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  1. Reaction to losing by Derby fans

    I accept all that KK; and I fully accept that you are a winner (and very good at connect four)! But a fan pissing on a forum is not therefore a winner; and it does not make Derby winners either.
  2. Reaction to losing by Derby fans

    Bollards! That only makes sense as a comment about the mindset of the person who is in a position to do something about whether he wins or loses, before it happens. Pissing and moaning on forums and twitter does not qualify somebody as a winner!
  3. Derby County F.C. v Sunderland A.F.C

    Bradley Johnson is literally wasting space out there.
  4. Sam Rush

    Yes, road traffic accidents a speciality
  5. Sam Rush

    One of the interesting allegations in Derby's claim is that SR removed from some agency agreements a common clause that protects Derby when a player leaves the club. The clause says that the club stops paying fees to the agent once the player leaves the club (fair enough, you might think). Derby's claim alleges that this common protection was present in 48 out of 49 contracts relating to players whose agent was not Wasserman, but was missing from most of the contracts relating to players whose agent was Wasserman (including Johnson, Blackman, Butterfield, Shackell and Camara). In other words, Derby will carry on paying agency fees to Wasserman after those players have gone. Edited to add: And Derby alleges that SR removed the same clause from the agreement with Bryson's agent, so that the agent is guaranteed £1.3m even after Bryson has left the club. Ouch!
  6. Sam Rush

    Yes, the general rule is that anyone can ask for a copy, on payment of a fee. I've seen Derby's statement of case, because it's available on one of my online subscriptions (I'm a lawyer). Derby's lead counsel is someone who is described as "an expert courtroom bruiser": https://essexcourt.com/barrister/paul-mcgrath-qc/
  7. We're coming after you Wolves

    The test for Wolves is yet to come. I know it's a cliche about the Championship being the toughest league, but all cliches start out being true. It's 46 games and nearly all of them are competitive, and there are frequent patches where they come thick and fast. Take the two Portuguese super kids Jota and Neves - aged 21 and 20. Never played a full season for any club before, let alone 46 games in the Champ. Adding this: Bonatini has come from Al-Hilal, where he played 25 games last season (in the sun).
  8. We're coming after you Wolves

    Wolves are 1.26 (i.e. 3/1 on) for the title at Betfair. Lay it, and you'll be cashing out in time for Cheltenham in March!* *(No advice is intended to be offered in this post. Bets may lose as well as win)
  9. Derby County v Ipswich Town

    I too have had players that I disliked to the point of irrationality, obsessively, so I can sympathise with you. I once went to watch a Chelsea - Forest cup game with my Forest-supporting brother (don't ask) and spent the entire game shouting "You're sh*** LeBoeuf" whenever I thought Frank LeBoeuf was close enough to hear me, which was for most of the 90 mins. I've never done it to a Derby player, though.
  10. Will Hughes Watch

    Oh, Will.....
  11. PPS Development

    Yes, she's twirling a DCFC parasol. Exciting times ahead!
  12. PPS Development

    I'm enjoying the random 'people in a crowd' inserted into the photo. There's a man right in the middle with a Ram superimposed on a white shirt, wearing what appears to be a black skirt, grey trainers and black socks... anyone owning up to that outfit? Rammie's there, obvs. Plus a little boy carrying a ball, who looks lost. A little girl with a Rams parasol. Someone carrying loads of balloons. And someone pushing a pram. Looks like Mel is expecting further demographic changes in the make-up of the average football crowd.
  13. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    No George tomorrow, it seems. He's starting for the U23s tonight: http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/george-thorne-set-start-derby-790946
  14. Radio Derby Sportscene

    I have a Paulo Wanchope story too. I was in Costa Rica (at the time when 'Chope was a Ram) and happened to tell a taxi driver that I was a Rams fan. He said he knew the Wanchopes and would take me to meet them. Paulo Wanchope's mum invited me in for tea and put on her Derby shirt with 'CHOPE' on the back and I gave her my Rams baseball cap!
  15. Radio Derby Sportscene

    Best comment ever. Thanks for making me laugh on an otherwise grey Tuesday morning.

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