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  1. Nothing to do with being 45 years older, is it?
  2. I hope for Mel's sake that £60 million is not the best a man can get
  3. I didn't see anyone looking like this (PES likeness) in any of the pics from Florida, so I guess he didn't make it
  4. Let's get Alan Curbishley. Then we could be Alan Curbishley's Derby County, or ACDC, for short.
  5. D.I.M.M.U. - Dis Is Mel Morris Undercover D.I.M.M.U. - Dancing In Mel Morris's Underwear
  6. Skybet offering 1/18 Frank to Chelsea, which is bollards. The only place there is anything approaching a real market is Betfair where the last match was 1.4 (2/5). And that is lengthening - it traded at much shorter odds before (1/10). In other words, there is still hope!
  7. That worldwide exposure worked a treat, didn't it
  8. All true. But I still love watching him shift the ball out of pressure like he's playing at a different speed from his chasers. He can come and play old man's 5 a side with me any time.
  9. True dat. To the list of things that made it a good season I add Tom Huddz - Yes, he can't run, but it was a thrill sometimes to see him slow time down with his wand and find a pass out of a tight spot. They couldn't touch him in those moments.
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