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  1. No it's his impression of a c##t and a bloody good one it is.
  2. Hello Daz how's the academy.
  3. Yeah totally agree it you've nothing positive to shout just keep your thoughts to yourself the young lads probably dreamt of the moment they got to play in the first team lets not make them dread it .
  4. I'm in the give Cocu some time brigade but wtf was all that about? 1-0 down at home 15 mins to play desperate for a goal and he brings on Dowell , was anyone else out off 26,000 thinking the same even one person I very much doubt it,so he's that much of a genius only he can see what others can't or he ain't got a ducking clue , only time will tell or maybe not.
  5. If he's not injured i would say that pretty much could be the end of jacks Derby career 😪
  6. Team for today is being picked at this moment.
  7. Nope just means there both certain to start Saturday.
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