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  1. That's a very neat and sensible solution, which is why it will never happen.
  2. Painful death? Mild discomfort and shortness of breath? A dangerous proximity to bodily emissions?
  3. Ferment. This site will be in a ferment.
  4. Yes! For five years I have been mourning the fact that we didn't make it up with Hughes, Hendrick and co. I thought those dreams don't come round very often. But now ... to think we could do it with Bird, Knight and Sibley, not to mention Bogle and Lowe ... Come on you ducking Rams!
  5. 5-6? How about 9 games, that would be a good time to review it. As it happens, he is wrong to say we don't stand a chance. And if after 5-6 games, or 9, we haven't made it, he will still be wrong - because at that point it will still be true that we DID have a chance.
  6. That's a good way to put it. Because it seems pretty daunting if you say that we have 3 six pointers PLUS games against four of the top five.
  7. Not if you remember the other three just below Preston. You have to assume at least one of them will win and overtake Preston, meaning we have to make up 3 or 4 points on them. That said, we play two out of those three as well. So if we win all our six pointers (!!) we only have to make up ground on Bristol City. Easy, easy.
  8. Zombie Nation for a while, under Clough junior, if I recall. Another fitting title?
  9. Jack likes Loftus Rd, I foresee goals
  10. We need to return to an Ideal Standard
  11. Oh yes, the Vic 20 ... half an hour to load up Jupiter Lander from a cassette. And if you tell young people today, ...
  12. "Slated"? - that's kind of them to offer. But I'm not sure that slates will work with the retractable mechanism.
  13. "That sound is Derby quietly creeping up the table..."! No championship team has scored more points since Rooney's first game in a Derby shirt! https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/feb/08/swansea-Derby-championship-match-report
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