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  1. I'm clearly not going to convince you otherwise but whatever. Clearly you aren't aware fully of the madman that is Abramovich. They weren't exactly doing terribly and the sacking was to do with disagreements with the clubs transfer policy and falling out with Marina, rather than results. I for one would welcome Frank back as it's certainly the most fun season we've had since 13/14, it was entertaining football.
  2. I 100% want AJ to win. Just don't like Fury's cult like following, just want them all to get shut up, along with Fury. I just want AJ in a post fight press conference just calling Fury a dosser
  3. Of course he did well here. You need to look at it the other way rather than "the 3 loanees carried him, he was a rubbish manager" maybe look at it like, "woah he did well to get this team 6th and to a play off final" as evidently, in the last 2 seasons, the squad is not good enough and nowhere near how good people thought we were. What do you mean he didn't do well with Chelsea???? He got them 4th, under a transfer embargo, having sold their best player.
  4. Speaking to Ram (co-founder of MRKT Insights, who basically do recruitment and data science for various clubs) on twitter, he says that Zanzala is better than League 2 standard and that it won't be long until he's back in League 1. Also said Callum Guy is doing really well too and that he's another one that could easily be playing League 1 to a very good standard.
  5. Comments say stuff like "farewell" and "been a pleasure"
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/COuyyyZBxSE/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Looks like Cresswell is leaving...
  7. Wait, where's this Rooney fronted consortium rumour come from?
  8. Not been watching it and only caught up on the goals, but Liam Thompson whenever I've seen him is a tidy little play. Both goals started from him picking up the ball and wanting to progress.
  9. Damn I was wrong, Ebosele giving off false info on his insta!! How dare he
  10. No, not at all. He was pulled for his safety as he easily could've been blinded - that's absolutely fair. BUT, he should know better than slating Dubois for pulling out, when his injury was worse. If he was a decent human being (newsflash, he isn't) he wouldn't have said anything about Dubois other than wishing him well, rather than saying that he himself would rather die in the ring.
  11. One of my favourite films! Edgar Wright is easily one of my favourite directors. Phenomenal soundtrack.
  12. Ebosele put on his instagram it was "home time" so I'm assuming he's gone back to Ireland for the summer, so like you said, will be enjoying the end of season rest.
  13. Of course he is! He literally says in this video "get carried out of the ring brother" yet he accepts his trainer calling it off? He said he'd rather die in the ring. Clearly not. This is just another of many reasons to dislike BJS. This video did not age well for him. I am aware of how bad the injury is, but why would someone who knows how serious eye socket injuries can be, say all that about Dubois quitting?
  14. Jubbs

    EFL appeal

    Am I imaging things but didn't Pearce say in an interview a couple of months back, to a question regarding why the accounts hadn't been published, that we have both ways ready, just waiting for EFL appeal. If that's the case, surely he wouldn't have mentioned that if it was going to be an issue?
  15. Jubbs

    EFL appeal

    What the hell is going on!?!? One normal day of Derby County is all I ask for
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