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  1. Rising tide of performance?

    I'm with you all the way mate. I've no idea why it's all gone flat this end. I loved watching Clement build because although the football was slow and at some points tedious I had a sense of where we were aiming, so no problem. I don't like feeling like this, I assure you. Nothing against GR, I'm a fan and hope with a couple of transfer windows things will improve. Maybe its just being flat out on various other fronts has sapped my energy for it all! Ignore me!
  2. Rising tide of performance?

    It's sad to read your thoughts @Alpha I have a season ticket and live only three miles from PP but couldn't be bothered going last night for all the reasons you point out. Judging by the texts I received from my mates at the ground it was the right decision. And before everyone jumps on the "what do you want, we won?" or "there's no pleasing some people" bandwagon, the answer is enjoyment and entertainment, to watch good football, to want to go not feel I have to. To not sit there bored for 90 minutes punctuated by the odd goal. We won last night, but can anyone tell me genuinely it was a good game, that they came away buzzing? Or was it more, " that was alright, we weren't great but hey, it's 3 points"? Last night was the first home game I've deliberately missed for years, and it wasn't even a hard decision. That must tell you something. The rising tide of performance might well come, and I hope it does, because that will hopefully bring back the enthusiasm.
  3. v QPR (H) - Predictions

    1-1 Lawrence.
  4. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    Why are people on about Sunderland? Even if he had the choice - and I haven't seen anything linking him there - does he: a) stay somewhere he is settled, playing every game, valued, loved by the fans and with a shout of the play offs b) go somewhere new, the place in chaos, half empty stadium, and League 1 beckoning No choice there. More realistic is that Villa will offload a few and snap him up, and we'll end up with Lansbury. In all, I'd be surprised if he didn't sign for us.
  5. Rising tide of performance?

    Indeed, the point being is that we were trying to do something, that GR recognised the need, rather than the assumption that he thought we'd got it sorted.
  6. Rising tide of performance?

    He did, he brought in Huddlestone and others. By his own admission he was then having to shift players out before bringing others in. And if no-one deals until the last minutes of the transfer window, your hands are tied.
  7. Rising tide of performance?

    Maybe a mobile Birmingham midfielder who Rowett thought he'd signed until he put an X in the wrong box?
  8. Rising tide of performance?

    I think you make some good points here @Angry Ram - it's funny how we are sitting just outside the play offs yet as you rightly point out attendances are down, there's no buzz around the club and a lot of people I talk to who work there are thinking we might get in the play-offs but probably not. A couple of years ago, being in and around the play offs would have been generating a lot more excitement. That can only come from what we see on the pitch. Levels of individual and collective performance, game plans etc. I'm happy with Gary in charge and think he needs January and the summer to work on improving the side. He's been dealt a poor hand in many ways, and while he did pretty decent business in the summer, two of his key signings aren't working yet not his fault necessarily. If this time next year though we're no better - or showing very definitive signs that things aren't improving - then he's on a sticky wicket.
  9. Rising tide of performance?

    Not all Gary's fault. If you have a midfield 2 of Ledley and Huddlestone you're never going to get quick forward momentum. They're both naturally defensive players. Some more pace in there in January will make a huge difference in getting the team playing forward quicker. I don't think Gary will have drilled into the players some of the stuff that was going on on Saturday, I just think with the players we have it's their natural mindset.
  10. Danny Ings

    Tried to click on that but bombarded with ads and there were so many trying to load the page just stopped. I last attempted to read something on that site a few months ago and its getting even worse. Anyway, he'd be a good signing, was real quality when at Burnley but barely played for a couple of years. And it only seems to make sense if others are on their way out, which is perfectly feasible. If we have money to spend, there are other areas that need improving first.
  11. The derby way equals the Brian Clough way.

    Spot on. And let's not forget he walked out on us, not the other way round. He was brilliant for this club, and the reason I supported Derby, but that was in the 1970s and the game has move on. Considering some of the OP's original points: Style - yes of course we all want to win playing beautiful football but I supposed everyone would say that. There's a reason why very, very few teams can achieve it. Formations, I agree can often be too over-thought. Being arrogant enough to get away with not bothering with the opposition (and I'm never sure whether I believed that anyway), why would you even think of taking that view now with all the advantages of research and analytics we have at our fingertips? Zonal marking? Always hated it. Speed - perhaps not so important in those days, absolutely critical now.
  12. Chris Martin

    Yes mate. What I'm saying is that people are so quick to criticise on the apparent basis that they think that playing professional football at this elite level is somehow akin to playing football in the park with your mates, and judge it as such. I would challenge anyone to try playing the game at the speed and intensity Championship players have to then come back on here and say even half the things they do. There's a reason why thousands of decent players don't even make it to professional level. Therefore those that do, and particularly if you get has high as our players do, have outstanding ability.
  13. Chris Martin

    Martinis surely?
  14. Chris Martin

    It also never ceases to amaze me that some people have no comprehension whatsoever how hard it is to play at this elite level, at this speed, with a million decisions to make every minute. Millions of people play football, a comparative handful make it as far as Championship level. You've got to be something very special physically and mentally to make it this far. Yet people talk about playing football at the second highest level in the country as if it's getting out of bed.
  15. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    A fine, objective and informative post, thanks.

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