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  1. Missing out on a UEFA cup campaign in 89/90 because of those stupid Scouse bamfords .
  2. Nope didn't see or hear anything other than groaning and sighing.
  3. The signs gone it got flattened by someone driving under the influence. (Joking)
  4. 2-2 frgs Martin - Alfie comes on in a wheelchair and nods in th equaliser.
  5. If I catch my lad playing like some of them he will be grounded indefinitely.
  6. Yes not really thought about that , they may well have told Cocu and mel a complete pack of lies hoping the truth is never unearthed and maybe it never will or maybe they've come clean about everything and the club have decided to move on.
  7. Imo the club were determined to get Lawrence and Bennett back on the pitch tonight,whatever Saturdays result had been I'm sure they would have both featured tonight
  8. Well at least the events of the past week haven't affected a certain players performance level.
  9. I think that's the fastest he's ever ran taking that pen shame he was having a good game.
  10. Doubt he'll get in the prison team with shooting like that
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