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  1. I wanna get involved too! Grumble grumble grumble moan grumble gripe gripe grumble grumble Yay! Another thread giving the boo-boys chance to whine about everything! Yep - All this and then some please
  2. If you can get an independent company to value it higher then I would imagine you can - I'm sure the insurance company will be delighted with your increased insurance payments
  3. Can't see any suggestion Morris wants rid of the club - Interviews with Talksport all suggested he was as committed to the club as ever However, having bought the ground he'd stay part of the club whatever happens - I like the fact that it safeguards the club a little from any future dodgy owners cos they'll still have Morris around as a fan looking after the best interests
  4. I think the Leeds thing was more to do with the ethics of the game - Ours is finding a loophole in a fairly new piece of football league financial regulation - FFP is nothing to do with the ethics of football and supposed to be to stop clubs getting screwed by owners and going out of business because individuals are corrupt or incompetent - As Bury and Bolton how well the EFL is doing with that... I wouldn't be surprised if this was a way to distract people from how pathetic a job the EFL and their regulation of FFP has been recently "Stop looking over there at the clubs FFP was supposed to help and we've let them down - Focus on this extremely well run, well funded, secure team over here who we think might have been a little cheeky and used a loophole we never noticed - THEY'RE the bad guys - Not us..."
  5. If you need turning off and then turning on again I recommend re-watching the playoff final second leg against Leeds
  6. Look at this as a whole and 2 wins, 3 draws and a loss wouldn't be the end of the world Assume we lose away at Leeds - Any of the other games are winnable, but the Championship as always is a bit bonkers so I can see us drawing a couple of games we should win (like Swansea and West Brom)
  7. Wasn't the millennium bug something to do with the clocks going wrong? 🧐
  8. To be honest I'm embarrassed I didn't include that to start with PG Tips and a bourbon biscuit - Not my choice of tea or biscuit but it's what they had at work Fortunately they don't keep any of it in the fridge...
  9. I think this is yet another unnecessary gloomy topic to add to the general grumbling that this forum is rife with currently Cheer up mate! It'll all be okay and until then have a nice cuppa and a biscuit (I just did) and it'll make the world seem that must better
  10. "Rebuild cost" is an over-simplification of what I've referred to in my post - If another team were to try and build the same ground now the land cost would be more, the facilities around the stadium would increase the value, the access routes both existing and future would add to the value, the increasing size of Pride Park and the new development by the river, the potential for expansion/value increases etc etc - All that on top of the renovations which have been made over the years like extra corners, facilities and other revenue streams created for the ground Essentially it was independently adjudged years ago to be worth £40m - And has been that value on the books for years despite (likely) the value increasing substantially since then
  11. Yeh, but the flip side is there's nothing to stop the owners of the ground (the council) renting it out in between home games - Which can damage the grass they play on (which is kinda the most important thing you need as a football team) They only pay for 38 days rent a year - They probably have something in the contract about needing a couple of days either side for prep - But nothing they can do about it being rented out as a gig venue on the weekends between home games That's essentially what Mel seems to want to do with PP - Turn the stadium into an all year round gig venue A combo of everything I would imagine Worth noting though the valuation essentially hadn't been increased since it was first built - When the ground was on a railway sidings with nothing around it, very basic transport and access facilities etc etc - It's now a prime piece of real estate on a highly demanded business park, next to a nationally used velodrome with constant improvements being made to access - Not to mention the improvements made to the stands (filling in the corners), corporate facilities (restaurants and coffee shops) and media facilities (massive upgrade on TV accessibility plus massive bloody screen and ad boards) I would imagine the value is if another team were to try and replicate the stadium on the current land how much would they have to spend?
  12. Revise the books and get more clearance on FFP - Use that to buy Gareth Bale
  13. I don't think he says that - He talks about it not being the move he wanted and that looking back it was a mistake - Also talks about feeling poorly treated by the club, staff and fans I've always worked hard at every job I've had - But can look back and pinpoint moves which were bad for me, people I didn't enjoy working with and situations that with hindsight I wish I'd never gotten into I have little cares for Owen but Shearer should bore off - Great striker - Boring, useless, whiny, ego-fueled muppet of a pundit - Don't think he's ever said anything insightful ever - "Well Gary, that was definitely a football match and that one team stuck the ball in the goal - I think the other team might have won if they'd stuck the ball in the goal more times" - Thanks Alan...
  14. There is actually an interesting thing which is that our brains associate by a grouping of people because we're (at our core) sociable animals - If they see an ethnically diverse group the unconscious brain goes "I can fit in there" but if they see an ethnically similar group it might say "I don't fit there" - And there's a definite "us and them" between players and coaches, especially at national level when they don't see each other that often - So it's important that whenever a player arrives for coaching the coach group is ethnically diverse so the simple part of their brain goes "cool, that's a group I can be part of" There's a really weird element to this which is partly to do with what's hardwired into our brains - We feel inherently more comfortable around people who "look like us" - It's why people feel more comfortable around people who are close relatives - Because you see traits and elements of yourself in there features - There's a load of behavioural economics research which has gone into studying this over the years - The number of people who meet long lost relatives and they "feel like they've know them for years" - It's actually a reaction in the brain which softens feelings/potential annoyances about them because your brain picks out the similarities Always worth remembering that only 10% of the brain is making rational decisions - 90% works on inherent subconscious reaction
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