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Barnsley v Derby Match Ratings


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Roos - 8 best game in a long time 

Wisdom 7 Poor going forward, solid defensively 

Edmondson 7 Didn’t have a great deal to do

Mengi 8 - really impressive, read the game well 

Clarke 7 - didn’t have much to do but did it well 

Forsyth 2 - gave the ball away under no pressure so many times. Can’t even take a throw in to a Derby man. How has he stolen a living at our club for nearly 8 years 

Shinnie 7 unlucky not to score 

Knight 6 fairly anonymous, the game seemed to be hoofed over his head 

CKR 7 Nice hold up play, could’ve got a nice assist

Gregory 5 Should’ve scored 

Jozwiak 6 should’ve got shot off instead of diving for penalty 

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Roos.............. 8 Has grown in stature and looked very assured. Good save early doors 2nd half with his left boot. 

Wisdom..........7 Very solid but lots of scrappy balls out when he could have shown a bit more composure as the captain. 

Edmondson...7 Very solid. Puts his head where it hurts. 

Mengi............8 MOTM Beast-like. Showed tremendous appetite and desire not to be dominated. This chap is going to be a big player.

Clarke...........7 Very solid. Inspired those around him. I just want to be in the ground when he finally heads in from a corner. 

Forsyth........7  Battled hard and put some good balls down the channel. 

Shinnie........8 The right man for such an ugly game. After a so-so first half he stepped up second half and had a shot on target and was so unlucky not to score when he hit the post and it  pea-rolled parallel to the line but stayed out. 

Knight........7 Pugnacious all game. 

CKR............8. Back to his good game. Held the line and zipped the ball about. 

Gregory......5 Fed off scraps and then missed a sitter because he has a non-footballing left foot. Oh dear!

Jozwiak......7 Very lively indeed and troubled the Barnsley backs; On a flat pitch he would've had more joy but credit for the fight and perseverance he showed. 

Strangely enjoyed a game that was made for a Sunday morning park with 22 hung-over never-has-beens. My football career came flooding back to me....

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Roos 8 MOM - excellent all game. Obviously his stop just after half time was the highlight & grabbed us a point but was very assured elsewhere. Took the ball from crosses with confidence & his kicking was just as effective as 90% of our passes over the top

Wisdom 7 - very solid defensively. Didn't offer much going forward

Edmundson 7 - good game tonight having to withstand their aerial onslaught. Some of his passing was a little sloppy given we know he can play a bit

Mengi 7 - good game also & looked 10 times better than at Cardiff. Positionally pretty good & cut out plenty of attacks but recovered very quickly when caught out. Only big error was letting their lad get beyond him late on but was lucky he decided to dive instead of drive onto goal

Clarke 8 - always excellent in these types of games. Superb in the air as you'd expect, moped up any issues caused elsewhere in the defence & sent over by far the best lofted passes over their back line. Just wish he could adjust his 50p head in their box, he should get 15 goals a season the amount of times he wins the ball from corners/free kicks!

Forsyth 7 - mixed bag tonight but generally good. Some really good delivery from wide & offered real threat - also strong in the air. He did however lose Chaplin for the chance that Roos saved spectacularly & some sloppy balls in our final third on occasion

Shinnie 7 - anonymous first half & I started to question why we needed combative midfielders given the ball was landing on our CB's heads all the time. Second half he stepped up & started making an impact on the match. One decent shot early second half, found men out wide with decent passes (which he is capable of doing when space opens up) & a fantastic effort that hit the inside of the post

Knight 6 - lots of work & the odd half decent ball out wide but generally a quiet game

CKR 6 - struggled to get involved initially as the ball was going over his head. He put over a fantastic ball for Gregory who should have finished & some good touches when he actually got the ball anywhere near him

Gregory 6 - some good work holding the ball up (mainly after first 30 mins) & ran after lost causes. On the flip side, really should have scored & sadly he's spurned a few of these chances recently.

Jozwiak 6 - hard to judge Kamil tonight. At times, he was a good outlet running with the ball & holding it in the final third. He also came in for special attention from the Barnsley team who often had 2/3 players jumping on him. Should have looked to stay on his feet when he was through on goal though instead of chucking himself on the floor & couple of awful bits of delivery also

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Roos              8

Wisdom         7

Edmondson   6

Mengi             7

Clarke            6

Forsyth          5

Shinnie          7

Knight           7

CKR              6

Gregory       5

Jozwiak        7

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