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  1. Surely that depends who's getting kicked?
  2. I have caveated mine heavily with "I think" cos I have no actual idea 😃 Mostly I'd just like to think Uncle Mel and everyone involved has been genuine about it - I don't like the idea they were lining up replacements before the playoffs
  3. Found it! For anyone else who wants to read: https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2019/07/scheepers-im-very-happy-and-excited-to-be-here “It came out of nowhere because I signed for four years in May with PSV. I was there for one day of my contract and then Phillip called. It was a nice one day; that’s football! I'd read it a little different TBH - He signed a new 4 year contract in May but generally coaches contracts are the same as players - They run from 1st July until the following June 30th (I think) - So him being there for one day of his contract to me suggests he got the call on July 2nd - Which lines up with this DT article which is the first (I think) from a 'reputable' source https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/man-phillip-cocus-assistant-manager-3045904
  4. Oh cool - Do you have the link to it?
  5. Because a lot of managers say that - He'd been saying for months that he and Mel would sit down at the end of the season to review how things had gone and what they wanted to do moving forwards I haven't read that interview - Could you share it please?
  6. The only people who I've seen saying that are the same people who claim the moon landings were faked and the earth is flat
  7. We don't know that for a fact - Chelsea have links with top leagues all around Europe - Wouldn't be shocked to see him go out to Vitesse for example Plus, there are plenty of goalkeepers and defenders who have shown their skills/value at relegation threatened teams - The constant barrage of being under threat and not much time on the ball can give a defender some much needed lessons - That might make them calmer under pressure when back at a top side
  8. Not sure he's got what it takes to get promoted these days - I have a couple of mates who are Blackburn fans and they're not setting the world alight with their football - And the signings they're making don't exactly suggest the football style will improve any We signed a 28 yr old who'd just come off the back of an impressive promotion season - They're signing a 32 yr old who's been hit and miss for 4 years
  9. With Norwich last season I mostly hadn't heard of their signings so didn't judge - Sheff Utd are a special case with Wilder plus I'd suggest Egan, Norwood and McGoldrick are better than Gallagher, Johnson and Harrison I'd be shocked if Blackburn were this season's surprise team on the strength of these signings anyway
  10. Are they? I'd be a little disappointed if we signed any of them - Good signings for a team aiming for mid-table safety though
  11. Fair shout - But the backups to Mane and Salah at the moment are Shaqiri and the injury plagued Llalana - I think Wilson can compete with them to be first reserve I think a lot of the time football can boil down to simple moments of magic - And playing well or badly Wilson seems to have the ability to pick a goal out of nowhere - Any team at any level needs players who can do that I think hard work can give him the knowledge of how to deal with the physical side of the game, but who knows if he's the kind of guy who will do that
  12. It's an interesting one though - I would have said the same about Lingard at Man Utd after his loan period - I thought he was okay for us but certainly didn't see him ever becoming a Man Utd first teamer If Wilson puts the hard work in there's no reason he couldn't make it at Liverpool - He's a different kind of winger to what they currently have and has proved he can play an advanced central midfield role too so provide utility - He was (for me) better for us than Lingard was so I see no reason he couldn't also make the step up
  13. I suspect these links to Celtic/Scotland are pre-Cocu - I would imagine as with all the others he's getting a fresh chance to show what he can do and try to establish himself as our first choice LB Just ask Anya what a fresh start is like Didn't he play on the RHS of a back 3? I feel like he scored against us from open play coming in on the back post and was a pretty potent attacking player from that position? Although overall I agree - I ain't gonna be a LB
  14. Challengers this season for me are Leeds, Fulham and West Brom Boro and us are a maybe The Brizzle Sizzle I think will be around the top 6 Everyone else is pretty average
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