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  1. I agree that they aren't/weren't wingers - The traditional winger was there to whip in crosses for the forwards I'd suggest that the 'outside' two of a front 3 would be considered 'inside forwards' maybe? The job being to pick the ball up wide and power inside with the aim of getting away a killer pass and/or shot - Short game stuff rather than the classic cross
  2. I think at one point he spoke of the inability of a football club to fund the necessary changes needed to use the ground for non-football uses - It was on that first Talksport interview I think Essentially if the club were to put money into making significant ground improvements that would count against them in FFP terms - However if he buys the ground then the new company can spend whatever it wants on stadium improvements/changes etc without it being on the books for Derby County FC - It allows him to spend his own money turning the ground into a revenue generator - However, you're correct that revenue wouldn't be fed back into the club... Yet... I suspect that the idea would be to sell the ground back to the club at a future date at which point the renovations would be complete and Pride Park would generate money for the club - However I wouldn't imagine the club could afford that until we're solidly in the Premier League and getting the TV payments in It's a beautifully long term vision as far as I'm concerned and proves without a doubt that Mel has the best of intents to future proof us as much as possible (whether he always makes the right choices or not)
  3. I'm glad you enjoy it and that you essentially support my view that "journalists" these days are more about opinion than actual fact Personally I'm not going to read his stuff though as I don't like people who are alleged (for the Mods) racist, homophobic, misogynist, anti-semitic, anti-disabled, islamophobic, women-beating complete and utter Bamfords But yeh - He's funny because because being 'woke' is a bad thing right? "Alert to injustice in society, especially racism" - Such a bad thing...
  4. I think it's cos so very often Huddlestone seems to be doing that However - It's different further up the pitch (IMO) - We saw Mount last season and Hughes (way) before that who create space and time in the final third which no other player seemed capable of - That's what Rooney will do too
  5. I think that's exactly it - Notable for me that he flew Anya out to the US and gave him game time to properly analyse every resource we might have - He knew he was coming into it late doors and knew he had a long term re-building job on his hands No rush fellas - Champions League 2025 for my 40th Birthday
  6. Notable that we've only made one permanent signing (two including the pre-signed Shinnie) despite shipping out in volume and many players out of contract at season end With the strong rumours on investment to be announced in January - Plus the fact that he had next to no time for his own ideas on what the squad needed in the Summer - I would suspect we're likely to see more signings in January - I think the summer was papering cracks The thing we've been missing for seasons is a quality DM - First thing they do is sign one with potential to play for years for us Hamer came in cos we got a loan offer for Carson which would have been difficult to block him on - Carson only has this year left and there's a good chance of a 3rd keeper contract at City coming his way Clarke obviously came in cos we had two recognised CBs to start the season with Then we're short on creative players in the middle and out wide - Hence Paterson and Dowell Anyone who thought we were going to find an equivalent replacement for Chelsea and England's starting (ish) CM easily is naive (not suggesting you are saying that btw) - As much as I love him if we'd re-signed Hughes it would have been a downgrade - We'd have to spend tens of millions on a player of Mount's quality I suspect every player we signed was on the scouting team's shortlist prior to Cocu's arrival - Dowell and Clarke planned (probably) longer term and the other two a little more spur of the moment?
  7. I honestly don't think it's personal - The media mostly has a vendetta against good sense, decency and unbiased news these days - Most newspapers would rather spin sensationalism out for days than report anything resembling news in a decent and fair minded way You have to bear in mind that most people would rather spend 10 mins ranting about the unfairness of life and getting outraged about something which barely affects them than actually learn something new about the world or how it operates - Our chairman makes comments to the EFL about the unfairness of parachute payments on the rest of the league and the news cover a million 'stories' about his fall out with the EFL - Same chairman finds a couple of loopholes to help fund the club and the newspapers cover EFL fury backed by other chairman's rage It's sad to me that newspapers are more interested in journo's opinions on a situation than they are investigating it, finding out some facts, explaining it to people and letting them make up their own minds
  8. I think the league is as physical as it's ever been - Just in a different way Hughes struggled with it in his first season - Used to try and go shoulder to shoulder with blokes twice his size and got shoved off the ball - Realised after a while that he needed to spin off those challenges instead Ince, Mount and Wilson all arrived at us with the knowledge of how to play this league - Find more space, roll off the player, don't engage physically, try to pick up the ball deeper - It takes some players a while to adapt to that and coming from the MLS where people stand off a bit more that would be a reservation for me
  9. I've seen some videos but we all know how unreliable video evidence is I'd be worried about his physicality in the championship - Our league is full of 'robust' teams and players - The MLS is still a little more open in it's style (they seem to actually believe that open, attacking play from both sides is quite fun to watch!) - I think he'd need a good amount of time to adapt It's the wages that put me off - We're still talking about £1m a season so he needs to be worth 2x players Plus - Where would be play? We've just changed to a 4-4-2 diamond system and you'd imagine Rooney will take the tip of the diamond when he comes in...
  10. Just for context of how good he is: Acosta - 20 goals in 107 appearances (loan and permanent) Johnny Russell (the man, the myth, the running through ad-boards face first breaking said face and then playing on) - 19 goals in 60 games He's a lovely looking player but I'd suggest that might be potentially better prospects for less money knocking around
  11. I assumed he'd turned it down cos it was too far south - Footballer of his age probably has kids in school and in his entire career the furthest south he's moved is Birmingham - I suspect he chooses his moves for that reason as much as anything else, but we shall see
  12. Ahhh that's brilliant! Love that they've listed every player too! Looks like Seth's 17 minutes in 2000 is our last appearance
  13. BBC has pointed out to me that this game is a landmark being the 1,000th game for England https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50340459 After seeing the top 10 teams for 'providing England players' I was intrigued to know where we sat - And according to a 2015 article in the telegraph we were (at that point) 11th! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/england/11508860/How-many-players-has-your-club-provided-for-England.html So - Do you think 4 years later we'd still be there? I don't think we've sent anyone to the England setup in that time (we might have got credit for Mount had he played when on loan with us) but not sure how many below us might have over-taken We were on 39 total - Joint are West Ham (39) and then just behind are Forest (37), Newcastle (35) Sheff Utd (34), Wolves (34), Southampton (33) and Leeds (31) - Could Burnley have jumped us in that time from 24? or Leicester from 16?
  14. Wikipedia reckons he's 5 ft 3 For comparison it has Holmes at 5 ft 6 and Messi at 5 ft 7
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