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  1. I’m pretty sure that’s what it will be.
  2. I’d assume so. starting 11 then... Stevens Godleman Reece Madsen Du Plooy Hughes Critchley Smit Hudson-Prentice Van Beek Rampaul M
  3. Mike Zimmer loves a cornerback, so no surprise there’s whispers of Viking interest in Ramsey. 1st round pick and Xavier Rhodes is being bandied about. Ramsey and a returning Mike Hughes, with Trae Wayne’s and Mackenzie Alexander as back up would be 👌
  4. Still irritates me 🤦‍♂️ And I’m half expecting us to waive Dan Bailey if he misses another kick just to top it off.
  5. Titans @ Jaguars tonight. Expect a close probably low scoring game, Hopefully a Derrick Henry inspired Titans win 😁
  6. 9 wickets down, on the brink of a very good win with what you would have to call a bit of an experimental team.
  7. Another wicket for Dal. Still in a good position at tea.
  8. Only added 77 more runs before being bowled out. Already have them 83-3 though, couple of wickets for Dal.
  9. I hope Teddy does well, as do most Vikings fans even if it is with the Saints 😂
  10. Big game. We should have beat the Packers. After a disastrous 1st quarter we were well on top, we can’t follow that up with a defeat in Minneapolis. Especially as it’s off to Soldier Field next week. the defence needs to be on it from the start this week....though we don’t have Rodgers to contend with. then the big question is can Dalvin Cook (along with Alex Mattison) be as effective in the run game against a D that smothered the Chiefs run game last week. Because there’s not much faith in Cousins at the moment. I actually thought he was doing alright last week, until he threw the game away 🤦‍♂️😂 My biggest issue with is he doesn’t seem to go through his progression. He’s throwing the ball to cornered receivers, one last week where Diggs was surrounded by 2 defenders, whilst Rudolph was stood all on his own for an easy pass. he did manage to find Chad Beebe one, who went for 61 yards, most of which after the catch. I’d like to see more of Beebe. i haven’t looked at the other matches yet.
  11. Trevor Siemian out for the season, and the jets onto their third QB of the season. Going well 😂
  12. Could do with the win as well. The championship season has fallen a bit flat.
  13. Luis Reece warming up for the T20 😳 godleman got his century as well, and is still in.
  14. Daniel Jones named as starting QB for the Giants. After a 0-2 start I guess there’s not much point in Sri king with Eli any longer.
  15. When I saw Hosein batting at 5 I was worried. I think 6 is to high. Stevens has been on fire all summer in the championship, but never showed anything for us, so I’d probably stick with Dal.
  16. 3rd highest score of the week and get beat by 50 points 🤦‍♂️
  17. Going with Stafford, I’m expecting the Lions to be annoyingly competitive this year. Which is the last thing we need in the North 😂
  18. Just seen that. Gutted. My other main fantasy team I have a really strong team but never picked up a back up QB. Left with a choice between Stafford or Dalton now 😬
  19. Still viewing him as my starting QB at the moment. So will be very interested in how he goes tonight. Murray interests me though.
  20. Looks like 6 weeks for Brees. Hopefully Teddy’s in the groove by the time you play Chicago.
  21. We will trade you Kirk 👀
  22. Bears relying on 50 yard field goals because their offence suck so bad, has at least cheered me up a bit.
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