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  1. I wouldn't mind us looking at Frankie Kent at Colchester. 6"2, 23 year old ball playing CB. I know it's only hearsay but one of my friends from uni is a big U's fan and raves about him as a player. Wouldn't cost much either
  2. $17.530 billion in box office sales for the Marvel Cinematic Universe would suggest so 🤔 That's before the release of this film, DVD/Blue Ray sales, Merchandising, so on and so forth.
  3. Steve McLaren - Out of work after being sacked by QPR Paul Clement - Out of work after being sacked by Reading. Just awful. Darren Wassall - Back in the Academy and seems to be doing a good job. Nigel Pearson - Out of work. Unemployed after being sacked by OH Leuven is Belgium. Odd one because i do think he can do a job for a team in England but he was terrible for us. Chris Powell - Out of work. Recently sacked by Southend United, leaving them in a relegation fight to stay in the league. Then Steve Mac again but he's been covered. Gary Rowett - Out of work. Well documented exit from Stoke after revealing his true colours of flirting with jobs at other teams, just like he did whilst at Birmingham. It is ironic that the only person on that list who still has a job in a club set up is Darren Wassall. It is a good point you make though. The success of our appointments after Derby hasn't been great at all. Arguably, you''d have to go back to Phil Brown to see any success in a former manager when he got Hull promoted to the Prem.
  4. That's enough of a scouting report for me, go sign him Derby!
  5. This would be a very Nigel Clough ear signing but.... CJ Hamilton has been brilliant for Mansfield this season
  6. I did wonder 😂 my bad.
  7. If he was 19 maybe but at 29 he should be in the peak of his career
  8. Derby County have been linked with a move for Birmingham City forward Greg Stewart. The 29-year-old is set to be available on a free transfer this summer, with his contract at St Andrew's due to expire. Stewart is currently on loan at Scottish Premiership side Aberdeen, where he has been playing alongside another reported Rams transfer target Graeme Shinnie and on-loan Derby defender Max Lowe. According to Football Insider, Derby are battling it out with another Scottish side, Rangers, for Stewart's services. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/championship-forward-emerges-derby-county-2724313 Quick search of him online however seems to suggest that Rangers are keen on him
  9. If this counts as an assist, this is my least favourite ever 😭
  10. Can you imagine; after the magnificent story and multiple plots, the final scene is Bran waking up as a child after he'd been pushed from the tower and Ned Stark walks in.... It was all a dream 😯
  11. The atmosphere for this game and then the Brighton play off game are ones that i don't think i'll ever forget.
  12. Peter Shilton maybe? Steve Bloomer in his day
  13. AshfieldRam

    Watchable telly

    Quite mainstream but i can't wait for the final season of Game of Thrones. I would also recommend Vikings on Amazon Prime & Stranger Things on Netflix
  14. We might be able to get his Brother.....
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