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  1. Loyalty in football is few and far between and he deserves a massive send off if we release him but yesterday he was poor but wasn’t helped by a flimsy keeper who parried the first one instead of jumping on the ball and stayed on his line doing nothing when could’ve claimed the ball for the third ...the second goal was 100 per cent Fozzies fault but he’s been a very good reliable player for us and had some horrendous injuries ...he deserves a proper send off if he leaves the club
  2. Matt Clarke signed permanently and given the captaincy and a few astute signings including a keeper and a few forwards eg Dwight Gayle playing attacking football
  3. Agree and should be first permanent signing and captain.... Byrne and Shinnie only other candidates for POTY
  4. Only one game i can remember where the effort seemed under par.... PNE game.... other than that the effort has been there but not sure Rooney and co got the tactics right a lot of the time.....give yourself a break mate enjoy a beer...we didn't even win a game we had to win but we are staying up!! and that is something for us to celebrate...not the result but the fact that us fans can watch championship football next season
  5. Waggy has had his critics but today he was brilliant
  6. Fair play to Joz made a big difference when he came on
  7. Roos in goal massive mistake poor for two goals
  8. In a massive game Rooney and his cronies have been working all week on what exactly??? Long ball no passing just hoof ball it’s utterly pathetic!!!
  9. they are poor at the back let’s go 352 and have a go play higher up the pitch ...long ball garbage
  10. No it wasn’t he didn’t need to palm it just dive on it hold it ffs it wasn’t out of reach ffs
  11. Rooney laughing and joking with Weds staff ....please duck off out of our club
  12. Why is Roos palming it out ffs this is crap ....so we’ve worked all week on what?to hoof it long ball to no one ....worst team in years ...Knight can’t stay in his feet pathetic
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