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  1. Agree with this, Shinnie and Knight work there socks off but for me this saturday I'd go 433 with Watson Knight and Bird or Beni then hopefully with 25 to go and if we are leading bring on Shinnie to help close the game out and swap for Watson
  2. It was poor and to be honest none of the new lads apart from Beni had anything like good games. The positive was Louie Watson he looks a proper player even in the short time he was on Mengi passes backwards even when there was a forward pass on but he wasn't alone, Joz holds onto the ball too long when a quick one two or pass forward is on. Clarke and Wisdom have been great for us so why mess about with it We missed Byrne last night and Buchanan Clarke and Wisdom all had poor games by there own standards so far this season. But the biggest worry for me still hasn't b
  3. I might be wrong but Rooney seems more comitted to us than Frank ever was, I actually think they're like chalk and cheese, Lampard done well to get Wilson,Temori and Mount in and without those three don't think he would've achieved a wembley play off final. A final where for me royally fluffed it up picking the wrong side and also lets not forget at 0-2 down in second leg against the dirties it was an injury to Holmes that got Marriott on and the game changed from that point but there were some really poor performances as well under Lampard and also think he caused a lot of our demise the
  4. I thought CKR was not his usual self tonight quite in effectual ... looked tired to me ....poor poor game but massive 3 points....hope Clarke is ok
  5. Yes sorry you are right he did play well in that game but still think he's a bit off...who would you leave out for Sibley ?
  6. To be fair to Rooney I think he sees what goes on in training as well but I'll be honest and say IMO Sibley has not looked like a first eleven player for some time now, probably since his hat trick at Millwall but lets see what develops he still might come good, needs to cut out the silly challenges as well
  7. agree and think they are very good going forward , this looks like being more solid but I think Byrne and Buchanan have both been defensively solid getting vital blocks especially in last part of MBrough game
  8. If you watched Sibley in recent under 23s game I don't think this would look like a shock
  9. Yikes didn't expect that team selection but a solid back 4 less adventurous but defo 442
  10. Is there a link to this press conference Angie ? i can't seem to find it
  11. Although we should respect them they have only won 4 games this season, I think Rooney will go for it in the first half and get the job done before half time. We will win this by at least 2 clear goals they are nowhere near as good as Roverram
  12. He's the best Centre Back in the championship and would be my priority if we had a chance to sign him permanently...when the ball is played anywhere near him from the opposition i expect Clarke to win it...especially in the air.....If we could sign him permanently he'd be my choice of captain for years to come....very good player
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