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  1. I'm going to buck the trend here. I'd have him in the team ahead of Holmes, alongside Shinnie and Bielik as PC wants to play three there. Statistically given the limited game time has had he is actually doing more good things and being more creative than Holmes, and has a better end product. Holmes has had a run in the side and offered very little. No reason not to give Dowell the opportunity of a run of games, especially at home where we are meant to be on the front foot and unlocking defences. I'd back him to find a clever pass to play Marriott or Martin in every day over Holmes, who cannot seem to find any end product to some other good parts of his game. Came in from the cold at Hull and had a decent game. Technically he's a very good player but like all players, cannot showcase it with 10 mins here and there.
  2. I spoke to the manager at the Harvester on Pride Park the other week about this. He said that they have had to install this camera based/enter your reg number system because it got to the stage where they were losing business because they would come in in the morning and most of the car park was already taken up by people parking for the station, Derby College or town. Same with Chiquitos. I thought it a perfectly reasonable response.
  3. Wasn't too despondent about the result. Last couple of away performances have been better despite 2 defeats. On that performance, on another day we've come away with 1 or even 3 points. Thought Bielik moving back to centre half had a real effect on the game. Fans were very quiet after they scored which was a bit disappointing, not much support til the last 10 when we got right on top of them. Same at Hull. Surely it's when we're behind that we need to be louder? On the subject of fans, Forest were extremely loud (not surprisingly) and did what we can't seem to, which was to generate good noise coming from all over the ground. Given the players at our disposal, Martin and Marriott is the way forward but both need to up their game a bit. Martin too often gives the first time pass backwards when he had plenty of space behind him or on the half turn to play progressively. But back it went and the break ended. Marriott in the first half gave very little for the defence or midfield to hit. Against Boro he was regularly looking to make runs in behind but didn't seem to yesterday. Might just be me mind and where I was standing. And of course they both had decent chances. Rooney should make a big difference simply because we lack creativity. Holmes is struggling, Paterson we need to see more of as he seemed to strike up a bit of rapport with Martin in a couple of game they've played together, which means it's all on Lawrence's shoulders. On that front, I was incredibly impressed by Lawrence yesterday. Facing relentless abuse from all round the ground must have been hard to deal with, but he kept himself composed and put in a very good performance. His yellow could have been red, but if the ref was watching he was fouled once if not twice in the immediate moments before, putting him off balance. Good shows as well from Bogle (mistake aside), Shinnie, Bielik and Curtis. Roos made some good saves but having seen the goal back on telly I'm not sure he covered himself in glory there with his movement/positioning. It was a shame we lost as we weren't second best to them, but that's football. I enjoyed the day.
  4. ...and D) A crowd that allows you play and doesn't: i) moan if you try something positive and make a mistake or lose the ball ii) moan when you don't try something and don't make a mistake iii) moan when keeping the ball is a better option than giving it away iii) moan when the goalkeeper keeps the ball out of the net iiii) moan when we score a goal (that'll be next, mark my words) I know we don't have a great home support, but this season seems to have got even worse than in previous years. Little wonder the players can go into their shells. We're not blessed with the world's greatest players - we're a mid table Championship side - but they're a talented bunch who try hard, yet some people expect them to be world beaters and won't accept anything less. PS, I really don't want to turn this into a fans debate, there have been too many of them already, but just pointing out that it all goes into the mix regards how the team plays.
  5. Shay Given is the new Kevin Phillips. A goalkeeping coach who manages to make our goalkeepers worse. Thought Roos did really well last season after breaking into the side. But he seems to have gone backwards again this season, and it's not only his role it's affecting, any defender will tell you they can't concentrate on their job properly if they've always got half an eye on their keeper. He needs to improve, or we should be looking to get someone in in Jan as first choice as by then he will have had a year or so in the first team to prove himself. He's got nice hair though.
  6. Loved today. Gone to Leeds and taken a point after being battered for 70 mins. Cocu was right in what he said, after we conceded just stay in the game. Don't do anything stupid, don't panic, don't force it. Just stay in it. We know Leeds fall away in the last 15 minutes. They do it every single game. Delighted for Martin. Given the way we play, and what we have available, he can become a big player for us again this season, and I never, ever thought I'd say that. Well done lads, a great point.
