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  1. Maybe work commitments? Or the fact it's a huge financial outlay if they don't live in Derby(tickets,fuel,food,lodging overnight etc .) so can't do it that often. Maybe they buy merch online instead? So yeah...they definitely count fella
  2. They need to get on that venga-bus to find them then
  3. I heard they were going to Ibiza? I'll see myself out...
  4. Not really relevant,if he chooses not to that's kinda fair enough
  5. What did he say on their TV channel? Personally I can't blame him for what he said at the end of the game,the second time he's had ridiculous grief from our clubs 'fans', he's fairly justified in my eyes
  6. TBF the poo he's had from a so called Derby fan in the past,it's quite reasonable that he gave the fans some stick
  7. Agent Paterson's master plan 🤣🤣 Don't panic I'm wearing my tinfoil hat
  8. I will if we hear about the shared girlfriend saga..🤣🤣👍
  9. Now...I'm not one for conspiracy theories,buuuut.... Their both in on this..
  10. Hopefully no-one,wouldn't wish this mess on any other clubs fans either. Even red dogs
  11. Thanks. I'm normal and pay tax on wages+scared of the tax man coming a knocking so have no idea!!
  12. So out of interest, common man who doesn't pay taxes ends up eventually with convictions and potential jail time. As the owner of a business that has racked up 26 million in unpaid tax over numerous years,may this be what he's facing and why he's dumped the club into admin? Just a thought..
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