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  1. Offers more going forward?????
  2. As much as I want to believe this, they're reporting Bogle and Lowe as £11m, which was nowhere near the case as it was around £6m for the pair. Forest probably lowballed and we rejected it, our asking price won't be that high.
  3. Really wouldn't surprise me, it's certainly not worked out for him. From supposed attitude problems to injuries, it's disappointing but not that unexpected.
  4. The Championship isn't ready for skinhead Bielik.
  5. NEC Nijmegen. Went to a football tournament in the Netherlands a few times growing up and they're the closest club, so I like to see how they're doing
  6. Trialist B is Carlos Richards, formerly of Chelsea. Played twice on trial for West Ham in May.
  7. Anything other than relegation and I'll be more than happy. Anything else on top of that, buzzing
  8. Trialist B is alright ain't he
  9. Hope so. Makes no sense to release the kit AND open the store at the same time on Sunday. What if people queue up to buy it then don't like the kit? Releasing it today would mean fans know what they're buying come Sunday.
  10. Anywhere on the left hand side.
  11. Now with the opening of the club store delayed until Sunday, does this mean the kit is going to be released then too? I thought the kit was being revealed tomorrow originally, will this now be Sunday? Also, for the friendly, are we going to play in our new kit? Or the old kit?
  12. Wonder what Stearman's, Lawrence's, Buchanan's and Sibley's "treatment" is.
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