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  1. Strong rumours Dalvin Cook will hold out for the season if he doesn’t get a big new contract . If true I hope we trade him.
  2. I think it’s the way they’ve done it, that’s the problem. With no acknowledgement of the issue and why it’s been done. It’s like they’ve done it on the sly and hoped no one noticed.
  3. Has there been any sort of apology yet? If there’s not by now, it’s pretty poor form. And any shred of sympathy for Ramage & RD are fading away.
  5. I’d advise these lot to find something else to watch. As they obviously have no idea about football.
  6. I 100% agree with you. Bit in the “modern” game” it seems to be the other way around.
  7. Our abysmal defending of crosses has been going on a lot longer than Cocu and August. Even with Davies & Clarke in their we look vulnerable, mostly because our full backs, like most modern full backs, are basically wingers who defend a bit. But as we are so narrow further forward, we rely on them to be the attacking outlet. Improvement from Bogle & Lowe at stopping the crosses coming in is the major improvement we need to see. we should also avoid giving away corners at all cost 😂
  8. As Rudd Gullit would say....that was some sexy football
  9. Come on. You Must have realised by now Cocu doesn’t like subs...or Mel has told him to go easy on the Subs, to keep appearance bonus money down....
  10. Imagine if we could defend a cross. We’d be lethal.
  11. I cant get my head round it. It doesn’t matter who’s on the pitch it’s the same.
  12. Story of the game so far. All good until the very late moment, when it’s not quite happened.
  14. Need a much better defensive performance in an away game. Which doesn’t mean sitting back either. I can see it being a case of one side edging it in a high scoring game. 0-0 incoming...
  15. Get in. It’s been a long wait, but that’s a great away win.
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