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  1. Not meaning to jump the gun as I know we have Peterborough beforehand but has anybody seen or heard anything regarding ticket information? It's only a week away and there's no info out at all which seems rather late.
  2. Major Croatia vibes from this! This Cardiff one is right up B4's street
  3. Feel like the designer ran out of Red pen and said "That'll do" on the Sunderland kit. Barca one is trying to be a fashion statement rather than a kit
  4. You got the home one right so i'll take your word. How green are we talking? The one like we had the other season or Polo style green
  5. Anyone else get this kits kind of vibes from the black on the sleeves or is it just me?
  6. Last year it got leaked online and we played in it against Leeds in the last home game of the season Not a fan of wearing it at the end of the season
  7. We'll be the first club ever to be sold on GumTree at this rate
  8. So is it being released today? Surely from a Marketing perspective it would make more sense to release it today and have it in the shop on Sunday for when fans can go in and buy it
  9. Wonder what you’d get better odds on: - Derby get promoted next season - Madeleine McCann is found alive and well. personally think the latter is the safer bet
  10. I've always liked the Kazakhstan national anthem from Borat. "Kazakhstan, greatest country in the world All other countries are run by little girls Kazakhstan, number one exporter of potassium All other countries have inferior potassium"
  11. I genuinely would love you to be right mate but I genuinely fear for us next season. Sky Bet aren't even offering odds on us to be relegated its that bad
  12. With what money?.... With a transfer embargo?..... With an owner who's that desperate to get out he will openly sell to anyone. I think we all need to face the fact that unless something happens quickly off the field, we could well be the next Bolton.
  13. Winner: France Runner Up: Portugal England Exit: Round of 16 defeat by Portugal or Germany on penalties Top Scorer: Ronaldo Underdogs: Wales to get to Quarter final where the Netherlands will beat them Scotland: get through to round of 16 before being knocked out by Spain
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