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  1. AutoWindscreens

    Which would you choose?

    Which 50?
  2. AutoWindscreens

    Derby v Brum £32 cheapest ticket

    Surely that's not about the price of the tickets. I don't think you'd say that people who would come regularly if it was £20 but not at £35 are the ones who are more likely to moan. The fair-weathers come back after a sustained run of success. So you'll be seeing them later, whether it's £20 or £35!
  3. AutoWindscreens

    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    Agreed (although it's a three-horse race, to be precise!). Those kind of insulting odds cannot go unchallenged. It is my duty as a Ram to take that price.
  4. AutoWindscreens

    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    I like that one, thanks for the heads-up.
  5. AutoWindscreens

    Memories @ramtique

    Current favourites: The Jam You don't say!? Person you would most like to meet: Denis Law You don't say!?
  6. AutoWindscreens

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    May I confess that Carson's slow distribution (not to mention the age he takes to retrieve the ball) enrages me and makes me WANT to BEAT HIM WITH A STICK. I'm not saying it's rational or fair.
  7. AutoWindscreens

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    True that.
  8. AutoWindscreens

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    Without fair reason. Comparing SM's 53% to Clough's 33% means you're comparing SM's easy job with the 13/14, 14/15 team to Clough's tough job with the 09/10, 10/11, etc. teams, which ain't fair!
  9. AutoWindscreens

    Maybe we can get Hendrick back on the cheap?

    Thanks for the better-informed update.
  10. AutoWindscreens

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    OK, I'll bite. If you take the teams Clough played in 13/14, didn't we get the same points from the reverse fixtures under McClaren?
  11. AutoWindscreens

    Maybe we can get Hendrick back on the cheap?

    This writer reckons Jeff is doing just fine at Burnley, and doing what Dyche wants of him: https://www.football365.com/news/forensically-watching-ordinary-player-jeff-hendrick
  12. AutoWindscreens

    If it’s Frank

    I don't get it. As you accept, you're just guessing. You could swap the names round and it might be just as good a guess.
  13. AutoWindscreens

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    You mean playing in a field in the West Country v playing in Europe?
  14. AutoWindscreens

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    But if you use Frank Lampard OBE you get a wealth of possible omens, including Ram bleak fan drop Which doesn't sound good
  15. AutoWindscreens

    If it’s Frank

    Holy cow, the mad optimism is heading off in some strange directions!! There is not much that can be said with any confidence right now in these turbulent times, but if there is one thing that can be said with absolute certainty it is that Bradley Johnson will never be Derby's Frank Lampard.

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