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  1. What's that got to do with Sky TV? We've been a L1 club for 2 years, Sky have barely looked at us and nearly all games have been 3pm ko. I suggest you turn your fire elsewhere if you're not enjoying watching Derby.
  2. Sky and its money has done an awful lot of good for football. It's allowed clubs to invest in their facilities, making stadiums much safer and the whole matchday experience better for the vast majority. It's opened up access to games that supporters simply would not be able to see otherwise. It's made Sundays far less boring. It's pumped a lot of money into helping combat racism and tackle inequality in the game. Yes they muck around with fixture lists and that can be annoying. And as all the stats show, people who want to go to football still go to football. But for me the benefits far outweigh the negatives. If you want accuse any organisation of ruining football, take a look at the Premier League.
  3. Why couldn't people just stay in the stands so everyone could see and enjoy the presentation and a lap of honour by the players and management instead of that embarrassing moment in the directors box when nobody knew what to do. Then some people went back, some stayed, so some others went back on. It was chaos just because people can't behave and do as they are asked. There, I seem even more boring and joyless than you.
  4. Pearson was sacked too early. Clement was sacked too early. McLaren was sacked too early. Cocu was sacked too late. I like Gary Rowett and his style of football was ok. xG is a pile of w***. The South Stand is good but not as good as everyone makes out. I like @RoyMac5's input. Some people on here engage their fingers way earlier than they do their brains. It's not against the law to change your mind on things like the manager/players etc. The European Super League needs to happen, and now, if football in this country is to be competitive. Parachute payments need to be scrapped, and now, if the Championship is to remain competitive.
  5. This is a great point, and perhaps why Saturday didn't feel nearly as exciting as the Championship play off games we've had in recent year, Leeds away especially. I expected us to get promoted so while I'm happy that we did and enjoyed the occasion on Saturday, the whole thing feels to me like we are righting a wrong more than achieving anything extraordinary.
  6. I think youth and agility will be the way forward now we can afford it.
  7. I'm not sure you've got a grasp of how this forum works 😉
  8. Indeed, but you didn't mention any of those in your original post.
  9. He was offered a contract at Derby and chose not to sign it. He could have stayed if he wanted to but wanted to try elsewhere, which is his right. Let's not rewrite history here or pretend he was doing it for the good of the club. Good goal yesterday and hopefully for him he does well at Bristol. He's been a good player for us but I'd agree with him that it's time to move on for a fresh challenge.
  10. Yeah but that's most Saturdays isn't it?!
  11. I had a lovely fullsome pot of grass from the BBG post Palace in 96. Then a couple of years later workmen came to replace the fence panels and inadvertently chucked it. Heartbroken.
  12. Fair point, and I'm with you and @Mucker1884 on that. It was probably just to illustrate the point. I always felt when we were at the top of the Championship it was the best place to be - I always felt to win it and not go up (but get some cash) would be ideal. But I suppose that's a stupid point of view because it kind of defeats the objective.
  13. Mate, so will I, and to be fair to @Carl Sagan I probably picked on the wrong post. But some of the "tear in my eye" and "spirit of 75" stuff is a tad over the top imo. I guess @Premier ram has me banged to rights. Bah humbug!
  14. With respect I'll be saving all this for when, or if, we ever get promoted to the Premier League. Or win the FA Cup. Something that really signifies over-achievement or something truly special. I don't think this is it. Don't get me wrong, I'll be delighted come 5pm when we're out of this lousy league but we're only going back to where we should always have been except with a poorer squad and - from what I've seen this season of the Championship - a higher standard of football generally than when we were last in it. We should never have been docked 21 points imo, and never have been relegated. But we were, and massive well done to Paul Warne and the players for getting us out after two seasons. With the squad we have we should be challenging at the top of the table. I went to the end of season awards last night and it was great to have such a positive vibe in the room. But, in my humble opinion, it's not worth some of the overly emotive stuff I've read on this forum in the last few days.
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