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  1. I know you are currently on a two year ban Mason so if you’re reading this ...I’ll come from Kent and pick you up and drive you to Millwall ...I know the area well...it’s really nice and friendly ..you’ll love it
  2. I don’t always agree with you but you make some valid points especially the part about scouts and selling the ground ... Also the drink driving incident was not dealt with correctly perhaps now you might see how difficult it must be for Mr Cocu ...seems quite shambolic to me
  3. A good player though Ramnut seen him play quite a bit for West Ham and Peterborough ...skilful tall quick feet scores goals and can play a few positions I’d actually rather have him than Lawrence or Bennett ...never mind
  4. And it’s Cocus fault is it that we haven’t signed any players yet? Not the recruitment team or scouts blah blah ....good job you’re not the chairman or we’d have a new manager every six months ...chill out
  5. Hull have just signed Martin Samuelson on a 2 1/2 year deal from West Ham ...he is Norwegian and I’ve seen him play several times for Peterborough whilst on loan ...a very skilful attacking wide or central player ...I would’ve liked us to have gone for him on a free ...will be interesting to see how he gets on at Hull ...why are we seemingly never in for players like this ....
  6. Was thinking the same myself today ...I’m really not sure about him ... One good thing about Clough was that you had to have the correct credentials personality wise it appeared before you were signed and became part of the group ...Bielik comes across as quite self centred and I’m not quite sure he fits the bill here ....unfortunately a players personality is also important which is why players like Nugent were good in the dressing room will never forget Nugent and Bryson turning up in London for a few beers with the Derby fans the eve before the play off final....top top blokes 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  7. Ducking Agents saying the club was not right to play him ...seeing more of this type of thing now like Pogbas agent being a twit and advising he needs an op i would tell this rick to reel his neck in ...most agents know duck all about football and guess what? we are paying his wages ...so shut the F up....agents are seriously now trying to influence team decisions ...joke!! if I were DCFC I’d tell him to do one!!!
  8. Hate the fact we're waiting on Fester to sign someone before we can get Benkovic....I think its just the fact they're two bob and maybe we'd be where they are if we had decided to not pay our debts.....nevermind.....and.......breathe!!! lol ps Hope we don't end up way down the line of choices of players that we wanted....can't help but think our recruitment team is not exactly efficient ....I might be wrong...still only half way through 👍
  9. Was seen in B&Q over the weekend just outside Derby buying a patio set so might have some legs in it
  10. wow ....so am I 👍🏻...where’s that contract? 😃
  11. Also this has become news so clubs might think we are short of a bob or two and won't hike up the prices when we enquire about there players....just a hunch
  12. This is surprising and dissapointing news for me...not a striker or a winger or anything for that matter I would've looked to offload to someone like Oxford in exchange ( plus Cash... which says it all ) for Dickie....what is going on !!😩
  13. S8TY


    C'mon Roy you're clearly in denial if you think your comments about Cocu "stumbling across a formation that works " or being a "lucky manager" are anything other than snidey digs...you clearly don't have any faith in Cocu and that is your choice of course and i respect peoples opinions but its just tiresome when you comment negatively when Cocu has changed his formation ( where you say he got it wrong to start with ) or if we play well then ( he has stumbled upon a formation ) just for once maybe see that Cocu has done something good or positive. next you'll be saying that Cocu has had no influence on our young academy players and its all down to previous coaches blah blah... He has brought in Bird,Knight,Sibley,Lowe,Whittaker and these players Whittaker apart have for me been our best players so far this season so he is doing a great job integrating them into our team and that is not as easy as some portray it to be but he creating a pathway to our first team without it seeming like a massive jump..something MM wanted to happen and it is happening.....for the record I actually like reading your posts and you're usually quite constant although you come across as a miserable bugger its clear that your comments about being lucky were not about injuries...every team has them and we are no different. Regarding injury to Bielik, he has not really shown enough to suggest he's even a starter yet as has been so in-consistent, thats not to say he won't get better but him getting injured tonight is just another player who joins the injury list of players who have not proved yet to be significantly missed in our team...I'm hoping in time he will be greatly missed but at this moment in time is not a great loss as he's not done much to date...
  14. Spot on 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  15. Give it a rest Roy FFS we know you don’t like Cocu....just stop the constant digs...if we win you say it’s luck if we lose it’s Cocus team and selection to blame , if we play badly it’s Cocus bad selection of players if he changes it and it gets better it’s still his fault ....FFS just give it a rest mate
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