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  1. Team to play Essex, start delayed due to rain. Godleman, Hughes, Melton and Stanlake come into the side for Wood, Scrimshaw, Aichinson & Conners. After the batting shambles at Notts an extra batsman comes in, so we have 8 “specialist” batsmen playing, plus Hudson-Prentice. Conners and Aichinson a bit unlucky to be dropped, but the pace and experience of Stanlake and Melton I do like in the team.
  2. 3 words I never thought I’d see together.
  3. Brandon Allen at QB sounds good to me 🤣
  4. Ooh la la 😆 a game the Vikings would always expect to win, but the way some of our fans are going about saying it’s a certain 1-0 start, makes me uneasy 😬 bound to go wrong 😆 Bengals offense looks dangerous, if the O line can give Burrow the time to make throws.
  5. Week 1 games are out. Browns/Chiefs looks the best game on paper. Nice trip to Cincinnati first up for us, as long as we win. I’ve seen a leaked version of our full schedule, which officially gets released tonight. Was a reminder how brutal our schedule is this year, with the 2 divisions we play being the AFC north and the NFC West 😬
  6. It’s already there in my opinion, and is just going to get worse.
  7. Now that all these guys aren’t in the dynasty draft anymore....👀 Dont worry, I won’t post every article I write, only if I think it will of interest of people on here.....like “why I think the Steelers will finish bottom of the AFC North” 👀 https://franchisetagged.com/day-3-draft-picks-that-could-have-the-biggest-impact/
  8. Yes. Was talking about this with my Dad earlier. Assuming the penalty isn’t something ludicrous, take it on the chin and move on.
  9. Rooney will be manager next season, people have the choice to get behind him or get on his back from day 1.
  10. I look forward to first home game next season where everyone can turn up to give Wayne a good booing.
  11. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye...
  12. Build the man a statue. Have it on some sort of trolley system marshalling the back 4
  13. Whatever happens, I'll never utter a bad word about Martyn Waghorn ever again.
  14. Feel like I just got buggered already to be honest.
  15. Oof that's the kind of commitment you want, fair play Waggy, hopefully he's alright.
  16. Don't think that has been posted yet. Wonder if Jake is getting his boots on 😂 at least have him do the team talk please.
  17. Cheers mate, bloody sage 🤦‍♂️ fixed it, thanks for pointing it out.
  18. I've not mentioned it before as I'm really bad at self-promotion, but I got myself a “job” as a writer for a football website. As it's the hot topic of the moment, last night an article on the Aaron Rodgers saga. Would appreciate anyone who takes the time to check it out 👍 https://franchisetagged.com/where-can-aaron-rodgers-win-another-super-bowl/
  19. Matt Critchley confirmed as PCA player of the Month 😁
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