood in a packed PP in a playoff game in scything rain as Idiakez missed a penalty agains
  10. Avoiding relegation and not getting and EFL sanction is a huge deal because year after year we see teams in this division get their act together with a couple of key signings and the right manager fit and suddenly there are involved at the right end of things. Slipping down to League One makes us massively less attractive as an option for investment, manager/coaches or players. It's not looking good but we somehow we need to get over the line here and stay up somehow and then resolve the ownership issue. Until that is put to bed there will be no real plan because MM is understandably just
  11. Checks thread.... Boom! 😃
  12. I know our results didn't drop off a cliff immediately the very moment he was injured but they have got steadily worse so this is surely a massive factor. I think we we briefly rode a wave of confidence brought about by the good form we were in but as results turned and realisation dawned that there was a massive Bielik-shaped hole in our midfeld (and the fact that we lacked anyone else in the squad to do that role) and we have started looking down the table again rather than up and there is a fretfulness setting in again and we are falling back on old habits. This is really not looking good I
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