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  1. That's a peno, even though he's gone down easily, he's all over him and taken him down, other way around and that's been given
  2. I've just read the OTIB for the first time and it's absolutely hilarious. I am so glad we're living in their head rent free and I can't wait for us to beat them in December so I can just read the forum go into full blown meltdown
  3. It's because his source at the club was probably Mel Morris, now he's not here, he doesn't get his big scoops like he used to
  4. Would make sense if Jez Moxey is leading the bid, as he is Head of Sport Team Mergers & Acquisitions according to GSW's website. https://generalsportsworldwide.com/
  5. I've just got back from Popworld (I know, blame my mates) and there's 0 chance I'm staying up to watch the fight
  6. I'm out tonight so depending on what time I'm back I'll probably be awake to watch a completely legal stream of it
  7. https://binniemedia.com/ This is their media group though, so not just Carlisle Capital.
  8. This made me laugh, Sam Fender is a brilliant artist and was a little worse for wear this morning.
  9. Assisted their goal in a 6-1 defeat.
  10. Carlos Richards has been called up to Gibraltar U17 squad, bit of a unique one.
  11. I'm up to date on Money Heist and I've just finished Squid Game. I don't understand how people can watch dubbed versions of movies/tv shows, they sound completely awful and ruins the experience. On Squid Game, thought it was fantastic. 9/10
  12. Probably not the best joke to make, all things considered..!
  13. I think that's fair criticism at times but it certainly isn't fair for Wednesday. 31/36 passes completed (86%) 3/3 dribbles completed 7/9 ground duels won 2 tackles
  14. I am genuinely mind blown that we have been fined for this. If every single referee sent in a report for this, there'd be A LOT of money going in the FA's back pocket. Shambles.
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