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  1. The Reason Why...

    Agreed - This year it looks like Wolves plus a series of okayish sides We have the potential to be the second best side in this league though - If they can get us permanently playing the best of our football this season - Very good defence - Now a solid midfield - And we seem to eventually be pulling together the right style of play in attack The second half against QPR (despite them being awful) showed serious promise for me - THAT side isn't as bad as I feared we were this season and can easily hit Rowett's stated top 6 with a top 2 challenge from the start of the season
  2. What is football

    Playing football is sport - Watching sport is done for entertainment... Acting is a job/hobby - Watching it is done for entertainment Playing a musical instrument is a job/hobby - Watching it is done for entertainment I could go on I imagine I'm a season ticket holder and have been since I was 6 - I live 120 miles away and still make it to most home games plus a smattering of away games I've actually got to the point where I find other football difficult to watch UNLESS it's entertaining - I barely bother to watch England any more because it's dull - I would only watch a West Brom game if you paid me - I watch MOTD some weeks but in truth I only half watch it - Most of the time I'm doing something else as well (dual screening and all that) Having made a significant emotional, financial and time-based commitment to Derby over the last 26 years I'd rather you didn't suggest I only 'believe' myself a fan because I'd like to see us play some more entertaining football - Like we did under Jim Smith, George Burley, Steve McClaren and (to an extent) Nigel Clough - I think Rowett may be able to give it to us, I think he certainly seems to want us to play better than we have, but at the moment we're not there Oh and having just read @David's post I would say that I don't mind a grind-out result every now and then - I will 100% take that tomorrow - Would just like 2/3rds or so of our games to be playing some interesting, attacking, exciting play
  3. Derbys Got Talent

    Only if we can get Uncle Mel singing Master of the House And judging by Tuesday night we could direct our rendition of Empty Chairs at Empty Tables towards either of the East or North stands... And if it helps us get some more exciting play then Vive la (football) Revolution!
  4. Bloody Keogh

    I don't think he was having a pop at you - But it was a funny and very relevant line A midfielder's primary job is to transition the ball from defence to attack - Which our midfield has been pretty poor at this season - Until the second half last night where Huddlestone suddenly seemed to remember that's what he's there for!
  5. Jamie Robson

    I think Johnson is an excellent box-to-box midfielder And we don't play a system which includes a box-to-box midfielder...
  6. u23s at the Olympic Stadium this Friday

    Thorne not in the senior squad Hanson in the senior squad Where's your logic on that one then? Hanson also on way back from injury and would have been good to get him a run out surely? This is the main bit you need to re-think No-one - Not me, not Thorne, not @GermanRam - Is suggesting Thorne would have been in BOTH the u23 squad AND the senior squad - No-one here would think that is the case We're suggesting it was odd they weren't the other way around - Hanson with the u23s on Friday and Thorne with the senior squad on Saturday - And I'm 99% certain that's what Thorne would have meant too - Hanson would have benefited from a proper run out after injury and Thorne would have been with the senior squad since he must be pushing for a start by now
  7. u23s at the Olympic Stadium this Friday

    Olsson isn't injured is he? And Lowe played the whole game for the u23s - And if we had a major problem with Baird in the game Keogh could move out there (not ideal but it's a backup choice) I actually quite like Rowett's attitude towards filling the bench - Backup Keeper, Defensive cover, Midfield cover (for injuries) and then as many players as you can choose who could change a game - But I'd personally rather have Thorne with the first team squad and Hanson getting game time on his road back from injury Unless he's planning to start Thorne on Tuesday... (all my fingers crossed for that)
  8. u23s at the Olympic Stadium this Friday

    Do you want to have a think about this one again? On Friday he played for the u23s and said he wasn't sure why he wasn't in the first team squad for Saturday I don't think he was supposing that his performance on the Friday night would get him a game on the Saturday! I still reckon he'd win a race against Huddlestone Remarkable to me that our best CM isn't getting a sniff - I love Huddlestone but (for me) on-form Thorne is better than on-form Huddlestone And then they pick Hanson for the bench? Surely having just got back from injury he would need the game time on the Friday?!?!?
  9. Jamie Robson

    Would be an exceptionally odd use of money when we're still short of wingers though...
  10. Jamie Robson

    Yep - I actually count us at 4 - Forsyth, Olsson, Lowe and McDonald If Rowett is serious in his intent to create space for the u23 team to get opportunities then bringing in another 19 yr old would suggest he doesn't think much of Lowe or McDonald I suspect this is just agent talk and we're not interested at all
  11. Joe Ledley - Signed

    Nope Johnson is just about the most frustrating player in our squad at the moment - 1 game in 5 he's unplayable and just marauds around midfield scaring the hell out of the opposition and bagging goals for fun - The other 4 he might as well not be on the pitch other than giving the ball back to the opposition Ledley has added reliability - It's not glamorous but he's doing all the hard midfield graft - Marking the key threats out of the game, tidying up, being a nuisance, positioning himself so that they can't just run through at our defence - He's not quite the tough-tackler Eustace was but he does the same job in a different way Half the time I can barely remember Ledley being on the pitch for the individual moments - But our shape, our defence and Huddlestone all look better when he's there - Which shows what a valuable role he's doing in there
  12. Jamie Robson

    Do we really need another Left Back? The best way to improve a squad is by strengthening in your weakest area and (for me) that's still out wingers - We have Lawrence, Russell and Weimann currently - The fact that we're playing Johnson there on a semi-regular basis worries me Not that Rowett would ever drop Johnson - I suspect he'll be playing LB on Tuesday just to cram him in the team somewhere
  13. 442 Derby County 2007/2008 Season

    One of my mates happened to send me this reddit link today which he'd been having a giggle at: From a couple of years ago and some of the assessment are a little harsh - But amusingly accurate on a lot of them The thing that most winds me up about Wee Mad Billy is that he complains about not having had enough money and the club going for his third/fourth choices - But why were some of them even on his list! £1m for a CM from the Man Utd academy (an attitude we should see MORE) - Who turned out to be a Premier League quality player - Then £3m for a CB who'd had one half-decent Championship season - £3.5m on a forward who'd been decent in the Championship and then barely got game time for us I mean - If you go up unexpectedly - There's little expectation on you - You have a squad of experienced but fairly untalented players - Why not pump the limited funds into a bunch of 21/22 year olds from the Top Academies? You aren't going to lose anything, might pick up some bargains and set the team up well for the eventual plunge back into the Championship
  14. The price of football

    They've been super lazy with it this year in the site - Resource cutting? Previous years it's given you options for how many of each thing you do per season and therefore gave you a personal cost
  15. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    I wanted to pursue my chosen hobby of sitting around at home doing bugger all, maybe playing a bit of playstation - But apparently the 'teachers' at 'school' wouldn't let me do that at 15... Letting kids do whatever they want because they think it's more fun is what seems to have created a generation of precious little snowflakes - Life isn't like that - If a club is paying for his football development he should appreciate that - And if they don't think him skipping training to go play futsal is the right thing to do then he has to make the choice which he wants I'd have to check but my mate is a big Argentinian football fan - He said they discourage playing it at professional clubs after about 13 because at that point they've taken the benefit of learning the close control but if they carry on too much they don't develop the understanding of playing on a full pitch and (more importantly) the physical side of the game playing on a full size pitch - Dunno how true that is though - Might be just his perception of what happens

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