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  1. I'm going to have a flat white and I'm torn between Costa and Starbucks.
  2. you'll recognise Mr wheeler at the next match, he's the 6ft 18 stone man in a xl boys kit.
  3. Can't recall saying the team we played last night wouldn't have a chance if we were top of the league with ten games to go i wouldn't risk anyone but it's August and all I can say is if florist away isn't a bit match for you as a Derby fan what is .
  4. Maybe we should just forfeit the game just in case we get an injury in our quest to finish between 6th and 10th in the league where most people predicted or said they would be happy with this season don't want to jeopardise 9th when we could finish 8th my God haven't things changed in modern football it's us against the red dogs in the league cup on their patch and most seem worried about someone getting injured and missing the crucial Barnsley away winner takes all must win blockbuster.
  5. Arrive back in the country tomorrow so this is my first game this season can't wait.
  6. Don't let his mate robin hear you say that kerpowww.
  7. Come on keep those flags waving even though it's only 14:30.
  8. Why would Ramage not know about football i think that's a bit unfair considering the involvement he's had within the game during his life.
  9. me to Ramage is just giving his opinion on what he is asked it's the same as on the forum not everyone's going to agree or like what they hear and you have the choice to listen or not .
  10. Derby have said that even though they have sold the full allocation they will ask Scunthorpe about the possibility of further tickets.
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