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  1. There's a flaw in that plan Expecting the EFL to be sensible....
  2. Rumour has it he's having his surname changed to Paterson
  3. Day before first game of season,miss the registration cut off though so they can't play That's the Derby way
  4. The kid that does these videos for hitc is a decent content creator. Watch a fair few of his vids,he actually researches things and is relatively balanced. Think he did a good job with this one
  5. Cool,ta muchly That's the gas then yeah😂👍
  6. @B4ev6is for his commitment and passion @Boyciefor his dashing good looks
  7. My first guess was going to be a 330e in true company car spec but the m sport leather seats through me off🤣🤣👍
  8. I'd rather Tony Blair then the current blithering idiot
  9. There in lies the difference This team struggles to get out of the 3rd round
  10. Messi, Ronaldo,chiellini,bonnucci Reckon we might miss relegation then
  11. Not so distant memory we had Lingard Butland M.keane In form young Jordan ibe Hughes Hendrick ....depressing isn't it
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