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  1. If anyone seriously thinks Bogle Is a better player than Buchanan then we will see Buchanan will end up playing in the prem for someone Bogle won’t …need to watch there body starting position for starters in certain scenarios I was at Charlton and a ball to back post easily scored and Davies ripped Bogle a new one right in front of me and he was right …asleep….again! Watch first Villa goal at Wembley back post Bogle …nowhere too late because doesnt concentrate let’s not get into to the Forest goals he gifted them two games running eh when has Buchanan gifted goals to the opposition? I stick by what I see on the pitch and even though most don’t agree I’d have Buchanan over Bogle every day Cocu wasn’t sure about him hence trying him at RM a couple of times
  2. Why? Full backs can push forward is how the modern game is now …look at Liverpool etc and several teams like there full backs to push on and overlap Byrne does it a lot ???? So not that insane is it
  3. That is your opinion Buchanan doesn’t cost us goals week after week and is a much better attacking option … Bogle used to get to the half way line and had no idea how to beat someone when he was first on scene he was ok but his game went downhill he was no loss as Byrne is better RB by a stretch
  4. No Bogle was bang average just look at the countless silly errors where he cost us Forest twice Wembley napping at back post ( his usual trait) I can think of 3 or 4 others where he switched off when ball is played to back post ( his area) and he’s too slow to react Buchanan is not only better defensively but offers much more going forward I would not sell him and especially not to Forest
  5. Haha really! Bogle was utter pants and Buchanan is easily better by a country mile
  6. I’d have Clough back in a heartbeat he would never have spent 4.5m on a time waster like Anya and although not all of his signings worked I think he looked at a players character as well as there ability Barker Shackell Keogh Ward Russell Bryson Brayford Buxton Martin …great signings and I think only 1 over a million quid
  7. Brilliant post this ….let’s show these names to Macs lad and our supposed scouting team …how is he still here is beyond me …jobs for the boys ….part of the reason we’re in this mess
  8. I was there away at Plymouth packed in like sardines on the terracing and we were woeful that day …it was so dull someone started singing “ you only sing when you’re fishing “ and it was the highlight of the day was a proper poo performance …
  9. I have to say when I wake up I’m ok until I think of the mess we’re in and it makes me sad because it was avoidable I’ve been home and away when we got relegated to division3 and that felt low but that was mainly football related this is mainly off the pitch stuff not helped by the guardians who were supposed to be looking after the club!! what really annoys me though is the years when Nigel was here and we were frugal we brought in players like Martin,Brayford ,Bucko,Ward,Russell,Bryson , Shackell,Keogh without seemingly putting the club in any jeopardy then we spend big money on time wasters like Anya Blackman and co for much more money and much less actual input on the pitch and it really makes me wonder just how macs lad is still in work at our great club when it was necessary to continue finding gems for not big money I’ll always follow but to me we’ve caused this ourselves from the top … sad days indeed
  10. When Mel took over he inherited a good squad and then supplied the funds for Mac to bring in Thorne on a permanent and a few other players …at that stage I felt we couldn’t be in a better place and we were heading in the right direction A few seasons on and it is a total and utter shambles and although some poor managerial appointments haven’t helped what we as fans have no insight into is how the books are being balanced are the HMRC being paid are staff wages being paid etc etc in other words running a business The embarrassing shambolic mess of a once great football club is down to Mel and his associates I’m afraid whether anyone thinks he has good intentions or not …his side of it was to maintain the football club we love and he has failed I’m sick to death of hearing our club being spoke about in such low terms and Mel seemed ok on talksport boasting that he’d had one over on the efl etc but I’m sorry all we as fans asked of Mel was to run the club we adore ….properly !!! He has failed and for me I certainly will never forgive him for the mess we are in ….managers make bad decisions so do players but that’s part of the game …but crossing the tees and dotting the I’s on the business side we trusted Mr Morris and he has let us down …good intentions or not
  11. Disagree and this is not a dig at you or anyone on here but the EFL are a ducking disgrace …where is it right that an organisation with input from fellow chairman like wankpot Gibson can literally dictate who we can sign and how much we can offer etc it’s a disgrace and they should be ashamed of themselves but they won’t be all the time chairman of other clubs in our division have an input …the way Sheff Weds and us and Bury and Macclesfield Bolton etc have been treated is abysmal it should be independent at all times for fairness but we are now supposedly happy that we can sign a few players for a few months ffs ….what has happened to our great game ? I’ve never seen so many pages and pages of talk about finance and things we fans don’t really want to know about I find it tedious and I love football the game not all of this finance amortisation crap I really believe this is turning fans away …I will never stop going to games but even my enthusiasm to sit on motorways for hours on end up and down the country is waining…pre season used to be a time of excitement a new signing or two a new season yet this great game seems to dragged back time after time by the efl and there bunch of hangers on with motives of there own …rant over …sorry guys COYR
  12. He’s being loyal? Roy I’d expect any manger we have to be loyal as you call it The problem I see here is this…we are quite obviously in a right mess and my question is Roy is Rooney the correct person to be taking this on?? he may sound great in interviews etc but at this moment in time take a step back and ask if we didnt have a manager would Rooney be the choice ?? ive thought long and hard about this recently and I don’t think it’s fair on Rooney so here’s my ten penneth worth of all the managers out there out of work I’d go for Alex Neill ( not my first choice by any stretch ) but know this division and can work on limited budgets ….we need experience at the helm because this league will soon fall away from us if we get off to a bad start …Rooney is a top guy but for me the wrong choice at this moment ….
  13. He’s defensive covering especially on crosses to the back post though are much better than what Bogle provide and for me was massively overrated Byrne was one of our best players last season we must try and keep him if possible
  14. It’s not just down to one person that we conceded headers Clarke rarely lost a header that’s a fact and yes of course we move on!!! What bloody choice do we have I don’t care if no one is willing to sign him permanently we don’t know all of the facts but I’d have signed him permanently on a long deal and made him captain he’s still young and players of Clarke’s ilk are well out of our range instead we are now shopping not only in Lidl but in the reduced aisle in Lidl
  15. It might be an idea to use the “Dads Army” theme for when players run out at PP I mean ffs Jagielka Davies Baldock Kazim Aluko Forsyth
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