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  1. Johnny Russell - Signed for Sporting Kansas City

    Yeh I tend to buy the family reasons thing - It would potentially be a nicer way of life for them and a chance for something different - Assume his kids (dunno if he has them) are young enough that it wouldn't mess up their education - It's just always an odd one to see a footballer show such a lack of professional ambition - Surely everyone wants to play in the Premier League?!?! It's the same as the guys who go to Man City and Chelsea for silly wages and sit in the reserves - I don't get that attitude! Fair - Although I'd say a potential year in the Premier League would get him a better salary and higher profile when he went over there? Flip side he'd have to sacrifice another 2 years potentially and go over there older
  2. Transfer Deadline Day

    This is what concerns me I understand the logic of a more experienced backup keeper - I can just about get on board with Jerome on an 18 month contract - Personally I'd rather have seen out the season with Bent and Martin and thought about investing if we got promoted but I'm okay with that call Otherwise the midfield is pretty set and the defence is perfectly fine (£6m+ for Aden Flint as backup would be madness and replacing Keogh or Davies would be even worse than madness this season) But we now have 2 wingers - Lawrence and Weimann - We have a youngster with potential in Bennett and a bang average wing-back who no-one really wants in Anya - We need someone who's genuinely going to scare defences up there opposite Lawrence - We needed that even before Russell decided to leave - Now it's desperation time on transfer deadline day and we're linked with a bunch of uninspiring wing-backs and championship bit-parters
  3. Johnny Russell - Signed for Sporting Kansas City

    Wait - He's taking a PAY CUT to leave too? There has to be something strange going on here doesn't there? He's taking a pay cut, leaving a team in 2nd place, potential Premier League football, he's pretty much second choice behind Lawrence for a spot in the side The only potential I can think is maybe if he goes to the MLS it'll make him look better and give him a better shot at a place in the Scotland squad?
  4. Kuzszack

    Think that's probably nonsense made up by some daft reporter - Because this:
  5. Luke Thomas

    S'alright guys - Once we bring in a backup keeper we can stick Roos out on the wing - He's a big lad so Rowett will want to get him outfield ASAP
  6. Ben Marshall - signed for Millwall

    My old man went to the game last night - Said we essentially had one chance of note all game - Just failed to break down a tough and organised Millwall defence You need players with a bit of class, a bit of something extra - to unlock defences like that - We only really have Lawrence who is capable of that in the final third - Marshall and Cotterill are not players who will give you that
  7. Ben Marshall - signed for Millwall

    That's a depressing sentence to read... We're second in the league and trying to get promotion and that's the best list we can manage? An inconsistent talent, a wing-back who we're competing with a relegation zone team for and a guy who plays in the Indian Super League... It really showcases the difference in manager pedigree - As much as I like Rowett and am being brought around to his more pragmatic approach - The kind of players we're linked with these days aren't overly exciting - When we had McClaren at least the rumours kept the transfer windows interesting!
  8. Sam Morsy

    On the other hand he's 26 years old and hasn't managed a full season in the Championship I know nothing about him either but my attitude is I tend to think young players at good academies have more potential than older players at lower league sides Ben Pringle was apparently very good in League One...
  9. Sam Morsy

    Any reason to think he's better than Hanson?
  10. Lee Gregory

    How is this 5 pages? I've not read the middle pages but surely this is just every fan on the forum saying "No"? We currently have Nugent, Jerome, Vydra, Martin and Bent who are all (at worst) top end Championship strikers - Gregory is at best a bottom end Championship striker...
  11. The way you obsess over Martin? Is the truth that you want him to leave before people find out about your torrid love affair? Rowett hasn't built around Vydra - If anything he's built a team around Huddlestone - Vydra happens to be a player who thrives in that system Not going to happen in a MILLION years dude - Huddlestone is so desperate for his first Derby goal you can sense it from the stands!
  12. Interesting... Also - Vydra is a number 10 - Rowett keeps quoting him as being the best number 10 in the league - Martin is a number 9 - This proves you don't know what you're talking about - They don't play the same position
  13. The Reason Why...

    Agreed - This year it looks like Wolves plus a series of okayish sides We have the potential to be the second best side in this league though - If they can get us permanently playing the best of our football this season - Very good defence - Now a solid midfield - And we seem to eventually be pulling together the right style of play in attack The second half against QPR (despite them being awful) showed serious promise for me - THAT side isn't as bad as I feared we were this season and can easily hit Rowett's stated top 6 with a top 2 challenge from the start of the season
  14. What is football

    Playing football is sport - Watching sport is done for entertainment... Acting is a job/hobby - Watching it is done for entertainment Playing a musical instrument is a job/hobby - Watching it is done for entertainment I could go on I imagine I'm a season ticket holder and have been since I was 6 - I live 120 miles away and still make it to most home games plus a smattering of away games I've actually got to the point where I find other football difficult to watch UNLESS it's entertaining - I barely bother to watch England any more because it's dull - I would only watch a West Brom game if you paid me - I watch MOTD some weeks but in truth I only half watch it - Most of the time I'm doing something else as well (dual screening and all that) Having made a significant emotional, financial and time-based commitment to Derby over the last 26 years I'd rather you didn't suggest I only 'believe' myself a fan because I'd like to see us play some more entertaining football - Like we did under Jim Smith, George Burley, Steve McClaren and (to an extent) Nigel Clough - I think Rowett may be able to give it to us, I think he certainly seems to want us to play better than we have, but at the moment we're not there Oh and having just read @David's post I would say that I don't mind a grind-out result every now and then - I will 100% take that tomorrow - Would just like 2/3rds or so of our games to be playing some interesting, attacking, exciting play
  15. Derbys Got Talent

    Only if we can get Uncle Mel singing Master of the House And judging by Tuesday night we could direct our rendition of Empty Chairs at Empty Tables towards either of the East or North stands... And if it helps us get some more exciting play then Vive la (football) Revolution!

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