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  1. Pearce, Bennett, Guy & Bird New Contracts

    Time for Mason Bennett to step up and do it consistently. I like the looks of him, he just need to drop the title of 'prospect' and become established
  2. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    He's worth signing for his beard alone... absolutely majestic that thing
  3. If we lose Saturday

    I still believe we're lacking behind the top 6 so we have to expect a loss every so often. I can understand why people get annoyed when there's a question of 'Character' & 'Effort' in a defeat but I think we need to accept that we will loose a few games every now and then. Just need to keep the faith in a long term project. Personally i think we'll draw 1-1 on Saturday
  4. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    Unpopular opinion incoming.... I really enjoy the commentary from Radio Derby. I think they all suit each other well We're quite lucky to have a radio station that is almost entirely (maybe 20% Burton) all about Derby County. We listened to Radio Sheffield on the way back from Bramall Lane the other week and they had: United, Wednesday, Barnsley & Rotherham fans all under one show. On a flip side, I was in my mates car at the end of last season and he had Radio Nottingham on. If you think ours is bad, there's is a shambles. Brian Laws was on the commentary team and some of the stuff he was coming out with was so so cringe-worthy and delusional.
  5. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    Can't we just tell him to play under a different name like we used to do on a Sunday morning?
  6. George Thorne

    George Thorne reminds me of one of my mates from primary school. He was ridiculously smart but always off ill.
  7. World Suicide Prevention Day at Pride Park

    Great cause. Hopefully it will help remove some of the perceived stigma involved with talking about psychological issues. Hope it goes well
  8. Lawrence watch

    Imagine the uproar on Friday at 6:45 when the club tweets Russell and Weimann starting out wide
  9. Forest at Home

    This is simply Supply & Demand. The demand for Forest tickets will be much greater, meaning the club can charge what ever they like in theory (within reason hopefully) as they know they will sell. Hull at home on a more than likely cold and wet Friday night isn't really the most attractive of prospects so they've quite rightly lowered their prices. I'd be more concerned with the price of parking around the ground which seems to be continuously rising every season .
  10. NFL Fantasy Leagues 2017-18

    I can't do Wednesday unfortunately, If anybody wants my place feel free
  11. Forest & Fulham games on the telebox

    Time to terminate that friendship if he does
  12. Forest & Fulham games on the telebox

    I'm normally quick to slate Sky but thanks to them changing the Forest game i can make it . One of my best mates is getting married on the Saturday so i would have missed it.
  13. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Watford looking to loan Success and Jerome Sinclair... i'd take either of them
  14. Sheffield United v Derby County

    Maybe cockiness was the wrong word to say but do you understand where i'm coming from? if i go to a game and the players put in effort and loose i'd be disappointed but proud that the players have put in a bit of a fight. At the moment, we seem to be going down with a whimper as you say. Similar in the wolves game, although i did think Wolves we're very impressive. There didn't seem that fight and determination i'd want from my team
  15. Positives

    None of our fans have had a fight over the last pie.......

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