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  1. You've missed his point fella He's saying people are taking the piss and getting signed off when they don't need to be, so still getting paid by the business, yet as a result are having to furlough the healthy workers
  2. Sir Jake of Buxton Oh, and our Johnny And young master William
  3. Outer space With the rockets and Martians 👍
  4. It's the handshake at the start that gets me
  5. Someone was reading the anya thread 😂😂👍
  6. Trolls world tour Exactly what you would expect, kids cash grab but a story about how everyone is the same regardless of race Funny in places and totally watchable Strong 7/10
  7. It's more people from all over the country congregating together will rise the R0 rating really quickly and increase the risk of a second spread rapidly. Its got to be an unnecessary. Seeing family in local area like mother/father/grandparents surely is doable, I do hope so for everyone's sake. I know it's for all our own good but it's torture at the moment and I'm one of the lucky ones who can go to work!
  8. Legit eating a knock off brand snickers right now Spooky
  9. I don't mean to take the mick, but with her surname she was DEFINITELY his milf Edit-didn't notice the Herbert grows part... You're on a wind up yeah?!
  10. Slow and steady Let people have a social bubble so families can see each other again, 6-8 weeks of not seeing your family is no good for anybody, especially young children 3-4 weeks of that and extreme social distancing in shops halfway through that. Talking like 20 in a retail shop at a time, tops. Anything unnecessary ie leisure activities /cinemas/theatres/holiday parks, push back into the middle of the summer
  11. I think it's down to us to.. watch.. out for them
  12. Last page I read was page 12 Feel I may have missed a bit of drama somewhere... 😂🤦‍♂️
  13. i did the opposite, born in Derby and live just outside of exeter,work in plymouth. its hands down in a better condition then argyles now, home park is really run down at the moment,wheras city are attempting to spend some funds on repairing theirs after years of neglect speedway has long gone,flattened into a housing estate now, rugby's the sport here most people follow.built a new stadium for chiefs on the outskirts by digby a few years ago,its quite nice tbh,a bit like bournemouth's
  14. the new stands been built and was opened at the start of this season community run club so as long as there's no trouble there's often fans mixing in the stands.the new away stand is literally a metal roof over the concrete slab.live locally so get to more games there then Derby these days
  15. St James Park, exeter Proper old school ground, concrete slab as an away end, big standing terrace for the home. The path to the stand is a jungle path over mud.
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