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  1. Spot on post! Especially the highlighted part
  2. Some of our fans seem so desperate to make this song work, First Abdoul Camara, then Dave Nugent and now Cocu. Third time lucky?
  3. my thoughts on the Ampadu link are: -He's a CB. We need one desperately - Lampard knows this club develops players - All that being nice with Chelsea through the negotiations might pay off be a good signing if we can get him.
  4. Frank Lampard and John Terry were my idols growing up. I’d love nothing more than having a leader, a winner and a top shagger as gaffer
  5. There’s an ‘ITK’ Derby fan on Twitter who has a success rate of 1 in 10 rumours right but he’s claiming Lampard has gone. I’d love him to be wrong, one of the most arrogant bankers possible.
  6. Gennaro Gattuso... imagine how how many reds we’d get under that mad bast***d
  7. I’ve never really been upset to see one of our managers go, but I’d be gutted if Frank does go
  8. Imagine the scenes when announce the signing of Wilson.......James Wilson , on a free transfer following his release from United
  9. Somebody on one of the Derby Facebook groups claims he’s seen Adidas branding going up at the megastore. Cant see it myself, we’ve got quite a long deal with Umbro as far as I know
  10. If Bristol can get £13 Million for Kelly we have to get more for Bogle. I’d be annoyed if we didn’t! We do have a record though for selling our upcoming players for less than the Market Value. Will Hughes and Tom Huddlestone come to mind
  11. I’m proud of the club too. Admittedly disappointed about the result but getting to Wembley has massively exceeded my expectations for this season.
  12. I think it’s just an end of season sit down to see how the seasons gone, what needs to happen going forwards and budgeting etc.. im hoping that’s all it is at least.
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