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  1. Being optimistic, I suppose that just because Matt Southall is trying to get in on the deal doesn't mean he will. I expect people who are in the market for clubs get approached by chancers all the time saying they can make introductions, or offering their 'expert' services as football executives or whatnot.
  2. If Erik Alonso's in with Matt Southall, that makes two monstrous chancers.
  3. Perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad result, then a supporters' trust could buy the club. And imagine the debates on here if all these opinions actually had an impact in the real world!
  4. I think after last night this thread needs its own Simpsons gif:
  5. Yes, man, so often! So often, that I was wondering, am I missing something, is there some purpose to this? Frustrating because of all people he actually has the touch to handle close attention.
  6. "BBC Sport has been told that the way the agreement is set up means neither party can walk away." What?
  7. https://www.geeksaresexy.net/2021/01/18/objection-bot-turns-reddit-drama-into-courtroom-drama/
  8. Mick McCarthy knows him and likes him, so it's easy to believe ... or easy to make up!
  9. Ooh, linguistic debate! It may be open to more than one interpretation, but my linguist says "wouldn't have to".
  10. I think that means he doesn't have to take up DCFC's offer; the implication being that his club are open to it, but it is up to him. So I wouldn't read it negatively.
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