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  1. and you're right Roy and I also like the banter...we don't always agree mate but thats what a forum is for eh ? It just doesn't come across that you want or beleive Cocu can do a job when as soon as you can usually following a game when we haven't won you say things like" all change " again ....stoking it up....just feels a bit tedious at times ...but anyway enjoy your evening
  2. Jeeez there are some poisonous worrying people about......keyboard warriors who would probably not say boo to a goose face to face.....dhead !
  3. It's tedious mate it really is......we have taken 1 point from 6 this week but i was genuinely pleased with how well we played on wednesday we really did play some nice stuff , today we never really got going but yet still could've won if Waghorns header had gone in rather than straight at the keeper...then our poor defending lets us down again....... Rome was not built in a day ( maybe in Roys world bless him )
  4. You're good at it Roy.......😉
  5. You are just making excuses for him though....a player should always be ready ...he is making errors and needs to learn.
  6. yes the buck stops with the manager and he's a proven international player and winner as a manager and he decides what is best and has to be trusted.....by questioning everything that he does you are basically saying you don't trust him as he is making soooooooooooo many errors in your opinion ....dropping Bogle is not part of a wider problem....what is wrong is leaving players in who are costing us goals too often...our best performance was Stoke yes you're right and the first half aginst PNE at PP ...but you are changing your argument and basing it on the fact Cocu has to let it develop and grow!! what if it doesn't grow and shrinks and goes backwards?? what ??? just say...its ok don't change it because it will grow.....Cocu knows the players and what they can and can't do and has a great record with young players...my advice to young Bogle and Lowe and any young players at DCFC is quite simple.....listen and learn and you might get better....you might not....but constantly picking players who are costing us just to say they have to grow is non factual and based on what you think might happen....whereas Cocu is reacting to what actually IS happening
  7. why comment "all change" because ?? oh ....lets have a think now??? no one had been on this thread since thursday then after a draw today you post "all change" its boring and tedious Roy...WE ALL KNOW YOU DON'T LIKE PHIL COCU!!!!!...its saturday night and I'm working so thats why I'm on here but what is your excuse ??? go and get a good curry mate and down a few beers...cheer yourself right up pal ....lol
  8. yeah and ducked up again! ....thats it yeah it was because he hadn't warmed up properly....pmsl
  9. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!!!
  10. But IMO you see a lot of things you don't agree with as Cocu errors....today before the game you posted that dropping Bogle was not good for the lad but it was justified as i thought Wisdom played well....Bogle comes on and makes a weak header and Roos and Davies contribute towards an easy equaliser for them ( and fully deserved IMO ) but then its still Cocu's fault??? Can you not at least see that Bogle although young and yes still learning has cost us goals and therefore by being dropped could be seen as justifiable ? Then the fact that Cocu singles him out after the game may insinuate that our manager maybe trying a different method or is genuinely getting a bit peeved that Bogle keeps making basic errors as does Roos for the record but as Cocu said it is never one error there are sometimes 3 or 4 leading to a goal...he is right to say this because it is a fact. If we continue to ship soft defendable goals Jourdan it will be Cocu himself who will be judged so he has to do what he thinks is right and if he leaves him out it is for a reason. It must be frustrating to keep shipping soft goals....we as fans get frustrated and yet we cannot do anything about it....Cocu can....but all i am saying is whatever our manager does you seem to jump straight onto the negative aspect and any situation can be looked at in different ways...if he had left Bogle in today and we had lost say 2-1 with a couple of errors by him you would be saying it was Cocus fault for not leaving him out when he needs a break so he leaves him out and we are ok at 1-0...he brings him on and unfortunately the young lad makes another error and it is Cocu's fault again!! what about the player himself making error after error??
  11. Lets be honest you just don't like or rate Cocu though Jourdan....Bogle was rightfully dropped and bringing him on was also a mistake.....has cost us goal after goal but thats ok lets not damage his confidence by actually dropping him
  12. There was just something so very special about the BBG which I will take to the grave with me......It was a proper football theatre and getting crushed in the popside trying to get in amongst the big boys who were singing there heads off was and will always be a special memory....I don't know why it sticks in my head so much but when we were on a downward spiral at the time i remember us duffing Florest out of the FA Cup with Gemmill and i think Andy Hill scoring to win 2-0 and the popside was a heaving swaying jumping mass of bodies and i was right in there lol....great stuff 👍
  13. Agree loved the patrick kit one of my faves and yet i never quite took to the centenary kit ( patrick again i think )
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