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  1. dabber

    Winging it

    Aye he is that "calm, patient and measured" that he gave up on a system half way through one game!
  2. Has Cocu explained his thinking behind playing Josefzoon and Lowe on their off sides when switching to 3 central defenders?
  3. Three of us that I know of in Ottawa, where are you Yani?
  4. Well they had better get a shiny new server for Christmas then, not having this potential influx messing up my stream!
  5. Just got another e-mail back from DAZN and now they are saying the game is on in Canada! Not sure what time zone 6:39PM refers to? Good news! Thank you for contacting DAZN customer support, I will be glad to help you. We are so sorry for the miss understand and information provided to you, but we have just confirmed that the Derby County vs Huddersfield event it is confirmed on August 05th at 6:39PM
  6. Thanks for the replies, DAZN stated rights and restrictions for this game, but are clearly showing other Championship games so not sure what is unique about this one. Can still get the audio with RamsTV.
  7. Seems RamsTV cannot show Derby vs Hudds on Monday in Canada, but when I inquired to DAZN Canada who usually show Sky games in Canada, they said "Thanks for contacting DAZN Customer Support. We understand you are seeking information regarding available content and we'd be happy to assist. Due to rights and restrictions, DAZN Canada will not be streaming Derby County vs Huddersfield on August 5th. " Thus can RamsTV re-assess and show the game in Canada?! I have no idea who is showing the game in Canada since it clearly isn't DAZN. Any Rams fans in Canada have any insight?
  8. Related to Girona thread re: full game re-runs, as a monthly subscriber I wonder is it possible for ramstv to e-mail subscribers a link to the game directly in order to watch without knowing the score? Often very busy on weekends so could easily avoid score if a direct link was sent.
  9. dabber

    Andy King

    Could he do a job in the holding role? Huddz too slow, Bird too young, Shinnie been asked to play further forward??
  10. Well that has to be the craziest stage for a while and it didn't even finish!! Thought there was a heatwave in Europe??
  11. dabber

    Fikayo Tomori

    What was it the Beautiful South said? Ah yes, the anorexic chicks with your model six, you hold no weight with me....
  12. dabber


    Well we won the World Cup at the end of July 53 years ago, so that was something at least! 😅
  13. Love the shirt, but the Ram facing the "wrong way" just doesn't look right to me. Given a lot of hints, so hoping for the shirt book for Father's Day, do you discuss the direction the Ram faces at all?
  14. Like the way he refers to it as first year!
  15. A like for blarting, I think only my Mum is the other person I've heard saying that!
  16. U18 Irish lad, who hopefully is wearing his shining armour!
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