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  1. What a refreshingly honest interview from a player.
  2. I don't believe he's even broken his silence on the matter yet.
  3. Its not a conspiracy, its more likely a hint at a meeting that refs should not be swayed by having Lampard or Rooney on the touch line. Subconciously it becomes biased against us. Simple as that really, refs won't see it as cheating, just an awareness that they shouldn't give decisions to Derby because Wayne Rooney is managing us. Which means if its a 50/50 shout it will always go against us.
  4. Reasonable viewing on a Sunday evening. The remake of Darling Buds of May was easy mildly amusing TV followed by the dark Angela Black drama then MotD.
  5. What a nice feeling to able to jump in the car, go to a football match and pay £5 at the turnstile without any faff about customer numbers, ID, tickets etc. I know its a one off due to the sad loss of Preston's owner, a chap who appears to have been extremely popular with the good folk of that corner of Lancashire, and I'm sure we will join in with whatever show of respect takes place there, but getting ready to leave it just sank in how life was a bit simpler bitd. I hope there's one or two who woke up this morning, rang a mate and said "shall we go to the match today?"
  6. This thread sums up everything that is wrong with our country. Our National Health Service is being privatised without a whimper and yet people are falling out over Superman. We're ducked.
  7. Hungary played well, worked hard and were not too shabby on the ball. I thought Southgate's only mistake was to take Grealish off when he did. Grealish against tired defenders is what you want late on so we probably missed a trick there. The only other complaint was the lack of quality at vital moments, probably down to match fitness. Kane doesn't look sharp and Sterling has not played much recently. Qualification still should be nailed on, we'll be hard to beat in the World Cup but will we have enough nous to sneak through the big games against the very best. Hopefully, as a squad we'll be mentally stronger after the Euros adventure.
  8. Boulton and Poom both better than Shilts. For Derby anyrode.
  9. Your wasted on here Eddie. Most days, allegedly 🤪🍻
  10. Dogs in the 70's were used to being shot at by scrotes with air rifles round our way.
  11. Absolute rose tinted optimism. The EFL will find a last minute way of taking just enough points off us to relegate us, I can't believe you'd think anything else. Still, going down as FA Cup Winners will soften the blow.
  12. I would presume the administrators are not emotionally involved in their task other than a successful outcome for their company. They have complete access to all the information available while we only have bits and rumours. If they believe there is a case to be made with the points then it could potentially make us far more saleable. To liken them to a pound shop Mel Morris makes you appear like you want them, and Derby, to fail.
  13. Yeah, eventually that will be the case. It will probably be flattened and left empty for a few years like the old Bamfords site. Developers only want to build on greenfield sites it seems.
  14. Bit unfair on the Geordie lad really. He is pointing out that Newcastle were a decent premier league outfit before Ashley took over, several years with a top 7 or above finish then once Ashley took over a decline with 2 relegations afterwards.
  15. I watched the lot from the first minute they went live, just happened to have the TV on, I had just got up and was not due in work until late shift. The feeling of watching the 2nd plane go into the tower live was unreal. Some of the footage of that day ive never seen since, I suppose it was too horrific and has been censored. Watching people jump from 90 floors was what kept me awake at nights for weeks after.
  16. Not sure I saw that Steve. Two very cheap bookings for England players against a pub team. Should have been a red card for Andorra. The officials did ok overall though.
  17. Quote from twitter......."The Israelis are mostly occupying their own territory at Hampden, which is a bit of a break from tradition"
  18. Gareth won't gamble against better teams, especially in the finals of tournaments. It'll be two defensive midfielders until we need to chase a goal. Its a shame really, I think we have the players to take the game to teams but tournament football doesn't allow the luxury of trying it. Don't concede and hope you nick one is what seems to win nowadays.
  19. Some of the older ones will agree with you, same as many on here remember the 1980's promotions as great days. The younger fans, and the glory hunter type (lets be honest here, we've all got 'em) will just want to bask in the glory of winning.
  20. I've been elected to represent the factory based salaried staff in the Consultation meetings regarding the "proposed" closure of our factory. Had our first meeting today and it was quite brutal. We're ducked. Its an old site and due to several changes of ownership in recent years leading to no investment, coupled with mental increases in the price of flour, sugar, palm oil, and energy costs over the last 18 months, there is no way back. We are not financially viable. We have been through severe restructures in recent years, chopping jobs left, right and centre to no avail, the company that owns us does not want to modernise and invest so we will close in March 2022. I've worked there for 42 years. Started as a machine operator in 1978, ended up as a Shift Production Manager, covered the Operations Manager role for a period when the site was between owners. FFS, I met me missus there! In a small town like Uttoxeter, I have seen kids and grandkids of lads I first worked with start their working life at the factory. Had blokes coming up to me in pubs demanding to know why their lad had been sacked, had people begging me for jobs, my wife has been threatened because I had to sack somebody. I have also had people come up to me and thanked me for giving them confidence to improve their lives, people who I used to work with who now run their own businesses who always buy me a pint because they were inspired by me. I can't express the feeling that gives me. My son did his engineering apprenticeship at the factory and is now the Operations Manager for Aggreko in Asia. My daughter worked there for a few years part time running the factory shop and now runs her own business. We used to do Evening shifts, Lunch Time relief shifts etc that appealed to mums who wanted a part time job to work around childcare but we had to stop all that as we got taken over by different companies. We were a factory that was part of our community. Its a sad situation but I will do everything I can to negotiate the best possible deal for the people who have asked me to represent them. I'm a bit emotional and had a couple of drinks so time to call it a night.
  21. Yeah, the Saudi economy has a cast iron guarantee from the UK, US and Israel. No danger of cash flow problems there. Newcastle will join Man United, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal in the next year or two. Leicester, West Ham, Tottenham, Everton will slip down the greasy pole a notch or two.
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