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  1. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    I enjoy the games more when we play well - In fact I would say I enjoy the games more when we play well and draw than when we play badly and scrape a win - But then part of that is an understanding that if we're playing well it's only a matter of time before we start winning games Surely it all depends on what you consider entertaining - If you like the tense atmosphere, constant threat of the opposition scoring, quick breaks for goals and get your euphoria from winning games then I think Sunday would have been a perfect game Personally (and I'm not saying it's right at all btw) I prefer to watch us when we play exciting, attacking football - Chance creation, nice passing, interesting interchanges, beating players, skill, accuracy - I find that more interesting to watch and more exciting - On Sunday I left the game logically pleased - My brain said "good 3 points" - I want to be leaving games like that with my heart singing in excitement and not being able to wait for the next game - This season I hardly find myself looking forward to games The example I'll often use is the 5 - 0 win a few seasons back - That was an exciting game for about 70 mins - Then the last 20 we just sat back and knocked the ball around - By the time we left I'd actually lost the buzz of excitement about the game
  2. You mean he calmly slotted the ball past the keeper under pressure from a defender? It all really depends on how you spin it
  3. Anya & Blackman out, Bogle in

    You mean the 'subtle' hints of not picking him in weeks even for the bench wasn't quite enough?
  4. View from the outside

    I wasn't exactly alive then - But I'm told the first season under him wasn't overly impressive - Then he started asking his team to attack a bit more... From what I've heard he wasn't shy of an attacking side
  5. 4 Points off the top 6, 1 game in hand

    I don't see all of Preston, Bristol City and Sheff Utd staying in the top 6 all season - Cardiff could be the 'surprise' team this season - Other than that I expect to see Wolves around the top 2 all season and Villa, Leeds, Norwich and Boro being in the mix Just have to get up to speed quick enough that if the league starts to settle down a bit we're up there when it does
  6. 4 Points off the top 6, 1 game in hand

    The league is a basket case again this year - No reason a few decent results in a row couldn't throw us very much into the mix
  7. 30,000 Flags a'flappin'

    I assumed that would be the case - Commented as such to my old man Up close they looked like bin bags attached to straws - And seeing how some people were waving them (like they've never seen a flag before and have no concept of basic physics) it looked a bit budget from up close But the effect in photos was pretty good and I would imagine it looked great on TV - It's a good way to showcase how great the ground looks and how full it is when you do things like that
  8. View from the outside

    Positives are for Man Utd fans - We're from hardier stock - We've suffered though long periods of hard times and the thick skin is mostly made of protective negativity - Had a period of positive thinking in 2014 and it hurt too much I think we do need a manager who's a bit braver - Or rather I would like to see this manager be a bit braver - Like playing a number 10 even when we're away from home - Rather than sticking Johnson in there Think the McClaren/Simpson combo was the perfect mix though - I remember back in the day people saying the same about Smith/McClaren - Smith was the all-out-go-for-it type attitude and McClaren reigned him in a bit - I worry about it when a manager brings in all people he's worked with before as they'll all have the exact same mindset - Need to have someone in there to shake up the ideas a bit - Not sure Phillips has a high enough profile to do that at the club?
  9. View from the outside

    Yeh - He was making a big deal about having not lost in 4 games and only losing 3 in 11 all season - Over that 4 games for me 1 was terribly disappointing (B'ham), one was dire (Brentford) and two were decent results (even if not exciting football) I don't think we're fully up to speed as a Rowett team - Have my fingers crossed that we're going to improve - But I still worry he's the kind of manager who doesn't want to take chances I hadn't read the reviews from Utd's game before I wrote this - So I retract my point about Mourinho! I think the overall point still stands though - I want a manager who talks about winning games rather than not losing
  10. View from the outside

    A good run of wins will take anyone in this league in to contention - It's going to be one of those super tight seasons However - I worry about a manager who talks about how few games we've lost - That was Nigel Clough's attitude, it was Clement's attitude, it was Pearson's attitude - I don't understand a manager who takes pride in not losing - People with a winning attitude want to win - Mourinho isn't exactly know for an all-put-attack exciting style of play but he looks annoyed as hell when he draws - And for me this mythical 'Derby way' is an attitude about winning - Not just settling for not losing I have said this a few times - Except Clement was all possession with little pay off - Very few attempts on goal as our build up play was so laborious - Rowett seems to have the opposite thought - Don't have much of the ball and play it quickly - Still seems to be the same in terms of excitement levels though Anyone starting to wonder why Rowett signed Huddlestone BTW? A guy who looks most comfortable in a possession based side with time on the ball - And we're playing him at the heart of a midfield with no time on the ball and an expectation to move it quickly under presssure Oh - Good win though
  11. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Yeh but don't commit it to writing/typing/ink/screen (whatever the permanent status of forum posts is) I'm keeping a firm reign on my negativity until Sunday evening
  12. If we lose Sunday...

    If we lose Sunday we're all coming round your house to throw eggs at it for starting a thread with this title the week of this game!!!
  13. v Forest (H) - Predictions

    GTFO No time for that this week
  14. Cyrus Christie

    I would love to say we should all make the effort to send positive messages to them to balance it - But human nature dictates we generally only pay attention to the bad stuff anyway
  15. Cyrus Christie

    Think he was treated poorly by a lot of our fans - He was thrown into the side as an unfinished potential gem and he was given a lot of grief for not yet being the finished article - Think he came back strong and is a very good, attacking championship full-back Last season he was very harshly done by because he was left to attack on his own on the RHS - They just assumed he could beat players and 90% of the time he got the ball in the attacking half he was alone against 2 players - He was at his best when working in a two on that side as it gave the "will he pass or dribble or cross?" confusion to the defenders For me - Wisdom is a defensive upgrade - But not attacking - And Christie had every right to expect first team football which he wasn't going to get here - Fair play to him and all the best And we all know that @RamsPolls is a mardy child at times - I really hope that Cyrus doesn't think the overly vocal mad elements of our fanbase represent us - It's a bit sad acting like a jilted lover when a player leaves Unless there's something old flashy-trainers isn't telling us?

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