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  1. As much as I'd like to think that - It's kind of similar to picking up an injury in training - By this time of the season we should have made sure we had enough cover for losing a player whatever the circumstances Plus I think Evans did a really good job on Wednesday
  2. I'm not saying they aren't - I think 10 years of hard work by Wassall and his academy team has paid off wonderfully - And Sibley for one looks like a very special player The flip side is - The manager has chosen when to bring them through and has only brought them in because they fit the style and way he wants to play - It's possible Knight is playing 'out of position' from where he played for the youth team but other than that they've been brought in because they're the best player we have for a specific role Cocu wants them to play - Suggesting Cocu is doing well because he's been lucky
  3. This for me is the most important thing For ages (since Mac1 really) we've had a patchwork squad made up of pieces of other managers teams - Each manager seemed to make his 11 from 2-3 players from an old team, bring in 2-3 of his own and be waiting on the rest to appear/be provided in future windows - Even under Lampard we were only really at our best when the players he brought in were playing What's great about Cocu (for me) is he's looked at the squad, decided how he wants to play and who to set up with, learned the league (pretty quickly - I'd suggest half a season to get a meas
  4. I think that's a slightly unfair position - Don't get me wrong I'm not a fan of the EFL - But any deals they do with the likes of iFollow will be based on a bulk deal - all clubs who are members of the EFL agree to that in order to participate in the league As @Duracell said they need clubs like Derby in the mix to be able to get deals for teams like Barnsley - Its the same with the Sky deal too - The deal they did with iFollow will be based on all teams being part of it and iFollow would have given them a good deal on that basis - Part of any agreement like that involves 'penalty' paymen
  5. I've been using the RamsTV service for a while - For the midweek games when we're not on Sky - Have always found it a good service and been impressed by the streaming quality However I was disappointed on Saturday that 3 times during the match the stream went dead and I got the message "you don't have permission to watch this content" - I did everything as the club had asked - Redeemed my code 48 hours before the game and logged in and started the stream early (12 01) to try and help the servers not getting overloaded etc - Yet at Kick Off and twice during play it suddenly stopped and I h
  6. I hate to be Billy Buzzkill on this one - But we're playing 6 of the current top 7 before the end of the season Whilst I think we're good (and better than a good few of the teams above us) and have been much better since Christmas - I think it's also worth noting that the teams in the top 6 are there because they've also been pretty good this season Leeds and West Brom look very consistent - Forest and Brentford look solid and are going to be very difficult games The Preston and Cardiff games are going to be important - But even with that we're likely going to need to beat 2 of
  7. Good that he's not coming back? While I know he's 34 now he's still the best keeper we have under contract at Derby (loan or otherwise) and we're going to have to pay for a keeper now Can't see us signing Hamer (or wanting to) and Roos isn't good enough - Plus if any of the youth players were expected to step up I would have thought they'd have been given a shout in the cup at some point this season wouldn't they?
  8. My Grandad always used to say she was an absolute inspiration - Went all the way to India and Burma to sing for the troops during the war and kept it up for years - Amazing woman and and amazing age to live to
  9. I did say apparently - I don't have kids so haven't had to check I just did a quick google and this thread seems to have lots of good suggestions - BBC bitesize has always been a good resource and is free - Others have costs on but some have free stuff it seems: https://www.mumsnet.com/swearsby/best-online-learning-resources I don't think it would take long to find some learning resources online which can help for the time your kids aren't in school Oh, and a little one for free - You're looking for "they're" because the sentence would be "they are not" - You can have that
  10. Pretty much yeh - They think a vaccine might be possible next year Realistically all we'd do is shift all kids education back a year - Everyone who is in school at the moment stays until they're 17 I guess? Or spends time catching up with extra lessons Also - I'm not sure why your kids aren't learning at home - The government is providing (apparently) loads of resources for kids to work at home - Teachers aren't there to enforce behaviour they're there to teach - If your kids won't sit down and learn when material is provided for them then I'm not sure you can blame the education sys
  11. If horror movies, simpsons halloween episodes, buffy the vampire slayer and almost any TV show containing magic is to be believed you just need a book The outcomes can be somewhat sporadic in their effectiveness though and generally have a few unforeseen consequences - But that's what makes for a great storyline!
  12. Have you read much about the illness? They know that people are contagious before they get symptoms - They think it's for 48 hours beforehand - Think about a normal day and how many people you come into contact with in 2 full days - Then think about how many people kids in school come into contact with in 2 full days They also don't know whether people who are completely symptomless can pass on the virus - So you could never show any symptoms and still infect everyone you come into contact with for a couple of weeks
  13. The major problem is it wasn't dealt with early or quick enough - The countries who've managed to stamp it out took fast, decisive and (fairly) extreme action - We didn't Once the volumes are high (we're still at 1200 reported new cases per day, and some modelling suggests it's higher) you have to extend measures for longer to either let it move through the population slowly or slowly wear out What other levels of common sense do you suggest?
  14. Generally there's a lag - We won't know what effect loosening social distancing has for a couple of weeks at least - That's why decisions on changing lockdown conditions are supposedly 4 weeks apart
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