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  1. He's not a winger, he's a very naughty boy And he's crap
  2. It seems a very good signing, I'm not sure how is fitness is now though. Maybe a 60 minute player? I'm glad you don't have him for the whole season. Also, the Bet32 stuff seems pretty immoral, from the little I've seen, what are your views on the accused subliminal messaging of gambling being subjected to kids? (Genuine question) Yeah, it's not great.. It's on the front of the shirt mind you, and they play in the sky bet championship The only good thing is that Mel Morris has been open on who's paying for it essentially so us parents can explain it to our kids I suppose and gives an open door for us to discuss the pitfalls of gambling I suppose. I do think the media have blown it up into something it isn't mind you. I don't gamble, have in the past here and there but was taught at an early age that its a poor use of money and its my responsibility to choose
  3. Nah, Jamie Ward had some motivation
  4. Yeah, it's a shame really but ultimately the game moves on and it's the owners choice what to do with club finance at the end of the day I suppose this is how people end up with second teams Just a shame for the next generation really, as if parents arnt going they'll not be taking their kids, and that's the future income gone to man city and the like 😭
  5. 🤞🤞🤞If there is a god, pleeeeasse
  6. Sturridge, wanchope, baiano Russell, Martin, Ward Not a mention of conor sammon in sight 🤣🤣🤣
  7. I'm a prime example of this floating support being priced out Been a rams fan since I was a kid, always will be But I live 4 hours away. Don't pay for fuel due to business fuel card, but at the risk of sounding tight, can go and view 2/3 exeter or Plymouth games for the price of 1 of the cheaper Derby tickets. It's still professional football at a decent level When they used to do demand based ticketing I made it to about 10-15games but now its not really worth investing all that time when I can just buy it on now TV for 9 quid and bang the heating on, which is a shame. If they went back to demand pricing, I'd definitely make more of an effort
  8. And no doubt the club and Mel would be well up for the spotlight it would bring them in the press, helping out a struggling team. But... I doubt a seasoned pro would want to drop a division and go there, its not really a winning situation to be in and probably the only person at the club being paid would be pretty toxic for them
  9. Still think they should be given a chance in a big-ish game to see how they cope. If they bottle it we learn a lot, if they don't they learn a lot
  10. Hell of a save wernt it
  11. I've got an 18 plate a3, my sister has an 09 a3 Both very much vw golf's in a frock and a few extra toys Nice though. I've done 40k so far in mine since November and it's giving me 60 odd to the gallon, and dead comfy.
  12. Hope the youngsters get a chance in this one. They'll be so motivated to win, and would be a good test for their future prospects, playing a rival in a cup game Buchanan, sibley, Knight, whittaker, bird.... A real opportunity for them if they get a game
  13. Shoot me down if you want But at least I have some respect for Pearce. Played for his teams badge and was a decent player. Had some backbone and never came to us even when he was winding his career down and probably had the opportunity to do so. The above was to wind up Derby fans in a testimonial wasn't it? Paterson just seems to be after a paycheck and a bit spineless. Plus his haircuts crap
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