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  1. Stadium atmosphere

    Lots has been tried, lots has worked, some hasn't. One of the issues is that most of the time those going on about wanting to improve the atmosphere come from a standpoint that everyone is desperate to stand, sing and chant all game and are somehow being prevented or there's something wrong with people sitting and watching. This simply isn't the case. When I go away I love all of the above, but when at home I enjoy sitting, shouting (in an encouraging way), clapping and joining in with the odd chant, but overall just want to watch the game with my lads. The atmosphere at PP is no better or worse than anywhere else, it can be quiet during games but maybe that's because people are watching the football? There is perhaps an element of self-fulfilling prophecy about these endless debates - if we are constantly being told that the atmosphere is crap, we will start to believe it and then the atmosphere will be crap because we are going in with that perception. I think as @RamNut quite rightly points out, the only thing that will guarantee the best atmosphere is if the team is performing.
  2. Johnny Russell - Signed for Sporting Kansas City

    Interesting interview, reading between the lines this looks like it came about last year when he wasn't offered a deal by Derby, started looking around and fancied something different. Doesn't reference Derby at all really in terms of what happened, though he's still being stuck on the wing I see! Good luck to him.
  3. Johnny Russell - Signed for Sporting Kansas City

    That pitch looks like it was made in Rochdale.
  4. We're coming after you Wolves

    Not if you're @B4ev6is it isn't. Unless Derby win, in which case it is.
  5. What going wrong lately

    Totally agree with you on everything there. I think we probably ended the transfer window one winger light, but that might have been Lookman who bailed on us last minute, or there simply wasn't anyone out there within the talent or price range required.
  6. What going wrong lately

    From what I saw against Forest they don't look like they're knocking on the door. If you had to throw in one, anyone who can create from wide would be welcome.
  7. What going wrong lately

    Last 2 games teams have played three at the back against us and we've struggled. Other managers will look at that. I agree re the formation, it seems too rigid for a manager who said he would treat every game on its own merit. I think given our transfer activity in Jan, the 4231 doesn't look viable at the moment because we have little strength out wide, so Vydra is the only one doing anything with any consistency, while against Norwich and Sheff Weds we were exposed down the flanks.
  8. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    It's actually "punching above your weight". But I get what you're saying. I'm not sure we are. I think third is about right. We've just dipped in form.
  9. Ledley or Thorne starting

    Prefer Davies but no problem with Pearce at all.
  10. Ledley or Thorne starting

    Not that much of a conundrum. Thorne was poor on Saturday and looked knackered. So Ledley for me. I'd probably look to give Lawrence a rest for Weimann. Beyond that, unchanged.
  11. Poor ref again no back bone

    I thank goodness for both of those.
  12. Poor ref again no back bone

    Ok, well I thought the ref was fine. Only contention was having his mind changed by his lino for the first penalty. Beyond that, he got pretty much every other key decision right.
  13. Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    Wasn't unhappy with a point today, Norwich were the better side. Maddison was excellent for them and ran their attacking game. After we scored we struggled to cope with their formation and the fact - a very rare one - that they played three up front away from home and just attacked relentlessly. We didn't ever seem to know whether to stick or twist and it led to constantly giving the ball away as players didn't make the run the player with the ball expected them to, or made a run the player with the ball didn't expect. Too many players were off it today and we didn't do nearly enough to win the game, had Carson to thank for saving us, so a point is welcome when we could have left with nothing, Carson aside, the back four played well, as did Jerome with the thankless task he had. Not much from Lawrence again and we didn't need Anya to disappear second half. Hudds did well, surprised Ledley didn't come on for Thorne at HT as Norwich's threat by then was obvious. Awesome goal from Vyds and credit to Anya for a cute ball to him. Pleased for Olsson, who has been due a run of games for a while and is playing well.
  14. Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    Got to disagree with that. Jerome I thought did well today, given that he had nothing fed to him, and most of the time no Derby player within about 30 yards of him. Led the line, won the ball, tried to link play and did a decent job seeing as he was so isolated. Nugent would have suffered the same.
  15. Lawrence had big hand in all 3 goals

    Read the post properly. The words "at the moment" are key. We may or may not see in the future whether he is "worth every penny". We all hope that he will be. My opinion at the moment is that he's too inconsistent.

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