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  1. Did anyone say Nick Blackman? I don't claim to be a professional football scout - Would you like me to just list players who've scored goals this season? Cos that seems to be the level of suggestion some people use on here However I also don't malign our current players and then suggest that someone who's had one good season at this level in his entire career would be a better option than our current top scorer This is supposed to be a thread about optimism for next season btw
  2. Yeh, we definitely should have signed a random who's first moment at this level has been this season - A guy who couldn't score goals for Eddie Howe at Bournemouth in League 1 Marriott was light years ahead of the forwards in League 1 when we signed him and he's been much less prolific at this level - Why would Cocu (a manager brand new to English football) buy a player who has much worse career stats? Absolutely nothing about his stats before this season would suggest he'd get this many goals in this many games - So not sure how @Papahet expects us to pick the lad up - Time travel?
  3. Only 11 players in the championship have more goals than Waggers this season Only 8 players from the top scorers list have a better mins per goal than Martin Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a scorer in the top 5 but neither of them are 'past it' (as some other posters suggest)
  4. This is a major source of frustration for me - Had we paid £4m up front for him he'd have been judged on the same merits as every other player around him I still think part of the reason he was shunned by Lampard was because it was known he cost an extra £12.5k per game to play - At that rate a player needs to be significantly better than those around him to be worthwhile However - His total final cost should have come out way below that of Johnson and around the same as Butterfield - And I think even at his very worst he was better than Butters (and arguably more consistent than Johnson) We missed an out-and-out DM again most of last season (and have a bit this season) - And would have paid £1m a a loan fee for a decent one - I still fail to understand why he wouldn't have at least been given a go
  5. I remember watching the replay and thinking it was a bit of a soft penalty - But also didn't really care cos we got the points Yep - Just re-watched it and it was never a penalty
  6. The shop always used to charge per letter - If they went back to that we'd be needing players with longer names
  7. Some 13 yr old kid does something stupid - Whether him or his mates - Definitely needs disciplining in a serious way but no need for witch hunt or making his identity public or anything like that - If he was an adult I'd say Jayden should be allowed one punch to his delicates in retaliation - But kids can be stupid and thoughtless and need teaching Ramage however is an adult - And he should know a statement like that is racist - I think if he wants to stay on as a pundit he should apologise and then every fan offended by his comments who have been affected by racism (so probably every person who is not White-British) should get chance to punch him in the delicates Maybe I should give up as Batman and become Judge Dredd?
  8. I'd like to know what costs you think would be incurred if the game was postponed 48 hours in advance Ticket refunds? Yeh, a few people will need them but the majority of our crowd weekly are season tickets Food would stay in storage instead of coming out - Or if they get fresh deliveries they'd be able to cancel that 48 hours in advance Staff wages wouldn't be paid if the shifts were cancelled (which is bad for them, but then I doubt anyone is maintaining a full time job as 1 day work every 2 weeks) They wouldn't need to electricity if they cancelled 48 hours in advance If there's an overnight, unexpected deluge then no one can account for that - If there's a midwinter frost and everything is unexpectedly icy then no one can account for that This isn't that - It's very easy to predict what the weather is going to be like - The exact same it was last weekend - So if they cancel what is the claim? They couldn't have predicted it? No one saw it coming?
  9. Sounds dangerous We should have some security signs up about not letting people in with boiling blood
  10. I think it would be a really nice move - And then let Boro into the playoffs as long as they can get a team together for a home leg on May 11th 2019
  11. Any ideas if the game will definitely be on? Having to get a train via Tamworth and weather means trains will be crawling along which means an early start and I'll be royally peeved if Derby leave it to the last minute to make the call I've never fully understood the complete lack of respect teams show to the fans when it comes to weather call offs - We all know the weather is going to be shocking and the news has reported this for a week - Surely they can take a punt on a yes/no by now?
  12. I selected everyone except FloJo (think he's done here tbh) and Whittaker (who I haven't seen enough of and hasn't stepped up yet in the way Bird and Knight have) Add a quality permanent keeper and CB to that mix - Plus a couple of good loans for the wing and that squad can challenge - It's taken a while for the team to adjust to what Cocu wants but I genuinely believe the turnaround in form since Rooney arrived has been 'the plan' finally landing - A couple of extra quality players and a more organised defence is all this squad needs to find the consistency to challenge There is only one team in the league with more points than us at home - We are not that bad - Just inconsistent and lacking in concentration (IMO) away from home
  13. It was a tricky game for a lone striker - Two big lads to have to deal with - However his hold up play was good, he played brilliantly back to goal making a lot of short, simple, quick passes with the midfield to keep the ball moving - The number of occasions the ball came into him, he played a pass which created space for another pass or ball out to the wings - It was a very solid performance in a difficult situation And then he bagged a goal - And dragged both CBs out of position for the first too And Waggers has shown (for me) on numerous occasions that he's better on the side of a front 3 - He's great running with the ball and provides more threat in that position - I especially think since Cocu seems to want the outside forwards to tuck inside more that really plays to Waggers strength
  14. Haha yeh I assumed you were - Just wanted to get a little Benkovic-related jab in this morning having been a little bitter about him scoring No comment on any individual culpability last night - Our defence lacks organisation without a clear leader IMO
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