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Your team/subs/tactics for Saturday


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Just now, sage said:

What would you do?

I'd start Aguero - Think there's something nice about the idea of him being in the side when they secure their final league title with him



Oh you meant Derby? 

I can't bring myself to care - Can't see us winning whoever we put out

(full on strop, toys on the floor, refusing to move in the street childish - and yes I'm fine with it)

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4-2-3-1: Roos, Byrne, Edmundson, Clarke, Forsyth, Knight, Shinnie, Roberts, Sibley, Jozwiak, Lawrence

Big Colin looked buggared on Saturday so I’d be looking at a high intensity game, hopefully get a goal or two and as we naturally die out bring on Colin, Waghorn etc as the experienced heads. 

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 Byrne  Edmundson  Clarke  Forsyth

               Knight  Bird  Shinnie

        Joswiak  Lawrence  Sibley

No subs, no tactics (just like "Wazza")

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       Wisdom   Edmundson Clarke

Byrne                                             Forsyth



Jozwiak                                        Lawrence




Knight man mark Barry Bannann to stop him dictating play. 

Byrne to mark Adam Reach closely. 

Jozwiak and Lawrence have a fluid position whilst attacking, meaning they can cut inside as the wing backs will be supporting on the overlap. 

Knight & Shinne stay back at corners. Get the box packed with Clarke, Fozzy, Ed and Wiz. 


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18 minutes ago, RoyMac5 said:


Byrne Edmundson Clarke Buchanan

Knight, Shinnie,

Roberts, Sibley, Jozwiak, Lawrence

Subs: Roos, Colin, Ebosele, Watson, Fozzy, McDonald, Cashin.

I'm in danger of agreeing with you.

I'd say Jozwiak wide and Lawrence through the middle, but the four of them should be interchanging positions anyway.

And whoever is wide, takes responsibility for tracking back any runs from wingbacks.

Indeed, they should all be throwing up with exhaustion at the end of the game.

I would also have Creswell on the bench.

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Goals are our issue we might only get 1 so imperative we keep it tight at the back Knight to man mark Bannan and Fozzy for his aerial ability with 3 forwards who interchange positions Marshall in for his experience 


                                  Byrne        Edmundson         Clarke      Fozzy

                                                Bird       Knight      Shinnie

                                 Joz                       Sibley                   Tom

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McDonald Edmundson Clarke Buchanan


                    Bird Sibley

       Roberts Lawrence Joswiak


9 minutes ago, sage said:

Its interesting that hardly anyone is picking our top goalscorer 

Because he is currently playing with several injections to get through the match. He wasn't quick even before that, but he's made Chris Martin look dynamic in the last few games. If he isn't fit don't play him.

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