  7. What @cheron85 said up there. ^^^^ It's the tired old argument that just because they get paid well they must automatically be amazing all the time. The only inexcusable element is if they're not trying, and I don't think that's the case at all. Holmes isn't playing to his potential because he's coming back after injury. Dowell isn't for reasons Cocu needs to suss out because he's surely better than what we've seen. Clarke isn't because he probably needs a run of games to settle in. As much as he looked nervous on the ball, I really liked what I saw on Friday though when he made his charges forward and Bielik just slotted in (same with Keogh). Marriott I don't think is playing to his full potential because we're not giving him the necessary service where he can best be used. Lots of reasons other than money.... Oh, and in answer to you post, it doesn't make me feel sick or cheated re their wages. They've got this far to make it to an elite level that very few players do. Good luck to them I say.
  8. Problem most whingeing Derby fans have is they all say in the summer they are happy for a season of transition, for a manager to come in, take time to build properly and create a team capable of getting promotion, but when it actually shows signs of happening they jump off a cliff and we end up with threads like this. I'm very happy with Cocu, I'm very happy with Rooney. The squad could be better but there are players there who are not yet playing to their potential for a number of reasons. We've shown we can compete with the best teams in the division. It's a slow start, that's all.
  9. I think totally the opposite. It's not Derby that are driving coverage of the ground sale or anything to do with FFP, its the moaning of other clubs and the media's need to fill 24 hours of coverage online/broadcast. If you look, Derby have not actually been commenting on any of the last week's stuff or the Daily Mail's anti-Rooney agenda, which is the right tack to take. So you can hardly say they are addicted to coverage. Quite the opposite. They are keeping their head down. Rooney in my opinion is a brilliant piece of business for the club, both commercially and on the playing side. Don't tell me he isn't better than anyone we have in midfield, or that he won't get bums on seats. It's only because there's an international break so there's not much to talk about, added to the fact its been a slow start. Cheer up!
  10. This is The Sun you're talking about. It took them about a quarter of a century to apologise for Hillsborough so you've got no chance with this. Regards the club's comments, it's an interesting one. I think Mel had to say what he said simply because all the questions being asked of him involved how can we afford it within FFP. The answer? It makes more than it costs. It's a fair point imo.
  11. Absolutely they should because they are matters of fact and in the public interest given his profile. These sorts of stories thought are very different.
  12. Really? So you genuinely can't see the difference between a sportsman willingly signing a contract that's been thrashed out by agents, lawyers and club officials and a newspaper trying to destroy his marriage and personal life by printing lies about him?
  13. Couldn’t give two figs about this game. Hope cocu gives some fringe players some decent game time and doesnt treat it as something important. As for the result, not bothered either way. A good opportunity for people to get some football heir legs, but all eyes on the league atm, nothing else.
  14. I'll offer a another point of view. It didn't really work against Stoke at all, we looked chaotic at the back, let in a poor (but well taken) goal by being pulled apart by a simple long ball, and we were fortunate that we were up against a side which lacked confidence and which after we equalised were sitting back aiming for a point. We didn't win the game but it was a decent point. On Tuesday did it work? Bristol City were already 2-0 and showed little intention to attack in the second half. You could argue it worked because we didn't let in a goal, equally you could argue it didn't because we lost and therefore the benefit of the switch did not bear out. I don't mind 3 at the back by the way, we might have the players best suited to that, especially when Marriott and Holmes are fit. Secondly we will never get anywhere with Josefzoon in the team. It's not his fault, he just isn't good enough. Against Stoke he was lazy as much as he was poor, and on Tuesday night had loads of the ball and regularly mishit his cross, didn't beat the first man or just abdicated responsibility by passing five yards back to Keogh. How many times did he put it into a dangerous area for the strikers to attack? Yes he did pass to Marriott from which Marriott scored. But if his sole contribution after all that play is a simple five yard pass - and to a player with his back to goal so he hardly laid the goal on - then it's not enough. I'd really like to see him do well, but nothing we saw last season or so far this suggests he is up to scratch for a regular spot in a team aiming for promotion. And if we're playing with wing backs, they become a really important part of the set up. Until we can improve in that area I'd prefer Bennett, at least with him you get guts, strength and a positive attitude.
  15. Thought GSE and Glick ran the business well, picking up a real mess and and creating a sustainable platform for growth. Much like Mel, the punt was always that it all comes good with promotion.
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