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  1. Bandit country mate, watch out for the Orphans.....
  2. I'd say £200 million would be a conservative estimate. McFarland was better than Van Dike so £100m just for him. Todd, probably £80m when you think Stones went to Man City for £50m David Nish was the most expensive defender when Clough signed him, pure class, worth at least as much as TAA, say £60m? Ronnie was a home grown lad, bit of a Gary Neville, priceless to his own club but never priced as such. At least £20m in todays money.
  3. Hinton was an incredible player to our generation so any rambling tweets he makes nearly 50 years later will never take that away. Whatever he has or hasn't said will never diminish his pinpoint crossing and shooting that we worshipped him for. Matt Busby, Bill Shankly, Brian Clough and Alex Ferguson were all left wing socialists but I'm fairly sure that right wing supporters of their clubs still remember them fondly for the great times and success they gave them.
  4. Apologies to Paul 71 for the Carry on oooh matron crowd taking this thread off topic.....🤨😂
  5. Try my chocolate finger...
  6. There is definitely an element of short termism with politicians because of the electoral cycle which I can sort of understand, but the real reason is the fossil fuel corporate lobbyists who control them.
  7. Tbf, he moved to York when he was young and his dad was Italian.
  8. I'll actually be slightly disappointed if we don't make the play offs. With Rooney conducting the show, Sibley full of hunger and confidence, I fully expected us to have a decent run before the lockdown. It'll be very tough for all the teams to motivate properly but if Cocu can get them right mentally we can beat anyone.
  9. Think we'll make a weekend out of it. A couple of days on the Dorset beaches, bit of tombstoning at Durdle door then get masked up for the train over to Soton.
  10. Not sure I’ve ever had an emergency picnic...
  11. Wouldn’t be too nice for the person administrating it - trust me on that 😷😮
  12. Maybe your right, just seems a tad late.
  13. Good points. Its less than 100 years since the average Brit has had the vote, education, access to healthcare, paid holidays, sick pay, safety at work, a safety net, pensions and the chance of a life out of poverty. FFS lets not give it all away because a handful of billionaires want to divide us incase we blame them for the state of the world. If we didn't hate each other we might just look at who's actually running the show.....
  14. Love how the crowd are watching the match instead of the explicit sexual activity going on behind Gladys.
  15. Our factory is prepping to temperature check everyone entering site by the end of June. We have had two confirmed Covid19 cases, both recovered and back at work, since it all started out of a workforce of just over 800. Seems a bit of a waste of time to start checking everyone now really.
  16. One good idea is to get hold of an Ordnance Survey map of your area. You’ll be amazed how many public footpaths criss cross the countryside and it’s interesting to plan your own route. You’ll probably end up at an impassable, overgrown stile while being chased by a herd of psychopathic cows mind....
  17. https://m.johnmerrillwalkguides.co.uk/DERBYSHIRE-WALKS.html Some great walks in this chaps collections that are off the beaten track.
  18. If you have symptoms you must isolate for 7 days, not sure what it is if you actually test positive?
  19. Another point of view is that at the time Cummings took his family to Durham (27th March), the rest of us were obeying the rules that were in place at that time.
  20. Agree to differ then jono. The government advice was to stay at home if you had symptoms. His wife had symptoms, they decided not to stay at home. They went against the government guidelines at the time. As a person who was at the forefront of making government policy, he was attending the SAGE meetings and seems indispensable to Johnson, he should have been a beacon of responsibility, leading by example. He has the wealth and position of power to access far more help than the majority of people yet decided to completely ignore the very rules he was involved in setting. Some people have broken the rules because they don't have symptoms and are too thick to realise they could still spread it or catch it. Cummings knew himself and his wife had symptoms, he knew it was more than likely he had it through his close working relationship with Johnson and the other government ministers who had it, yet he drove the length of the country to his second home then traveled about once there. You mentioned Alistair Campbell, I agree he was evil and satanic, as was Thatchers spin doctor, Bernard Ingram, there's a long history of unelected, anti-democratic liars controlling our politicians unfortunately.
  21. Tbf, If it was just party political I don't think you'd have Tory MP's, Tory supporting newspapers and Tory voters giving it the attention they have.
  22. I think Cummings has smashed the lockdown single handedly, its over, people will decide to do what they want to do now.
  23. The police have asked for games in Manchester and Liverpool to be played at neutral venues. Are they expecting fans to turn up at the grounds in these cities but not elsewhere?
  24. Why any democracy would not want country by country reporting data to be made public is beyond me. This is the real issue that needs open and honest debate in this country. The very fact that its not discussed openly has got to be because vested interests are lobbying to keep it out of the public domain.
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