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  1. Yeah it is I went down the route of halving it, kept some in a cash isa and a 2%interest savings account so it's there if needed and can be accessed The rest I banged into my pension in the hope that it'll be there when I'm older and need it/dead so my kids can have it
  2. Still can sue them for damages and loss of earnings, no insurance company would be involved Driver drove illegally I do feel for Keogh slightly as he has basically ruined his job and legacy with 1 error of judgement Then at the same time I don't because he's been proper dumb
  3. You are 100% on the nail. He won't stand a chance if he attempts to appeal. If he's been dismissed for gross misconduct it'll be something stated against the terms of his contract of employment Technically, he hasn't made himself unemployed as if Derby dismissed him then offered a separate contract for a different role then he was doing at that exact minute, he has refused an opportunity of employment. There's much much more too this that we will never know. He may have acted a certain way during investigation proceedings ie refusing to answer questions. This can be classed as misconduct and can lead to dismissal in any other job Basically, he been done up like a kipper and I doubt it'll get to court level. He may however sue the driver of the car now.
  4. Well, I'm glad my prediction was well wrong. Fair play to Lawrence after what must have been a pretty tough week for him
  5. I've been looking at stocks and shares isas, but by the time their fee and management fee comes out it's not really worth it Am I right in that to beat Inflation, I've just gotta find an account with 2.1%apr?
  6. he's not disabled,he's temporarily injured
  7. i wish i was minted,as you said,im also a working joe and its the first time ive ever had any disposable income. have got life insurance,and im not a big risk taker,not really enough to invest in anything.the isa idea,thought you could only have 1?
  8. plot twist millionaire who has cash to invest..... .....keogh's the new investor 😉
  9. so,im doing ok at the moment and want to invest in my families future my pension contributions are matched by my employer to the max that they will pay out am i better off putting some spare money into a savings account as its accessible should something go wrong,overpay the mortgage or just pay additional into the pension?
  10. a shame he ruined what should have been a club legacy hopefully he gets some support from the pfa i.e.counselling
  11. gross misconduct could be a number of different things and we will never fully know in this case,he has made himself unable to complete the terms in line with his contract of employment for a prolonged period of time due to extra curricular activities,so would assume this is why he has been dismissed. he has failed to follow policies and procedures in line with said contract i would assume if rumour is true and Derby offered a new contract on reduced terms,it was potentially a different role of which he has rejected,leaving the club with no choice but to terminate his employment under employment law he has 7 days to appeal a decision,but if all the above is correct,its highly unlikely he would win the case please note that i keep using the word assume, as we will never fully know note-i've read that the club have given 14 day appeal period which is better then legal standard, and reason is bringing club into disrepute, he'll never win a court case as it can be proven that he has done just that from reading this forum alone!
  12. whered you keep your crystal ball....?!
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