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  1. I'd be prepared to buy anyone of those for a tenner next may.
  2. Good hope they can take the banter when the fourth goes in.
  3. Four explosions trains at a standstill don't panic don't panic.
  4. Heard them from my back garden over 2 miles away and it made me jump
  5. When did anyone say that they hated him .
  6. Did anyone say they dislike him or he wasn't a great bloke or were people just commenting on what they thought of his performances this season ?
  7. Close down the forum someone said a player played poo!
  8. Have you got the address for a friend of mine?
  9. The previous two seasons it's just been the bottle tops they took off you this season you couldn't even take the bottle in, think maybe they should concentrate on stopping pitch invaders who could be carrying a knife rather than confiscating fruit shoots off kids.
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