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  1. AshfieldRam

    Next Manager Poll

    How much of that would go towards keeping us in FFP though? Ideally, we could use all the incoming transfer money to reinvest but i can't see it with the noises coming from the club
  2. AshfieldRam

    Next Manager Poll

    Jaap Stam might be a shout. Plays 3 at the back, demands possession tactics, had an excellent first season at Reading. I know they were awful last season but he seems to tick a lot of the boxes that people, want. My personal preference would be Dean Smith, Paul Cook or Danny Cowley
  3. AshfieldRam

    Next Manager Poll

    at least 10 million worth of talent there, if not more. I think we need to be less optimistic with our potential signings this summer
  4. AshfieldRam

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    This has probably been done but..... Managers out of work with their points per game record (I know some managers here may not be realistic): Slaven Bilic- Points Per Game: 1.7 Quique Sanches Flores- Points Per Game 1.51 Chris Coleman- Points Per Game 1.25 Jaap Stam- Points Per Game 1.44 Mark Warburton- Points Per Game 1.85 Mick McCarthty- Points Per Game 1.42 Other Options: Dean Smith- Points Per Game 1.36 Danny Cowley- Points Per Game 1.94 Darren Wassall- Points Per Game 1.67 Paul Cook- Points Per Game 1.59 (Although it's 2.1 at Wigan this season) Just for comparison Gary Rowett- Points Per Games 1.57 (Stats taken from: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/. Obviously the points achieved will be in different standards of leagues and some from international positions)
  5. AshfieldRam

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Robbie Savage playing in net away at Reading too
  6. AshfieldRam

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Do you think fans will start to lower expectations now? I don't know if i'm alone in this but since the 13/14 season, expectations have rose considerably and the moment we loose things go toxic. I may get slaughtered for this opinion but i used to enjoy when we expected nothing. Turning up not knowing what Derby we'd see, playing Dean Moxey up front, watching Theo Robinson try to be a footballer, 37 year old Paul Dickov being our best player in a loan spell, Gareth Roberts in general. All those little things. I would wish Gary every success in the future if he does leave though
  7. AshfieldRam

    Come on England

    If the French can get along for a month and avoid being mardy with each other i think they have to be one of the favourites. Bags of talent, experience and youth. Scary when you consider some of the names below. Mbappe, Lemar, Pogba, Griezmann, Kante, Laporte, Umtiti, Martial, Ousmane Dembele, Kingsley Coman, Tolisso
  8. I just think of following the team in anyway you can. Its hard to accurately measure what support is really I don't know if you saw the story about the Rochdale fan from Spain coming over for their game against Charlton. He was a huge fan but couldn't get to games normally for obvious reasons. I consider him a big supporter but had only attended one game. Its a good question you ask
  9. AshfieldRam

    Reasons to be positive !

    - Young exciting players returning from loan spells with valuable experience - Youth like Luke Thomas starting to come through - 3-4-3 looks like the way forwards
  10. I don't understand this argument about being a 'real fan'. Everyone is entitled to support the team in any way they want too. I do however believe their has been a hierarchy in the mind of some fans and for some reason certain people think they're more important than the other 27,000 in the ground.
  11. AshfieldRam

    I am losing interest

    I can see why people may be loosing interest but something that i'm looking forward to is having some stability and not chopping and changing every 6/7 months. The football isn't the greatest but it seems to be effective. Leicester found a mix of defending resolutely and hitting teams on the break, hopefully we can find that balance

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