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  1. Was interesting hearing Cocu after the game he was not pleased with Bogle and defence for not closing down Benrahma I’m very hopeful for next season ...not all of the youngsters will make it but add a top striker like Horgan for example and some pace and think we’ll be a team to reckon with next season ...to be honest football for me is all about the fans and I don’t want to go up via Wembley without being there lol and next season we genuinely have a chance at top two with 3 top additions one will be a keeper for sure
  2. Not for me mate if keeper moves his feet he saves that good strike but it was not top corner but yes totally get you regarding second goal enough said 🙄
  3. Great post mate totally agree I like what Cocu is doing and with no major money spent and lots of negative things have happened off the pitch which Cocu has dealt with admirably ...he really didn’t look happy with the second or third goal had a lot to say
  4. Great goal by Benrahma but it was not top corner it enters the net half way down so it might sound harsh but Hamer should’ve done better doesn’t move his feet ...terrible keeper I’m afraid
  5. Pinnock and Jansson have been brilliant for Brentford this season and didn’t cost loads ...we have missed a settled CB pairing and a keeper would’ve added about ten points to our total
  6. Good post imagine Tewierlik in at CB keep Clarke get Joe Hart and Scott Horgan in and next season looks good to me ...Sibley Bird and Knight look good enough but going forward we need a bit more but to be where we are is an achievement considering what has happened this season
  7. We are a year behind Brentford and add a prolific striker a CB and a decent keeper and we’ll be up there next season
  8. I’d still like to see us sign Clarke ...immense for us and got better as season has gone on
  9. Great goal but entered the net about half way down it so it wasn’t exactly top corner
  10. Look how young that side is now...not all of this group will be good enough ...but the future is bright so get a grip anyone who’s being too critical West Brom are easily one of the better sides in this division
  11. The only dross is what you’re spouting in fact that’s being kind it’s utter 💩
  12. Buchanan and Hamer wtf please take Whittaker off as well West Brom are better than us Lawrence and Waghorn and evening Marriott would’ve made a big difference we have no cutting edge
  13. Be a better player than Forsyth ...who isn’t having a great game ...but Lowe isn’t
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