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  1. Okay fair enough Griffin is on the list
  2. They don't You want to make a different thread in which you make the rules and you can factor in whatever you want - Feel free - Don't complain about the specifications of a thread don't fit what you want it to... Like walking into McDonalds and complaining when they won't serve you a pizza...
  3. At £4.5m I'm a little surprised we haven't had more teams coming in for him
  4. Doesn't matter - The point was he's not that dreadful in the grand scheme of some of the players we've had over the last 10-15 years, never mind ever And at least one on that list - Claude Davis - £3m - Premier League wages
  5. You are both either delusional or only have a memory which stretches back 4 years if you genuinely think this
  6. Don't be facetious we all know what he meant...
  7. Wow fair enough - I hadn't realised Rush had been around for that long - And to be fair that Brayford had left so recently Also 2013 not 2014
  8. I stand very much corrected - When I read their 'about us' thing it didn't sound like they were
  9. Cost is not a factor - It's "are they worse" IMO Manel fits in there And they are very different players so it isn't a direct comparison
  10. Sorry - Not giving you these ones - Griffin was perfectly solid if unimpressive as a RB - And Sammon was better than Blackman has SO FAR proven to be (IMO)
  11. Zadkovic was the name I was reaching for and couldn't remember! Teale I have much love for but he was bad - Like Bucko when he first came to us - Except Bucko then improved Manel got 3 in 16 games... Hardly sensational...
  12. Nah it's fine - the challenge was that I said I could name a starting line up, a backing line up AND a team for them to play against - Hence 3 teams of 11 I just then went a bit OTT No cookies for you
  13. Was doing it off the top of my head - Really need to go back and check some actual squads In general I would say that Blackman is better than 50% of the players we had under Jewell, Davies, Brown, Gregory and Todd... And even arguably a lot of the dross we had under Clough (and maybe even Burley?)
  14. Think he was pre-Rush
  15. Taking this out of the Ince thread for @Doodle GK - Chris Weale, Roy Carroll (for us), Kevin Poole (sorry Kev!), Lewis Price RB - Ryan Shotton (or anywhere else he played), Francois Grenet, James O'Connor, Lewis Hunt CB - Claude Davis, Bjorn Otto Bragstad, Pablo Mills, Mo Konjic, Valentin Gjokaj (swap him and Shotton if you like?), Con Blatsis LB - Mo Camara, Michael Hoganson, Jay McEveley, Jamie Vincent RM - Darren Currie, Gary Teale (there is some love for him though), Craig Fagan, Ryan Smith CM - Jonathan Hunt, Bob Malcom, Paul Thirlwell, Blessing Kaku, Ben Pringle (for us), Benny Feilhaber, Adam Murray, Brian O'Neil LM - Eddie Lewis, Michael McIndoe, Dave Martin ST - Noel Whelan, Stern John, Mikkel Beck, Marvin Robinson, Callum Ball (sorry), Nick Chadwick - I think this list goes on for a while actually - Chris Maguire, Luke Varney (for us), John Macken, Junior, Izale McLeod, Gianfranco Labarthe Tome, Manel, Anyone got any more to add?