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  1. 3-1 Derby, Aghatise free kick. There's a livestream on YouTube btw if anyone wants to catch the last 15.
  2. I have no idea what you are on about. Seemed to kick the ball perfectly fine for his goal v Swansea.
  3. He played 30 minutes. He won us 2 corners that weren't capitalised. Not much he could do, did some nice underlaps for Byrne to get crosses in. Hard to affect a game when he came on due to the poor game it was.
  4. Someone who trains and regularly plays on top quality pitches, a player that plays in the championship vs one of the best wingers of all time and captain of 2 time European champions... Nice comparison!!
  5. People are being incredibly harsh. Moved countries, first season in English football and he's having to play on our pitch for half his games. Someone with his play style, who relies on beating players and dribbling, our pitch takes that out of him.
  6. Tbh I wasn't gonna bother going through the 20 pages🤣
  7. Yeah they will be, that's where everywhere gets their figures from. Tbf, FM will be the most accurate.
  8. Not sure if it's already been posted...
  9. Jubbs

    Mason Mount

    Their fan base is proper weird, it's like split in 2. Those who love Mount and Lampard. Those who love Jorginho and Sarri. I find Jorginho very average, but a lot of their fans obsess over him, pretty weird
  10. Since you're a Rotherham fan, you should know what I'm about to say. Your style of play is intended to strangle life out of games, trying to make them a battle, pressing incredibly aggressively with low PPDA (Passes Allowed Per Defensive Action), playing to your strengths. It's obvious there is a technical gap between Rotherham and most teams in the league, your squad obviously has limitations and Warne bridges that gap by playing the style he does, to limit any edge their opponents have.
  11. It's all adding up, so I don't think we should be naïve and believe this to be false.
  12. I'm shocked he missed this tbh, you could tell by the reactions of every player around him it was a stamp. Jeremy Simpson is a clown, easily one of the worst referees in England.
  13. This is bad bad news. If Mel had a single brain cell, he wouldn't go anywhere near those 2.
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