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  1. I can see him going to Villa, absolutely. He'd be a good signing for them. Reasons he might come to us is he'd be guaranteed plenty of football, look how Tomori developed here, the Championship is an excellent learning ground, Lampard might feel a full season at a slightly lower level would suit his development, Lampard owes us one.
  2. Strike force is looking ok. Wondering where we will replace Wilson's 18 and Mount's 11 goals. Two out of our three top scorers last season. Marriott we hope will be played more and therefore score more. He's a great finisher. Waghorn we know can deliver. Of the rest, Martin is impossible to say. The last two years inspire no confidence whatsoever, but who knows if he is used in his best position. Not holding my breath on this one. Season before last Dowell got 9 for Forest in 38, which is decent. Bennett and Lawrence will probably need to step up regards goal return. I'm not overly optimistic but neither is it looking a disaster.
  3. Best thing about those highlights is that after, it auto played cheating Leeds playing on against Villa and then that banker Jansson trying to prevent Villa scoring from the kick off with all his team mates moaning at him. I'd forgotten how joyful that was. No doubt led to his exit to Brentford.
  4. Indeed. And there are plenty of professional players out there who don't even really enjoy playing. If it's a case of him not wanting to move because of his contract then fair enough, I've no issue with that. It's up to Derby, who provided him with the contract, to try and make the situation work for the club. If he doesn't really want to play football anymore I guess we'll know when his contract is up.
  5. Anya is such a weird story. He's a perfectly good player. Yet didn't/wouldn't go out on loan. Didn't/wouldn't/couldn't move on a perm. Completely fell off the radar through successive managers even though we were crying out for more effectiveness out wide. Lots of stories, none worth repeating as no idea if they are true. I've always quite liked him and would love to know whether this "sabbatical" has been enforced or self-inflicted.
  6. Never been the same since they had to photoshop George Thorne's head in
  7. He's only 35, can we not sign him as emergency full back cover. He's younger than the last one we signed.
  8. That's the sensible view. But don't necessarily expect it to be the outcome given the current climate. You're probably right about Rapinoe, though I find her quite vile.
  9. Awesome today, but let's face it, even if we spank New Zealand and win the World Cup, they'll still lose out in the BBC Team of the Year to the women's football team.
  10. Almost as annoying as people switching their forum ID to a Dutch 'name'
  11. I'm glad you've put all this on @Alpha For the reasons you highlight above I haven't watched a single video the club has put out since the end of the season. It's all too anodyne. Cocu may or may not be asked some proper questions when put in front of the external media, but until then it's fluff. Mel on TalkSport was decent (if you believed half of it) but I doubt the club machine would push him hard on anything.
  12. If ever anything sums up Glasgow it's the ned with blood running down his face, coming back and getting involved for no reason whatsoever, getting himself nicked while in the process allowing his assailant to run off. As his friends might say, what a wee fanny.
  13. I know, they're far more unruly up north....
  14. No tasers? Even better, no machine guns?
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