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  1. cheron85

    Rowett’s interest a potential blessing?

    I disagree - Carson has no problem getting the ball to the back 4 - It's any further he struggles - And if you play from the back you just need to get it to your defenders Davies is a lovely footballer - Has a great range of passing - Not sure which Davies you've been watching but he can play out from the back with ease
  2. I have no pre-set opinion about big name players becoming managers - However I would like someone with a CV which has 'manager' on it somewhere - Even it was "u-9s manager" would be a start - As far as I'm aware Lampard hasn't even completed his coaching qualifications yet - Like - ANY of them I agree he seems smart, sharp, insightful and certainly had the qualities as a footballer which we would like to see in our sides - But there is no proof whatsoever he could translate that into management - We're a top 6 side - Let's have a little more ambition please? Martin O'Neil on the other hand - High profile player in his day I'd suggest :) - I would have in a heartbeat - Pedigree as a manager, knows how to deal with players, always gets the best out of teams, great man manager, has an affinity with the midlands, proven track record of delivering results - He gets a big yes please from me
  3. Based on his CV I wouldn't have touched Pearson with a barge pole 😄 And there are plenty of posts on here from 2 years ago to prove it In the last 5 years we've had a whole bunch of experimental appointments - The only one with any slight pedigree took us to a playoff final - Then we had a guy who was actually insane, a first-time manager, a stop-gap who the chairman never really wanted and finally a former player who's only history was getting the best out of poor players It'd be nice if for once someone at the club would look at who we are, what we have available and picked a manager who's had experience of managing top half sides, spotting young/cheap talent, developing teams and getting the best out of sometimes temperamental players - Those are qualities we need, there are managers out there who fit that criteria, couldn't we go find one instead of taking a punt on someone who's never managed before?
  4. cheron85

    Rowett’s interest a potential blessing?

    Yes - All of this Davies is 33 now I think? Not gonna get much for him and his value around the club and on the pitch is worth £2m plus Ditto Carson but maybe he's 32 and worth more like £5m cos keepers can go on forever The big question ALWAYS is: How much would it cost to replace them? A CB of Davies quality? £5m at least - A GK of Carson's quality? How many even are there? £5m+
  5. No - Just no - Appointing Lampard is just getting excited by a big name player Clement had a much better CV in terms of a potential manager than Lampard and he wasn't ready for us as his first managerial position in football If we're going for first time managers why wouldn't we just let Wassall step up? He has been around the club for ages, knows the philosophy, knows the players, has plenty of experience coaching AND running an institution (running the academy won't just be coaching) Personally when I employ someone at work I look at their CV - And we don't need someone who's only experience in management is "I've played for some"
  6. cheron85

    £10m FFP Bill

    Yeh - That figure seems utter madness as far as I can tell - We don't have any outstanding loan debt do we? Thought the loans on building the ground etc had been paid off now? So assuming gate receipts (good ones) cover running costs - £3m a month would equate to 30 players being paid £25,000 a week (ish) Do we REALLY think our average wage is £25k per month? And we made a profit on player sales last season
  7. cheron85

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Fair shout - I'd like to see Hanson get a bit more game time - I still think he looks a tidy footballer, decent tackler and seems full of energy But equally I'm not ruling Bryson out yet - From the reviews I saw and having chatted with a couple of Cardiff fans he had some really good games for them - And I could count on one hand the number of good games Johnson has had for us this season Plus I'd argue that Cardiff showed that mix-and-match midfield can work - Doesn't have to be the same guys every week
  8. cheron85

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    He was apparently very solid all year for Cardiff - Only played about 20 times but by all accounts still had the legs to run tirelessly all game - Bear in mind how far ahead of everyone else he always used to be in pre-season training I'd suggest even a 10-15% drop off would make him a decent box-to-box option!
  9. cheron85

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5665221/Will-Hughes-not-wonderkid-anymore-cultured-midfielder-impressing-Watford.html Being watched by the England manager - There was some rumour that he was an outside shout for the England squad at one point - I think he's doing fine in the Premier League
  10. cheron85

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    I thought it was Lawrence + ££££ = Ince ? (next bit not directed at you @Anon - Just putting it in the same post) I'm not sure I like all this Rowett bashing now - He hasn't been my favourite manager - He hasn't even been my favourite manager in the last 5 years - But he did a job for us, never backed down, came across like he was up front and open about things, told us when he was disappointed in the side/performance etc and has decided that a move to Stoke is the best thing for his career - Fair play to him I think let's just accept that he's moving on - And hope that whoever comes in recognises the potential we have, can get the best out of the squad, plays some nice football and hopefully makes best use of some of the talent in the academy - I want the next Hughes/Hendrick/Huddlestone through please - Who do we have in the academy with a "H" name?
  11. I very much hope we don't go for Stimac - His track record is dreadful - And his Croatia team were best known for an inability to score goals - Rowett may play 'effective' football which I don't like but at least we still scored goals Plus I love him too much - Have gone a little sour on Rowett now despite him being one of my favourite players in the past - Don't want to have that feeling for Igor too
  12. cheron85

    Matej Vydra

    For me we need a Dawkins-esque linking player - Running from deep - And an out-and-out goalscorer like Bamford - Someone who's first thought was "where's the goal" Oh and a new Will Hughes please...
  13. cheron85

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    I find it difficult to blame Uncle Mel for a lot of that - Admittedly his managerial appointments have been fairly lacking in desire to play football - But he's stumped up a lot of money over the last couple of years which has mostly been frittered away - I highly doubt he's the one picking the players Hopefully he can rectify that with his next appointment and make me actually pleased I renewed my season ticket again
  14. cheron85

    Matej Vydra

    Lawrence is a good player - I like Weimann and think he had a good season - But we need a couple of 'different' players too Remember when we had Ward, Dawkins, Russell and Bamford? Ahhhhhhh those were the days...
  15. To be fair - He took us to a playoff semi-final and we played much better than last week :) McCarthy and Coleman would be high on my list - But have to say I was jealous when Forest appointed Warburton - So I'd like to go for him

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