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  1. That first one, pulling that comb over off takes some balls, credit where credits due
  2. He should have stayed as conte3, would make Roy Keane quake with that stare
  3. One hell of a hair transplant surgeon they've got 😂👍
  4. Maybe it's agent Marriott, destroy the opposition from the inside, stops them signing someone else We've under estimated him.... 😂
  5. I only know as I always buy it in jan or Feb in our usual slump My concern is if I order it today, will it actually arrive this year?!
  6. The fire sale has started.... 30% of replica kit.. 😂
  7. Yeah, it's a minging place. In the top 20 deprived areas in the country when I last checked. Rough is underselling it.
  8. It looks a bit mid table league one to me that does
  9. I raise theee.... Jamie Paterson + Dutch Mike from cocu... Not cheap on the wasted wages on them
  10. Was great when he was here. May have been frustrating at times, but when he was in form my god he was good. Would have him back in a heartbeat
  11. Sounded like SP wasn't telling the whole truth there..... It'll collapse
  12. 3-1 Rotherham, morale through the floor Frgs Rotherham own goal
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