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  1. Apparently if Wales win they get 3 Grand Slam bonus points so we can't catch them if they win
  2. Rams 2 - 2 Owls FRGS Waghorn
  3. Rams 2 - 1 Wigan FRGS Marriott
  4. Rams 2 - 2 Millwall FRGS Marriott
  5. Clicking on next unread topic works, but there used to be the name of the thread to click on, still works so I will get used to it!
  6. Similar to revel, I am not seeing next unread topic link where it usually is, i.e. nothing to click to get to next topic in the forum, even though there are unread topics?
  7. Tractors 2 - 2 Rams FRGS Holmes
  8. Rams 1 - 2 Tigers FRGS Wilson
  9. Preston 2 - 1 Rams FRGS Nugent
  10. No we will probably miss out on him and end up with Old King Cole😃
  11. Could he still go straight to Watford if that was truly the plan??
  12. Nah, just a clever way of fooling the naughty word filter! If he's that clever in his next few post, you could say that the cunning lingers
  13. It looks that way with Thomas and Lowe both signing new contracts before going out on loan, but as you say Elsnik decision may have been made, but if he keeps scoring like he did today maybe he can get a new contract?
  14. I would hope he is still on the radar of Frank and Jody, but going to a lower League 2 level doesn't fill me with confidence that he is. Perhaps as @Wolfie20 says it will get him more games than sticking around here, but I fear that they have made their mind up on him. Clearly I don't see him as much as them, but he looked bigger and stronger and scored a corker for the U23's in the week so still has promise for me, but years older than Bird or Sibley so maybe had his chance?
  15. Isn't that why they were in the bubble bath?
  16. What a strike and he looks bigger and stronger than I remember
  17. "He could be so good for us!"
  18. Dirties 1 - 3 Rams FRGS Marriott
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