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  1. This kind of behaviour is why people think football is just money obsessed - I understand why they're doing it but makes them look like the worst kind of scumbags - Held vigils with shirts or his name and image printed on it and then deny he was ever even a Cardiff player... I find this behaviour a LOT more unpalatable than the whole Leeds spygate thing - I would love to see the FA/FIFA/Someone slap a big old fine and/or point reduction on them for doing this - If this isn't bringing the game into disrepute I don't know what is
  2. Have you seen his 'professional' photo? I mean, I'm aware that in a suit I look like a homeless person they've tried to dress up - But he looks like a 16 year old who's borrowed his Dad's suit and doesn't quite know how to make a serious face for the camera... "Club decides players might prefer an actual holiday to a training camp" doesn't make for great headlines though does it?
  3. I think that's the killer and why you've probably converted me on losing him - In one simple sentence Holmes (for me) is the future of our box-to-box midfield position - We then need someone who can tackle and someone who can be a playmaker - The Huddlestone/Johnson combo is a stop-gap - Could Huddlestone and Evans do it maybe? Or one of the younger lads like Bird? I think you lose too much of Bryson playing him deep, but he's not the long term answer further forwards either Okay fine - I've been arguing give him another year for months now but you're right - We have to let him go 😧
  4. This is what I thought too - But people keep saying "he doesn't have the legs any more" It feels like he's been playing the role McClaren1 asked him to play in that second season - Deeper when we'd lost Thorne - Let Hughes/Hendrick play the more advanced role because he had to help out with defensive work more
  5. And tonic? - Yes please (The guy played over 200 games for us and still there are Derby fans getting his name wrong - I'd understand opposition fans getting it wrong but our own fans?)
  6. Waghorn can play anywhere across the front 3 - Malone is a LB or LWB or LW - Has played 2/3 for us and (like Fozzy) started his career further forward - FloJo I admit is the slight anomaly but he can play either wing position - Evans CB, DM and CM (in theory) Next season Nugent will be gone and it seems likely Martin will be too - Having 2 strikers is usually recommended - It's also useful if one of them can play other positions too
  7. Sold one/two players to bring in four/five - That's exactly the point isn't it? If we're going to spend £5m on a player now they have to be able to cover multiple positions - Can't afford another Vydra (as good as he was) since unless the whole side was built around him he struggled
  8. The evil overlords of FFP... That was clear under Rowett when he used to speak of players with multiple positions being important - Doesn't seem to be any less so under Lampard I'm as big a fan of Martin as anyone on this forum but we can't support too many single-position players in this squad - And Martin has proved over and over again he's not prepared to sit around getting paid without game time (good on him) - We had Marriott, Nugent and Martin all playing only 1 position - Waggers has been brought in cos he can play a few (IMO)
  9. Nathaniel Clyne was £15m to Liverpool and another £13m to Bournemouth supposedly fixed this summer? I think we could hold out for more than £10m for Bogle's potential £10m+ for Bogle and Wisdom back into the team - I can live with that
  10. Everyone knows the sex is better with a crazy psycho... Watch the Bryson equaliser at the start iof the season again - And then the goals against Hull in the 2 0 win - That's why we signed Waghorn - He's value anywhere across the front 3 - You pay more for utility these days See above See above
  11. I cut that one right out at the knees by announcing my job in my profile information...
  12. You can type that anonymously on the internet until your fingers ache but no-one is going to believe you without proof - Until then you're in the same boat as the rest of us - Speculating an opinion on a forum based on (for all we know) naff all I have absolute faith that won't bother you in the slightest but I think that's why people feel comfortable disagreeing with you I actually think IF Uncle Mel was selling having the 'loan' hanging over the new owners would be kind of a safety net - Any time they look like going a little bit '3 amigos' on us Mel calls in the loan - They wouldn't be able to pay it and therefore would have to hand back the club to pay off the debt
  13. Agreed about Thorne's potential I still think a quick brain, control and vision is a match for quick feet and running at times as a DM though - Huddlestone doesn't have quick reaction times but half the time he looks 3 moves ahead of other players He battered the players post match (fairly) and dropped Fozzy, Johnson and Thorne - Fozzy and Johnson brought back in a few matches later - Thorne never gets another game
  14. I was counting the Luton manager in my 3 managers - Rowett, Lampard and Harford have decided - And coaching teams take their lead from the manager - Wassall made some positive noises about Thorne's performance for the u23s for example You're obviously anti-Thorne or pro-moving on or whatever - I'm just open to the idea that we have a player on the books for another year still who could at some point become useful once again - I just think we might as well keep an open mind rather than a hard and fast "no" already Agreed - But that's what I mean about lack of fitness - I meant fitness being about the ability to perform a specific task or activity - If he's no longer able to physically do the role he's paid for I'd say that means he's not fit for it If it's constant pain that's probably a 'never playing again' thing - But I'd like to think a smart player like Thorne could adapt to losing mobility - I loved watching McGrath in that season we had him - The guy could barely walk and he was still immense (for anyone who doesn't understand comparison - I'm NOT saying Thorne is as good as McGrath because that's daft - I'm simply using the analogy of another player who's legs fell apart but carried on with a decent career at a high level)
  15. There's always a difference between the accounts and 'the accounts' and I think most of the time ramblur was reading between the lines of what he saw - 3 years ago we weren't worried about FFP at all - But at that time I would imagine the asset value of players like Johnson and Butterfield was still pretty strong - No-one was assuming we'd have to just wipe £10m off the books at some point Also, I know @reveldevil mentioned it but the guy was pretty open about his illness - And how it affected his moods - I remember reading posts where I thought he'd gone a bit OTT and then a couple of hours later he'd post something much calmer As above - Might be that since your expertise is in watching out for the future you'd considered the 3-5 years implications of assets losing value - Whereas ramblur was just analysing the accounts he saw in front of him? I'd like to think it might be a bit of PR - Leak it that everything is utterly dreadful so that when they publish an okay-ish set of books people are still like "well, we still can't spend big this summer since we could be in a really bad position" Just a thought - If Morris was actively trying to sell wouldn't he be crowing about how good a position we're in financially? "Oh yeh, have you seen this awesomely debt-free, profitable club here? Basically runs itself you know... Easy and brilliant investment for anyone" On the other hand - If I were wanting to BUY a club I'd be spreading rumours that it was terribly run, losing so much money, needs a saviour to step in and take the reigns - Interesting that rumours have been about American investment, from the Times, a newspaper owned by Murdoch, who also owns Fox news... #conspiracy101
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