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  1. Shake his hand? wow...lol....he has taken us into administration and owes the HMRC a few bob lets say....total and utter incompetence....give him some slack??? he was supposed to look after our club we thought we were in safe hands ....couldn't have made a worse job of running our club if he tried.....or perhaps you can think of something else which is worse that he could've done ....I can't
  2. Mike Ashley is thoroughly disliked by a lot of geordies and a toon fan living in Derby said careful what you wish for but …. Like him or not he ran Newcastle like a business and I’d give my right arm for that at our club …I don’t beleive Newcastle was right for him but at this moment in time I think he’d be good for us …he’d steady the ship and give Rooney some funds no doubt …you have to look at the two clubs separately Newcastle : massive fan base and high expectations of winning the league based on what exactly ? Ashley still supplies funds for some hefty transfers yet net spend was 10m apparently…for me not the right fit Derby: crying out for some cash input and stability and at a reported 25m is peanuts to Mike Ashley …he could takeover put some money in keep us afloat and inject some new life into the club and still run it like a business like he did at Newcastle …I hear the fans at Newcastle and a lot didn’t like him but is he such a bad fit for us ? Really? At least we’ve heard of him and know he’d hopefully be here for a few years and not asset strip the place I think at this moment in time the Rams is a good fit at the right time for both parties just my views ..
  3. What exactly would convince you that Rooney is genuine ....maybe you’d be happier if he walked away?... would that please you.? No ....just give you something else to gripe about ......Rooney could just walk and I for one would be gutted ....and I was criticising him not long ago...but when we need stability as the foundations seem to have taken a serious knock...wouldn’t you say? He’s still here and says he’s going nowhere and I for one applaud him ...get of his back mr cynical and see that what he’s doing is credible .....as he said he could go on holidays etc but he cares about the players and staff here ...so give yourself a break from moaning and get behind him ...if you dare be positive
  4. Wouldn’t it taste better if you ordered coffee rather than ink 🙄
  5. There is one thing that to me is in excusable…NOT PAYING HMRC…..he’s supposed to be an astute businessman yet fails to pay the tax bill ….if he had cleared this and left then so be it…but to try and get a buyer to take on his debts to the HMRC is laughable …imagine any of us getting a job and the employer saying oh by the way the previous incumbent didn’t pay his taxes so you’ve got to pay them ….joke …no sympathy …taken us into admin and he’s not short of money ….good riddance and before anyone says he spent money he tried his best …we as fans trusted him as the club was under his control to run it properly …not run it into the ground!!!!! 🤬
  6. Good Grief!!! You really are something else ....Mr Cynical...so Rooney does something really good and out of his own pocket and its PR related !!!!! Just hate it when something decent is turned into something else......Not everyone does things because PR management say so...not everyone who is famous follows what PR people say like brain dead lemmings............ If it was PR related it would've been much better publicised...or did his PR team say don't worry....someone will mention it on the DCFC Forum pmsl
  7. is that what Gibson's doing then?? Trying to safeguard Derby County??? trying to make sure we're ok !! pmsl......There's plenty of clubs bending the rules slightly we aren't the only ones...I would not have your hero Gibson anywhere near DCFC we've had enough shysters running the club.....he's been very vocal about us......don't think he's the knight in shining armour you portray him to be Ben
  8. In a time like this we need stability somewhere and Wayne Rooney is showing that in abundance Talking about our future whether points deducted or in a lower division he is talking like he wants to be here and is going to be here.....I've criticised Rooney previously but one thing is sure.....he really is showing what a good leader he is and is conducting himself brilliantly. In the post match interview he seemed genuinely choked talking about the club and that means a lot to me...... Lets please ( including myself ) cut this man a bit of slack when its needed and it will be as he's doing a great job and Rio pointed out how he was so good on the training ground last week when observed our training. He deserves our full support especially in the next few weeks/months....lets let him know as fans we appreciate his hard work and he's still learning to be a manager.......my opinion of him has gone up massively.....he talks like he's here for the long haul and under the current circumstances just shows his character when we need someone to steady the ship in a time of need Rooney is saying he's going nowhere...massive credit to him......I'm glad he's here and our manager
  9. So multi millionaire Morris walks away because he says its costing him every month whilst canteen staff, academy staff, cleaners etc etc will now worry they can't pay there mortgage next month......such a top bloke ......it makes my blood boil to think we sang his praises thinking his stewardship and fact he was a fan would make us trust in whatever he done for DCFC......🤬
  10. At least the locals will get to see our players train ........on the local park !!!!! when the ground for the academy and training is sold!!
  11. Gibson is a **** and no i wouldnt be .....should mind his own ******* business
  12. yes but considering our glorious owner mentioned that figure I don't believe a word he says ...he got us in this mess through bad management from the top....no excuses.....he is the owner yet takes us into admin......a total disgrace and wish he'd never set foot in PP....stick to silly phone games!!
  13. An actual owner and so called fan taking our club into administration.....still can't quite believe it.....no one will change or stop my love for this club but agree with a few on here that football itself seems broken and am losing interest generally in the game....its not about football anymore it seems .....i grew up loving the game when it just seemed so much more in touch with the average working class fan ....now its about money and greed and what people can take out of the game....preferred the old days with no agents no bosman ruling where clubs got a fee for a player if he was valued and more honesty in the game .....sad times for our club and hardly slept a wink last night...._😞
  14. Morris says losing 1.5m a month but how is this true? our wage bill can't be massive .....don't beleive a word he says .... Some time ago i wrote that he was never going to sell the club with what he was asking for it and guess what?? he hasn't...... Mel for me goes down as one of the worst owners we have ever had....from a well run club when Nigel Clough and the yanks kept a steady ship with many seasons of treading water with gradual improvement and a good squad of players and nearly getting promoted to..................................................... ...going into administration !!!! I mean.....IT IS A DISGRACE MR MORRIS .....all that hard work before mr ego arrived has been undone !!!.......I think we all thought we were in good hands , a local businessman who's a fan etc etc ....but the club has been run shambolically and we as fans have been lied to and mislead....I truly feel sorry for anyone involved with our great club who is waking up this morning worrying about paying there mortgage etc....a shocking mess....such a sad day for DCFC
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