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  1. You don’t all need a bag each, get a few lads to chip in and it isn’t that expensive, no more so than you would spend on ale...apparently 👀
  2. It was a back and forth game, but 37 yard field goal with time expiring for the win...obviously our guy who had made 3 straight from 52+ yards shanks it wide right 🤦‍♂️ We’ve had a few blown coverages in the first 2 games, hoping its just a bit of rust and a lot of new faces getting used to each other, on paper out secondary should be good. NFC North having some NFC east vibes this year 🤣
  3. Well, Cardinals shouldn't be, not that I'm still annoyed by last week or anything...
  4. Tyrell Hatton has played well, Lowry in last nights four balls. Fleetwood and Hovland have played well, but missed big chances. The rest haven't been great at all.
  5. Ben Aitchisin also recognized Wisden as one the county crickets “breakout stars. Hopefully he and Conner's can push on next year and get even better
  6. Wisden’s County Championship team of the year. Tom Haines (Sussex) Rob Yates (Warwickshire) Josh Bohannon (Lancashire) David Bedingham (Durham) Been Brown (Sussex) Matt Critchley (Derbyshire) Darren Stevens (Kent) Simon Harmer (Essex) Luke Fletcher (Nottinghamshire) Tom Bailey (Lancashire) Sam Cook (Essex)
  7. Hah yeah, the 5 from the Sussex game helped bump us up. I believe Sussex had a few good 1st innings scores, followed by second innings collapses Derbyshire would have been proud of.
  8. Final division 3 table. What does this mean for next season? Who knows 🤦‍♂️ the powers that be will come up with a plan eventually.
  9. Critchley hits the wining runs to get exactly 15 not out and exactly 1000 runs, only the 5th batsman to do so this season. a nice little 4 not out for Du Plooy as well. Poor Harry Came out for 4 leaving one I’m not sure he’d leave in normal circumstances, after hitting a 4 and being in danger of ruining it for Critchley.
  10. Critchley Opening, needs 15 runs to get 1000 for the season.
  11. If they wouldn’t mind holding off on winning until I’m back from the school run, that would be nice.
  12. Tom Haines, Sussex captain and highest run scorer in the championship this season, bizarrely runs himself out. It’s on here...it’s on 😃
  13. Ed Moulton with 2 wickets in the first over after lunch. Inspired bowling change, 1st innings centurion Ben Brown out for a duck 😃
  14. Yeah I couldn’t think of the last time off the top of my head. 24/0 Dal dropped Tom Haines, been some other close calls but no breakthrough yet.
  15. Follow on enforced, going for the win, as it should be.
  16. Full bonus points achieved, not something that happens too often. Critchley with the last wicket, Sussex all out for 300
  17. Couple of early wickets, the big one of Ben Brown out for 157, Critchley got the other. Chance of the follow on here if they choose.
  18. 255-6 at close. A recovery from Sussex, but we are still in a good position. New ball available fairly soon in the morning.
  19. Sussex 46-4 I'm feeling positively giddy 👀
  20. A wicket in the 2 overs before lunch for Ben Aitchison...lovely jubbly
  21. Poor Anuj Dal left stranded on 49 not out 😢
  22. Yeah nevermind whether Critchley is going or not. Give Dal a new 5 year contract 👀
  23. Guest out early, but Dal and Mckiernan safely got us to 400 and full batting bonus points for the first time this season.....just in time for the season ending 🤣
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