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  1. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    I wish they hadn't Worth noting that the team we beat in the final that year are now a comfortable Premier league team where we were the worst team in that leagues history and went into a painful decline afterwards - The lesson being - Don't just go up - Go up good That year we were the QPR from our playoff heartbreak - Comfortably the second best team in that game
  2. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    We were 6 points clear at the top of the table at the start of February and finished 3rd - Out of the signings in January only David Jones was actually any good - Not exactly the example to follow Mears, McEveley, Teale, Jones, Fagan, Pearson and Macken I'm not convinced any other than Jones would get in our team now... God that was a dreadful team - You've made me even more depressed now
  3. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    See I find that highly unlikely - If you have a squad/team that is doing well - You don't disrupt it - If they are the squad that gets us up to the top end of the league that shows they are good enough
  4. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    And you think they'll be offloaded if we're doing badly or doing well?
  5. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    How soon do you consider 'near'? Johnson has started every league game so far hasn't he? Not the selection choice you'd make for someone who was leaving...
  6. Favourite funny/witty player nicknames

    I assume 'Subbo' is Anya's nickname?
  7. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Well that's your viewpoint - But I think it's a little narrow - We have seen that these are both players who have a limited capacity to play in a new way - But there is no reason we can't get the best out of them in our squad, with these players playing in a different way You single out one season but Johnson played under Paul Lambert and Chris Hughton for Norwich in the Premier League - And Butterfield played an numerous clubs under different managers successfully To write off two players as 'average' when our squad has had to put up with 5 managers in 2 years when they were here is naive - They're both good players they just need to be played in the right way - Which may be possible under Rowett
  8. Jota

    Awwwwww it's sweet when you try and use (what you consider) complex language but the phrase you were looking for was "compensate for" - Your double negative made the sentence invalid FTFY though
  9. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Butterfield was good enough at Barnsley that Premier League bound Norwich took a punt on him - And my Boro fan mate said he was good on loan with them Johnson had several good years with Leeds and then a few seasons with Norwich in the Premier League Have they been stellar for us? Not really - They've been good on and off - On their good days they've both been very good though - And there's no reason why playing them in the right way might not bring that out of them with the same consistency they've shown at other teams
  10. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Do you have a source B4? I very much doubt it's Spain international and Athletico Madrid starter Koke though It was to put the transfer fee into perspective - We'd happily spend £1.5m on a gamble signing - We'd spend that much on a decent backup player - Unfortunately the crazy TV deals for the PL means they can now spend £15m on a gamble without worrying too much about the money Clucas is a perfectly decent player who didn't look out of place in the Premier League last season I don't personally think Johnson, Butterfield or Olsson are average - I think they haven't been played in the right systems - But think all are potentially top 6 side players - In fact they all were in their first season
  11. Jota

    Not a positive influence then - If he's a neutral influence then what's your problem with him? I really hope you aren't in a position where any critical thinking is needed - As you seem to be somewhat lacking in that regard Also communication doesn't seem to be your forte as everything you write is incredibly unclear: You'd take a low fee for him, but you don't think he's rubbish - You don't think he's a bad influence but think it'd be good to get him out of the dressing room - You don't think Rowett wants him even though Rowett has said he does
  12. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Swansea apparently made £100m+ from their league finish last season thanks to the new Sky deal - So spending 16% on a player doesn't seem that much The more popular TV teams in our league last year would have received between £7-9m from prize money, 'solidarity' payments and viewing fees - So that transfer fee is kinda the equivalent of a top championship team spending £1.5m on a player
  13. Jota

    Let's address this in parts Yes - £3m for a striker of any quality in this league who has plenty of time left on his contract suggests they are rubbish - That is less than 1/5th of an Assombalonga - It's less than a quarter of a Hogan - It's about what we payed for Nick Blackman... Huddlestone had a relegation release clause and Wisdom was at a team who wanted rid of him You've been watching him at Fulham? How often do you get to the Fulham games? I use the benefit of the opinions of our manager (payed for his opinion on football, works with Martin every day), our players (paid to play football, are IN the dressing room with Martin, work with him every day etc etc) and football pundits (who are also payed for their opinions on football) I may not always agree with all of them but they are better informed than you are - As I suspect you don't work with Martin, have any contact with him, watch him in training or have any interaction with him other than match day where you see him from the stands The manager and the players have suggested he is - The guys who work with him every day Do you REALLY think Rowett is the kind of guy who would keep him around if he's a bad influence?
  14. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    See post above - I don't think that most Head Coaches negotiate the transfer deals - And under Rush do you really think that was happening? And I'd argue that since Johnson is still being picked, Butterfield still does a job and Olsson is still a top end LB in this league those count as successes - Blackman has been a bit unfortunate IMO - Camara was a terrible, terrible decision and I wish I'd never seen him at the club
  15. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    I think everything pre-Butterfield was out of his hands - But I also suspect that all the rest were partly out of his hands too - That was when we had a 'Head Coach' and some kind of 'transfer board' with Rush and someone else as Director of Football (or some other nonsense title) He was, however able to identify what we were missing - after the Hughes and Bryson injuries he asked for a box-to-box midfielder and a creative playmaker - In January he asked for a couple of wingers and a LB to cover the Forsyth injury Maybe Clucas is what's missing at Swansea?

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