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  1. Well said , just ignore the fat bulbous lardarse .
  2. Sky sources say they'd heard from a contact in Italy it's 400.
  3. This has just been broadcast live on pie in the skytv from outside the lampards hotel in Mablethorpe.
  4. Should have been a var penalty to England ref says no.get rid of var !
  5. This is brilliant Cameroon don't seem to know what var is .
  6. Could a idiot come up with a idea like Harry's roly polys?
  7. well I for one do bloody envy him, Just hope he manages to cope under all the pressure of having a tv star wife dream job millions of pounds and having to travel around the world watching football ,life must be good when your only worry is getting the sack and paid off a few million just hope it don't break him i wish him all the best .
  8. Right then we're losing Frank and it's time for a change forget Frank and the bounce. Crouchie start the robot crouchie crouchie start the robot.(and he's got a fit missus) it's a win win.
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